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The cuffs of the jacket are now done. Was a bit fiddly as I had to make them more fitted than the rest of the arms, meaning... the arms of the jacket had to have some pleats added before sewing the cuffs on. Then I had to cover the cuffs in the green fabric... but they are now done!! 8D Almost finished with this jacket now!!

Next stage... Pockets.

Both the back pieces have now been cut and sewn onto the base jacket. So, that's pretty much the base jacket completed now.

Next stage... Cuffs.

The front sections are now covered in the green fabric. I really am getting sick of sewing green coats now, XD

Next stage... the back.

The collar is now covered... and I've been reminded how much I hate doing the collars, the fabric never goes right. >_< Oh well. It's done now.

Next stage... Front

The sleeves are now covered in the jade green fabric. Still have left to do: Collar, Front, Back, Cuffs, Pockets, Buttons... Wish me luck, XD

Next stage... Collar.

The base jacket has now been modified. The buttons have been cut off. The pocket flaps have been removed and used to make the bottom a right angle instead of a curve. The cuffs have been separated from the sleeves ready to be modified into the accurate canon cuffs. The sleeves need to be covered first though.

So yes, next step... covering the sleeves.

Pocket has been removed and the collar has been modified too. It's ready for the embroidery now which will be done once my materials arrive.

Next up is the jacket.

The trousers are now complete. They only had to be cropped in the leg and brought in at the waist. Would have done it all yesterday if I hadn't have gotten distracted. Oh well, they are done now.

Next thing I will do is to modify the collar of my shirt.

I have finally finished my coat... finally. Oh my days. The amount of blood, sweat and tears that have gone into this thing. XD XD This cosplay is nearly complete now too. All I have left to do is to finish styling the wig.

No more frock coats for a while for me now... XD

Pocket Flaps are now sewn and attached. Only have one thing left to do now, though there are lots of stages involved with it...

Onwards with the buttons!! Same stages as last time, covering them all and then sewing them onto the coat. See you in a few hours, :P

The cuffs on the coat are now done. Probably should have used interfacing on them to make them a little more prominent but oh well.

Next stage is the pocket flaps.

The band has now been sewn on, so no more messy edges from the covering. ^_^ My fingers are so incredibly sore at the moment so it's taking me a little bit longer to sew than normal. I'm also tired which leads to me being even more clumsy. A lot of stabbing with pins and needles has already happened today.

Next up will be the cuffs on the sleeves.

The back is now covered in the green fabric meaning the base coat is now... complete!!! 8D So beyond happy, XD Tomorrow I will do the middle band, pocket flaps and cuffs, as well as the buttons. Then the coat will be 100% finished. And all that's left of the cosplay to do is to finish styling the wig...


So instead of covering the back section in green, I decided to do the front sections first. Well... I lie. I did start doing the back but the piece of fabric I cut was too small and pulled so... I scrapped that, and decided it would be better to cover the front sections first instead. So I did. Now that that's done, I will do the back panel and then it will all be covered. Then it's time for the cuffs, pocket flaps and middle band, before moving onto the buttons. I'm pretty confident that I'll get this coat done by the end of tomorrow at the latest, 8D

The sleeves are now covered in the green fabric. The amount of times I stabbed myself with my needle and pins whilst doing the sleeves... talk about being a pincushion!! XD They are done now though. Next stage is to cover the back of the jacket in the green fabric.

The lace has now been attached to the sleeves of the jacket, took slightly longer than expected but oh well. Next stage is to cover the sleeves with the green fabric.

The Collar is now covered in the green fabric. Next step is to attach the lace to the sleeves and then cover those in the green fabric aswell. I definitely hope I can finish the jacket by the end of the weekend.

So, I wasn't able to do any cosplay this weekend as I ended up at Manchester Expo. However, I have now continued on with my coat which I hope to complete in the next few days. The base jacket has now been modified and is ready to be covered in the green fabric.

