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i have been cosplaying with my friends for 3 years and i love it soo much.
i am no good at sewing etc and i don't have the time because of work 12hrs a day so i tend to buy my costumes, although most of my cosplays are pieced together from different items XD. i am however planning to make some cosplays like Cain Nightroad etc when i find the time -sigh-.
i am however good at making props,knowing about joinery helps me a lot XD and i have made Quite a few for my friends XD

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well first of all i cut the mouth too wide but i could live with that,
second and most stupid screw up i used cellulose satin spray on a rubber/plastic mask whoooo, so not only is it somewhat melting the mask and taking an age to dry its bloody shiny sigh.
i have ordered a new mask, (which are not cheap) and it should turn up in time for me too have another whack at it lol, on another note i have make my false nashers to sick to my lips for that glorious permanent smile.

ok so i have had the base of the rebellion in the garage for nearing a year now, lol so i thought as next year im planning to bring him out of storage XD i shall have a go at finishing it lol fingers crossed XD.
the guns im going to use 2 colt 1911's with extended barrel's and spray them and add the detail

ok so everything is basically done i have actually found a morning coat that looks like the one he wears XD.
i am planning next year to end up with the proper Victorian shirt and waistcoat he has but for now my own shirt and waistcoat shall suffice XDD

alright i the mask has arrived and its awesome XD, just need to get and add the plates to the vest and make the bracer XD

ok so was planning to do this version soon but now thanks to my friends who awesomely gave me the jacket (thanks soooo much http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/overview/PaperTiger)
i might do this for may expo or a con very soon just need 3 things XD, braces, bow tie and shirt XD

ok so as you can see my medic stuff is coming along very well lol, im so excited now lol i have decided to make the medi gun body aswell because that is less hassle and wont cost anything, my original plan was to attach the barrel to a large torch but then thought why when i can make it in like 1 hour lol. so yeah i shall post pics as they progress to if you want to see them progress keep popping back lol popping XD

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