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My first cosplay was when I was about 14 ish and that was Naked Snake from MGS and I don't really like talking about that [it was terrible]
I don't have the money to do spectacular cosplays but I will always try hard to do good looking cosplays!

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* ordered gloves, new hat, and shirt
Waiting for them to come so I can customise them
* got very good sunglasses

★ Bought a body warmer which I can easily customise to make it look better
★ Started working on the Stock of the sniper rifle looking very good so fat

Hat arrived today. its more cowboy than indiana jones but not matter, i'll just say its a special hat found in a Mann Co box [and it can represent my 2nd fav pairing sniperxengineer] heehee

going to order gloves soon

Tights arrived today, just waiting for the apron now

will make omega neckace as soon as I get a necklace chain and attacher

I hate sewing machines!
Just had to hand stitch the lace onto the hem by hand which took like 1h 30m and that's a bit of a piss take :I

Drew out omega necklace template on strong cardboard

Bought apron and tights off of Amazon
£1 for tights wow!!

now waiting for packages to arrive, in the mean time going to sew lace onto hem of dress on friday!

*Me + dad planned out what we need to do to make the sniper rifle prop (which is so good bcause be is v good with woodwork)
*found better, more Aussie hat on Amazon, going to buy it tonight
*may ask grandad if he has any driving gloves (idk his hands are massive and mine are so small they're not gonna fit)

Going to sew lace on dress on friday
need wood for knife

Bought fleece fabric, found good tutorial online for how to make gilet/body warmer/shooting jacket [what ever you want to call it]

Asked dad if he'd give me some help with props which is v good ^_^

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