The lining of the coat has now been cut and sewn onto the coat. I know it seems weird that I've done the lining before the rest of the coat, but because I'm covering a previously owned jacket, it actually worked out best to do it this way. All the stitches I made to attach the lining can be covered by the green fabric I'm gonna use on the outside of the jacket. ;)

Next stage is to modify the collar of the jacket, and then start to cover the rest of the jacket.

Work on the coat is now well in progress. So far I have cut and sewn on the extension piece to make the coat long enough. Next stage will be to attach the lining before modifying the top of the base jacket and then covering it in the green fabric.

My current aim is to get the coat finished by the end of the week/weekend, but we'll see, XD

Completed the bow for the neck yesterday. It really was just a long piece of material, XD XD One of the simpliest aspects to make but it still took an hour or two to complete the sewing, XD XD

I'm going to start on the coat now... So nervous about it... XD XD

The bow for the hair/wig is now complete. Again it didn't take me as long as I thought it would. Now I just have to hope that it doesn't fall apart or off whilst wearing it, XD XD

Next I'll be making the bow for the neck... which will pretty much be just one long strip, which I will physically tie, XD

The waistcoat is now complete!!! I am seriously so proud of it. It's far from perfect but it was first ever attempt at making a waistcoat from scratch. To be honest it's one of the first items of clothing I have EVER made from scratch without any form of outside help... I'm so proud of this waistcoat, 8D

Just finished covering the waistcoat buttons. Took me around an hour which isn't bad. I thought it would take me longer than that. Now to sew them on and then the waistcoat should be finished, ^_^

I bought self-cover buttons as I need the material of them to match the material of the waistcoat. Nice and awkward but hopefully it will look ok once completed. I dread to think how long it's gonna take me to cover these... thankfully I only need to do 14 of them... (There's 21 in the pot)

The waistcoat is now all sewn together and the press-studs have been sewn on as well. The fit isn't perfect... but like I said before... for my first attempt at a waistcoat I'm quite proud.

The next stage is to cover all the buttons and then sew them on... I'm dreading this part cus there are so many of the darn things, >_<

The waistcoat is now completely pinned ready for me to sew together and sew the hems down etc. Been on a bit of a cosplay lag lately but got my motivation back this evening so proceeded to work on the waistcoat. I'm pleased with my progress but yeah... I'm way behind on my mental schedule. Still I shall sew the waistcoat together tomorrow and hopefully sew on the poppers and maybe the tie on the back. The buttons can wait until after those bits are done... lots and lots of buttons needed for this waistcoat, XD

Hobbit feet now complete!! For Pippin at least. I am so not happy with them if I am being honest but it's more cus of my lack of skill and things. Hopefully a few years down the line I'll remake the hobbit feet but with proper latex. That's my hope anyway.

I also hope the ones I make for the others (Frodo and Merry) turn out better since those are gifts too. Still... my ones for Pippin are done now so I can start focusing on the other aspects of the costume.

Right so that's the feet now sewn together. Took slightly longer as I had to switch the tight fabric I was using to a slightly thicker bit. It's done now though so the next stage is to glue the hair on.

I've not sewn in the padding yet, cus I'm going to see how comfortable etc they are without it first.

The feet are now pinned together. I couldn't really think how else to do them with the materials I had available to me (and limited funds), so I pretty much made a sandle. I used plastic pockets to make the clear section for the top of the foot, and cut up some tights for the section between the toes and around the back of the foot. I guess elastic would work too but I wanted it to at least look vaguely skin colour... that and I had already cut the tights before when I was trying out a different method.

Now I just have to sew it all together and then I can start gluing on the hair.

The padding and bottoms of the feet have now been removed from a pair of old slippers. Those will be used to basically protect my feet from the floor, :P

Next stage with the feet will be to cut the tights to length and then attach the bottoms and padding to the tights.

