I first got started cosplay a few years ago. The first cosplay i properly did was Dave Lister from the UK hit show Red Dwarf.

(List of Cosplays so far) (name of character, which series, which event)

- Dave Lister: Red Dwarf (Red Dwarf convention 2005)

- Sora: Kingdom Hearts II (London Expo October 2007 & May 2008)

- Larxene: Kingdom Hearts COM (Telford Expo August 2008)

- female Luxord (OD): Kingdom Hearts II (London Expo 2008)

- Jak: Jak II Renegade (London Expo October 2008 & 2009)

- Reno: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (London Expo May 2009)

- Ada Wong: Resident Evil 2 (London Expo October 2009)

- Zidane: Final Fantasy IX (London Expo May 2010)

- Jak: Jak & Daxter The Precursor Legacy (London May 2011)

- Lulu: Final Fantasy X (London Expo May 2012)

- Asbel Lhant: Tales Of Graces F (London May 2013)

- Anne Bonny: Assassins Creed IV Black Flag (London May 2014 & October 2014)

- Pascal: Tales Of Graces F (London October 2016)

i think the thing i enjoy most about cosplaying is that i am very hyper-active and when i'm cosplaying with my friends i don't have to worry about being too hyper ^^

not only that but it's a really good way to have a laugh with my friends and enjoy yourself while being creative :D

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Even though all i have to do is make the sleeves and the belt(s) now i have got a full time job i'm finding it really difficult to find the time to finish this off, especially seen as i am 99% done my boyfriend's too (His is the Edward Kenway cosplay on my page). If i can spend the whole of friday, Saturday and sunday on them they maybe done in time - if not i have a funny feeling i may be doing them on the train down lol

It's now only 3 weeks to go until Expo (augh) I've now just finished the bottom arm braces that go under his hidden blades and now I've just started to make the shoulder armour. I finished the boot covers last week but what I'm a little anxious about is time as I have finally been able to get a full time job but that also means I don't have much time to make the Cosplays like I did before :(

Today i finally finished the leather jacket and i added hooks and eyes to the hood so my boyfriend can then have it up or down. I've started work on the boot covers as we couldn't find any that was in our price range that fitted him or looked like Edward's i now just need to attached the top flaps to the boots then add attachments at the bottom to stop them from riding up.

Now Edward Kenway is almost finished I thought it was about time I started work on my skirts. I am slightly changing the skirts as I didn't feel confident enough to have the slit at the side so open and the 2nd skirt so short, but I think I may get away with doing it that way. Due to funding I can't afford the shoes I wanted for her so I thought that instead I would buy some cheaper shoes and just add the buckles myself.

With it being only 7 weeks to go I am a little anxious but I think I may get it done in time even if it means I have to do all nighters - again >.<

I have finally finished the hood with 4 attempts at it. Now the jacket and hood are done I can start work on the leather work and get it done with plenty of time to finish mine :D.

Now I have all the material I can start to make the skirts as well as the sash and leather parts of the top :) I just hope I have time to do them all :D

Well I was finally able to buy the corset, wig and stockings but with the way the corset sits on me I changed my mind from doing the trouser design and I decided to do the skirt version. I've bought the material for the long skirt and I'm just waiting for it to come :D

After my boyfriend trying on the jacket with the front and back panels we did notice that when he wanted to do poses there were gaps in between the spaces of the hooks and eyes so i added in some more and then when that was done i started to add the rope detail on the front of the jacket.

I will with any luck be putting the pics of the front with the detail on soon :D

With the Jacket having an extra section at the bottom i wanted to do them when i had added the lining to the main part of the jacket. When i had done that i cut 2 panels and attached lining to them as well, once that was done i added them to the jacket by hand sewing them on so i could make the stiches not show on the outside. I am about to make the back ones and put a white trim on them.

So far it seems to look ok so lets hope it all carries on this way LOL :D

With the main part of the jacket been near enough done I then added the white panels to the front and I added and extra piece to the front to make the lapel. To make it look neater I have tried to add the hooks and eyes in between the main part and the white lapel.

