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so i bought the cosplay!!! im planning to wear it at ayacon, because apparently a hoodie and jacket in the middle of august sounds like a bloody great idea well done a+ for me

im having issues finding a wig for this????? welp but i have fake cigarettes and all now so im p much set lets be real ;* AHHHHH i am weirdly excited for this???? i think ill break out the inaba detective force for gemucon!

i think these are gonna be the headphones i get for yosuke. fuck yeah fake beats. im also looking at this shirt (, but not sure how to add the red collar since my hands actually shake a lot - in fact, not sure how im gonna paint the headphones or glasses too for that matter. they're such simple things that i dont want to commission, but at the same time, it's best not to risk me messing up because my damn hands shake too much to get it right. hmmmmmph. we'll see ; n; plenty of time though! speaking of the glasses, im looking into these ( they're available in prescription, which would be a huge bonus since i'm usually near blind in cosplay ; u; welp im not sure what to do about all this at the moment but i'll figure something ; n;

so the cosplay arrived! INSANELY PERFECT. im in love with it, not gonna lie. they stuck to my custom measurements perfectly and it arrived so quickly ahhhhh! the wig is amazing too, so soft and styled just right for yosuke ;u;

now it's just a matter of getting some kunai (thank you naruto ;*), the shirt and the headphones. the trainers should be simple enough too. i've got a couple of months... i do at least have the cards, as you can see by my UNAMUSED EXPRESSION. frickin downward towers.

< so that's the cosplay i ordered! it's a standard uniform, so i'm gonna have to get yosuke's shirt elsewhere, but it will also double up as kou's uniform ;* i've also bought a wig from the five wits ( ; u;

i've started buying stuff for this already, ergo it is officially in progress! i've bought the attached wig, a blue rose and some shoe lifts, because i'm like 5'2/3/4 or some shit like that, and garry is a hell of a lot taller than ib so the extra height is necessary. now, it's just a matter of finding someone to commission the shirt and coat! i'll be searching around for the trousers soon enough, but the earliest i'll get to wear this is probably midlands expo so there's no huge rush, though i am super eager to get it sorted asap.

so i deleted a shit ton of pictures from the previous incarnations of this cosplay, since now i have some much nicer photos, but i kept a couple because it's pretty interesting to see how it's progressed since i debuted last kita. i've been through two shirts, two pairs of jeans, two pairs of boots and two wigs for this cosplay, so the difference is pretty awesome to see to be honest.

amecon was the best i've ever felt in this cosplay and i'm so fucking happy with it, definitely my favourite cosplay now! ; u ;

"are you really commissioning the shirt again" YES YES I AM
but yeah, after Kita leaving me sadly bummed out about this cosplay, I'm doing it again. The jeans I use now are more accurate, I'm commissioning Darkiekun for another shirt and also to style my Jareth, and I've replaced the boots. It's been bugging me for ages that I used black sticky-back felt first time around, because I don't think I could find brown at the time. The boots themselves also fell apart and were hellish at both Midlands and Kita, so I've taken the liberty of buying new ones and getting the right felt this time! They at least look a lot more accurate.

I'm looking forward to rewearing this at Ame with the new additions!

How is it that, even though this isn't for, like, another freaking year, I'm already smoothening out all the details? I've been looking up how to lighten my eyebrows, looking for wigs and of course, I've found a commissioner to actually do the damn thing for me. Attached is the wig I'm considering - It's skintop, which is good for recreating Thor's parting, and comes in some pretty similar and realistic colours (I'm thinking Blonde is closest to his colour). I can loosen the curls to get the wave at the bottom of his hair... but I can always look around for more wigs, in the ridiculous amount of time I have before this cosplay actually happens.


THERE MAY BE MORE OF THIS AT AME. aka a new variation. because one formal gary is never enough formal gary.

I've had absolutely no confidence in this cosplay due to issues with the shirt, not to mention how horrendously inaccurate it is, so I am having a new one commissioned by PirateToaster before I wear this to Midlands Expo!

I'm also looking into having the cape commissioned too, since even though he only wore it in one episode and intro, I really love it :U hopefully I'll have the cape by the time Birmingham Comic Con rolls around!

I've also purchased a new wig since my current was inaccurate. I've gone for Arda's monster of a Jareth (I also bought one for Green too... yay colour discrepancies!) and as you can see from the picture, it's gonna take some serious styling... wish me luck!

I'm really looking forward to being able to wear this again without feeling horrendous, haha. What with Gary being my favourite character and all, maybe I can do him a little justice :)

NO JOURNAL ENTRIES. Anyway, I am done... for the time being. After Fushicon, I will be buying a new blazer and adding the buttons etc, but for now this will have to do~ the design I actually did a few of, since my first take was okay but I'd positioned it wrong, so I tried to move the felt and nope.avi >:U but it wasn't too difficult to redo! /waffles about

So I sent back those shorts that were too short and simply not comfy and easy to wear, and now I have some that I can happily spend all day in without wanting to die! Hurray! Happy days. And I also got some shoes, which I think will work pretty well.

Now that damn shirt. HALP. I am so so so nervous about adding that god damn white stripe. Bluhhhhhh. I'll get round to it... /sobs quietly BUT as soon as that's done, this will be complete! Ahhh. Excitement.

So the hat, shorts and shirt arrived!

Shorts: Could do with being a little bigger, have contacted seller (thank eBay for wholesalers!)
Shirt: Advertised as looking more lemon than custard. Definitely looks more custard. I'm not too bothered though.

I need to get hold of some white fabric paint. No ideas about what to use though, haha. It will be useful to have for when I do the jacket for Four Aces Suited Dave too! Any recommendations would be awesome.

And you might have noticed the wig! Bought it on the Market Place right here, £8 and looks great under the Joey hat. My Haruhi wig seemed fine but it really annoyed me that I knew it was inaccurate. Most people don't care about Joey's hair colour but I do >:I

I'm well on the way to finishing this for Fushicon though! :3

I've ordered the hat, shorts and shirt for Joey! Wig-wise, I'm going to test my Haruhi wig and see if it looks passable but if not, I'll order a short black wig. I have the time, after all. I'll have a test when everything comes! I'll have to add the white onto the shirt but other than that, should be plain sailing~

So much for journalling this entire costumes, haha. Anyway, I'm officially finished with Jade! I may end up getting different shoes for her but I'm counting it as done, however I can't get photos since my room is too small to get a photo of the full outfit, but I shall get some at Aya :3

I have a feeling this will be my second complete Gary/Green cosplay!

I received the pendant the other day. It's perfect - all I need to do is put it on some black thread. Lucky I have some left over from when I did his first necklace, right? I also purchased the shirt from eBay and will be buying the cargo trousers as soon as I've measured myself. I don't want to get the wrong size after all! Sweatbands have also been bought. I've sought down some very similar bags to his... travel bumbags. L O L. So fashion savvy, Mr Oak :'D and then all I need is the shoes. I'm hoping my black trainers still fit me and are floating around the house somewhere... if not, eBay will save the day again.

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