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Enjoying dress up as a child hasn't since changed.

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Suite arrived. Won't actually be wearing this hat it was more for funzies

I was lucky in the charity shops and came across this houndstooth beauty. I've modified the skirt so it fits better and will be pimping the blazer soon.
Just look like an overdone office worker until the wig arrives so it all makes a bit of sense?

Still need to add bottom jaw and teeth and paper mache

being modelled by thecakeisgone. Now to attach golden chopsticks and tassles

finally finished sewing the circles. Always manage to end up with ouchies and booboos from handsewing.

So this is it after paint- ideally be nice to have another coat of silver but I may not get round to it because of funds. So everyone can just use their imagination~

This was before I properly considered making Suki.
Just played about with face paint and make up

painting the Gorget type neck armor.

Going to add the studs next once I coat them individualy in paint first -__-

so I'm being cheap and lazy and going down the knitting route and making 2 seperate sleeves.
I'm using a non-twiney string to avoid the common wool fuzzies. I'm also using chopsticks as needles (I will be the ghettoist granny!) because I lacked thicker needles. Does the job.

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