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I have only had experience of cosplay by watching v-logs of the american conventions, hopefully I can change that soon.

The bit about cosplay that I really like is that whilst in cosplay I'm not me I'm someone else, I'm someone who is confident enough to stand in front of a camera whith out covering my face (I'm quite camera shy). Also the problems that I have faced in life, no longer seem to be mine.
I think that what got me started was that I wanted to escape from being me, even if it was just for an hour. And probably what I could aslo say is that I have always liked dressing up and making my own stuff that is personal to me.

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started off with the mask. made with foam and a lot of modge podge even before painting it and then more after painting.
I quite like the way that the mask turned out when it was finished and it feels comfortable to wear so I can that it is done and time to move onto the next part.

the start of Norway begins with the hat, which was stitched entirely by hand.

Just got the buttons left to do :)

Now with collar, sleeves and shoulder things added.
Still to go hemming, button holes, buttons and pocket flaps

Ears. Wig and shirt with additional little birds

So the jacket is under process. And it's taking little bit longer with the addition of additional pockets, pocket flaps and the shoulder things. But will hopefully be done I hope soon

with the collar now fixed the sleeves now sewn, and the hem of the coat sealed all that is left to do is press it to set all hems. but I am happy to say that it is done :)

So nearing the finish line but I've come across a problem around the collar when I turn it right side out in that the collar and the top of the coat keep being pulled and won't stay in place

Now with the outside of the collar and sleeves pind to the coat.
After having problems with sleeves in the past, I am pleased that theses are the right length first time

So I've now got the front and back sewn together. I'm happy to say that I am pleased with the length of the coat a little part of me was worried that it was going to be too long.
And now onto the next part

So I'm finally getting to work on the coat. As of Wednesday I have all the fabric that I need and I'm now pinning the pattern for the coat to the first lot of fabric.

Also a quick update about the waist coat, after finishing it I've made a couple of tweaks to it in that the front darts were removed and I've moved one of the buttons so that it wouldn't be too tight.

So waistcoat is almost done it's finally all been sewn together just got to add the buttons and button holes and it will be done then all that's left to do is the coat. I am also thinking about adding a prop clock face to this as something extra.

Sorry about the lack of activity lately been at work most days, and other days when I have been able to look for fabric I wasn't able to find the colour that I wanted or the shop I was aiming for was closed.
But now I have the fabric and lining fabric that I need to get started on the waistcoat, just got to make some adjustments to the pattern that I want to use as the neckline is too low for what I want.

Well yesterday I got stated on the bow, and I think that it's turned out pretty good. Just got to sew the band to go around my neck and then sew on a hook and eye.
With the shirt it's all hemmed just got to do the button holes and the button. There is a chance that I might end doing the button hols by hand as the sewing machine that I'm using has decided not to like me at the moment.

So the shirt slowly gettin to the point of done just got to hem the sleeves and the lower edge, then the buttons and button holes.
And of course I need to think of the best way to make the bow tie.

Wig styled - check
Hat finished - check

Out of these 2 the hat took the longest to do. And a note to my future self next you want to make a mini top hat think of better to cut the plastic for the base. But it was fun to make the hat, despise the fact that it might have awoken and old injury in one of my wrists.

yeah . . . I've been kind of inactive lately but that is due to the fact I have been focusing on uni stuff, but when ever I get the chance I do what I can.
Not last weekend but the weekend before that I went home for a family weekend and I made sure that I took back what I needed in oreder to try the wig on and I was able to a little bit of work on the hat after the picture was taken. When I got after the family weekend I brought back a sample of the fabric that I've used for the hat and this weekend just gone bought the ribbon for the hat and some thread for when I get to move onto the coat.
Speaking of the coat that along with the waist coat I've been trying to find patterns for them, the waist coat I've found a couple of possibles but the coat no luck so far.

And lastley my very first attempt at the eyebrows, in all honesty after I had finished drawing them on I couldn't stop giggling

I've bought the wig during coscrafts sale and I've gotten a start on the hat over christmas.
For the hat I wanted to have something sturdy, not easy to brake or bend. Which lead to me using plastic. I ended up using some old ribbion reals that would've most likely thrown away. It took some time to cut through the plastic, but I finly did a couple of days ago. Just need to file down the edges before the fabric can go on and sewn to the rest of the hat and then I just need to find the right colour of ribbon, but that will be oustide of term time when I next go home.

Italy's hair curl has now been added and I've added a bit of hair spray to keep the bangs in palce :)

With the wig now styled all I've got to do is add in the curl, things are about to get very fiddly

So today I decided to work on Italy's hair curl, I followed a tutorial on youtube and can I just say that the glue I was using was very very sticky.

Now I've just to wait for the glue to dry which can take 24-36 hours, so hopefully within the next couple of days I can neaten up the curl, cause where the actual curl is it is very messy.

The wig has arrived, perfect colour, needs styling and cutting.
Need to say this but I like the look of being a natural red head, it just seems right

I have know ordered my wig for chibitalia, it doesn't have the hair curl cause I want to have a go at it myself.
Once I have the wig I can finish the head scarf.

Been meaning to do this but now having moved to university and settling in and getting through fresher's week, I've now been able to do this.

The blouse is now all done, I was able to get it done before I moved and the only thing that needs to be done is to hunt down a wig, and to add the hair curl and then also the head scarf.
The shoulder straps on the apron have now been taken in as they kept sliding off my sholders.

Work I have done so far on the shirt/blouse.

So I have now completed the skirt with a white undershirt also. I had originally planned to have an elastic waistband, but I changed my mind to have an ordinary waistband and have a hook and eye at the side so that it sits right.

I have gotten a start on the shirt which is the last part that will require sewing, and I'm hoping to get that done before I leave for university which is about 3 weeks.