Luke's shirt is now complete!! 8D Just got to wait for the wig and hat to arrive now and then he will be completely finished. ^_^

The lining and lace for the cuffs have now arrived so I will be able to start the coat soon too. The buttons that I bought have arrived but they aren't big enough so I have to find some others to use instead. At least attaching the buttons can wait until the end since they aren't on the coat for practical reasons.

The buttons for the shirt have arrived... now just have to wait for the shirt itself, XD Once it has I can change over the buttons and then that will be done.

Also waiting for the shoes, satchel and wig to arrive as well. I did buy two hats which I thought would work... until they arrived and neither of them are suitable, so I have to go on a hunt for another one, joys.

The trousers I bought for Pippin have arrived. Just need to cut them to length and then dirty them up.

Also all the materials I bought for the feet have now arrived. I am so beyond nervous about making them... but I've got it all planned in my head how I want to do it. *fingers crossed* that it works out well.

The winged collar shirt I bought for Armand arrived today, as well as the material for the bows and the material for the coat.

Before I can start the coat though, I need to wait for the lining material to arrive, I can make do without the buttons for now, since the coat is going to be worn open anyway, so it's just a case of sewing them on at the end. But yes, I need the lining before I can start that. And I need my wig done before I can start the bows really.

I do have everything in (minus the buttons) for the waistcoat now so I shall begin making that this weekend at the latest.

The material I bought to make the jacket with arrived today. It's a lot lighter than I what I thought it would be but it will still work. The colour is a jade green, the photo doesn't give the colour justice.

Just need to wait for the buttons and the jacket base to arrive and then I can start work on it properly.

Also some of the bits I needed for the hobbit feet arrived today too. Just got to wait for the rest of the hair now.

The material I have bought for the waistcoat arrived today, so hopefully I can begin work on this soon. I have making the waistcoat from scratch, using an old one as a template, and I am so nervous about this.

This whole costume has turned out to be so much more complicated than I thought it was going to be. Oh well. I will do my best!!

So... Kitacon is now over and I wore Healer for Saturday and the Masquerade. I wasn't able to finish the costume completely, but then again... none of us did. XD

It was great fun to wear Healer even if I did feel REALLY exposed. I plan on completing this costume in the future, (and remaking some sections), so I'm keeping her as 'In Progress' for now.

So... my fuku top is now complete. Well... the basics of it is, just need to add stars onto the back, which will likely be done at the con, XD That fuku top took me WAY longer than I thought it would... but then I did make mistakes with it that had to be fixed and being hit out ill for like 3 weeks really didn't help. It is done now though, ^_^

I know it's not perfect... it's far from perfect... seeing as when I cut the leather bits, I didn't get it shaped properly, so I had to reshape once on, and... yeah there is now folds on the front but to be honest... I don't care anymore.

I'm going to redo Healer in a year or two... when my confidence levels are back up and my skills are more improved. I've reached the stage with this version of just saying sod it, so... yeah, it will likely look a complete mess but I don't care anymore... >_<

Hopefully I'll tackle the sailor collar and the accessories tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

Today has been a bad day costume wise. I finished the green edging only to not be able to do it up. Meaning I had to unpick the back, stitch up the hem, extend one of the back panels more so I could sew on the press stud. It's done now but... argh. That's put me behind again now.

It's my own stupid fault... I didn't get a stretchy fabric, and I completely forgot about the back of the bra needing to stretch. *facepalm* It looks so messy now and I am so disappointed in myself. *sigh* I'll remake this costume once my skills are more up to par...

Due to my failure with the edging though I didn't get to make the leather bits for the fuku top. I did manage to whip up the pattern for them though so that's something. I'm still behind and with me going back to work tomorrow my time is going to become limited again but there's nothing I can do. And knowing me I'll probably have a fiddle around with the pattern again tomorrow to see if I can get it to sit better... urgh.

