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How to get a high score on the USE-2022 in Russian. Parsing last year's mistakes

Traditionally, the USE in the Russian language is one of the easiest exams for eleventh graders. The graduates themselves say about it, especially after they get the services provided by and the statistics, according to which more than a quarter of those who pass the exam show excellent results. However, everything is not so simple: according to the same statistics, the average result in Russian language fluctuates around 70 points, which, perhaps, in comparison with other subjects is quite a lot, but in general - not to say that very cool.
Let's see what prevents the school-leavers, who have been studying Russian since the 1st grade and have been speaking it all their lives, from breaking the average 70-point bar.

The most frequent mistakes of graduates of the year 2021
It all starts with test #7.

Almost two thirds of eleventh graders "fail" on it. And all you need to do is find a sentence on write papers for money and, of course, with an error in the formation of the word form - it would seem that graduates do this every day when one of their classmates makes a mistake at the board, but, as experience shows, this practice is not enough.

This is followed by Assignment #10.

This assignment tests knowledge of the spelling of various prefixes. "Task with a trick" - this is how it is often called by teachers. Here the most difficult thing - not only to understand the prefixes and learn to write them correctly, but also to understand what traps may await in this USE task, and not to get caught in them.

Next problems are caused by problems with the text: #22, 23, and 25.

No. 22 is a text comprehension task, with logical and semantic connections, themes, problems, and content. The most frequent problem of graduates, in fact, is inattentive reading of the text in the following resource, so if you are not quite sure of the answer (and even if you are), read the text again and pay special attention to the points that are referred to in the task.

No. 23 is an assignment that tests the ability to distinguish between types of speech. There are three of them, it is not difficult to remember: narrative, description, and reasoning. The difference between them also seems obvious, but inattentive reading of the text and sentences taken out of context often lead graduates astray.

No. 25 is an assignment to determine the means of linking sentences in a text. To successfully complete this assignment, you must - again - carefully read the text and follow the author's logic, what conclusion follows from what, what information is the main one and what is explanatory.

And, finally, the cherry on the cake - Assignment #27.

No, not all of the essay is to blame, just the K2 criterion, which evaluates the ability to comment on a problem. This skill must be practiced and practiced, learning to write a commentary on the text separately and to include it logically in the essay.
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