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I first got into cosplay around 2004 when I first saw Mana in Malice Mizer and thought wow! Mana was one of my first cosplays, shame I lost pictures of my very first cosplays over time *sigh*

Ayacon 2005
Amecon 2006
London Expo Oct 2006
London Japanese Expo July 2007
Amecon 2007
London Gothic Lolita meetup Nov 2007
London Expo May 2008
London Expo Oct 2008
London Cosplay Ball 2008
Ayacon 2009
London Cosplay Ball 2009
Amecon 2010
Ayacon 2011
Ayacon 2013

Also loads of random minicons up in the North ^^

Also not including random cosplays. More will be added as months goes by...

Video footage of myself lol:

I'm on stage lol.... can you see me? London Expo 2006 (at 1:35min)

I'm so sad lol.... London Expo 2007¤t=sexiest_cosplayers.flv

Amecon 2007 D.Grayman ^^

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Made my gauntlets with compad attached...

The helmet needs sorting out but otherwise it looks fine.... just need loads of fine tuning and make it comfortable to wear.

Next stop...... making the boots....

Now the armour is done gotta figure out what to do with the gloves and boots.

The black boiler suit will have to be altered....

Watch this space!!!

Well I casted my shoulder armour - needs trimming and tidying up etc

The helmets are almost finished, which need to choose which one to go for.

I ordered a typical stormtrooper back armour which Im going to convert to match.

My boba fett back armour has came in which Im going to convert, trim to match the chest armour hopefully it will work.

Still need to work out what to do about the leg armour etc.... would it be convert long boots or just boots with shin armour.

Now the helmet is almost finished I have to figure out how to make the armour.....

I'm much better at working with fabric than hot plastic >_<

The jacket now rebuilt fully made out of faux leather ^^ the cotton mixed with leather kind of make it feel uneven. Blades are also finished, I also constructed a carry case for them as well. Now time to scare people ^^

I remade the mask as I wasnt too happy with the 1st one I made. The LEDs light kind of dazzles you if you been wearing it for a while.

Totally happy how it turned out. Now time to make my blades when I have time ^^

Thinking of making a surgery knife for this outfit. Will start construction when I have time.

The main jacket is finished....surprised it turned out well ^^ now time for the mask

uhhhhh the green dye on the hair keeps on rubbing off and staining everything. Just waiting for the wig and I should be finished.

Well the tunic and jacket is finished. Waiting for button hole flower, green hair spray to come in. I see how the hair colour spray turns out, if it doesnt turn out well I will have to purchase a green wig.

The helmet I purchased didnt work out....Im constructing one from scratch.

Right, arms and front been done....Just waiting for my replacement El wire for the back. Didn't expect El Wire on the arms makes the sleeves so stiff, also the split power leads tend to dig into your back so might put them in a soft packet to avoid scratches on my back. Gluing the El wire with hot glue sticks is abit of a pain, it tends to drip everywhere and make the work look untidy....I'm going to scrape some spills, globs up etc...

I tested El wire in a dark room and was surprised how it turned out....It gives a nice glowing effect.

Waiting for my helmet to come in which I'm going to alter. I might attach El wire to it as well depending how I'm going to gain access to the inner shell under all the padding....

Right, I think I finished the robes, used up 10 metres of yellow reflective tape. Now figuring how to wire the el wire around the tape.

I wired up the identity disc, surprised how nicely it turned out. I didnt expect the disc to pull the back of the robes, so figuring out at the moment how to counter balance the weight.

At the moment I going to attach reflective tape to black gloves, also considering getting a helmet to finish off the whole thing.

im going to attach more battery pack under the disc for the rest of the wire.

Right then the rank emblem came in, just waiting on the code cylinder. Also might be upgrading my boots to something more accurate as the orginal actors wore typical British riding boots.

Its abit on the chunky side, looking at pictures it is correct. had to adjust one of the belt holes, it was abit on the stiff side.

My tunic and cap are finished ^^ Looks good when put together, the finshing touch for this uniform is just the rank emblem and the code cylinder depending on rank. ^^

Jackets & silver vest has been finshed.

Cheerful bunny has brought me a new silver/white wig as my old one is abit battered & tangled.

Just need to gather white pair of trousers & waiting for my whip to come in the post ^^

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