Lesson learned today... I fail, >_<

Today I did a good chunk of the green edging of the bra. I literally only have the back left to do. Then I can make the black leather cups and attach those... then the fuku top will be done! I'm hoping I will be able to complete it tomorrow... *fingers crossed*

The bra did have to be cut up a bit... I had to cut the back down so it was as thin as the straps etc, but luckily even having done that it still fits fairly well. I may have to use some tape just to be safe but you know... at least I have got the bra support. Even if it does mean the shape isn't accurate, ^^;

I also had to sew the straps onto the bra as well, since the bra was a strapless/multiway one... but that was fine. I managed to get it straight/lined up correctly at the back.

I have run out of the green thread I was using though so I'm gonna have to rummage for another tomorrow before I start on the last bits of edging. It won't be as close in colour to the material as the one I was using was, but it will do.

The chances of me finishing Healer in time is actually looking quite high... *fingers crossed* that I do actually finish her in time for Kita, XD

I have finally finished these blasted shorts... took me long enough, XD The stomach crosses are now attached. I have sewn on press studs to keep the crosses in position and to attach them to the shorts at the front. It was the only way I could think of to make it work.

There is still some detailing left to do on them... the stars on the crossover points and the studs... but those will be done later.

Next Step... Fuku Top.

I have finally finished sewing the other stomach cross. Would have done it yesterday if I hadn't ended up going to the theatre to see Chess... ^^;

But it is done now, meaning my next step is to attach them to the shorts. Should be able to get that done tomorrow. Then after that... I can begin the fuku top. I'm really hoping I can get this costume done in time, *fingers crossed*

One is now sewn. Still got the other to do which I will hopefully start tomorrow. They are taking a lot longer than I thought they would, not including me being ill.

I gave myself a lot more work by choosing to use fabric instead of ribbons, >_<

My fuku shorts are now completely sewn... not finished yet though. Next I need to make the stomach cross and attach it to the shorts. After that's done I can start work on the fuku top. I'm so proud of the amount of work and progress I managed to make today... ^_^

So... the template for the black leather parts of the short is now made. Now I have to cut out the actual fabric, pin it on to check that it's ok, and then get sewing...

These shorts are going to be tight... ^^;

The gold triangles on my fuku shorts are now sewn on. Typically the back ended up better than the front, oh well. I'll try them on again tomorrow before starting on the black leather.

Must remember to buy some poppers/press studs. I'm going to need them for the gold stomach cross and for the fuku top, so... kinda important, XD

So... I've got the gold sections pinned onto the base of my fuku shorts now. I did start to sew them on as well but my hands decided to complain... so, I've had to pause for now. Once the gold sections are sewn on I can tackle the black leather covering, and then the shorts will be done. After the shorts, I'll tackle the fuku top, then the Sailor Collar, then the gold stomach cross, then the boots, then the gloves. At least that's my plan... XD

My fuku top base has now arrived. Yes, it is a strapless bra. Due to being blessed with a big chest I need to modify an actual bra, as I definitely need the support, XD Due to this my fuku top won't be completely accurate, and I will probably get called up on it but I'm going to do the best I can with my limitations.

Next step is to find a pair of shoes/boots to use and to order all my fabric.

I am now properly working on this costume... or starting to get all the pieces in. Today I recieved the base for my fuku shorts. They are leather already but I'm still going to cover them so they are longer, and I can put the gold triangles in and attach the stomach cross. The base does fit me really well which makes me happy. I'm now waiting for the fuku top base to arrive, ^_^

I wore this again at Amecon, all day Friday for the Takarazuka Panel. And again in the Masquerade on Saturday. I do love this costume, but I feel like this one might have reached it's time to retire... There is so much wrong with it and... yeah, I really want to remake it so it fits better etc. I don't know. I'll see what happens with future events and if I'm ever asked to do Rudolf again. I do want to cosplay him again, but yeah... wether I'll wear this costume or a remade one, we'll see.

