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I decided to cosplay Mercy at the beginning of the month for MCM October, so obviously I have a lot of work to do in a month!
Last week I had a few days off so I spent them working on the costume. I made the broaches out of foam and have been drawing up plans for the wings and head piece.

I made a mock up of the circle skirt with some spare pieces of fabric that I had so I could see how it would sit. This really helped as now I need to look at and focus on making the actual dress all one piece with a zip at the back. I’m putting this on the back burner for now as I have my MCM costumes to make.

So! I am currently sewing the final part of the skirt to the top of the dress. All I need to work on then is somehow making the shoes as well as the stockings as I already have the props ready!
After this I just need to get the contacts and the red ribbon for the hair. Yay!

Finally finished the top half of the dress! (even if I may end up re-sewing some of it!) Now it's time to work on the skirt, which I need a pattern for. And then a long list of other parts I need to complete for MCM May

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