When they were all in place and I was happy with it I then added the blue lining to the inside. When I have finished these parts properly I will start the bottom of the jacket. After that I will then be starting work on the leather work. ^_^

Well after the alterations I needed to do I then pinned it on the blue material, then after cutting it out I did all the raw edges and sewn it together.

I turned the edges of the front in so then they should meet together without overlapping.

The next thing I need to do is buy the lining and stiffening for the collar.

Seen as me, my best friend and boyfriend are doing Assassin's Creed this May i wanted a real steel boned corset for this. Yesterday my best friend found one that would suit Anne it's just going to be over £90. So i will have to wait until i next get some money.

The other day i finally got the blue material to make the main body of the coat. To make it easier seen as this is for my boyfriend i decided to use one of my dad's old shirts to see how it would fit on him. when i saw how the shirt fitted i pinned it to some old material to make a mock jacket seen as it needed alterations.

When my boyfriend tried it on we could see where it needed changing so that's the next bit to do, once they are ok i can then pin the mock jacket to the actual material and cut that out.

When my boyfriend said how he'd fancy doing Edward I said if he wanted I could have ago at making it for him. When we said the other day that he would definately do it for May Expo we began to look at the outfit in more detail.

So we could have a good look at the outfit he put the game on and took photos from different angles.

Well it's been a while since I wrote on here mainly because I've been trying to get the straps right (all 14 of them) I'm at that point now where I am filling in the blue on the straps and then I'll add the buttons and the little bits of gold material for the ends. Whilst I'm doing them I am also trying to style my wig, the one I'm using the same wig I used when i cosplayed Ada Wong from Resident Evil 2 and seen as I have no money I thought I'd recycle it (yay go me lol). I hope that I'll have it all done by either this coming week or the week after then I can try and make the scarab to really finish it off :D

Whoop Asbel's coat is almost done all the grey detail is now on all that I need to do detail wise is down the sleeves, but I am going to start his inside shirt first just in case I run out of the material and the way my luck is at the moment that will probably happen XD

Yup, so with my little mishap yesterday i remade collar and thankfully this one has turned out ok (phew) with me starting so late today i decided to just do the collar today and then tomorrow i start on the detail on the side of Asbel's coat (Eeeek)

GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! /i have been working on Asbel's coat now for a few days. i re-made it as the original was a little bit on the tight side. After making it (again) i struggled getting the darts in the back and sides right (and the same problem with the darts happened on the lining too), but when that was all done i could then do the slits in the back and arms and thankfully they seem to be ok.

Today i was working on Asbel's collar, i drew it all out including the pattern design on both sides, then i cut out the shape of the collar from the white fabric and the Blue lining, sewn the two designs on, put it all together, put the stiffening in and sewn down the bottom seem pinned it to the coat (in total about 6-8 hours worth of work), tried it on and then realised something.......the %*~#@%^&" collar was too tall and to shorten it threw out the design on both sides and the fabric i was using was a little thin to use again so i have to start from scratch once more T_T

Well I finally finished the trousers and putting the grey detail on. Now I have try and do the slits in the back and sleeves of Asbel's coat then add the grey detail to that as well as make the collar and put on the black detail and give the coat lining too. When all that's done I can the start the t-shirt as I don't have the right colour thread for that just yet.

Now I had the shape of my coat for Asbel I decided to make the sleeves I was very proud of these as I made them without a pattern O_O. I remembered from last year when I cosplayed Lulu how to make flared sleeves so I did the same for these, but I shall put the slits on the sleeves and on the back of the coat later on when I can buy the blue lining ^^.

So with the coat coming to shape i decided to start work on the trousers. I used an old pair of jeans as they were similar to the style I needed.

Well today is my birthday and to celebrate I decided to start making my Asbel cosplay ready for May Expo :D I decided to start work on his coat first and I decided to use the first cosplay I ever did (which I bought) and use the jacket as a pattern and seen as it was a Sora jacket from "Kingdom Hearts 2" it was naturally too short for Asbel's so I measured from the bottom of the jacket to where I wanted Asbel's to be and added those extra inches on. When it was cut out I sewed it up and then added one darts in the back to make it to in.

yeah i was a little annoyed....ok down right raging i had been waiting 2 weeks for the lace i had chosen to come then when i emailed them about it the website i bought it from replied saying how the one i wanted was discontinued so i wasn't happy.