This costume is now complete!!! My goodness... how did I manage to finish it with days to spare? XD XD

Anyways, this is all ready to be worn at Amecon!! I will wear it for most of Saturday. I'm changing out of it for the Masquerade but back into it for the party, ^_^

Urgh I feel so accomplished... XD XD

So... I lied, I kept working on the trousers. Though they did go on pause until I started the painting of the jacket. I've been sewing the trousers whilst waiting for the paint to dry, :P.

But I can now mark the trousers as complete.

All I have left to do on this costume now is two lots of painting... I will be finished within the next day or two... ^_^

I am going ahead and marking this costume as completed. ^_^ The wig is drying as we speak, and the rest of the costume itself is complete too.

This is for the Sunday of Amecon, and will be worn for the omake... see you all there!!!

I have actually finished something for this costume!!! Finally... XD XD The boots are now done. I did not want to sew anything onto the boots as I love them so much, but I think I did it in a way that I can take the ribbons off afterwards easily... XD XD

I've started work on the trousers but they will go on hold until I've finished the jacket now. Cus I can forsee it taking way longer than planned to finish these trousers and if need be I can just wear my leggings from my other Rudolf costume. So I'm gonna finish the jacket first and then go back to the trousers.

My wig arrived... a little lighter than I thought it was gonna be but I think it works perfectly. Not sure wether I should cut it and style it or just leave it as it is... though obviously I'm gonna have to style it a bit on the day anyway so it doesn't fall into my eyes all the time and some of it curves behind my ears... but yeah, I quite like it, ^_^

I have officially started this costume, *sparkles*

Jacket - I think it's a little too dark or not blue enough to be honest, but it should work... It's all pinned ready for me to take up. Then I'll take the buttons off... attach the velcro... then attach the maroon material onto the sleeves and collar and then add on all the edging/decoration etc.

Trousers - These don't need taking up thankfully... they fit quite well and besides... they are being tucked into my boots, ^_^ Anyways they are ready for me to attach the ribbons and gold piping onto. And that's all.

Boots - My boots are awesome... and I really don't want to have to sew or stick anything onto them but I think I've worked out a way to do it without damaging the boots so I can take the ribbons off after... *happyface* But yes, these are ready for me to stick the gold ribbons onto.

Wig - Waiting for it to arrive.

I can almost set this costume to completed soon... the costume itself is now finished. I finished the trousers today by sewing on the belt loops. My wig arrived too but I'm too scared to touch it at the moment, so I'm gonna wait until after my Mum and Dad's birthdays and until I've stared at pictures and screencaps enough to have a good grasp of what I'm doing, XD

I've never styled a wig before so I am so scared about doing it wrong... ^^;;

I finished it!!!! Still have the trousers to complete and the wig to style once it arrives, but I finished another item of this costume!!

And I am so proud... I had to take it up cus it was way too long... and then used the excess to make the pocket flaps (and belt loops). I should finish the trousers easily tomorrow, and hopefully the wig arrive soon too!! I want to get this costume finished darn it, XD XD

I've sewed one pocket flap together. Just have the other to do before attaching them to the jacket. Then I'll sew on the belt loops onto the trousers.

I have finished the Tie Clip today... and like I said, it didn't take me long, XD Thought I might as well do it whilst there was a break on tv... XD XD

So in the end I did end up buying a suit to use instead of hand making one, I ended up panicking about not being able to hand make one in time and I managed to find a few suits I could use. Not perfect, meaning the colour is a little darker than it should be but... It's useable.

I've had to take the trousers up though, and I still need to sew on belt loops on to the trousers. The jacket was miles too long but then it did say on the auction that the jacket was a long one, meaning that it went down past the bum on normal height people... It ended up going down to my knees... ^^;; But I've taken it up now, so it's at the right length. Just need to fix the lining at the bottom of the back a little more, sew on the pocket flaps, and then the jacket will be done. I am so tempted to embroider/paint a little PW on to the pockets, but since that's not accurate I won't. XD I'll behave.

