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2009: Gatomon (Digimon), Kiba (Naruto Shippuden)
2010: Ninetales (Pokemon), Saix Puppy (Kingdom Hearts)
2011: Zapdos (Pokemon), L (Deathnote), Ritsuka Aoyagi (Loveless)
2012: Ryuichi Sakuma (Gravitation), Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon)
2013: Seaking (Pokemon)

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After god knows how long of not cosplaying I've finally finished this and will be wearing it on the 27th to London mcm expo

So my ideas have been altered, I now have a design including a corset instead of a top but the rest seems about the same. The trousers and a weapon need to be made.

That must be some kind of record for me.
so today I got the boot covers finished, they weren't as annoying as expected, thankfully. So now all that's left is the dungarees, though I haven't even got the fabric for them yet... I think I'll be focusing on Ritsuka for a while as I have to do some easy things for that, being back at school tomorrow I'm really going to have to work hard for the results I want.

Finished the gloves, probably the most time consuming part of the whole cosplay seeing as they're completely hand sewn but they're done now and before I go back to school! I might try and make to boot covers tomorrow seeing as I'm on a roll to get all the fleece needed garments done~

After 4 hours of work (including a lunch break) I got the hoodie finished. I think the thing that took the longest was the face, I had to had sew the white nuzzle on and I decided to glue gun the nose and eyes on. The ears took less time then I was expecting as I sewed them on the machine then attached them by hand but discovered that hoodies are really fun and easy to make so I might commission a couple over the holidays as it takes less then a day of work and they’re so snugly after I love curling up in all this pinkness to watch a film.
Next job? Gloves.

So today I finish my trousers and started to sort out my wig that was sent back to me from Chase face on friday. the top is completed and now all I have to do now is the paws and well finish the wig... I'm putting the badage on the day of the expo so I wont be sewing them on and I'll be doing a test run of them on the top and trousers sometime this week so pictures will be up then. Thats all.

It's been a long while sence I've done an update so here goes...
My binder arrived today! I brought it off bakurakat after meeting up with here in Glasgow I've already tryed it on and love it. Thank you Lauren! My wig is currently being styled at Chase's (Saka-Tala-Kai) house.
But I'm not working on my cosplay at the moment at all. I have to complete the editing on Chase's cosplay then a comission of 2 sets of ears and a tail THEN I can finally start the work on mine when I'm back at school and stressing seeing as I'm going back this monday and I still have to do an essay! ... which I'll get to work on now then the cosplays so that my english doesn't hate me even more...

IT ARRIVED TODAY! teehee the postman chucked it at me and ran before I hugged him ^^' it's so awesome! Though the way it looks now when I put it on I look like I should be preforming 'Under the Sea' with Ariel... that doesn't matter as I will be either giving it to Kai to have it styled or styling it in Scotland! Its so cool though it came with a wig cap AND a metal brush! ... Now I need a wig head.

Yesterday I went on a on a very determinded shopping trip and got everything I needed for the making of it~ I also realised that I could work out that I might be able to draw my scars on with my kijai stick so I'm going to try that then deside if I need to buy something else.

HELL YES! the fur arrived today so I can get to work on all the fur sections of my Saix! That means that I can start editing my t-shirt, make my ears, my belt, my hand paws AND my tail~
I have also recived the email saying that my wig has been sent, I've been tole it'll take 7-15 working days so I can start harassing the postman again from the 19th of August! teehee that poor man gets so scared of me and my post *evil laughs*
AND THATS NOT ALL! On this Saturday I will be going shopping for all the other bits and pieces I need to complete my cosplay. and if my luck continues on this path then I'll be able to complete Saix by the end of the month! But lets not get ahead of ourselves my luck will soon run out but I'm too exsited to care!
I'm off to play with this fur now aka start making stuff.

They arrived today wooooo~
I've made them attahable though they don't taste that great... oh well.

So finally today I got things started. The plan has been finished and will be uploaded soon. The wig, fur and fangs were all ordered today (thanks to mothers credit card~) and so should be arriving in the next couple of weeks~ Yayyyyy~
I'm pretty proud of myself to be honest and for once I'm a head of scedual! Though I do need to plan out my claymore ... if I need it really. I'm not sure if I'm going to have one to be honest.
Though I must remember to look on the MCM Expo site to see if there will be any ingdom heart groups that need a Saix because I don't want to be alown on Sunday... so if anyone is reading this that would like to be the owner of a Saix werewolf for a day drop me a comment and make me feel loved.


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