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I love cosplaying because I love making all the costumes and then prancing around in them all day :D I Like the fact that for a couple of hours I am not myself and I can be absolutly anyone I like :D

I have been cosplaying since 2008 and have many wonderful people and have learnt a lot through trial and error.

So far I have been to Kita, Expo, Ame, Aya, JAF, Bunkasai, Grand Cosplay Ball and Hyper Japan to name a few events.

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After waiting two years for my local fabric shop to get this fabric back in they just magically had it when I went in today. I bought two meters as that will be plenty! There Sequins are quite evenly spaced so I will need to buy some more fabric to line the dress to save modesty! Though very excited to finally be working on this again :D

Progress so far is going strong. I have the middle tier of the dress complete. The top tier is practically complete. Just need to continue adding boning channels and boning for support. I'm not happy with how I did the bottom white tier so will be remaking that layer. The earrings are complete and the eyepatch just needs elastic to be added. The umbrella cover is about 50% complete. Needs quite a bit of resizing :)

I'm going to include reference pictures in my journals for people that might not be familiar with the character. Kirigiri is from a series called Dangan Ronpa. I have only watched the anime but I will hopefully be picking up the game at some point :D

Unfortunately I ordered a ridiculously long wig? But I really like the colour so I guess that's why. Had to shorten it slightly at the back and then trim the fringe into place. I don't like the weird side bits to the fringe but at least I have the peak fringe going on that she has :D (Also Apologies for PJ's I was in between dying her Jacket while styling the wig :P)

Originally I wasn't too sure on how to make these but due to running out of time and using the plasti-dip method for other aspects of this build I have decided to make them out of foam and card. I printed a reference picture found in the artbook and transferred the outline to cardboard. I will then be building the handle up with foam. Then covering the whole thing in Mod Podge and Plastidip and finally paint when these things arrive :)

On the front of Mantis's vest she is wearing a grenade pouch. The Chest Rig I brought came with a triple mag holster which I had originally planned to use as I couldn't afford a grenade holster. Then when I was resizing the rig to fit I decided to modify the holster as well. With the use of some newspaper and some black clips and lots of cutting I managed to create something that looked more accurate to what she uses ingame.

So I decided to rewear Pebbles for Hyper Japan. I needed to remake the crown as the first one was so bent out of shape it looked awful. Also version 2 Crown I think looks a bit more accurate. I also decided to body paint myself with Snazaroo. It went ok considering this is the first time I've ever attempted to use body paint and I didn't do a practice run either :S will hopefully improve it before next time but overall I was pleased with the results :D

I really wanted to use Tarrago Leather Paint as I have brilliant results with it in the passed but Shipping to Australia from the UK made it four times the price so I decided to wait until I'm over for a holiday and redo them with leather paint then. Until that time comes I have opted for a chocolate brown Acrylic. I will probably be adding a further three more layers as this is only two layers and the brush marks are still very prominent.

I have cut out the pattern for Rosalind's Skirt (and Robert's Trousers) unfortunately the fabric I brought isn't quite dark enough and is a little too orange. I had originally planned to buy wool in white or cream and dye it but everywhere seems to have sold out of white wool. So with a slight epiphany I decided to buy this orange fabric and tomorrow I will be dying it with a medium brown dye which I had originally brought but felt needed a little orange in it to make the colour correct. Fingers crossed it goes well. I am only planning to darken it 1 - 2 shades so will be making a very dilute mix.

For those of you interested I used this Pattern:
for Rosalind's skirt. It is a 5 panel Edwardian Walking Skirt which is correct for her ear of attire. Plus it also solves the mystery of how she appears to be wearing a semi tightly fitted skirt until she's waltzing when she has all this extra movement all of a sudden. It should also help to accentuate the hip bump from her S-Curve Corset.

For Robert I used the trousers from the Simplicity 7274 Civil War Pattern (which is my go to pattern for Male cosplay!)

