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Always wanted to cosplay since I saw anime and people cosplaying. I also hand sew, and I procrastinate ALOT hence why most my cosplays are probably still in progress XD
My first time was in Hong Kong (ACGHK08 has Yuki Nagato), and i've been cosplaying ever since and when I can~ Although my sewing skills are very inadequate
The first convention I attended here was the Memorabilia November 09 (has Sebastian Michaelis)

Cosplays I've not added onto CosplayIsland (till they get done properly X3) -
Yuki Nagato
Ritsuka Aoyagi
Nagisa Furukawa
Light Yagami
Schoolgirl from Bleach
Rukia, Momo Hinamori and Ise

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The jacket is looking pretty good~My first jacket and I'm actually proud :'3
If I finish the hood/make it XD then I may reveal it now >:3 Because I'm pretty sure it's all gonna be good! :D

I've been lazy, after those few pictures I got taken XD
But like Im resewing the music note on the skirt for the reason that it was on weird and was ugly e_e so it's all done I think now o3o So just the top half to make >:3

Yesterday went out to buy some stuff for this cosplay~ x3
Brought some big earrings that I could use for the metal/broach thingy on the dress, it's kinda weird buying earrings considering I don't have my ears pierced XD But detached off the earrings to stick onto my dress >:3
The fans are in process with the lovely help from my mum~ x3 <3
The neckpiece will be made soon, it's all cute out with the template help from my mum x3~ hehe, and she's making my boot covers they are looking so awesome, so hopefully I'll have pictures up soon as well :3 Then I'll just need to get my fringe cut n_n

Yeah. The title basically explains it XD

Order my wig last week and I hope it arrives sometime this week, maybe some test shots >w<)/

Maybe material shopping Thursday, shops just close so early man, 4pm D:
Just need to get some white and black material though, and I made a half circle template, is it bad that I'm proud of it? XD I haven't sewn half circles before but I've been told they are pretty nice to work with? o3o

Hopefully I'll have something up soon ~

Arrived a few days/weeks ago? XD
Just might need to either wait for my hair to grow or either get some more layers in my hair so then I can do Shinra hair with my own hair, it's gonna be fun :3
I love my lab coat XD <3

Oh yeah |D Kinda messed up my first lot of material, cut it too small heh :'c
Second time round here we go |D The other material will now turn into sleeves though! |D haha |D Oh yeah |D It's going well yeah |D

So I recivied a lot of nice comments on my dress n__n And everyone still seems to reconigze that I'm Ciel even though I changed it into a blue design~^^ So yay :D

May was alot of fun <3 And it's really nice to meet everyone! And see some of my old friends from November again :'D I hope to see everyone soon <3

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