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Really like these, though they are a bit dry.

Done all I can do for the moment, just need things to arrive now.

I'm having a little trouble keeping the pigtails tidy but I think the front looks okay!

Because we were really struggling to find moon-shaped tambourines in each of the girls' colours, so we decided to get white ones for everyone and attach a ribbon in each girl's colour. Here's mine! It's really loud ;;

There are 50 on the front, and 20 on the back, roughly, each hand-stitched.

Three days later, half of the wings are complete. Just the other half to go! Having a break though because my leg has been cramping up sitting still in the same place for 3 days straight. Hopefully the dress will be finished tomorrow or maybe the day after, and then it's just the sequins and finding a way to make the wings stay up, maybe investing in better wire. I want to add sequins or glitter to the shoes/dress but this is a bit testing on my sanity so far, so we'll see. I'd love to buy crystals to sew/glue to the dress but they were pricey and I haven't got the budget yet - hopefully at some point!

Slowly getting there. Need paint, sequins, and to find a way to keep them up :/

Shoes almost finished, and one half of the wings is done

Well that was terrifying! Only went a little overboard though, overall I’m pleased! I used Tulip Fabric Spray Paint in dark green, which is a bit blotchy but never mind. Doing the back later and maybe starting the wings.

The straps have been finished, ready to sew on when I've spray painted the dress. I've done some paint tests, and I'm very nervous because it could go wrong SO easily...ah well. Has to be done at some point. I've also given the shoes a base coat of fabric paint to be detailed over.

Straps, darts, paint, glitter, sparkly bits. Then wings, then shoes, then wig, then done!

Bit too messy for my liking, I might re-do them, but these ones are complete!

Today my parents bought me the dress fabric as a birthday present! It's not suedette, as I couldn't find anything in the right colour, but this fabric was the perfect colour so I decided to just go for it. We also got ribbon for the shoulder straps and fur and stuffing for the pom poms. Cut all the pattern pieces out together and will hopefully tack them together next week!

Whilst the Fabricland service was lovely, sadly their emerald suedette is too dark for Tinkerbell. It would work for the darker shades, but as I'm planning to spray paint it darker, the finished dress would end up way too dark. It also doesn't have the yellow tone I'd like. Ordering another sample from an ebay seller, hopefully that one will be okay. Hopefully also visiting an actual fabric store soon!

Went out and bought a few supplies today! The zipper is a tad too long but I'm not worried because it's all one dress piece, it just might go a little bit further down my bum is all. I bought the ribbon for the hair because even though I don't like it, it is accurate to the parks.

Placed an order for suedette in Emerald Green and Bottle Green from, they very kindly send small samples free of charge if you only want one or two fabrics. Should arrive at my home address about the time I do!

So I've been doing a lot of research for this, and I'm really lucky in that I have Belizma (Teacup_Erinyes) and Hazel (Squiddley) helping me. I'm also using Angelphie's marvellous detailed information on how she made her Tinker Bell costumes, and she's given me advice too! So I've had lots of help.

I bought New Look's pattern in 6468 for this dress as it has lots of panels that are a good guide for editing the hem of the dress. It's going to be quite tight-fitting but that's the look that I want. I'm requesting fabric samples tomorrow from of their suedette in emerald green and bottle green, I think the emerald will work quite nicely.

Angelphie's wing walk-through is very helpful, but I'll also be using JiaJem's wing tutorial for the harness; I may use clear vinyl for the wings, but I'm also thinking about using tights stretched over the frame,or using other fabrics. We'll see what I can get!

I've found this tutorial as well for editing the hem, which should hopefully go well, and hopefully I can use a similar technique for the neckline!


I think it makes me look a bit like a pig but I think it will suit. Also bought black lipstick!

Just putting this here because she's adorable ;u;

Very quickly, too. Need serious styling which I should finish tomorrow.

Dress: 20th Jan to February 12th
Belt: Tuesday, 14 Jan, 2014 - Thursday, 30 Jan, 2014


My stepmum and I made these with her doing 99% of the work but I LOVE THEM! I think they are amazing! They are the first piece of a costume we've made from scratch (over the base shoes) and I'm really proud.