After talk to my best friend about she came up with idea of using netting from table cloths as they are fancy and the patterns are fairly big.

i am looking forward to doing Lulu in 3 weeks time i just hope everything still works out ok for it

Grr got the fur attached to my corset as well as the sleeves and what do i find........i can't move my arms >.< so instead i will just have to have the sleeves attached to the fur only but i noticed with that though how they still want to fall down so what i need to do now is get some elastic and attach it inside the sleeve so it holds them up but not pull them out of shape.

The only thing i'm kind of waiting for now is the lace to arrive for the top and around the bottom then BOOM it is done :D

Well i've done the sleeves, done both skirts, got the fur and made it ready to be attached to my corset and i've also altered the hoop skirt so i'm about 90% done my best friend Member-XI is doing my wig for me (thank you Moony :D) and i bought the jewellery and hair sticks from a girl on ebay and they look awesome.

i'm a little disappointed that the belt skirt hasn't turned out 100% because if i made it to fit the hoop skirt loosely the belts sagged too much so i've tightened them up so they don't sag but it's brought the skirt up so i wont sit properly on the hoop - however with me making another skirt to go on top i thankfully get away with it - HAZAR :D

i've finished altering the hooped skirt - finally *sigh of relief* and i was at first going to cut into it to make the front open so you couldn't see it behind the belts but i decided against it for a few reasons:
1 - the material it's made from is only fake nylon so it just frays so easily
2 - i am not confident enough to show off any top half of my legs
and 3 - because with it being whole i can use the hoop for other cosplays i may want to do in the future that require a hoop skirt

Also i've started to make the skirt that all the belts are going to be attached to but what i'm kind of anxious about is the sewing pattern i was going to use for it i can not find so i had to look at the dress that i made from it and make a pattern completely from scratch O_0

i have started to cut it out

well i've sewn the top skirt now i just need to make the band for it and i've just done the sleeves i used a tutorial i found on the internet to show me how to make the sleeves and because the sleeves are usually starting from the shoulder i knew i would have to slightly alter it as Lulu has her's off her shoulders. The things i need to get next are the fur material off the website my best friend Member XI told me about and i just need to buy the fake leather to make some belts as well as buy a couple more :D

Yup i've finally been able to get the material i need to make my Lulu cosplay :D i was able to get a hoop skirt however it does need altering and i will have to wait a while until i can afford to buy the other things needed like the fur and the wig.

but now i've actually started this i'm kind of excited about it

well it's only three weeks to go to Expo and i still haven't finished everything :( i still need to make his boots, arm cover things - still don't know what to call them lol and finish making my goggles >.< i have finally got the wig to his shape (thank you moony) and i have started to do more on his armour lets just hope i get them all done in time :s

yup, it's only four weeks now until Expo and i've finally finished his chest belt and made the bag too, i just hope it holds together ok i've tested it but as we all know trying it at home is completely different to when you're wearing them at the cons. Now my student loan has come i was able to buy the last renaming things i needed so at the moment until they come i can't really do anything else - also with me having to do essays for university i wasn't able to focus 100% this holiday on my cosplay. When will Universities learn that this time of year is a bad time for essays and exams because we have cosplays to make XD

Yup i've finished Jak's trousers and now i've got more Blue for his tunic i can start doing the bottom part of his Tunic. I've also got the paint now to paint his ring (sound so rude hehe) lets just hope the weather picks up a bit so i can do it outside because i don't think my landlords would be too happy having paint everywhere inside XD

My sewing pattern that i'm using to make Jak's trousers has finally came but...i'm at uni so my mum posted it to me and it came today and so i'm now able to start them. Because i had lessons today i wasn't able to start making them until late this afternoon so today i am just cutting them out and then tomorrow i'll start sewing them on the sewing machine (after i get the elastic i need for the waist :D ). i've read through the pattern and it seem pretty straight foward but it's me so somethings bound to go wrong lol. so far i'm quite happy in how Jak's turning out all i need now is the last bit of Blue material to do the bottom of his tunic, paint to colour the ring i have for his chest, then i can start to make his chest belt (and to colour in his armour), buy the goggles i'm going to use as a base to make his with and some shoes i'm going to adapt for his feet and then i just need to make his backpack :D - that's the one that's going to be evil i feel

