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i love and hate my kingdom hearts armour as it is well recieved and it never seems to be finished.

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kinda gettin my ass in gear a lil bit, still putting off making those damn boots, been working on details and finalising the neck piece for painting, overall its going ok but still not quite happy with very minor flaws which prob dont really matter. i really do hate making armour -.-, prob cause my technique is so damn draining

why do I keep doing armour, SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

ok spent some time at gainax's, working on cosplay and marathoning gears 3 till completion, made some progress ont he neck and the gauntlets, should hopefully get more done to the chest piece in the next few days, and see if i can drag myself to crack on with the ankle or arm armour -.-

so im usually too lazy to do these, so my spelling etc will be terrible cause im just gunna blurt this out. currently using sculpey to do detailing on the neck piece, and it seems to do teh trick, which is a weight off my cosplay mind. and am slowly getting the gloves build.

This week I'ave been mostly doing a poo.

been working on the ear bits on the helmet, are an absolute pain to shape up to the helmet, and thne to make another that mirrors the other aswell as fits on the helmet in proportion -.-. and have just meshed them. I also trimmed some formt he front top of the helmet as it was a bit too long, and also along the top, and its now a more precise shape.

more progress done, been powering down and its coming together dispite some probably paranoid doubts

Have started work on ventus, and have started with the helmet. I slowly made a frame with wire and got some chicken wire, and started piecing it together, making a base layer to build on. quite pleased with how its coming along

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