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My fav cosplay characters are the eccentric types, stylish types, or what ever i fancy a try at

so far i've tried is:
Twilight Link
Beyond The Grave
El Fuerte - greatest moment evar! >;D!
Black star
Lt Surge
Soul "Eater" Evans - black blood ver

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I will bring kite to Kitacon. minus the weapons. but everything else is game. I just decided I need time and practice to work on how to make the weapons and electronics and how to detach and reattach it to each other. I know the initial plan for that but it just didnt feel quite sturdy enough and seeing as there may be a few people being all hands on (oh god I want to punch people sometimes) so i shall be remaking the hat i had. didnt seem "poofy" enough. and the coat is still in its bits and pieces just need to make some more things to attach on to it, giving it a +10 smexy 8D. anyway good day and good night

kay havent really updated much cause of a few things, first off the full sized jacket which im making with lining is kinda scary so.. put that off for a few months, been practicing making some trousers/pants so now i need to figure the pattern to make it so that i can sew it onto the shoes, thirdly im thinking i might remake the hat... get it more... poofy since the current one is a bit more like a hard hat >,>; also on another not my mum broke my daggers/bows which seriously pissed me off and put me off, but im looking at different materials and different way to make the dagger/bows but this time it should light up :D heres hoping though... is possibly tempted to go back to the jacket now

kay the joining part of the Bow/Dagger prop is giving me a headache due to the fact i WAS using balsa wood for it which a 1cm width/depth not soo strong, now im trying a pcv U bend type thing and the hot glue kinda bends it.... so might try something else... there was the 3mm thick aluminium one at B&Q but then i need to actually thicken the handle length too :/

Okay taking a bit of a break from making the gloves, the pads are pleathered and wrapped around and i just need to put them on the main glove, but the problem atm that im facing is whether to glue it or to sew it... though seeing as how... meh this fabric is with sewing i think my best option is to glue it together.... pondering to use a zipper might make it easier to put on and take off

Okay late another late night update but what can i say im depressive and sleeping scares me lately.... anyway just a little something on how my gloves are going just sewing on some of the fingers at the mo and this WHOLE cosplay is done from scratch.... cept for the shoes unfortunatly i had to buy some high tops and modd them (gotta learn how to make shoes some point in life o3o) anyway about the gloves sewn on the thumbs and now trying to tackle the fingers, index finger worked out okay twas thinking of hand sewing them but i tried it on my *NEW* sewing machine and it works nicely *~cha cha~* still a little prop with... when trying to reach the inbetween web of the fingers but i can hand sew that.

still dreading the foam padding.... DAMN YOU WHY DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE WEIGHTS!.... id think they're technically weights like rock lee might have xDDD.... hmmm interesting concept Black Star Vs Naruto Ninja's... i just hope i wont have to face the narutards =3= tis probaly rude to say it but tis rude to keep saying such and such is like de best, opinions are opinions just dont force people into the same boat as yours....

well im happy with how the gloves are turning out for the time being, also... i dont think i'll put any update pics till after colchester meet! kinda wanna surprise my mates if i can complete this cosplay in a few weeks! GAH!!!!!!!

*flops to bed*

Okay its 1.30 am and i finished hand sewing on ONE thumb for the time being though i might just resew it just to give that extra strength, im so dreading doing the rest of the glove though if it was a normal glove it would be alright but since its got PADDING too like its got wrist weights or something but meh... still kinda fun... just wish these cheap music channels on stars and chart show would put on something better never seem to catch paramores Brick By Boring Brick *emocry* oh well right.

Oush Enough rant! get back to sewing the other thumb and might tackle that damn padding/foam grrrr

i think i fear the gloves seeing as its bulky on the wrist and its got details on the fingerless parts..... but still!!! i shall have a tackle at it after the chain scythe is finished which is almost finished. been padding it and tapping it with silver tape and ... tried latexing it but it just dont feel its goos enough for that... though i do need some metal paint but not sure if i actually NEED it.... i guess i could leave it and chain it then its finito

tee is progressing well need to do a bit of nip tuck before i start on making that huge ass collar, for tsubaki i think i need some camping foam, had bought some other type of foam but i think i need something more rigid will probaly use all the foam anyway bit of trial and error :P. gloves i could start working on but i need to reprogram my thought process on how i was going to do it seeing as just making stencils, cut and sew mightbe a bit too tight will mod the stencil for a bit of thickness unless i give the gloves that extra fabric line which some gloves have but it just seems to tricky on my old sewing machine =_=;;;;. tee is actually being a bit difficult seeing as i cant exactly see how far tiding up the arm holes are (i sooo need a mannequin or something) currently having a bit of dark choc with a glass of cool milk to chill out a bit

So Tsubaki Weapon is getting along well, need about a 2 metre chain, dowels then seal and paint it. need to buy some white high top trainers might take a look around freeport, thinking of using some old pair of shorts but its not white so gonna wash and and see if its just dust or if i have to use some sort of clothes whitener. need to look for some grey material for the belt and collar.... then gotta find something for the gloves.... black leather perhaps?

kinda getting lazy specially cause of the christmas =_=

kay costume is about 85% done at the moment waiting for the shields casting to dry before pouring the light plaster in, the tunics details have been made and finished, gloves are done, bracers are looking good, collars done and so is the pants i'll be putting up update images soon once i find that damn camera D<

still considering whether to make the boots or go look around a costume store.... GAH!!!!!

kay working on the sword a bit getting the ring part of the hilt... i think its called, might make it thick enough to put some electrical components in oh and bought some basic electrical circuit kit to get a bit of know how and understanding of building circuit boards now to experiment with the clay and plastic >;D

okay so made a pattern for the inner shirt just wondering if it should be long sleeve or should i leave it sleeveless, think i need some red leather for it and some sort of backing material. also i think using expanding foam for a body clone has failed i dont think i can get the money to buy a manniquin dummy @,@;;;; guess i could experiment with other materials.... bleh! >,<

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