This weekend i've been busy working on my belt for my waist as that was the next kind of important thing as i couldn't really finish my Tunic without having this done as i neede to see where it layed on me i've made the leather part of the waist belt and i've done the cream part of the belt, i'm currently now attatching them both together, so by the end of this week i should have that done too :)

Well i've finally started to put it all together this weekend i've focused on making Jak's tunic what i used for the pattern was an old T-shirt and my dad gave me one of his old shirts for the collar. On the T-shirt my mum helped me draw out where i would need to cut it as Jak's tunic doesn't have sleeves and the T-shirt i was using the sleeves were REALLY long anyway so after that i cut the T-shirt in half down the center then i placed it on the fold of the material because then i would get 2 equal sizes. i noticed for Jak's collar it was bigger than your average collar (more like a Harry Hill type) so when i put that onto the material and drew around it i added an extra 2 inches to make it bigger and allow for heming. i am most proud of how the collors turned out because neither my mum or i have EVER done shirt collors before and so i just looked how the original was put together and worked from there. i added about 4 layers of the stiffening into the actual collar for it to keep it's shape and only two in the part that touches you neck. Now i've got the top half near enough done i've noticed the arm holes are a little too low but if it just added material in it would be too tight to get off so what i need to do now is get 2 blue zips and put them in both sides because then i can close up the arms better but still make it that i can get out of it. i can't start doing the bottom of it yet as i have to wait until i've made his waist belt then i can see where that is on me so i can hide the joins. This so far is going too well i'm just waiting for something to go wrong - it's me XD

Well now i've got the material to make Jak's tunic and pants, i've also got the material through to make his leathers :D so now i just need to start and make them, as well as make his small backpack

well seen as i don't have the money until January to make Jak's tunic and pants i thought i might as well start doing his armour. Tonight i started to make hi poldrin as i thought that would be the hardest as the shape is fairly tricky. Getting the round shape was easy i just got a balloon, but on Jak's poldrin it has a slight flick up at the end, so what i decided to do was get some paper (or in my case envolop paper as we have no normal paper lol) and try and model it into the shape i wanted. when i had done that and i had marked out where it was going to start and finish on the balloon i then got long bits of paper and i made kind of tubing shapes for the edges and then i taped that around the edges. When everything was stuck in place and i was happy with it that's when i began the fun part of PVA gluing bit of newspaper to it (i love the messy jobs the most). i have done one coat now and i will check it tomorrow to see how it has dried over night. i noticed with it feeling so thin i will have to do another coat possibly a 3rd just for it to be strong enough to keep the shape of the poldrin when i burst the balloon.

Well i've been looking closely at Jak's outfit and i noticed his collar was bigger than a normal type so what i've decided to do is have ago at taking an old shirt that has a stiff collar and then cut it off and use it as a pattern, and slightly alter the size of it. Before i actually make the final collar i'm going to make a mock version to see if my idea works (please lets it work) and if it does i shall then use the final material with stiffening fabric in it also.

well now it's nearlly time for me to be getting my student loan through i thought i might as well start looking again at more stuff for Lulu. i found a nice petticoat to keep the shape of the skirt part of the dress, the fur (thanks to Member-XI for that) and as i said before i've been collecting a few belts, found a corset that may work with any luck, the sewing pattern for the skirt and i found a website with sewing patterns for sleeves so i can make them. hopefully soon i will be able to start making it and buy some of the stuff.

At the moment i am on holiday in Great Yarmouth (UK) but i knew that there were plenty of shops down the main shopping streets that sold real leather belts for quite cheap prices over this 2 week holiday i was looking at near enough all the shops that sold belts and thankfully i was able to get a few that were cheap.

i've decided that i am going to use some real belts for the front of her dress but because of the shear weight i thought about making some of them myself as the dress will then have a few real and fake belts, which may help it from sagging too much ^^ seen as i've got about 10 months to do this in i should have plenty of time to buy, make and weave them all together - fingers crossed

YES!!!!!!!! finally done the pants and added the tail to them ^^ so just to make me feel better about this i'm going to add loops on the pants to fit the belt too and also i'm going to add to the jacket and try to make it fully fit up to my neck. Then i can change the stats from "In Progress" to "Complete" :D

For the past few weekends i have been going home from uni mainly to do Zidane as i've mentioned in previous journals but sadly there has been quite a lot of things happening at mine so i haven't had chance to do his pants :(

Today i was determind to do or at least get properly started on them i had already cut them out ready to put together.

whilst i was doing them i had this horrid feeling that something bad was going to to happen mainly because 1 it's me and 2 so far things seem to have been turning out ok on him.