The commissioner has sent me this photo! I'm so excited!

Bracelets complete! I also realised I needed to change the pattern for the insignia slightly and did so.

I've been trying to figure out a pattern for the insignia - and I found the other day in a charity shop these gorgeous gold flares for cheap which had enough material (in one flared leg) for the gold part of the insignia, so I thought I'd post what I've done so far. I drew the rough shape of the W on a v-neck t-shirt I had in eyeliner (which will hopefully wash out as I like this top but I was a bit stressed and needed to do something to keep me busy to calm down) which I then traced onto a white v-neck I got in the charity shop. I hope, for the shirt, to buy several identical red v-neck t-shirts from Primark (or similar) and use one as the shirt and make the insignia pieces out of the others. The picture shows the pattern I have made for each of the red pieces and the gold piece.When that is done I will cut the base shirt down the v-neck (I will get a slightly larger t-shirt to accommodate this) and stitch in the zip I bought today. Then I will cut up a work shirt with the right collar and cuffs and attach those. I've never sewn a piece like this myself before so this could be interesting! But if I work on it now I should have enough time to get it commissioned before the event if it doesn't work.

Bracelets are made from Pringles cans covered with craft foam and the earrings are made from Premo Sculpey.

And it's gorgeous! Will hopefully style it soon.

In the comic, Karen's friend Nico makes her some prototype red clip-on earrings that function as a mobile phone for her company. I thought it was a cute idea and very practical and I needed some red earrings for my Wonder Woman costume so I made some out of clay and an old pair of clip-ons.

Sadly once I spray-painted the necklace the detail disappeared into a big blobby mess and I couldn't fix it so I've made another plain necklace (which is so much easier to put on) and hopefully that will dry pretty. I've also ordered a wig from cosplaydna on ebay which is apparently good. I went for a more sandy beige blonde than golden yellow blonde because I've ordered a yellow-blonde wig before and it was just too yellow and unnatural and didn't need to be that bright. Also in the actual film especially in "Once Upon a Dream" you can tell her hair is more sandy than gold. I don't know how easy it's going to be to style but I've looked at some "fluffy bangs" tutorials and I think I know roughly what I want to do. I'll go at it with normal hairspray and hair clay until I have a rough shape worked out and then go in with got 2 b glued.

So work on necklace mark IV has begun.

Mark 1: Cardboard that turned out too creased to look good.
Mark 2: Sculpey - details didn't show up well and made it look mucky.
Mark 3: Sculpey rolled too thin, promptly fell apart.
Mark 4: Spotted some craft foam in Asda and now Mark 4, made from a sheet of foam with taped-on magnetic attachments, should be sealed tomorrow, hopefully.

Quickly losing patience with what should be an easy accessory!

Will be baked and painted tomorrow - added some twirly bits because it's a bit too plain for my liking.

Having slight problems because I couldn't get sand paper and rushed ahead and just painted it - I think it looks okay though. Made from Premo Sculpey. It's got two safety pins on the back and pins to a black belt I own already. The trouble is the paint either doesn't get in to the detail or blocks up the detail. Hopefully it looks okay?

Made out of Premo Sculpey, currently in the oven!

Tried to make them today out of foam, but the foam I have is too flimsy for small pieces - it worked fine with the shoulder guard because it was such a big simple shape but these are too fiddly. Have ordered clay instead, hopefully that will work. Not sure how I'll attach it to the boots, but I have tiny snaps that might work if I hot glue them to the clay and sew them to the boot covers.

Stepmum's been a saint and has been doing this all by herself, turning down my offers to help, so it's turned into more her project than mine...she made the belt by covering thin foam in fabric and hot-glueing it on, then stitching to the skirt. She then cut the skirt down to the right shape. The belt is loose at the back, we're going to attach velcro so it does up like a real belt and is easier to put on.

I don't really like how the Bump-It looks, I think either I'll just leave my hair as it is or get a wig.

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