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Since my last post on the Cowl alot has been done and I think it's starting to look good. Had to backtrack a little since I had coated the Cowl in latex but disliked how it was looking, so went full on with Worbla and liking how it looks again.

Current progress on my attempt at making a mouth prosthetic. No idea how it will turn out, but so far so good with a plaster cast of my mouth done and plasticine used for what I'm wanting.

Been working away on the cowl and I think it's getting there. Using the good old combination of craft foam and Worbla.

That's the helmet complete, and the top pretty much complete. Added the collar, but didn't make it to tight just in case. I can't say I'm over the moon with how the progress is going, but it could be worse. Just need to sort out the gun belt and holsters and it's a finished cosplay

Although the claws ended up being a bit on the bumpy side overall everything is coming together well. Just need to practise more with the liquid plastic in future. Also the other wrist guard was made, not 100% the same as the other one but I'm happy with it non the less and feeling like I'm starting to get a handle on using worbla

Due to transporting it on a long flight I decided it best to make the claws detachable and thankfully I came up with the solution of having pencils at the bottom of each claw that snugly slot into place. Also the gold spray paint I ended up with works great, so I'm happy with that as well.

Finally got the full helmet together and wearable, just need to start cleaning it up now and adjusting certain parts to sit better and such. Also will hopefully blend the various bits of worbla together better.
Sadly in getting this of the sculpt my head cast slip in two XD. At least I don't need to use it again too soon lol

Managed to make a start on smoothing out and cleaning up the Helmet by applying foam pieces on top covered in Worbla and so far so good.

Sadly due to the slush cast not working out I've had to go back to the start and resculpt. This time using worbla and bit piecing it together in parts

Finally got the back casting piece of the sculpt and give or take the minor bump it's retained the shape and ridges of the back. Just Need to strengthen the the front a little more and I can release that as well XD

After trying and failing to make the Hemlet with Worbla, I'm going to try the slush casting approach.
So I've sculpted the helmet, covered in a few layers of latex and now started on covering it in Plaster to make the casts I'll use for the slush casting. Just need to buy some more mod rock tomorow to finish of the casts.

just after adding the teeth, round things at the sides, and the rest of the rope. Just need to finish the dangling pieces at the chin and this can finally be put aside. I'm bloody glad I started with this, cause its been a hellva thing to work on lol.

finally got the first coat of paint on the armour plated section of the helmet, along with attaching the fabric.
Also, poppers where added to hold the pieces together along with clips at the back to hold it tightly around my head.

finally got a start on the black detail needed on the body. Needing to buy more paint to finish it off though, but I think it's off to a good start.

managed to add teeth made out of Fimo, which I think works well. Also puffed out the eyes to give definition to them along with adding some skin detail to the sides of the mouth. I hope to now paint a little more to give a more realistic look.

finally to the plunge and cut into the mask as I glued the mouth to it. THANKFULLY it managed to work XD. From the side it looks a little wierd, but overall I think this step has went well. Onto making the teeth and other parts now. Then after that I can hopefully get into painting the black lines detail.

made a start on a movable mouth piece for Carnage, so I can try and give the full effect of what the face should like. Seems to be of to an okay start. I just hope it works well within the mask once it's done.

finally got around to buying some white seethru material for the eyes, and began the delacate process of applying them to the zentai suit.
Agian bondaweb saved the day, with simply ironing the eye pecies into places, with eye holes cut out underneath.
I think its looking ok considering how nervous I was about doing this part of the cosplay.

managed to add the lining to my Kimono as well as attach the collar ^^. So apart from needing some white thread to finish hemming it the kimono is basically done XD.
All that's left of the cosplay after that is final touches to the wig, the wraps for my feet and hands and the pipe. So not too bad.

got my material through the post today, so got gonig with making a start on my Kimono, which is now near enough sorted minus the collar, lining and flame detail. Also got the hakama finished minus cleaning it up a little. So this cosplay is actually close to being done very soon ^^

Started on the Kimono last week, but it didn't seem to sit right, so I unpicked it and redone it, and I'd say it's better for it.
Also got my wig in the post today so started styling it, and I think it's all looking ok so far.

