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I started cosplaying at London MCM Expo May '09 and I haven't stopped since o3o~

For about a year and a half of my cosplaying life I got by without a sewing machine... don't know how I ever managed xD
Although, the cosplay I'm most proud of was done by hand sewing it... took forever though x.x

Thats about it... I'm not that great but I hope to get lots better 8D

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... oTL
well, the dress arrived and it didn't fit.
But! I found a new one 8'D;

So... Because of a problem involving Japan Expo next week and not having enough cosplays for it, I have decided to buy a temporary dress for this so I can wear it there xD; well... it's only for one day so... no harm in that right? o3o anyway here is a picture of it XD

So... Even though this was complete on time (did pretty much all of the sewing the day before o3o) and I have worn it already, I'm pretty sure I wanna class this as incomplete (although I have put it as complete on here for now) because... well looking at references (and remembering what people told me when I wore it) I made tom too blue... well, he should be grey... uhhh, and we didn't get recognised as tom and jerry, but some other characters ;-; so... I'm re-doing it for May Expo 2011, sorry Emmar because your Jerry cosplay was really good! D: and I was the one that dragged you in to this ^^;

Not buying fabrics for this now, just getting a blue top to mod with white fabric that I have spare... And wearing the white gloves and white shoes I got for Glameow xD soooo much easier and cheaper -relaxes-
JCC entry ticket, wig and top are all on the way in the post and I'll have £5 spare after travel so I'll either spend that now on some pants or spend it at JCC for food and just wear jeans with this, dunno yet c:

Wigs just been bought, off to buy fabrics as soon as I can, hopefully it's not too late, haven't been able to buy any of this costume because of unexpected money issues but it's all sorted itself out now... ><

Iv made the .. 'base' of the hat, if you can call it that XD i just added cardboard to one of those hats like what TK wears in his older design, it looks alright and the shape flows and stuff, but its too small... hmmm... but i dont have time to re-do it ...

Yes ;D the top half is complete, now all I have to do is cut out the bottom skirt half, sew that to the top, sew down all the sides, make the poncho thingy, mod some ugg boots and make the hat, so Id say im just under 1/3 complete now :3

I took out the patterns i bought for this (first time buying patterns lol) and for about half an hour i just stared at it with a confused look on my face xD but I had a breakthrough in the end and I understood which pieces i had to use for which variation of the dress i wanted to do. Most of the fabric is cut out now and iv started sewing the parts of the top half xD yay, progress :3

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