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i have been cosplaying since 2008 where i cosplayed as hinata hyuga for the midlands expo in september and ever since then i have continued to cosplay

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So everything has been done for this cosplay minus the jacket, thanks to a seller on Ebay who sent me the wrong size i now have to wait till payday till i can get a new one

lets just hope it arrives in time

Since i had spare leather fabric from another cosplay i thought i would give it a go making the butt cape and the harness

The cape is completed and the harness is 50% done, all the pieces have been cut out i just need to sew them together and sew velcro to the leg straps

still a lot to go but im getting there

So i brought the wig and the hoodie off one of my friend. the headband was brought ages ago

just need to get the trousers and shoes now

So the gloves are finally done, after fiddling around with felt and finally getting the right colour gloves (have a pic of one of the gloves)

Wig is styled but needs hair-spraying down

shirt is getting there, ive cut the t-shirt and added the yellow ribbon at the bottom and in progress of attaching the yellow shirt pockets and making a collar and sleeves as i so did no ruin a perfectly good shirt to find out i didn't need to (stupid Danielle is stupid)

So when i was doing a wig test for my Mori (Ouran) cosplay i also found out that i can use the wig for Haru

this will explain why im wearing the ouran tie

finally done the trouser details, which took a lot less time than I predicted

just need to complete the wrist guard and the cosplay is completed

well the top is now complete
as well as the final belt

well with one month over the expo ive got so much to do

the top and trousers are 90% done as they just needs detailing which is gonna take a while

then its just the rest of the accessories and to finsh the weapon

i would have documented more but i was ment to keep this a secret :p

need to re do the top as its to small for me gonna try and get a better colour fabric and fabric that is actually is top fabric rather than some material which dosnt stretch

Manchester was amazing so glad i got recognised a lot

need to fix sandals and repaint the headphones before i wear them next but other than that i love this cosplay

the shirt is really baggy for me which is a shock cause of my size
just need a waistcoat and ill be done

Finished making it today (well at 1am in the morning) quite proud hope it can stay on my arm
hoping to style the wig next
my ribbon hasnt arrived yet so im still waiting on that
brought a new sword since i cant use my blackstar one

brought what i needed now for this cosplay and since i took this pic

jacket and shorts has been cut they just need ribbon on the edges when it arrives
headphones have been ordered just waiting on them so i can paint them
sandals have been made and are comfy to walk in
wig has yet to be styled yet but ill get to that when i can

gonna try and make an oracle bell ive found a nice base and enough cardboard to do it with :D

so much to do but ill get it done for manchester

this has been done ages ago, since this
the top has been sewn
shorts are done
tail has been stuffed and ears have hair grips in them
green felt now has been made into a guild symobol but hasnt been stuck on yet
i also have some wings to wear as well

i just need to find some pumps now then i can add fabric to them

added the circle pattern since i realied that i needed to do it
attached it to a cheap headband i got
all i need now is the dress (may or may not add detail dependng on money)

did a quick make up test for the enchantes sword mode version im gonna do it better i just wanted to make sure it kinda got the idea
im gonna figure out the wig again since i have worn this for ages and i dont know what i did to it :P
i also have the sword as well

after 3 attempts (including failed dying and making it too small) i finally done them in a way i like
there a little bit off colour but im happy with them
just need to stuff them since i ran out of stuffing and add a safety pin to the tail and hairgrips to the ears

i started these yesturday and finished them today im quite proud of them all i need now is is an alice band to attach them to and im done with that
im currently looking for a dress but im not gonna buy one yet cause i dont need to work on it at this moment

right after taking this to the midland expo i descovered that there were a couple of things wrong with it
1) the last strip on my blazer is coming off due to it being difficult to walk in as it it god dammit why am i so big
2) the tie badge needs to be redone i need to attach the string to the badge again
3) the fraying on my white strips is an issue but im not bovered entirely tbh

worn at the manchester expo and i was happy that i got reconised and that i have found both photos of me (happy dance)
unfortunatly u cant see this but i put the rings on the socks but due to me having bigger than average legs the socks will only reach my ankles before they break which means that im gonna put the rings on the shorts when me and my mom figure out what went wrong with the trousers that we intended to make and then try them out instead but i have time for that

this is how i made the scythe

1 - started by destroying 2 smaller scythes (one was broken already) and i fitted the good one in the broken part of the broken one (if that makes sense) and then secured them with duct tape

2 - made the blade of the scythe bigger with cardboard then i papered mached the whole of it i cut the bottom of it as its kind sharp and not safe, it also made the wepon slightly smaller and eaiser to travel

3 - added the grey paint first and letted that dry and then i added the red paint on, had to add 4 layers as u could see the newspaper until the 4th layer

4 - added the black paint now (only needed 1 layer as it was a dark colour)

5 - added souls eyes on to the neck bit and then it was complete

time taken - 1 month (wouldve taken less but only had my days off from college to complete it)

midlands was amazing im in love with this costume buuuuuuuuuut......
as im gonna be doing this for the brimngham expo i have to change a lot of it as it was kinda falling apart
gloves - need to pleat them as they were ripping apart
top - need to pleat the grey bit as it was ripping as well
star on arm - gonna buy black eyeliner for this as the one i had was grey and my mom left it at the hotel room cause i was joking and said that i didnt need it
belt gonna re sew a button on the belt bit as my mom did it in the darker grey cotton and didnt realise until we were at the expo

got time to do it so not paniking

im finally done thank god

gonna re-do some bits after the expo for birmingham expo and may expo but i think it will do for now

got home from college yesturday and found that my mom finished the rest of my boots
i love her sooooo much

done the gloves but have made a slight error on them as i made them both right handed the pic should be eaiser to explain
may re-do if i have the time but it not really bovering me

done the trousers
all that i have to do on the top is sew the grey bit on it but im gonna do the gloves and the boots first
starting to come together now :)

gonna retire this costume for a bit now as i wor it for like half of 2011

im gonna buy a new wig for this as i the wig had showed my hair underneath due to it being so crap

my costume arrived today and it fits snugly
on to the wig now which i have put the ribbion on but i need to cut the wig to size its good but i need to style a fringe out of the wig

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