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I started attending the midlands expo at first my 1st cosplay was made in 4 hours (It majorly sucked tbh) and since then I've been hooked. I try to over due myself everytime and oftern cause myself cosplay injurys but in the end its all fun and cosplay has now become my favorite passtime I make props and cosplays all the time and I swear I even do it in my sleep.

cosplay isnt a hobby its a way of life

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As you can see they started off as white moto-cross boots after cutting away and sanding the logos off with the dremmel I then filled the 'eye' parts on the front of the boots then again sanded them down.

Paint wise they took 8 coats of paint (2 black primer 4 black acyclic and 2 waterproofing paint)

Ended up going for a arkham style gauntlet because they fit will with the boots i got for the outfit. I started off making templates (alot of templates) then cutting the shapes out using 5mm and 3mm eva foam then I cleaned away the rough edges and glued the base parts together.

next up I sanded away the overlaping parts and added straps followed by adding another layer the sides then glued it altogether

paint wise I used primer and a black acrylic paint 3 layers primer 3 black layers

and heres the finished item, I might add a laytex layer for a smoother look at some point

I opted for the dark knight style belt but I didn't want to just keep it as it was so I added some pouches which I found some metal containers that were perfect then resin glued to big magnets the the back of the belt on one side to hold the batarangs, then gave it complete repaint in black then again in teal also (not in this photo) I added a covertech belt clip and the attachment to my grapple gun so I can attach it and grab it with ease

Got a few of these made, A friend who does resin moulding showed me how to make a few and I had ago myself after I got some home I drilled a hole in the middle and added 2 little magic magnets so they can click together and also stick to the belt for a quick detach

then applied a few coats of matt black paint the finish the look off

Started designing this a few months back with the help of my talented partner and her artistic skill, we put together a concept picture of what I wanted the suit to look like and she got it down to the exact detail.

I started doing research into all of the batsuits over the years and felt that the classic grey suit with the black logo would be my base, then went into armour /padding etc

The cape was the easy part to do research for and getting the fabric was even easyer.

The cowl I've gone for the dark knight (Nolan) style cowl but will be adding my own twist to it.

As said ...the bat crotch the thing that can make or break the costume I want to go for the traditional look but I may again add something different to this part as I am working with Lycra and yeaah you can see where this is going.

Hopefully will have it fully done by Kita if not may McM

Right first off I've had to do alot of research on his outfit mainly the bag the bloody t-shirt and trying to find ref pictures of his hidden blade, I am happy with what I have now and I'm ready to start building the hoodie followed by the other parts :D

After looking around for some pumps or low profile boots I desided in the end to make a set out of wet suit boots and a old pair of leather shoes I bought from a charity shop for a whopping 3 pound then painted around the bottom for a overall look. there not spot on but Beggars cant be choosers I've found that every ezio cosplayer struggles wit his shoes but with these and the covers they look pretty good.

As my old hidden blades kinda fell apart I desided to remake them but this time without the spring loaded mech these ones are gravity fed but with a twist I added magnets to the rear so they will lock back and stay back also added a locking mech to the front so the blade with stay in place all moves smooth so you dont have to over thrust your arm to get the blade out or back in.

these blades are alot smaller than the last ones and I am able to move alot more freely than before.

Next up ....Rebuilding the shoulder armour and modifying the hood

right second try as my nets being a ^%"$£"^$ xmass is over so i can plod on with this got the jacket commissioned and bought for crimbo from my mum ( cheers mum :) ) only thing i had to do is the shoulder bits *had to sew them down as they looked like they wanted to fly away* the black shirt, red t.shirt and grey pants i already own plus i am reusing my leon wig from my resi2 cosplay.

Props etc.

i already own one but going to order another vp70 resin prop from spattcave and modify it to look like the wingshooter also i have the herb dispenser and ear torch in progress...

pic's soon to follow once ive found my camera.

right since our last encounter i was tinkering with a few things etc etc now ive actually had time to sort things out i have recently remade the hidden blades....AGAIN....and also started to try to papermache some new shoulder armour as last time it was like a frizbee also done some modifcations to the hood and the top making the lower part and the top as one (so its knida like a dress now) which makes it easyer to put on and finaly i have made more of the red sash as it was too short last time....

