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I'm pretty new to the cosplay scene myself. I prefer helping other people out, making props etc, but I'm beginning to enjoy the things I do, so I'm going to try and achieve a little something for myself.

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I finally managed to pick up a 1/100 kit for this (only HG though), so I now have some decent reference material I can use. I will probably be building parts of this while I do Unicorn, as some of the construction will be similar. My only concerns will be how build and animate the active cloak :/
One thing at a time...

I've compiled my work schedule for this year, and it seems that I CAN go to the Expo this October. This means, I have only 4 1/2 months to get this done. If anything, I'll be getting the basics done, and then maybe later in the year, I'll improve on some of the minor details.
I'm keeping the build of the Shield the same (foam/mountboard) but will be trying a new construction method for the rest of the body.

Still slowly keeping up with this. Hopefully will be ready for October.

Been working on this on and off for the last couple of days now. It's beginning to take shape, so hopefully once I've finished with the outer parts, I'll be able to assess whether it's worth carrying on with it.

Not sure when I'll debut this one...

Care to guess what it is? If you/think you know, then drop me a pm ;)

...and I wouldnt blame you.
I have some ideas on how I can do this. I'll be slowly working on this throughout the course of the year. If the cloaking doesnt quite work how I want it to, then I'll be making a standard build and sorting out the yellow paintwork afterwards.
Hopefully going to be doing this alongside another Tachikoma...
...you know who you are ;)

Due to work commitments, there's a good chance that I won't be able to attend any Cons/Expos this year. I'll continue to make this and the other Hardsuits, so perhaps I may still be able to take some completed photos as and when.
Apologies for those who were looking forward to this. :(

Due to work commitments, there's a good chance that I won't be able to attend any Cons/Expos this year. I'll continue to make this and the other Hardsuits, so perhaps I may still be able to take some completed photos as and when.
Apologies for those who were looking forward to this. :(

Due to work commitments, there's a good chance that I won't be able to attend any Cons/Expos this year. I'll continue to make this and the Unicorn Girl anyway, so perhaps I may still be able to take some completed photos as and when.
Apologies for those who were looking forward to this. :(

Okay. I'm going to be remaking the whole torso on this one, and will start getting the limbs all measured out. I know that I'm probably going to end up rushing this, but the materials I'm currently using are much more manageable than what I used for my Noir, so all in all, it should be a little easier and quicker to make :)

I was hoping to finish off the base helmet over the Xmas period, but as I left the helmet at home, I've been forced to switch over and continue with Nene.
I probably won't be working on this suit until I return home, so keep your eyes peeled on helmet progress for my Nene Hardsuit.

Since I'm not actually going to be the one wearing this Helmet, I had to make sure that it fits the one who does - Miruru.
Needless to say, the template is a perfect fit. And naturally, I'm hoping that the final EVA helmet should be an even better fit.

Taken about 2-3 hours. This is the base template that I will be cutting up and applying to the thicker EVA Foam mats.
Used about 3-4 A4 sheets of funky foam. 2 sheets for the main top part of the helmet, and 2 cut up sheets for the sides and chin guard.
The drawn-in "ear muff" sections are not entirely accurate, so I'll be re drawing those when I start working on the EVA foam.

Pretty much made most of the base for the helmet now. I need to finish off the backs of the antennas and also start mount a couple of dark acetate sheets to the inside where the cheeks are.
I've used offcuts of the EVA foam mat on the inside as padding to help keep the helmet secure.
It's a nice tight fit and I can shake my head vigorously.
I'll take another photo of the inside later on

Started on the Helmet. I made a base template using about 4 sheets of standard a4 funky foam. Then used the template sections to cut out the actual pieces from EVA foam.
I've designed it in such a way that I can just about see through the gaps at the front in between the stripes and main helmet.

This is essentially a draft helmet, because At the moment, I'm still unsure whether I'll be making a proper visor using PETG plastic to give me all round better visibility.

This is the base for the pants.
I've actually used all the offcuts of EVA Foam to make these.
Not sure if I'll keep this pair and coat it with craft foam, or whether to simply use these as a template and cut a fresh mat.
Either way, these fit, and they're actually pretty comfy. At least i can sit down in these :D

Rough Base for the Torso and Pants. Again, I'm using the same materials as my Nene Hardsuit (EVA Foam)
As I only have 2 different coloured EVA foams, I'm alternating the colours from my Nene Hardsuit, do differentiate the pieces between them.

Also made the torso as well. It's in three parts (you can see the sections)
I've been using EVA Foam Interlocking Mats for the build so far. Everything is heat formed and hotglued together.
Again, photoshopped to blur out the messy background.

Started working on this last week, so I thought I might as well put some progress pictures up.
Photoshopped to blur out the messy background.