I need to stick some gems onto the tie clip aswell, but that won't take me two minutes.

After that it's just a case of waiting for the wig to arrive (on it's way) and then styling it once it has. My first ever wig styling project... I'm more than a little nervous about it but oh well. I should be fine... I have a wig head for it so it's not like I'll be styling it with it actually on my head, XD XD

I am pleased to nearly be finished though. I'm probably about half way through now? If not more?

*fingers crossed* we get a spot in the omake, ^_^ If not, well... me and Gemma, my Edgeworth, will more than make up for it with photos!! XD XD

I need a new icon for this costume... anyways...

After endless searching of ebay and coming up with no results... I caved and bought a pattern for making suits. Yes, I am insane. Knowing my sewing skills and the fact that this pattern is classed as 'Advanced' and 'Difficult'... this will likely kill me.

But I have no other option really. So yes, I have my pattern. Now all I need is the fabric. Hopefully once my Mum gets home on Saturday I'll be able to drag her down town so I can raid the fabric store again...

I also need to buy my wig...

So I managed to complete this for expo... the day before it needed to be worn. But I did it and I am so proud of the thing... AND WE WON 'BEST PERFORMANCE'!!!!! LIKE WHAT!?!?!?! *happy bouncing*

Anyways... this will be worn again for Amecon in three months for definite. And I plan to remake this in a few years.

So... I wore her on the Sunday. So much fun... even if I had to pass on the tan cus of lack of a decent one and issues with my skin... also no zuka make up but I did what I could, XD Only now do I realise that I needed to do my tie up higher but oh well. This will likely be reworn at some point... <3

This costume is now complete and ready to be worn for the Sunday of May Expo... *happyface*


I have the wig!! Ok so it's a little paler than the one in the reference pictures I chose and a little longer but I have a wig, XD XD It was the closest one I could find, and once I pin up the curls a little it should be fine, ^_^

I also got today the gun and holster, which is very handy. Just need to modify the belt bit into looking like a proper belt and attach the small square bag thing for the handcuffs.

The handcuffs also arrive today aswell.

All that's left is to get the gloves and to physically make the costume. I may have to get the necklace myself aswell but that's fine. ^_^

Anyways... yay for quick delivery!! XD XD

Hopefully I should be starting on this soon. Reference pictures are all printed out. Black shirt has been purchased... I just need to wait for my Mum to get back from her holiday next week and I'll be dragging her to fabric shops and the like, so we can start both Hiromi and Alain, ^_^ Only three months left. I need to get a move on.


Had a bit of time before work this morning and as I was walking past Peacocks I noticed in the window a pink tie. I stopped dead... it was perfect... well almost perfect. The shade is probably a teeny bit too light but... I couldn't leave it there, I had to buy it. So in I went and £5 less later I came out with a pink tie in hand... well in a bag but you know what I mean. It was also a two pack so I know have an otokoyaku-ish style tie aswell... it is black with pink and grey stripes... I think. It's nice though, ^_^

So yay tie!! I just need the blue suit and tie clip now really. ^_^ I'll be uploading a pic of it either tomorrow or whenever I can get good light, XD

Well this costume is pretty much finished and retired... until I get dragged into cosplaying Lucheni again which won't be hard really, XD I had so much in this costume both at October Expo 2009 and the Grand Cosplay Ball 2009.

I could probably work on improving this a lot. Like actually get a jacket that will fit me better. I don't know if I will actually get around to doing that though.

There are some other props I want to make for Lucheni. The camera for definite. But when that will happen I'm not sure.

But yes. Lucheni is retired now until the time comes for him to make a reappearance, XD XD

I finally have everything needed to start making the dagger now, including the wire!! So yes, once I finish up here and online in general I will be taking up residence in the dining room, ^_^

Yay for more prop making!!