pictures to follow once i find my camera

since kita when i wore this ive been tinkering with some new bits the shoder armour now fits to the shoulder and i have made it abit thicker also the forearm part as been redone

next up i will be remakin the hidden blade and hook blade also going to be making the vlad the impalers sword from the dlc unlock

Right after looking at refrences i realised the pouches on the back were the wrong side 'duh' so i quickly swaped them over followed by adding the flash/smoke grenade to the back....

the knife....i took my old stars knife and did some mods the the handle making it abit more knife handle like 'as seen in the picture'

the holster...were do i begin chris's holster is a very expensive bit of kit and as i am abit of a if in doubt make it person i started by taking an old base plate from a clone china holster remaking the straps with new griped cargo strapping and new clips followed by making two straps on the top as chris's is then i took my blackhawk hip holster and ripping the hip part off and bolting it onto the frame and sealing it all with thermal glue so it doesnt fall apart half way though then taking the straps etc off and giving it a few coats with black spray paint...i will me also adding a few little extras (when i find them)

the h.e.r.b despenser...well i havnt put this up yet as its not 100% done yet but lets just say i had a pain of a time gluing little bits together to get it close as poss

just finaly got the exact set up for chris's vest and added and taken off various stuff so its spot on (pictures to follow) also in the making of his knife and sheath not been able to add pictures due to laptop failure

Spent a while looking for the correct gear I've managed to find most of the gear though my own stuff and will have to buy a tactical vest and a new jacket will be making the rifle from some kind of nerf or toy gun as well as all the other little bits ( radios ect)

As i have pretty much the pants from my resi 5 chris and my combat boots and pretty much all the lower half complete already (due to the shed full of tactical gear and i aint joking)all i need is the green top the gloves and the vest...the vest i have (a friend has it) so its pretty much a find all the gear and put together job....i was really hoping one day chris would do something like this and now he has i am going all out to make this perfect

Just made the arm band from an old pair of pants and a bit of eva foam i drew out the shapes and cut them out then smoothed them all down and painted

as you can see its on the jacket ready to go

done some more progress to the top embroided all the strips for the front and back and attached them by hand then added more detail to the front (not shown in picture) also added the details to the back(strips shown at bottom of pic)finished the hood and finished the back of the hood....

I can finaly say after 3 months of building stabbing myself and cursing the outfit that it is complete but i wont be posting finished pictures untill kitacon as a suprise so you will all have to wait :P

Started work on the embroidery at last and in total I have done over 30 hours so far its my first time doing this its been a long long process but I've finished the lower part of his outfit his main logo on the top and one side of the hood

next up...other side of the hood followed by the chest and arms

as the title says i finaly got the top half done after tweeking the knife sheath abit and adding other bits etc etc i cheated slightly and used one of my own white tops (from primark)for the under part and added all my other bits (gloves elbow pads etc )

next up finish the pants and belt gear

Finaly finished the hidden blade/hidden gun combo and attached it to the gauntlet
very happt on how it turned out :D

next up the other arm with hook blade

Bought a xxxl body warmer from a local charity shop for 3 pound...Bargin i then brought it in by about 6 inches each side then made some white strips from some white material i bought then stiched it onto the top

next up...the jacket

Started the fabric part of the outfit now i started by cutting the shapes out using the templates i made then stiched then all together followed buy starting to embroid the parts this is the smallest and by far the easyist of the whole embroidery...took me 10 hours to do this

next guessed it more embroidary

Finished the top today by adding velcro to the inside of the chest part then sewing the chest part to the top making sure it was all level and finishing it off so happy it turned out really well

After a long long day of stiching and failing on several attempts....also sticking the needle several cm into my finger i finaly got the top made then stiched all the top part of the top together its been very long but this is the 1st time making clothes so its proving quite the challenge

next up finishing the bloody thing

Got these elbow pads of my good friend leonie but they were in a o.d colour but after abit of advice from leo again and some experiments i painted them and clear coated them to hold in the paint followed by the same process to the pistol pouches which i have owned for a few years

next up finish the bloody top

finaly got around to finishing the belt made the throwing knifes by drawing a basic shape on a bit of wood then cutting them out sanding painting and finishing with red tape then made the holders by drawing arounf one of the knifes and cutting the seperate shapes and stiching together then stiching them in a set of 4 either side

followed by attaching the clay made buckle and other part ( not quite sure what it is ) and attached a small belt so it can stay in place because of the angle