Well todays mess up made up for it

When i was attatching the pockets together i didn't really think that anything was going wrong same for when i did the rough edges of the pants, down the side and attached them. The only way i found out it was wrong was when it came to putting the left and right sides of the pants togehter the way i found it was ............ BOTH SIDES WERE FACING THE SAME WAY *Cries* so i thought "that's so annoying especially seen as i had been at them for about 6 hours oh well i canjust un-do 1 of the legs and flip it" ........ No.

Not only was 1 leg facing the worng way but so was 1 of the stupid pockets which i had overlocked together and done all the straight edging on and added the facing on so all of that had to be un-done too *screams*.

So now all i've done is turn 1 leg the right way and overlocked it together and wrote in taylors chalk which side is which so i don't do that mistake again. and i've re-done that pocket and sewed it the right way and wrote on that too.

What is making me worry now is if they don't fit. If they don't i will most defantly cry as i don't have any more material or a pattern that would be big enough. what i would have to do and i pray that i don't is do what 1 of my friends did for their pants and that was to get an old pair of already made trousers un-pick the seems and use them as a pattern.

Tomorrow i am trying again with them lets hope it all turns out ok, but it's offical those trousers are the bain of my life D8

Yes finally i've done his jacket because of the pattern i used was designed to not be closed i've had to make some alterations and i had to cut more off the sleeves and sew them but i feel happy with it especially seen as i've never done made a jacket before.

i am currently making the belt now for his shoulders and attatching it to the jacket. the main thing i am really worried about it the trousers as the pattern is a size smaller than me so i will have to make some changes to them.

The boots are painted but i forgot my fabric glue to stick the material on with >.< but at least everything is near enough cut out for them.

this weekend i had finished my cuffs and whilst doing my essay for uni i have been able to start making the trousers and the Jacket so far things have been going ok, but i have this awful feeling that something will go wrong on it, mainly because that's the way my luck is lol XD

This week if my mum is able to take me back to uni tomorrow i will be doing my boots again, but if she isn't i'll have to wait for the weekend ^^

i finally finished making his waist belt it took ALOT longer than it would normally mainly because i couldn't get my sewing machine to work so i sewed it by hand. To keep the shape of the belt my friend Member-XI gave me the idea to strengthen it so i got some card and i cut it into stripsand stuck them together.

i used the strips as a pattern to make the thickness of the belt then i sewed up the side and one end then i pulled it through. then i added the buckle on one end. due to my stuff being at my parents with any luck i should get the other stuff so then i can finish him soon ^^

i've now finished sewing the cuffs together but i'm now back at uni and i've realised i forgot the buttons to put on the side and i need to get some velcrow for the inside to make them stay in place >.< but thankfully i should with any luck be going home in 2 weeks time for the weekend and i will be able to pick them up then. i decided instead of starting his shoulder belts (i don't know what to call them lol) i thought i would start on making his waist belt tomorrow instead as i couldn't find one suitable i thankfully remembered the buckle to add on the end for that.

The reason why i'm doing his waist one first also is because i want to do his jacket first before starting the other one, then i can see how big i need to make it so it fits nicly on it and i'm going to use the arm hole of the jacket pattern to make his shoulder belt, but if it turns out i can't go home due to my lessons i will most likly beg my mum and dad to send them and my boots in the post so i can do them in between doing my uni work XD

i've done his tail, and now i'm starting to make his boots. i've done them using card and when i get the white and grey fabric through the post i'll be backing them with it.

