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As I said earlier my interest in Final Fantasy led me into cosplay.I enjoyed attending my first event in May and meeting some cool people. My favourite character I played so far was Jecht from FFX I ended up cosplaying him all weekend at the Expo in October 2009 cos I was enjoying it so much.I loved all the nice comments I received and made some good friends whilst there :D

Cosplays so far:

Tidus (Final Fantasy X)- May 2009 London Expo
Tidus (Final Fantasy X)- September 2009 Cosplay Roadshow in Cheshunt
Jecht (Final Fantasy X)- October 2009 London Expo
Braska(Final Fantasy X)- Anime League Club London
Braska(Final Fantasy X)- Febuary 2010 Japanese Art Festival,Richmond upon Thames
Braska(Final Fantasy X)- March 2010 Final Fantasy XIII Launch HMV Oxford Street
Jecht (Final Fantasy X)- March 2010 Kitacon,Northampton
Jecht (Dissidia) - March 2010 Kitacon,Northampton
Tseng (Final Fantasy VII) - March 2010 Kitacon,Northampton
Tidus (Final Fantasy X) - May 2010 London Expo
Braska (Final Fantasy X) - May 2010 London Expo
Jecht (Final Fantasy X) - May 2010 London Expo
Vaan (Final Fantasy XII) - May 2010 London Expo
Jecht (Dissidia) - Amecon 2010
Maechen (FFX) - Amecon 2010

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For this festival I added some silver edging to the blue headband,but couldn't sew it to the top middle strip as it was attached to the thick plume at the back.I bought a blue glass bead and glued it to the centre of the headband,and I added the symbols of the aeons to the back of the plume.These were drawn with a wide nibbed caligraphy pen onto paper I cut into circles and then glued to the plume.The end piece was some stiff card again glued.The plume was unstitched from the other 2 sticky up bits to look more like the original hat,I managed to get them to stick up without the support by adding extra glue.

What I still need to do is glue silver fabric to the middle part of the headband that sticks up,add leaves to the bottom of the robes so they drag along the ground,and construct a back to the staff's head

Well I've done the skirt.Fabric paint is clearly the way to go.It looks good and took considerably shorter than cutting out and sewing on the black dolphins.I need some sort of stiffening fabric on the back of the feathers to keep them sticking out.Or maybe I will just let them flap about in the wind like real feathers would.I tried glueing them on to the orange skirt to avoid any sewing but the glue left a wet mark that soaked through onto the orange skirt and then the feathers came unstuck a couple of days later anyway,so I got orange thread and a needle and sewed them.Now just need to do the problematic shoulder growth thingy and he's done

Hmm,how to do this?What have I learned from my last version of Jecht?Well I guess I will be painting the dolphins on with fabric paint this time,as last time they took hours to sew on,plus they started peeling off at the Expo!Other than that I think I will have great fun making it look tatty,making some ripped shorts and ripping an orange piece of fabric for the skirt.The white feathery part of the skirt looks quite straightforward and fun.Not sure how to attach the thing growing out of my shoulder though.

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