Painted some of the torso to give a better indication of what it might turn out like. The red lines will be cut out as mentioned before, and the red front chestpanels will be extended to cover the gap leftover from the red lines. The front red chest panels will also be mounted to the inside edges of the torso as I have plans to make the suit have the ability to go in and out of destroy mode

Torso is coming along okay. I've emphasised the outline of where the red "phase armor" should be.
For the moment, I will be painting on all the sections of phase armor on the torso/shoulders, then later on, will cut out the panels and put frosted acrylic (or which ever material i can find that suits it) behind, to give it the "sunken" feeling, and as close/accurate as i can get it. I'll upload more (progress/angles) later this week when I have time

This is the shield extended (but not secured yet). Bottom slides down to reveal the panels which are spring loaded and should automatically open up when the shield is fully extended. Took about 2-3 evenings for the spring pivot mechanism and the base panels. The insides of the panels will be replaced with semi transparent or frosted acrylic with a hint of red paint and maybe EL wire
Embedded picture shows actual Gunpla Shield Extended as a reference

Edit: Metal Ruler in the Photo is 44cm from tip to tip

This is the rough base for the shield. Top and bottom pieces will end up slotting in together. Took about 2-3 evenings for all the basic measuring, cutting, shaping etc.
Embedded picture shows actual Gunpla Shield as a reference

Will upload pictures in my next journal. Tower shield is currently in three parts, top section, rotating "wings" (spring loaded) and the bottom extending section. I need to mount everything together but the end result will be that when the bottom of the shield is extended, the wings will rotate out automatically, and should light up once I have the electronics sorted out.

One of the most questions I'm gonna get asked about these Orbital Frames is "How the hell are you gonna do the legs"
Well, i have some ideas that range from using clear acryllic platforms (but this might be uncomfortable and dangerous), or go for the slightly safe approach of using reflective film to wrap around the side and back of where my feet will be.
This will hopefully give it the effect that the rear part of the foot is floating as the idea is to reflect the carper/floor colours around the base of the foot. Either way, it's going to be a challenge to try and keep the design as close as possible to the real thing. Fingers Crossed. I'll be doing this bit by bit

Due to how the wing mount has been made, I have to integrate the frame into the back panel. This means that each Gundam will have its own frame instead of a shared one.
The wingmoung is about the same waight as the old one, except it's at least 5 times stronger ^__^
I'll upload a photo of the mount and frame later one.

Okay, I have a source where i can purchase Red EL Wire/Tape. It's not too expensive so I need to measure out how much I need for each parts of the body.
I may go the resin/fiberglass/filler route with this. I will primarily make the base frame and shell using plumbing pipe and foamboard, but I may coat a layer of resin/fiberglass/filler to give it added strength. I want this thing to withstand leg humping!!!

I have enough plexi for all the transparent red parts, so I might get started on that in the coming months.
The Shield will be GREAT fun to do!!
AND NO WINGS means I'll be able to make the torso fit better.

I'm pretty much going to go a similar route to how I made Strike Noir.
I have Foamboard left over to give me a start, and I'm constructing a new frame in which to mount the shell and wings.
I will be following a similar schedule to Noir as well, ie starting with the helmet, torso, shoulders, arms, legs wings etc, but I only have half the time to do this, PLUS I still need to fix Noir for Saturday as well!! Gah!!!!

Wish me luck :(

Okay, There were a few hot days last week, and I stupidly left some of the suit in the car.
The result, is that most of the original hot glue stripped off the Foamboard, and even worse, the panels on each side of the Foamboard was peeling away from the foam.

Most of the pieces are still there, and I have to remake the right foot (as this is what broke on Saturday, forcing me to pack them away as it would be too dangerous to hobble about with a semi mended foot)

I've started on the new body frame, which the existing shell will wrap around. This will effectively strengthen the torso, and provide a new mount for interchangeable wings.

I'm doing this alongside my Deathscythe as the frame will accommodate for both Gundams.

Okay, i've started to trim rough edges, and try to smooth out corners. It's still not working very well, but I started to paint the base layer of the torso, guards, feet and wings. I'm using an acrylic spray as the base, and will apply a second coat plus varnish for the top later depending on how it looks. I'm still trimming the edges for the legs and arms (basically all the white/grey bits) so i won't know how they will turn out until I start painting them, which will hopefully be tomorrow.

I still have to paint the thing. I haven't even thought about how I'm going to fill any gaps around the edges of the foamboard to give it a smoother look. All the black pieces are okay as the paint can semi obscure imperfections, but the arms and legs simply cannot be avoided. *sigh*
I will spend whatever time I have left over the next week to try and get as much painted as possible. Then I will have to work on last minute electronics. I still have to finish building the wings, the second pistol. I've given up on the swords, they will just have to stay mounted in the wings as I can't reinforce the handles.

wish me luck...