Started the leg guards by cutting a template around the leg then making the straps and making sure that they all fit nice and neat then went onto making templates for the details i added abit extra to the front to rase it up then went onto embroiding the bottom. up staining the leather

moved onto the the main armour starting with the shoulder part and moving down to the gauntlets then the belt and the leg guards need to finish embroiding the leg parts then i can stain the leather.

moving onto the belt next updates will follow

Wanted to make the sword of altiar but I saw this pirate sword and liked the handle so I modifyed the handle and made a blade out of wood stuck it all together and painted

next up the throwing knifes

Been scowling the net for the last few months to find some desent fabric and after alot of trail and error i found this blue fabric along with some navy blue i started by making templates for all the navy blue bits then cut it all out and sew together i kinda cheated abit and used t-shirt paper for the detail (will embroid when i have chance) also bought the patches from blue tiger trading and sewn them to the top in progress

next up the top

Started of easy as I wait for the jacket to be finished (when i get the sewing machine back that is) i hand sewn the zips on that were very kindly given to me by the lovely Revolverkitty and i finished by using abit of pleather to make a strap and alittle elastic stapping to hold it in place up finish the coat

I took to long to add photos again i do apologise but as you can see i got hold of a set of cheep handguns and primed and painted followed by making some holsters out of eva foam and painting them then i moved back to the vest adding the holster (which is a black hawk cqc 1911 holster) which i use for airsofting

Next up the neck part of the vest and the knife and sheath

I started making this after looking into all the handguns that leon uses in resi 2,4,darkside chonicals and the upcoming o.r.c i desided to use his resi 4 standard pistol but after painting it chrome the paint faded so i painted it a dull grey also painted the mag and the slide catch

next up making the extended barrel

Started this a while back and desided to start layering it instead of embroiding this time as you can see i started with the base then moved to the details followed by sewing more details in by hand

next up staining the leather

Started making the armour he has on his shoulder I've had to double up the leather to make it think then lined it with pleather ready for adding the details later on tomorrow

next up detailing and staining

Made from leather and lined with pleather the pouches stiched by hand and then stiched onto the belt also made a loop for the sword to stay tight to the body

Next up adding the bucklesand other little bits...also removing the smaller pouch and adding a bigger leather one

Heres the finished blades I've made a mech that will retract the blades at a flick of the wrist also the hidden gun fires shortened nerf darts for that stealthy nerf kill for more details on the mech...well i caint tell you that id have to kill you

Started with painting the vest i drew the logo on free hand then painted fully

next up neck part

I've planned this all out and currently in the process of making spent a few hours researching into the outfit also due to my skin alergys (cant clean shave) i will have slight stubble(look like resi 6 leon) and doing a mixture of resi 2, 4 and d.s.c

Started this a while back and kept it very secret but here are the gauntlets there not quite finished yet i have to add buckles and the fur to them but here is the step by step

Screen done and ingraved the slot in the middle is for my phone so when i hook it into the speaker it can play music and video call. hooking the speaker into it as we speak currently thinking about making it radio controled but not got my head around that yet.

4 coats black primer ready for main paint and details XD

As I had spare eva foam and I wanted a laugh I started building it yesterday I just sanded it today all I have to do is make the screen but i am adding a twist to mine I am making a speaker to fit inside at the back and a wire hidden inside the screen so when i slot my phone into the fake screen i can play music and also make video calls though the mk2.....also thinking about making the top open for the solid eye and the operator to fit in

Also the rod at the front has to be there as it just falls over but in photos i will just p.s it out

Started off making a rough box shape and sanding it smooth then adding details followed by paint and the little bits of detail with the white paint. i used an old paint brush for the antena and wraped tape around to make it the part

Who knew using eva foam would be so easy to mold and make stuff from

Just finished doing the arm keyboard and the leg mounted hard drive havny painted the leg mout yet as I ran out of paint but pictures up soon

Just finished planning and buying bits needed for this cosplay and started work on making a fake radio out of eva foam will have more of an update asap

Well just started this as its more of a chill out cosplay for the friday I still cant belive that hardly anyone has not heard of the headhunter games just been getting renders and artwork of jack and currently doing a exploded diargam of all his gear

GAHHHH nearly done upto 90% done with teh whole thing just need to finish the cuffs on the wrists and alter the knife sheath as its rubbing on the octocamo and chipping the paint but will be done in a few days tops

