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Tried on the trial dress, and it fits, thank god. XD Now I just gotta get the fabric n make the real thing. The belt, fake boot socks and tights are ordered and shipped. Woot! Still not sure how im going to make the cuffs :-S

Ive planned it, today i actually did something. I cut out a shape from the random fabric i have lying around and sort of came up with a dress shape in my measurements. Dont know what to do with it now XD

Still thinking about how im going to go the wristbands :-S

So I started the wand on Friday, tricky business since Ive never made prop before! I started by getting florists foam and carving the basic shape with sand paper and a knife. Thenspray painted it white to seal it and stop it disintergrating on me. Then started paper mache'ing it. Ive sray painted the staff pink, cut out the wings and stuck the pieces together, and found and painted the eye gems. Now all thats left to do it glue the head and end to the staff, paper mache them to it, paint it, and stick on the eyes and wings! Simples!

Phew that was a marathon! The dress is finally done! Managed to do it in 3 days (working after i finished work) and i have to say i rather glad of it! All thats left to do is make the bows for the dress hat and gloves, style the wig, and maybe make a white underskirt to poof it out a bit, i dont know yet. I have also got to make the wand, i almost have all the bits for it but i cant find foam to make the head out of, which is worrying me, i dont know what else to use, and i dont want to use paper mache cuz thats so messy and rough, i just dont like using it.

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