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Starting on my Evoker for Akihiko coincidently on a full moon ;_;

Finished Hawkeye hours before the flight, and instantly packed it into the suitcase :D; got the bow waiting for me in the UK and can't wait to see the Marvel/Avengers group for Amecon!

Not very clear in the photo but the vest is complete, all thats left is adding the straps to trousers and making the shooting glove :)

Costume's ready, probably wearing this for the Sunday of Amecon :D

I can say I've started on Hawkeye, I bought this arm guard off Amazon (something to work with) ... looking at it I think something like this could be used for an Ezio cosplay too xD

Costume's all ready .. I love it, can't wait to bring it to ame. Working on the Phalanx now :D

I've just added the shoulders and star to the coat, only the button strips and trousers left and its done! I'm really happy with the progress so far, I've been wanting to do this cosplay for months now. Roll on Amecon!

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