SOOOOOO happy how it turned out

Just practicaly finished the mid section using the same technquie as the lower part but when i took them off a bit came off (leg were holster isn't there)but after gluing it back on it looks all good i do need to add fabric to the back of the leg as of yet to finish it completely

next up finish upper and make the vest and harness

just completed the lower half of the legs by wrapping clingfilm around my legs putting the suit on then gluing the pieces in place then wraping clingfilm around again to seal them all together then sit for 4 hours for the glue to cure

next up mid section

Also pouches came for the vest added the fake pistol mags made out of eva foam

Put it all together today but not happy with the strapping i got its way to bright so i am going to try and darken it or buy completely new stuff.....and yes the belt is from my bsaa chris cosplay i use it alot ..infact its whats holding my pants up right now....but i bet you really didnt want to know that ^_^

Painted a base coat on the upper will be adding a darker blue to it when i can and i started and practicaly finished the lower half just toying with what glue to use when sticking the eva foam to the zentai suit

Progress of the octocamo suit 2 full days of stiching by hand and a few hours dremeling the back piece from eva foam...lots of hand cramps and bad back......just going to rest for abit then tackle the lower half as my arms and hands are killing me

Well started by buying a light blue zentai suit for the base to work on (not in picture) Then ordered some navy blue streach fabric already have the eva foam my good friend matt got me. I already have the under gloves (the black ones) and as you can see by the picture I've got some wetsuit boots and I've cheated slightly and bought motorbike under armour but i will be ripping the solid pannels off and replacing them with eva foam I will be shaping then covering them with the navy blue fabric sounds simple but I know it wont be.

I think lots of late nights, coffee and some tunes untill its done

Expect pictures up soon will be starting this next weekend (when rest of stuff turns up)

Had abit of a hard time with this as the upper was the wrong one so alot of gluing and remaking but all went together perfect so happy with the outcome

started working on the m4 custom started by using my airsoft m4 and adding some minor mods and adding paintwork should be finished by monday (if parts turn up and can cut and shape them in time)

finished making then sheath for the stun knife made out of eva foam its fantastic stuff really pleased with how it turned out

finished making the knife it was made out of eva foam which my good friend matt got me eva foam i fine is the way forward in my cosplay building its so easy to use and mold it look likes my wood work i think i will be using this more oftern

Just finished the solid eye at last the writing on the front was tricky as it was so small and had to rewire the hole back as the batterys burnt out

but its all done so happeh ^_^

next up starting the octocamo XD

Had a brainwave during work and ended up wiring a led up on a easy circuit and drilling the hole in the front and cutting some bits out of the back to put the internals in. Also i cut off the thread i used to put it on me and replaced it with some elastic thread

this is with the light on to show it works next up is the detail on the front

will post more progress pics asap just really busy with work atm

Dont really need to say much as i've pretty much put it in the picture but here is my current progress on my solid eye more will be done in the next few days.

Its made out of clay its not too heavy so I wont stuggle with it on my face overall time to make so far 3 hours (plus 24 hours for the clay to dry)

really happy how its turned out


Just spent the last 2/3 hours reseaching on fabrics full body suits motocross and bmx armour and differnt paints all in all this little project is going to be quite a pricey one but i will try to put costs down as much as i can but i will keep ppl updated on items and gear as i go

looks like another big order on ehobbyasia

Just finished the stun knife i used the plastic from a old video case and made templates then cut the little bits out then stuck it all together building it up as i went then painted it a base white as the plastic was clear then after that was dry i painted the gun grey on the knife itself then the black grip then after that was dry i painted all the details on

also made the sheath but didnt take a piccy

all up the under armour top

Here is my 90% finished peacewalker cosplay...still need to grow abit more beard and my hair needs to be abit longer but i still have time ......