I brought this waist trainer corset from Corset-UK as it was in the sale for £26 (after shipping) and is full spiral steel. The shape is inaccurate for an Edwardian corset but I already have another corset which I will be destroying for it's flat steel boning and this worked out cheaper then buying steel boning and a busk on their own. It's also made of green fabric which the concept artist used in her breakdown of Rosalind's undergarments so hopefully I will be able to salvage some of that for mine. I have already made a test pattern of an S-Curve Corset which is from the book Corsets and Crinoline. I will need to make the actual one a little bit longer as it's currently a little short but I love it so much. I'm excited to add the boning and padding. So glad the Edwardian period is all about making yourself look flat chested :D We all know I don't have any problems managing this ^_^;

Managed to find this lovely microfiber Jacket in a charity shop for £2. Hoping to use this to make both Robert and Rosalind's Waistcoats. Will definitely be enough fabric to make the fronts of both but I might need to cheat and use another fabric to make the back of the waistcoats. The swatch in the corner is a more accurate colour of the Jacket. It's not quite as mustard/yellow as their waistcoats but with the dye I've picked out for the Jackets and Skirt/Trouser; it will complement quite well (In theory)

The colour is a little bit on the Yellow Side but it is a bit darker than this (sorry Camera issues) Waistcoat and Skirt are complete. Made out of a suiting with a slight stretch.

Lirael's Surcoat is embroidered with Gold Stars (Clayr) and Silver Keys (Abhorsen). Unfortunately the wool I have combined with the Silver/Gold Paint isn't very good so I need to paint it with White acrylic first. Since the star motif I have decided on is just lines I will probably machine embroider them, as with the silver line on the key but the the circle will need to be done by hand since I'm quite rubbish at circle. The painting is also very time consuming - this was 6 hours of painting T_T

Really pleased with the colour for theses even though the waistband is still really high :S Took a lot longer than I was expecting. I think if I get a chance I will lower the waistband but I'm not sure.

Bioshock is set in the Edwardian era of clothing so I searched for Edwardian boots. Unfortunately eBay, charity shops and fancy dress shops in my area didn't turn anything up. I decided to do an etsy search and found these. They are half a size bigger than my normal shoe but this is probably better since they end in a point and they are actual leather instead of fake leather. Will need to wait a week or so for them to arrive but once that is sorted then I can get to work leather painting them.

Jacket is finished! I really don't like making collars and always seem to mess them up but I am quite pleased with how this one came out. I think the buttons is a tad on the high side but hopefully with the tie and shirt on this won't be as obvious. Though I may move it lower if I have time :) And it may be because I've spent forever comparing different version of Ran for button location - or because the button is just so darn big :S

After searching everywhere for white ribbon at a decent price I managed to locate some. I think it's actually an off white/cream but hopefully it's far enough away from the main body that no one will notice.

Also excuse the white buttons - they are purely for fastening (and I missed positioned the first as I was rushing >_<) Will probably paint these red at some point :)

Opted for Alex in Pink from Coscraft. I really like how bright the pink is here without being hot pink. The will need some minimal styling such as a fringe being cut in and beads added but shouldn't take too long :)

At last progress! I'm pleased with the fabric but the skirt hangs a little odd while I'm wearing it. I think I might of made the pleats a little too wide but I think with a little tweaking I can improve this. Though equally it may be because I've made several pleated skirts I've got fussy and expect them to sit dead flat:P The colour of the fabric is actually lighter then that depicted in the photo.

The Jacket is at 70% complete I just need to add a collar to it.

Today something I had planned to do had got postponed which meant I earnt a day back sewing. Unfortunately it wasn't productive at all and all I managed to complete was Anri's Bow (though I am yet to add a strap) but some progress is better then no progress I guess?

Been wanting to buy a new wig for Asuka for years and finally got round to it. Opted for Coscraft's Alex wig in Carrot Red. Looks a little shiny in the picture but will arrive in time for my trip to Japan which is important so :D

Opted for some fancy dress John Lennon glasses. They appear to be the right shape and the only thing I could find that would arrive in time. Plus the lenses are plain so I don't have to punch them out to wear them - and are apparently UV protective.