Skirt pieces have been cut with an additional 2 inches along the hem. Now to remove all the pins and quickly hand sew before machining.

So tonight I decided to pin the pattern for the skirt to the fabric, which involved moving a fair amount of stuff in order to gain floor space. I'm going to double check it tomorrow with natural lighting to make sure that I'm happy with it before I cut.
I also need to add an extra 2 inch along the hem to make up for the elastic that is going to be added to make the waistband, reason for this is that this is the exact same pattern pieces that I used for misa.

So in the last 2 days I've finally been able to get my hands on the sewing machine, and I think that I have done a lot in the last 2 days.
The pattern included pockets so I decided to add them for convenience even though chibitalia doesn't have pockets.

The top of the apron is only pinned together with the lining fabric at the moment and tonight it will be quickly sewn together. Tomorrow I have to work so progress will continue either Sunday or Monday.

Today I had a lucky find in a fabric shop, I now have the fabric needed for the shirt and the threads for the skirt and shirt, I also got the buttons whilst I was out along with other supplies.

Unfortunately progress has been slow as the sewing machine is all set up for another project and all I've been able to do is pinning the patterns to the fabric and anything that doesn't require the use of a sewing machine. But the other project is nearing its end so hopefully soon I'll be able to give myself the kick up the backside needed and get a move on.

Thursday last week the pattern for the apron arrived and today I went out to get the rest of the fabric, but unfortunately I've only been able to get one of the last to colours that is needed. Now to search the internet for try and find the colour, first stop ebay

So yesterday I got one of the three fabrics that I need, was hoping to also get one of the other two needed.
This fabric will be for the skirt and I'm planning on using the pattern from misa for the skirt.
The hunt continues for the fabric for the shirt, and once I get the pattern for the apron I can figure out how much of white I will need.

I've now got one of the two patterns that I need for chibitalia being the shirt. After looking at how it might be done I thought that it might be best to do with a blouse. It took time to find one that didn't have the contour lines cause they just don't work for me and I just feel like I'm being suffocated by them no matter what size shirt I go up to.

I have also found the perfect wig on ebay, but unfortunately it's currently out of stock, so I've got to play the waiting game until it's back stock.

So I've began my search for a wig that I can wear as chibitalia. For the last couple of weeks I have been searching different sites to see what I could find, and also searching to see what other people have done not just for Chibitalia but Italy as well.

The search was proving furitless, untill I went back to coscraft (which is where I began my search) and 2 have come back in stock, one is longer than the other, so that might allow for the hair curl.

shorter one

longer length

But I'm not stopping the search just yet, next port of call ebay.

Well at last I can say the all the pieces for Misa's dress have finally been cut out. I just need to pin them together and see if it fits me, I know that it's going to be a bit big on me, but I'm going to pin in place then sew it all together, then after that I just need to shroten the skirt create the sweet heart neckline and thin the shoulder straps 0_0. I also have to change the idea that I had on how to do the corset detail as a lot of the fabric was used on the skirt pieces so I'm going to have to be a bit creative with what I have been left with and maybe a ceral box.

As for the wig again progress is slow but I have made a start on cutting the bangs. After that I have to cut the length at the back cause it is too long and put in the pig tails.

I so hope that this is going to be ready in time.

Well I've got Misa's choker done finished it on Wednesday this week as the hook and eye that I wanted to use originally were too big for it, so luckily enough in the sewing kit that I had with me (which came with much smaller hooks and eyes, so I used 2 small ones). I started sewing them on, but it was really fiddly as they just weren't staying in place. I tried it on as I went on to make sure that they were in the right place.

After I had sewn them on I tried it on, but I realised that I had been trying it on with my head tilted forward, and when I put my head up, it was loose and just a little bit it was a lot loose. I then thought "Great I'll have to undo all the stitching that I did today (luckily enough it's only the hooks and eyes). Wait what if I sewed the hooks and eyes onto small pieces of fabric and then sew those patches onto the choker" but I didn't have any extra fabric with me in order to do this so I had to wait till I came back off from holiday in order to do it. and now it's done and it's another part that I can tick off on my list.

This is just an update of what I've done at the moment.
Lately I've been working on Misa's choker which is almost done. I'm going on holiday very soon so I'm taking it with me to finish. I have also been practising how I'm going to put the eyelets into the dress and I'm just going to use a pair of scissors to cut the holes as I couldn't get the eyelet tool to work.

These were a slight pain to sought out. I first thought that it would be a good idea to sew over the edges but it took me hours just to do 1 end of the gloves, so I thought "screw it I am not going to bother sewing the ends".

When I went to cut them for length they did come out a bit short but luckily enough they stretch. But the upper arm scallops seem to keep rolling down, so I took an iron to them (of course whilst not wearing them) and they seem to stay in place now.

On Monday I did my very first make up test, but I did it again on Wednesday as on Monday it was with a lot of artificial light which I found just made my skin look orange, so on Wednesday I did another test when there was still some sunlight left and I felt a bit happier with it. But just to make sure I’m going to do a third test during the day and not when the sun is just setting.

It took me quite a while to get the makeup as I have quite pale skin and all the foundations that I was trying weren't even close to it. I ended up getting a colour match foundation in the lightest shade possible.

so far i have have the boots which are a pair of xx high converse, instaed of stockings or what ever it is that misa wears i have a pair of black lace tights, i have another pair of tights that are going to be choped up and made into the gloves and anything left over from the second pair of tights will be any lace detail that needs to be added.
i have started misa's earrings i've just got to make the things or what ever they are called that hang of the chains. my death note is completed. and i also have a few of the small detail bits for the dress. i have the wig that i need i just need to style it when i can get the chance.

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