Also i know i am missing the stun knife i am in the process of making this just need some time to make it as works taking over my life atm

The holster i was going to use i desided not to and orderd a m12 holster (which is the one he uses) that should be with me by next week i hopes

Also i am going to make the bandana abit more worn as its too clean atm

*on a seprate note i know the straps are useualy green but after making them black(as i couldnt get any od coloured strap) it brings the webbing out more and shows the detail better

i am rather pleased with this and cant wait to get it finished i will be bringing my m16 and my colt 1911 (naked snakes colt) as props to the expo as well

next up stun rod and sheath XD

Did these last night finished making them painted the yellow rectangles (spelling fail)on and stiched the patches on i had to order the patches as trying to print them out was a nightmare

*on a seprate note i plan to remake these by taking the card out and filling them with some kind of foam just not yet*

Just finished putting this together out of the alice webbing i have got the belt setup perfect but the pistol holster and the belt are a different colour (suppost to be green) but beggars can be choosers so i will take what i can get still got a few weeks left so it might be changed if i can get the right ones in time

cheepest part of the cosplay £1.59 some mechanic gloves and some fingerless gloves my otherhalf gave to me a while back not exact but i aint paying 17.98 for a pair of ex-vietnam gloves

Just finished making this unfortunately its in black as its all i could get the concept art shows it as green but beggars cant be choosers. the green strips are for sliping the webbing though so the harness doesnt move about

pretty happy on how they turned out

Just finished painting the 1911 i thought i'd add a snake eater theme to this 1911 and made it exactly like the one snake uses in mgs3 not going to bother with a sliencer as i realy cant be arsed putting it on every 5 seconds for pictures

Debating on building up a m16 to take as well

Just finished doing one of the shoulder gaurds by using cardbord( notice the one next to the finished one) some velcro for the strap (which my lovely other half got me)and some fabric from a old t-shirt (thanks again frederica for tips) waste not want not didnt think i could use card for this but it turned out pretty well just on a block atm desiding weather to make the patches or order them from blue tiger trading will make a choice once i've finished the other gaurd and played on peace walker abit more XD

Started drawing up plans for a few things on the outfit as i usualy just keep it in my head but got a new shiny pad so i am gunna start noting things down drawing plans etc ...anyway back to the point...

heres the plans for the stun rod(which replaces the knife in the game)
knife sheath, fullbody straps and the shoulder gaurds....

my drawing is getting better and if you look closely near the top left corner under the metal gear bit you will see snake in a box with a ! above it with the words ''not snake'' on the side

random but funny XD

(anyone taking this without permission is stealing and wont be tolerated)
metal gear copyright of hideo kojima
plans copyright of me (lycaneyes)

just finished sewing the collar onto the vest just need to finish up by sewing the stars lettering onto the back

looks pretty good eh?

just sorted the new pants and belt out and attached all the gear the bonus about these pants is they have built in kneepads so the ones i made will sit on them nicely and wont move about ....sorry no full body pics just yet as i was only doing the lower half and i had no top on :P

starting to come together now

just finished making the knife and sheath the knife handle is abit small but i will sort that out at a later date

just need to make the colar now and this cosplay is complete

just painted the vest and added the pouches and the knife and sheath the radio bit just wanting to add the bsaa logo on the front i am really happy how its turned out

Finaly painted and ready for the pouches and other bits to be put on it i was quite pleased how the fabric paint came out on the vest and the pouches

next up....pouches and patch

just finished making sewing and painting the kneepads they took an hour to make and a few nasty words as i kept pricking myself with the needle

just finished making the prop gun from a knackerd airsoft pistol with working lazer and finished the oter leg mount also need to finsih touching the holster

nearly done =3

just finished painting the pouches for the vest and the few for the belt but ran out of paint on the vest ........trip to art shop tomorrow XD

and yes they are my chris boots in the background =3

Just finished the vest just needs a paint with the fabric paint i forgot to buy

looks pretty good eh?

i have desided to bring wesker back from the dead as i've not had this cosplay out for a while i have recently re modded the whole outfit to fit better and currently making the shoulder holster alot better than the last one

watch this space wesker is returning

as i tryed and tested this cosplay at the october expo and it was a hit i have desided to add more to it including a full upper body muscle suit but as its very light i have to darken the skin shade also i am in the process of making the gatiling gun and back box i am using the nerf punisher as a base for that

also adding a few little bits i forgot or didnt turn up last time

started work on this i am using the same vest i am using for stars chris but tac'ing some pouches onto the vest to get the effect had to throw out the old pants and kneepads as they were majorly over used

...i now know why ppl have not done this cosplay ....its proving quite tricky

just started this properly today got the logo on the back on abit of fabric and tac'ed that on found my combat belt and a small bit of fabric for the knife which was too thick and started working on the knife sheath and the knife i have the patches on the way as i am doing the resi 5 version i have to find a long sleave white top which i have one somware plus in my spare time i will have to make a clip on collar as my vest does not have one ...should be easy

Simples =3

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