Moe Powers Activate!

I seem to be having an eBay wig session atm so I have also ordered Giorno's Wig. I opted for a plain Blonde wig with a fringe. The plan will be to back come and set the fringe with Got2B Glued and so it looks like it's cut short and spiky. Then the back will be plaited and the trimmed. The trimmed excess will be turned into curls. Though it this fails I will buy wefts from the same seller and curl those then sew to the front of wig cap. So excited to get started on this wig. It's just crazy :D

Also I specifically opted for a wig on the slightly lighter side as the artwork I prefer is with this hair colour as opposed to the bright Dio blonde. I know this is probably odd since his stand is how he gains his "Golden Hair" I just prefer the more realistic artwork for some reason. (However Jojo Blasphemous that sounds - I want a less fabulous artwork :S)

Being that it's just over 2 weeks before our trip I didn't want to risk ordering item from China even though it would of been cheaper. Ordered the item within the country and should arrive next week some time ready for styling. Not bad for £10 though. Hope it is as good as the picture.

Not sure if the wig will arrive in time as it is coming from China but the last two things I ordered from China arrived in like a week or so (much to my surprise :D)Not sure if it will look as good as in the picture but here's hoping. Plus worse case scenario I can get some clip in extensions in my hair colour and make a clip in quiff :D

Since I did the inital wig test there had been something that had been bothering me with the wig. After playing the game some more I realised it was just how flat this wig is. I decided to have a bit of a play with it and see if I could improve it and thankfully it worked. I used the usual "got2b glued" hair gel and fluffed up the back. Then I added a few curls to the bottom and pulled the fringe to make it a little more set. Probably will tweak it a bit more when I try it on my head but overall I am pleased with the result. I was worried the wig was too flat and too short but I think this fluffing has saved :D

So I finally sat down today and started getting to work on sculpting. I had been putting it off as I have never really worked with clay before and I was worried about stuffing it up. I took it slowly and am pleased with the results so far. I used a sulphur free clay which has a drying time of between 24 - 72 hours according to the packet. It was also called school's clay if that helps?

It was built onto a duct tape cast of my shoulder and carved with the back end of a plastic spoon and a pencil.

This is only my second experience with clay but I much prefered this over the horrid white stuff I got from Hobby Craft and used last time. The single shoulder scupt took about 4 hours T_T I have a 6 or so other pieces left to sculpt and I will be working on these over the coming week ready for casting.

Hoping to get mould and casting supplies tomorrow. Hopefully all goes to plan :)

Wig Arrived and so thought I would do a quick test (for colour). I was nervous because my hair is so long having such a tiny wig might not hide everything under it but a quick rough test (hair in a bun) worked fine. I'm pleased with the colour but something is off. I think it's probably my caterpiller eyebrows >_< but I might dye the roots a little darker to make the wig more like sherry's. I like the back length but not happy with the side length, wish it was a little thicker but maybe I'm just being fussy?

So I made a grief seed to put into the plushie part of Charlotte. It's made out of a 25mm glass bead with 2 x silver bead caps, 1 small 3mm silver bead and 2 x stud fastenings and all hot glues together :) I will probably also make another one as a prop to go with whichever magical girl I end up cosplaying.
On another note I tried to get plastic pellets to fill the hands and feet of Charlotte to way her down and sit correctly but none of the hobby stores had the plastic pellets I needed so won't be able to make her body right now. I've managed to find some online so hopefully they'll arrive intime :D

Since I will be making the hoodie in the style of the monster part I thought I might as well make a plushie of the main body too since I'm waiting on the postman for hoodie fabric. The head is made out of White Minkey Fleece stuffed with regular toy stuffing. The hair/ears? are made out of candy pink fleece left over from Princess Bubblegum and the the features are made out of felt.
I'm hoping to get a better blue colour of the eyes as her's are more of a green/blue colour. Also because the body always seems to be sitting I have decided to make the body filled with plastic pellets/beans so the bottom half and the hands will have a bean bag feel and I'm hoping this'll make the finished plushie hang correctly.
I also have a habit of putting little plushie hearts inside my plushies but since she is a witch I am going to make a grief seed to put inside her chest - because lets face it when she pop's that's what comes out :)

