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I only got interested in manga and anime fairly recently in June 2010, thanks to some of my friends :) The first series I watched was Ouran High School Host Club, but some of my other favourites include Code Geass, Death Note, Kuroshitsuji, Full Metal Alchemist... the list goes on! I am also addicted to the Final Fantasy games, especially VII :P

My first cosplay was Cissnei from Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core at Nemacon 2011, which was an awesome weekend! :D

I make and sell my own jewellery in my free time, which can be seen on my blog.

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1 week till the ball! The costume is now finished!

Me and my friend tried on our outfits together, so I've uploaded some of the pictures from that. Obviously for the actual ball I'll do my hair and make up properly and put contact lenses in.

I bought the most amazing skirt ever on ebay, its lacy and ruffled and I love it! I'm rewearing the same white blouse, with a steampunky waistcoat over the top. The jewellery is all the same. I've added a few different belts, and bought some new gloves.
I also bought a steampunky hat and fascinator, but I've decided not to wear it as I want to style my hair differently.

Really proud of my friend, who despite being both a steampunk amateur and an ebay amateur managed to put together a pretty awesome outfit in a short space of time! Cant wait till the ball now!

Really fast postage too!!

The colour is slightly different to the picture, which is actually a good thing cos it goes better with the shade of blue of my top. Its also slightly shorter than I expected, which wouldnt be a problem if I didnt have such thick hair ;( I tried it on and it looks awesome but I need to find a way to get my own hair to lie flat (its naturally very curly and very thick) and not stick out everywhere...

Thankfully I shouldnt have to style it too much other than a little bit of gel :) Never styled a wig before in my life...

I just bought the wig off ebay. It was hard to find one and I wasnt sure what to look for, but in the end I managed to narrow it down :) Its from hong kong, so it'll probably be a while before it gets here...
And I'm gonna have to beg some advice off a friend on how to style wigs, as I've never done it before O.o

I can do my hair like Aerith's... kind of :P It plaits OK and does that curly fringe thing naturally, only thing is the plait is a little too short? And Id need to straighten the main body of hair first to prevent it from going frizzy.
Tops: pink one bought. Will buy the skirt and other top next time I go shopping, hopefully, will be fairly easy to get hold of. Flowers to stich on are bought.
Shoes: no idea just yet.

Because I want this to be perfect it will take a while to complete, so sorry about that!

Earring: finished!! I'm a semi professional jewellery maker, and decided to go for something different for my Genesis earring - beads as opposed to the polymer clay you always see. This has got a lot of love on my dA account (mystacinidae), and when I get my online shop sorted soon I'll be selling a few and doing other cosplay commissions!!
Other than that I have the trousers sorted, and I have a pair of boots that would be fine if I couldnt find any others or couldnt afford any.
Belts will be done when I get round to it and figure out a sewing pattern for the SOLDIER logo, I also have a black turtleneck but think I may die of heatstroke if I wear that and a thick red coat! Ah, the coat :@ Impossible to find anything vaguely similar! I'll keep looking!! Theres no timescale for this, so somethings bound to turn up at some point...

I'm going to be going as Nana to the Winter social!!! I know this isnt really a proper con or anything, its just an excuse to cosplay and meet some awesome people!
Found a hat on ebay, now to decorate it with flowers :D Also found tights and a pair of nice boots... In other words, its nearly finished! :D

Should have probably updated this a while back...
Top: bought on ebay, cut the sleeves and back away and did some sewing (with the help of my wonderful Gran who's way better than me :P) Still trying to track down the right kind of black material for the corset thing, local craft shops not proving to be too helpful. Bought pink ribbon and white lace, started work on centre badge.
Shorts: bought.
Sashes and stuff: material found, will buy when I have money O.o
Wig: a few ideas on ebay... never bought one before so a little unsure on what to look for.
Shoes: bought black pumps and silver card
Keyblade: O.o Saving bits of card from work. Wont get round to making this for a while
Armcovers: bought white leggings to chop up, will be doing this soon... then making the armour out of cardboard to attach on

Planning on completing this for the next Nemacon, will be updated whenever I get uni applications and interviews out of the way!

Found a gorgeous dress in town today, its white and lacey and perfect for Nana! Even better, the shop was having a sale so I got it reduced :D

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