Okies, so... I had to test my trousers with the boots to see how much they hid the huge heels on them... and I thought I might aswell try on the top whilst I was at it... and then oh what the hell, on goes the tash and hat, XD

So the most recent picture, that I will upload shortly isn't the finished costume at all. The jacket I used is actually brown and is the one I'm likely going to be taking apart to make my actual one, it's also not long enough since it's a female jacket and Luigi is obviously male.

I also need to modify the top slightly as it has thick black cuffs, they will be gone too. And the tash needs modifying some more aswell, and I need to hide a silver heart on the hat...

And I will have the butter knife... I mean Dagger aswell. Made out of clay and cardboard... oh yeah, XD

But yes, I have done a teaser for you guys, XD

The Tash arrived today and guess what I immediately did. Modified it and took pictures once I was done, XD

I know it still is technically to thick BUT it was twice that thick before I started and covered about half of my face.

I know it's not that great but it's something, XD

Now I just need to work out how to attach it properly, XD

I tried out the tan for the first time today and it was a success. I didn't do all the areas that will be done, just my inner arm, XD And the main reason for this test was to see how orange it made me and how easily it came off.

It didn't make me too orange actually, and you can make the tan darker by doing multiple coats, so it's gonna be a case of seeing what others think when I'm applying it to see how many coats I need to do, XD

Taking it off... couldn't be simplier. The remover I got is amazing, seriously. I will have no problem returning to my naturally pale state. And it is actually quite gentle on my skin which is good... cus my skin is sensitive... XD

So yes, I will definitely be a tanned Lucheni now, ^_^

No pictures yet though, kinda pointless uploading one of my arm... though yes Emi I will send a pic to you so you can see what one coat did to me, ^_^

Got two parcels in the mail today. One was the top I won on eBay, just need to wash it and then cut off the thick black cuffs and it's perfect. The other was all the stage make-up I bought including... the tan of DOOM!!! So yes I will be testing that as soon as possible to see how orange it makes me and how easily it comes off, XD

I also went out and bought all my hair supplies for Luigi aswell... his hair is not gonna loose shape when the hat is on, I can tell you that, XD XD

Now just waiting for the tash to arrive and then next payday I'll get the boots and shackles. Yayness! ^_^

I am eagerly awaiting my post now until the awesomeness arrives...

Yes, I have purchased the tash!!! Just need to wait for it to arrive, which should be sometime next week... I wants it NAO though... I wants to play around with it!!!

Oh I also bought the tan aswell, which will be tested as soon as it arrives, ^_^

Only got a few things left to get, awesomeness!

Oh and there has been some discussions about camera making... will keep you updated.

Okies so I now have a definite event that Luigi will be premiered at... not that there is alot to premiere but meh... I'm blanking on appropriate words right now, XD XD

Anyways Luigi will be worn on the Saturday of Oct Expo, for most of the day anyway... at the moment I am involved in a skit for the masquerade so I will be changing out of Luigi for that. And Sunday I'll be Saffir again, but getting off topic...

I have got some updates... Emilie managed to find me the perfect set of handcuffs online which I will be getting soon. Saves me having to make them!! Thank you hun!!

Also I have found some stage makeup that will tan me and should come off easily with the remover. Needless to say I will be testing before the Expo. XD XD Also have found nearly all the stage make-up I will need for Luigi so that's good.

I have found a striped shirt that I will be getting soon. I have found a moustache... I have found where I can get appropriate boots... and I have decided that I need to make the jacket, so I will be needing to get the fabric and the buttons soon and taking a trip down to see my Taiki-kun, ^_^

So yes, expect to see a Luigi Lucheni and a Der Tod walking around causing havoc on the Sat of Oct Expo, XD XD I'll be the one spouting bad Italian and saying Kitsch a lot... may also have an insane look on my face if I'm holding the 'Dagger of Death'!!! That's if we can get one anyway... XD XD

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