I had originally planned to paint the detail on with either acrylic paint or puff/3D paint. I then found this fine line pen I had lying around and after testing appears to be permenant. The details were drawn on whilst I wore the trousers. They arn't amazing but I'm quite pleased with the effect it gives. Also this is the quickest method for adding this detail on - I guess it depends how fussy your feeling :) Though version two I will probably cut these out of vinyl and attatch as this will be more accurate then what I did here.

Whilst I was wearing the trousers I also drew where the butt strips will go. On reflection I wish I had already cut out the put strips and pinned then accordingly as hand drawing makes them irregular.

Shoes to this cosplay are sewn into the trouser part. They were made from a cheap pair of lace up plimsoles. The laces and eyelets were removed and also I found it easier when putting the trousers on and off to tred the backs of the shoe down so it's more like an open backed slipper.

The top is hand sewn on and I kinda wish for ease I had made the trousers longer - as a tube so ends in a sock type design as oppose to the massive shoe which I did. Though happy with result just sock technique would have probably been easier :)

The black details are all vinyl and these were hand sewn on.

Due to time constraints and budget I decided to opt for using cardboard. I actually had forgot how brilliant bog standard card is for cosplay. I decided to go for a hexagonal design as the original plugsuit has this but I have seen people opt for circles and also rounded square shape.

When researching these I had seen a design where the cuffs have a hole cut out like mine and you poke your hand through and tuck in the flaps. I was tempted to do this but was worried that I would get my hand stuck so opted for this design with a fold flap. It also offered a tighter fit.

The whole design is made out of card rectangles duct taped together. Then a hexagon cut out the same size as the hexagon formed by the rectangles. Then an oval shape cut out to fit wrist then a small piece cut out the top which lifts up.

The whole thing was then covered in vinyl which was duct taped down then the edge has vinyl added with hot glue. Be careful when using vinyl and hot glue, in the past I have had experience of it wiggling under the heat and look horrid. I did not find this to be the case with the fabric I bought. Then once complete the flaps were held closed with Sticky Backed Velcro. I'm not a massive fan of the stuff but in this situation it was a lot easier then trying to hot glue the velcro down, and adhered to the card/duct tape base very well :)

Originally I wanted to use a glove pattern suggested by a user on DA where you cut up a pair of wooly gloves. I was too cheap to buy wooly gloves so in the end drew round my hand. I have attempted to make gloves in the past but have always failed. Using 4 way stretch vinyl though made them very forgiving. Also Lycra will be good using this technique.

I ended up using red 4 way stretch vinyl for the top half and black 2 way stretch suiting for the bottom. For the 2 way stretch I cut it out so that the direction with the greatest stretch was widthways.

Simple sew it all up inside out, turn it around a voila you have your gloves. I didn't use any fancy stitch. I know a lot of people opt for zig - zag stitches when working with stretchy fabric but for gloves especially I found it would of taken up too much space so a very tight running stitch was used.

I was pleased with the first glove more then the second glove as it was a little roomier and more comfortable to wear.

The orange detail was added with Acrylic paint. If there had been details on the fingers I don't know if I would of gone with acrylic paint due to risk of cracking but because the fabric on back the of hand doesn't really experience much stress it is fine. Even after a full days wear I didn't find any cracking.

Hana's outfit has three layers to it the bottom layer being a red Kimono. I made this kimono out of broad cloth so that it would be thinner then using cotton drill. I then painted (freehand as I prefer the look over a rigid stencil) the gold triangles onto it. I also made sure there was a slight gradiant starting with lots of gold triangles at the bottom and less at the top. The Kimono was made to the correct length so it can be folded and worn like a traditional Kimono though I didn't add a proper collar due to time constraints though I probabaly will regret this and add one at a later date.

