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started cosplaying September 2009 and never looked back :D i think i found out about it through youtube and friends XD

first cosplay was England from Axis Powers Hetalia :D i wore this at J-culture con 09. it was amazing and it just made me want to do more cosplays :P

i love cosplaying simply because you make amazing friends, its awesome to play a character even just for a day and also....its so freakin fun <3

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well this is just about done =D gotta try everything on 8D see if it all looks okay.

yep i'm classing this cosplay as...DONE =D

but... XD

the waistcoat is a tiny bit small (but problem can be solved =D)
i gonna get a full front photo of the whole thing, get my legs/shoes in shot : )

okay this is what went down.
i ordered my wig like over a month ago and it didn't turn up. i was like '.....okay somethings not right' >|
so my mum send an email to the senders wondering whats going off. got a reply the next day saying something like.
'we ship your wig on the 23rd feb but it was send back to us because the adress might be wrong or the package is dammage'....¬ ¬

i don't know why this stuff always happens to me XD

i will get my Mikado wig RAWWWW >DD

omg i'm doing a journal wooo XD

well i'll start: i've bought a jacket quite cheap but problem is that it is quite big ^^; so i'm going to see if me and my Nan can shorten the length.
next is i do have a waistcoat but it is quite tight, so i'm going to see what my brother has cos he has suppose to have some XD
the shoes....well if i can't get them sorted proberly, i'll wear my b/w converses as temps BD
wig well...pain the ass to style =.= but if i take my time it can look goood. i'm going to practice alot so i can get it right : )

my dad got me some 'rags' as he calls them, so i can cut them and put them on the t-shirt i bought =D hopefully i can do all this in one day if i put my mind to it >D only probs is the white material might be too see through : /

well i've bought a jacket to modify now 8D i'm going to try something different. going to cut holes in the hood so when i'm wearing my ears (my cat ears modified)they will pop out XD i will get it done in time >D

this is soooo close to become finished >.<
the dress is done, ropes done. the ribbons which are going to be on my legs are annoying ¬ ¬. we decided to but them on long socks which are like skin colour(cos i have a feeling its going to be cold ^^')
the wings are not staying straight on my back D< so i'm going tightening the straps so they stay straight hopefully.

well everything is nearly done : D

sheets: been cut sewed and done ; D
wings: from ebay, there big (so might have to put them on when i get to the expo XD)
aditional: well added some gold pins on the sheets (for prettyness :3) and the gold rope.i have my wand to add to the collection :D

well the jumper i have bought isn't exactly jacket like, like i wanted it to be :/.but it more looks like iggy orignal one : ] so thats fine.
got the hat, that was easy : D but abit bigger than i thought XD but so far everything looks like its going to fit ; D.
will put pics on soon :)

well we have sheets :D

its cut and now *drum roll* sewing....O O
been looking a wings and should order some soon :D so it should be done way before may

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