managed to make my trousers today, and with sorting out most of the Soldier belt, just need to add some detail to it still along with the velcro.
Will be attempting to make my gloves tonight, so hopefully that will work out XD, then tomorow I'll be trying to sort out my boots.
Sadly I need to wait a while longer to get gonig with my buster sword due to needing money for the materials needed lol, but all in all I think this cosplay is coming together well ^^.

since starting this on tuesday night of this week I have made the Pauldron and dyed the jumper a purple/blue colour. I've gone for purple/blue partly since the jumper I dyed was red so was gonig to end up like that anyway, but also that in game Cloud's clothes are more towards that colour anyway.
Will get progress pics up once I'm able to use my own laptop agian.

after god knows how long I'm finally get this cosplay done in time for Kitacon'11. Managed to make a start on the gun arm, and now it's nearly complete minus papermache and some detailing. Orderd the wig needed as well.
So all that's left is making the coat and gloves, and buying a white t-shit.

although I am overall happy with how this has turned out, I rushed a few bits of it, so when I have the time, will clean the odd thing up better and add on what I had to leave behind.

well lets see, it was thursday night I decided to do this cosplay, and I think within the past two days I've managed well progress wise I'd say ^^.
Still gotta do a little work on the white top, then I can go onto making the rest of it.

finally made a start on things and so far got the sandle type things sorted for this cosplay so far.
Would have done more but need to get the fabric in for it first.

making my own all in one suit didn't go as planned, so I'm waiting on a Zentai suit from my good friend Ikkaku-kun, then I will you the muscles I already made and put them into the suit along with everything else to make it take shape.

FINALLY manaed to procced with progress on the helmet, mainly due to the awsome help from my brother from another mother XD, codename. He came upwith alooot of gd ideas that lead to me getting back into working on it.

After what has been a good while since first trying to make this cosplay and it not going well for me back at May Expo'09, I have started working on it agian in time for Kitacon'10. So far I've made some progress on the horns, and started on the stuff needed for the wings ^^.

was intending to use the muscle suit for my Frank Jaeger/Gray Fox cosplay as well, but it dosn't show up well enough under the clothes I have for him.

easily done, just made the wings out of foam, and added red material to the top, enoguh said lol.

looking through my clothes I found the perfect pair of combat trousers to use for this, just need to dye them a darker green but that part of the cosplay is at least taken care of.

finally finished of all tht was left to be done, and so it can be packed away ready for Kitacon now.

finally nearly done with all the armour, and all I need to do is put the satchels on the belt for them. So this cosplay is finally a few steps from being done, Tuesday next week at the latest everything for this should be finished.

got my contacts through the post a week or so ago so that's one less thing to worry about. Finished my waist armour today finally, which was a pain but worth it. Just need to do the armour parts that go at my sides.

well I had to remake my robe/skirt, but happily it's worked out better from doing that, and is now done ^^. Also finished making the satchels as well as the cloak being done. So not much left to do happily. Also orderd my contact lenses yesterday (damn it for not being able to order just a single lense)

started on the long tedious task of cover the boots in leather, ans made a start on the duster. Also cut out the pattern for the coat, just need to sew it all together along with lining once I buy it.

EDIT: 10/02/09 - added pleather to back of boot along with strap that goes across it, made out of craftfoam.

managed to find an old pair of boots my mum had lying around that she dosen't need anymore, and to me they look like with a bit of work could be perfect for the boots I need, and so will save me needing to buy a pair ^^.

started on the bandages and so far it has gone as easily as hoped, and I'd say it look pretty acurate withing reason, so I'm happy with it so far. Just need ot finish it of with covering the rest of my head and getting another belt.

got red material already from buying it for this cosplay a while ago, but will now start on making the cape and bandages from it.

slowly but surely I've got through to having this cosplay almost done. Although I know now how easily ribbon frays when cut. Happily this is the first time I've tried to add lining to a coat, and it worked pretty well thankfully ^^.

after going back and forth between my cosplays for october, I'm finally seeing this cosplay reach it's completion, but for a few details to add to it by way of the silver desins around the torso area, arms, kneck, shoulders, and wrists.

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