Ok so as previously mentioned I used Kwik Sew's leotard/catsuit pattern as a base for this cosplay. If you are attempting this cosplay do not waste your money! I measured myself up to the pattern and everything ended be massively too big and I ended up reducing the pattern probably by around 50% and I'm still not happy with the fit. Thankfully the 4way stretch vinyl is extremly forgiving but it has been a case of jumping in and out of the plugsuit all day to get a good fit.

I also made a glove today. First time I've ever made a glove but again because the 4way stretch vinyl is so super stretchy it was really easy to make. I simply drew around my hand and used that as a templated to cut out a red and black piece of fabric and sew together. Didn't use an special sort of stitch just a very tight running stitch :) Yeah it isn't an amazing fit - each finger is a slightly different shape at the top due to my crappy sewing skills but overall I am very pleased with the outcome. Will update at a later date but for now success for my second every glove attempt :D

The cosplay itself is going to be made in several pieces. I decided this after looking at other plugsuits people have made online and also seemed the easiest way to prevent having weird seams that are not present in the costume. It also means I can get most versions of the plugsuit from a single costume.

The undershirt is what the arms will be built on. I have also made it so that the right arm can be removed with velcro so that I can wear the suit like Asuka appears in EoE with the single bandaged arm. It also means I can do a no arms version as well, mainly if I get too hot as I have opted for 4-way stretch vinyl, and will probably overheat :P

To increase coolness the black fabric of the undershirt is being made out of two-way stretch cotton/polyester blend. This will be more breathable then the vinyl but also stretch enough that it will be easy to put on.

The shoulder pads and the red at the end of the sleeves will be added directly to the undershirt.

so the wig arrived today and this is the second wig I've ordered as the first time was more red as opposed to ginger :( But I'm very pleased with the colouring. the only problem is that the wig will need a trim as they only had the longer version of this wig instead of the short one I had originally ordered. But even with the delays in wigs the company ( came through and it all arrived well before I need it by - so very happy.

Also managed to get a green tank top for 75p so I've put that on in the photo but does need trimming to shape but that's not going to take very long. Little bit disapointed with the top I got from ebay now, might try and search round to see if I can get another black top to go underneath that will be more suitable but overall apart from the odd bit of work this cosplay is complete :)

So I had a bit of inspiration to get back to working on this as I made the skirt ages ago but didn't like how it came out and so stopped for a while. I'm not happy with the jacket length either, even though I added 5cm to the pattern I used I should of added around 15cm as it comes up very short on my body :( I'm happy with how the collar, sleeves and green panels came out though so it's not all bad. This will probably become the bloodied up version once I get round to remaking it.

All that's left to do is style the wig, make the bow and the green bit under the top. So very close to finishing.

The shoes were very simple to make. I knew that I wanted patent shoes but I didn't want to faff around trying to match colour to vinyl especially when I wouldn't want the vinly ripping whilst I dance. So instead of using fabric I decided to buy a thin red patent belt. Then I simply cut the belt into strips of the correct length, rounded the ends and sew them to the shoe. The buttons were then sew on after. The whole task didn't take very long but I say 2 hours because I was watching anime while I was sewing so I lost track of time.

Ok so on reflection with more cosplay/airsoft experience I relised there are multiple things wrong with Meryl. This is a photo to show how the leg holster should be. I will be updating this along with:

- Buying new trousers
- Remaking top and sleeves
- Buying new vest
- Buying IPSC Holster
- Buying Knife Holster/Sheath
- Attempting to Dremmel/Make knee pads more accurate

So not sure when the updated version will be but working on getting all the bits while I'm not working as I have free time :)

Mantis's design features six fake arms. I had originally intended to make them via a different method but after making a duct tape dummy of myself and relising how easy, cheap and light weight they are I decided this the option for me.

The arms will each be made out of duct tape stuffed with newspaper and then finally I will make gloves for them and cover them with the gloves. This way all eight arms will match since I will need to make gloves anyway and I am more confident in my sewing abilities than my casting abilities (though I am aware I will need to get better at casting for other aspects of the cosplay.)

