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Made by Freyarule, shown with the jackwet for Megatron

Being made by Freyarule - needs elastic on the waistband of the trousers and hems made once I've made sure it fits me without any adjustments. And the zip as well

Freyarule is making this along with her Nana (the female ice climber) so they can be identical :)

After deciding that the paper mache mixed with tissue paper has a fail, I'fe looked for another way to make a hard smooth surface. As such, I'm now covering the whole mask in clay. So far its making a nice hard surface I can then sand down.

Next up is making the details on the mask, such as the teeth and more defined nose. This is all achieved by soaking tissue in PVA diluted in water, and then molded into shape on the mask. This took one hell of a time drying. Also cut the lower part of the mask off in order to create a moving jaw.

So first and foremost, I need to make a mask. This has been the most rewarding and fun part of the process, becausee it involves getting messy with PVA glue and tissue paper. After making a base out of card board, that was then covered in glue and newspaper. The whole thing was then covered with tissue paper and left to dry for a long time.

Couldn't find anything suitable to make into the baton in such a space of time so I have everything but that. Should still be able to know who I am :p

The waistcoat being made by Freyarule is in progress - ran out of ribbon for the stripes so will need to buy some more ASAP. Normally we'd use something non-shiny but ribbon was the best thing we could find in the colour and length we needed. Once the stripes are done and the collar has been fixed on the waistcoat is done

Will be practising with the tattoo makeup soon also

I have a possible sword kindly donated by pickelsofdoom, it's very nice but a bit rough so we shall see if we can ritz it up a bit

As modelled by my, er, lovely girlfriend :P derp

Trying to search for a decent black zip up hoodie, we already have the fur that will be attached to the edges *evil grin*

My lovely Freyarule has been making this for me. We got some glasses without prescription (although it's from a display so there is writing on the glass but oh well you can't tell unless you are closeup) and she painted them to the right reddish yellow colour. She's also in progress of making the coat. Just need to find a red turtleneck top D:

Me and Freyarule will be very innacurate, since Shizuo is supposed to be taller than Izaya and it's complete opposite with us......well, one day we'll just have to do a role reversal =P

Managed to get a blue suit off ebay with my measurements, just got to wait for it to arrive :) It's more navy blue than bright blue but it was the best option I had really, plus it has pinstripes so whoot :D

Much love to Freyarule who's making the jacket for me, it's looking EPIC and I can't wait to try it on :)

Bought some suede boots off Ebay, bit dark in colour but tbh it was the cheapest I could find for that sort of quality so I'm happy.

This Sunday I hope to do the wristband cellphones and gloves and then I just need to source white jeans and a brown belt (oh and style the wig) and I'm good to go :D

well 5 days unti8l the costume gets to be worn by me at minamicon. The skit is gonna be brilliant, the day will be fun, and I'll spend most of the day just saying "darkness" :P

Thanks Freyarule, wouldn't have done this without you oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Well, it is now complete! Just gotta hope it fits alright >_< when freyarule tried it on, some hot glue bits snapped off D: but I am considerably thinner than her :P that's what she says anyway, so it'll fit me a bit better...eeeeee!

'Sup this be Freyarule (neko-riddles' girlfriend and the maker of this outfit xD)

thought I'd update you all - all that needs to be done now is to finish the tail and the top (sew the wings together etc etc). It's coming along smoothly. The wings don't have as much "segments" as I hoped but his arms aren't long enough :P lmao.

Ah hell, whats the point of buying new gloves if I can just use the ones I used for my Thief. I'm just gonna have to remove the pads that I have sewn onto them :P

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