i've now finished doing Zidane's Jabot by adding the ribbon, for it to sit nicely instead of making it one bow i decided to make the loops and tassles and adding the little bit in the middle afterwards. i lit the ends to prevent it from fraying. i have near enough finished my tail now all i need to do is stuff it then it's finished. Today my gloves had come and the material to make his jacket and trousers came yesterday so i will be starting to make them next as well as his cuffs.

well sadly as it turned out that 1st fabric i bought to make Zidane's tail was all wrong not only was it way too small but the actual quality was terrible *cries* so i decided the other day to buy some more from a website my friend showed me and i wanted his tail to have a bend in it so i made the shape using two old cloth-hangers and bent them into shape and taped the ends so then all the sharp ends were covered. so all i need to do now is sew it together and fill it full of stuffing and in a few days i should get the material coming soon so i can then make his jacket and his trousers.

Now i'm starting to actually buy some of the stuff to make Zidane i bought today the buckle for his shoulder belt and i was able to find some mohair that should work for his tail. Later on i'll be getting some padding for the tail and i'll be buying the pattern to make his jacket.

Now i have the pattern to make his sweater and the sewing pattern to make his trousers all i need now is the wool and the material. After those are done i will then start to look at the stuff i need to make his armour.

Thanks to Member-XI for showing me a tutorial she found on how to make the armour i can't wait to start making them. ^^

At the moment i have found what sewing pattern i am going to use for Zidane's jacket and i am currently trying to research for the fur to use for his tail. The thing i have found the hardest to find so far is the boots that would work for him. Hopefully soon i will be able to get all the stuff i need for him and begin to put it all together. :D

At the moment i am researching for the material to make his tunic again and i am saving what little i have to buy all the stuff i want for him like the contacts, the body paint and i will hopefully be able to get the same creators for my ears that i had who did my ears before for normal Jak

Well Ada's dress is nearlly finished but aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuggggghhhhhhh what a time i've had with it
1st i had cut the front panel way too short compared with the rest of the dress
2nd when i had pined it all together i thought all i had to do was just do a little alteration with it as the pattern said on it up to size 18 .... was it fairy cakes i couldn't even get it over my hips, but thankfully the back was near enough straight so i was able to cut out 2 more back panels and put them in, but that made the top half of my back way too big, so my mum helped me put darts in it so now it fits ok
then 3rdly trying to sew the thing together and to make the shape for the front was just evil
but the most evilest thing to do was to get that stupid, (did i mention evil) zip in it took something like 3 or 4 goes D:

now i have just tacked the collar on so all i need to do now is sew that properly and then turn up the bottom hem.

Well sadly the dye didn't actually work all it did was make them go a darker blue so thanks to some advice i got some black paint and painted them and they seem to have taken to it quite well.

My dress is almost finished too all i need to do now is sew on the facings and collar then turn up the bottom hem and attach the Zip and the hooks and eyes. and my wig has also come so everything is nearlly done

well today i got my fabric through from ebay and i decided to start making the dress today it was just placing and cutting out the pattern and tomorrow comes the what will be either the fun part or the nightmare (A nightmare if it doesn't fit)

I also checked my shoes tonight and they are still soaking wet and they still look kind of blue so i think i might buy some paint for them on wednesday just in case.

Yes that's right dying ..... my shoes for Ada XD well it was fun getting completely covered in black fabric dye. what was most annoying is that we had no hot water which i needed so i had to keep filling up the kettle and boiling it that way but they are done now and hopefully they will have gone black and if not i will just do what others have said to try and that is paint ^^ in a way i hope it works so i dont have to buy any more paint but in a way i hope it doesnt just so then i have an excuse to get covered in paint XD i m such a child.

Well now i have near enough finished my other cosplay i thought it would be good to start getting things sorted for Zack.

i was looking all over for a pattern to make his sweater then i was able to find one YAY :D

So the next step is to find the wool to make it and i have a rough idea where i can get it from ^^

Well at the moment i have the pattern to make Ada's dress .... but no material, i have the shoes .... but they need painting so these are stuff i'm going to be working on over the summer, got some leggings ..... but just noticed that they're a little too short :( however they may have to do as it's hard to find them to fit exactly like hers in my size. Also i was able to find a black belt so what is normally the hardest thing to find for me i was able to get first LOL so hopefully soon i'll be able to get the material to make her dress.

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