Here in the photo is a husk of a right arm and a completed left arm. The left arm pictured is the highestmost left arm that the mantis dolls will sit from. I may find that I will need to reenforce the arms so potentially a couple of layers of paper machie in the weaker areas may occur (or this may also occur to bulk out the muscles as they look a little weak atm :S)

Once these are complete I will begin to work on the body of the suit itself as I have some nice grey bi stretch fabric which I bought to make the Peacewalker Sneaking suit and then making the main panel out of foam and some mystery shiny metal looking fabric I am yet to obtain.

I am gonna start off this cosplay by making mantis's dolls. Mainly so that I can feel good that I've started something and also if I fail at this cosplay completely I can dress up as snake and attack ppl with the puppets.

I will be making the puppets out of artist mannequins. I will be making the jacket for the sorrow out of fabric but the rest of his clothes will be painted on. I will drill a hole in the back of each puppets head to fit the red leds.

Will update one the puppets are made but at this stage I have just ordered them - waiting for ebay to deliver.

Hat was hand made by myself out of fleece. This is hat version two as version one was a disaster. Started By using a simple pattern for mascot hat but leaving hole in top for ears and hair, then building up from there. Eyes are made from felt.

The feathers for the wings were made out of mountboard and held together by a black black base. in the middle of the black plastic wire comes out which I then made a ring shape to fit around my shoulders. Leaving the wire exposed ran the risk of cutting or digging into my arm so I decided to cover the inside segment with a layer of cushion foam. Then both parts were covered with the antique gold pleather.

Using this technique avoided the need for a backpack or having a central bar. They are a little uncomfy - well one is and the other fits brilliantly? But I really like the fact they bob up and down when I walk - I think that looks really cute.

Because I'm using fabric to make this armor I had to think hard on how I was going to engrave it. There were several options I could think of:
1. Draw on design with biro or acrylic paint
2. Cut out design in black pvc and add.
3. Cut out pattern in metal coloured pvc and add.

Each method had its advantages and disadvantages. I've opted for using metal fabric with pattern cut out and added to armor.(Fingers crossed I have enough fabric to do this :-S)

I wanted the gauntlets to be fully articulate so I can actually grab and hold stuff while in this cosplay. I started with a plain black glove which I then added the gun metal pvc on top of. Each ring was measured to where there are joints in my fingers then hot glued to the glove.(I unfortunatly burnt myself a fair bit using this technique :-S) I am very happy with how they turned out!

Okay due to work being a pain I only have three days to male this in instead of the original 7 I'd intended but here we go. Here is the basic shape for the helmet made out of plastazote and card. I will be covering this in a layer of pva and newspaper. I will then cover this in a layer of pva and polyfiller paste to harden (apologise for derp face). More progress to follow!

Finally bought some paint to sit and do camo with. Unfortunatly at present the colours are still a little off - going to need to another brown coloured acrylic to go over the grey colour I&#039;m adding at present. I&#039;m pleased with the overall camo shapes - even though the size of the shapes are a little big. This is only a tester area - will be on the back of the trousers thats why I&#039;m not too worried that its not as accurate as I&#039;d hoped - yet :D

Thought it was about time I started adding some journey entries since this project I will be working in for a while. So yes ver1.3 its only a 1.3 as the only things changed were internal electronics which still only light up blue but more blue leds second time round. Also changed to prongs for front of gun - less accurate than version 1.0 but also less flimsy! Version 1.3 also sees the front handle changed which needs milliput bring added to make it pointy!

For next version I'm hoping to get Orange leds working and front prong correct!

Not much to write about the construction of this cosplay as it was pretty much all bought. The only thing I can write about is the muscial notes. These were hand paninted on using acrylic paint. I also painted the same design on Arnavel's Shinji top to keep the designs the same (though I think Arnavel's came out nicer >_<)

Ok the head is shaping up nicely. Here is a image of how it looks at the moment. Only had two layers of latex so far and hoping to add another couple. Need to cut out the eyes and add the top of the head. Will be latexing the white bits white also to make up for my messyness with the green running. Also need to cut the chin out but so far going well should have it finished soon.