Okay, I've spent most of last couple of nights and all of today working on getting the basic shape of the legs going. My first attempt was initially too tight, so i ended up making alterations and recutting the side panels. At the moment they are both a nice snug fit, and I am still able to bend my legs.
My next step (no pun intended) is to make the ankle shields (to cover my feet) and the actual Gundam Feet, which should put me about 30cms off the ground :s

I've started working on the hands now. I didn't get a chance to do any work on this leading up to the October Expo, so it's nice to finally get things going again.
I'm making the fingers in three parts, plus knuckles. Once I have all 4 fingers and the thumb, I will be mounting each piece onto plastic mesh for flexibility, then binding them onto black gloves. Once painted, I will be looking at getting hold of rubber tape or some sort for additional grip. I wanna be able to hold chopsticks with these things. ^__^

Been working on something else at the moment, so i had this on hold, but I did buy a massive sheet of Model Foam for the feet. Proper solid material, almost 2 inches thick, so I should be able to cut a few sheets, stack up, and model around them, for some platform goodness. ^__^

Okay, I already have both arms done, but not joined. I started on the shoulders, and couldn't decide where and how to mount them. So, I had a little inspiration, and made them slot into the sides. Yes, that's right, the shoulders have now been built as detachable pieces, meaning, easier to store, and also easier for me to wear!! So far, I am able to get the helmet, torso, arms and shoulders on by myself, which may prove useful later on. I still need to finish off the shoulder pieces, which I will hope to get done in the next day or two.
I may even start painting the base coats, just to see what the whole thing will look like. The only trouble, is that as the costume is generically black, the photos may not come out as clear as just with the plain foam boards. I'll see what happens.

Okay, I have some time and hopefully a little inspiration. I know that I haven't fully finished the Torso, but I will probably work on the arms this week.
I've also got a plan for how I'm going to do the back and the wings, but that will come in a later journal.

Arms should be fairly easy compared to the rest of the build, as they're simple geometric shapes, and all detail can be added on later.

Will probably update this journal with a WIP photo at some point, before submitting a proper one.

Okay, I decided to make the first of many of the LED units for my build. The standard kit comes with Red LEDs, which i know are pretty bright. I replaced these with Yellow ones, only to find that they're not quite as bright as I hoped they would be. I'm not sure whether the battery is low, or whether the LEDs are genuinely not bright enough.
I may buy a pack of bright white LEDs to see if they do the trick, and use tinted transparencies to add the colour.

Attached is a picture of the unit available from Maplin for about 4 quid.
It's called Battery Saving Lamp (Code: MAP402) with 4 red LEDs that flash on and off at interval.
Notice that one of the IC's pins is sitting outside of the socket.
I did this to disable the flashing, and make the lights constant. (Incidentally, I used this same method when I made Nanoha's Staff for my wife)

Works well so far, but I know that Maplin sell an LED Torch (Code: MAP401) that has a single/dual bright white LED, but it's more than a fiver :S

Anyway, I shall see how the rest of the electronics go.

Okay, I probably should have put this one as my first journal, but hey, better late than never.
the idea behind this journal, was to outline what I've actually been using for this build.
I know that many people who do armour type cosplays, tend to use the godlike substance of Plastazote, and possibly funky foam/craft foam.

Normally, I would have gone for this too, but for some strange reason, i went with ....... *drum roll* .......Foam Board.

"What Madness" I hear you say.

Well, to be honest, i was kinda skeptical to begin with as well, but with that in mind, I still went with the foam board, for one thing only. Rigidity (without the use of additional materials (fibreglass/resin/plaster etc etc)
I'm not skilled in fibreglassing, latexing, plaster claying etc etc, so i just wanted something that i could put together, and once binded (hot glue stick gun FTW) it would be in a state where I could just spray paint it.

Anyway, so far, the build has been going well, and I'm lucky to have a fellow cosplayer (Odd-One-Out) to set the bar in terms of build quality and finish, because it means I always have a goal to aim for ;)

Damn I hate soldering!!
This weekend I'm hoping to get the rest of the helmet sorted out.
I only have 2 LED units, so for the moment I have to decide whether to use them for the helmet or the gun, or both. i think I'm going to need more, but they've run out of the normal LED ones :(
Anyway, I also have some painting to do, so if I can get enough inspiration, I'll have something I can be proud of ^__^

Edit: Okay, so I had all the electronics prepared, but....I couldn't find my soldering iron >__<
Anyway, I started working on the eye unit. Took a stript of 3mm clear acrylic, used a heatgun to bend in three places so that it can be mounted inside the helmet. Then mounted a strip of yellow transparency film front and back.
I need to look for yellow transparent acrylic as that would be the perfect material to use for the eyes, but I wanted to try different methods first. This way is okay, but I can't get the glowiness from the eyes when I pass light along the edges, *sigh* Will have to wait and see how this helmet turns out. I may even attempt a plastazote version at a later date as that stuff seems to be much more manageable.

Okay, I've started to make this thing now. It appears to be going well. I've made 1 prop and the front part of the headgear, and part of the chest.
I was worried at first, because all the smaller pieces looked odd, but once everything started piecing together, it was becoming more and more familiar.
I'm still leagues behind another fellow cosplayer, so I really need to step up a gear and get shifting on my work ^__^

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