*Have left the lemonade bottle in shot to help give an idea of the size of this thing :P

Bought welly boots for this cosplay which cost £8.00 Now just need the wig.

Have for once ordered some contact lenses to wear with my cosplay. £15 by colourvue - not used this brand before so I'm hoping they'll fit my eyes better then the last pair I bought. Also ordered some thick elastic to line the sleeves - £2.10 for 3m.

So I am organised and can keep tabs on my spending I though I should write it directly in here instead of on paper and then losing it in the abyss of my bedroom :P

Black petticoat: £23
Red Petticoat: £8
Tulle Net: £4.50
White four striped organza x 176m - £37
Custom prnted black ribbon - 50m - £55 ( I know its an absolute rip off but the original company I wanted to use havn't got back to me :(

converse have arrived and dyed suit but it didn't work :( took the fabric out too soon and it come out aweful but will be redying it at the weekend and allowing it to dry in the sunny weather so will be finished in time 4 kita easy :D

Have just dyed my suit - so now I have smuf hands (again) :S also bought the converse on sunday so all that's left is for it all to dry and be ironed and then the shoes turn up so then I will post pictures :D

So far I've:

Bought a White Suit Jacket
Half way through making a white pleated skirt
Bought blue dye
Sorted out how to make my hair do the quif thing rachel's does.
Got White Socks.

All I need to do is finish skirt, dye the jacket and skirt, buy some green converse - fake ones will be fine to keep costs down :)

the suit is complete and skirt are complete and I bought the blue shirt. Just need to track down some grey heels and wait for the patches and pins I ordered to turn up.

A short update - I have managed to buy a few more bits for this cosplay.

Managed to track down an awesome pair of boots, these need a little bit of work - basically sew in sum zips and colour the grey toe cap bit black.

Managed to find the correct shoulder holster after my first one failed but can be used for another random MGS cosplay I have (yes yes when will the MGness end I hear you cry!)

Finally got the triple mag leg holster as originally ordered the double mag by accident (well I thought it was double untill I saw the DLC)

Also got the modded holster for the other leg, needs a little bit of work - needs removing from it's mount for a start and then re-rigging with the webbing to only a single strape holster.

Not made any progress on the top but looking at about 65% complete so far :)

the suit is now completely altered - just need to get a new zip becuase the exisitng one popped when I tried to squeeze into it :S in any case should be buying a new one on sat and then it's just adding the brocade on the sleeves and the shoulder lapels and just general all round completeness.
Then gotta cut fringe to match :S but that'll be the last thing I do :P

ok version one is finshed but that literally was to get me through expo today but I will be revamping and improving lots of parts of this costume to make it look a lot better :P Wig was good though lots of wind at the excel centre made it get in my eyes.

Took loads of photos to day so watch this space I shall add them soon :)

Managed to track down a viper triple magazine leg holster :D I only had the double one up to now but finally I got a triple one - ok there is my geekiness over with :P

I thought Eva's cosplay would be really simple since it's just a jump suit! How wrong was I! For some reason jumpsuits in tan/brown are impossible to find - green, black or blue theres no problem but brown :S SO I've resorted to sewing it myself (since I didn't wanna pay £150 for a Nomex flight suit!) So far the legs are all done, just making the top half today. This will work I think coz gonna put the seam where the belt goes - plus it saves me buying a pattern for a jumpsuit which I'll probably have to alter loads and costs more money.

Other than That costume is going well.

The following have been ordered (mainly from Ebay)
> Goggles
> Pouch
> Belt (and has arrived!)
> Wig (from Cosworx so will take a while :S)

Just gotta get boots and gloves but I pretty much know which ones I want :)

Also debating about finally investing in a sewing machine since this costume will probably need the extra strength that machine stiches give - but I'll get back to you on that :)

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