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It was so hard trying to find a good wig colour but i settled for this one.
I bought 2 of the same wig as it'll need some more of the wig fibres on the wig base.

The wig was suppose to be for another character but it came a more wine red than i needed so i am using it for Kurisu. Here is the before and after photo. I cut the fringe to fit my face as well as the bangs and i went ahead 'n straightened it a bit with a hairdryer. May need some more adjustments if i want to wear her to a con.

Wig does appear to be a brighter green that the picture, i will be cutting this and using the rest of the strands to weft in some volume. Hopefully i can manage to do a good job on it! Never weft before! Lets hoping!

As much as it kills me to cut a long wig this was the only one i could find for the right colour i wanted. I really do hate cutting long wigs just for short wigs but i may use the excess to weft in for some volume at the back and to make the spikes on the top. But we'll see if i can try and find something shorter before buying this as this is only an option.

I will purchase on circusdollstore.

Buying the wig from circusdoll store and will tamper with it when i get it so it'll fit my face more. Will have more progress near the end of the year [2016]

I'm ordering the wig from circusdoll store and will tamper with it until it fits my face. More progress will be made near the end of the year [2016]

I bought a pair of cheap converses blanks, and decided to pain them as Ash's shoes aren't converses and have their own design,. I painted them with fabric paint and this is the result, i'm pretty happy with the outcome.

So i'm actually not 100% happy with how i look as Kirino but maybe with a bit more tweaking i'll come to like it. The wig needs a bit more cutting and styling and i think i need to improve on makeup.

I'm really that i gave in and bought the wig it's outstanding, soft and silky. Just need to cut the bangs to my face shape and done! I already have the clips so i'm all set for this part!

I'm super happy with it so far, though getting the right yellow was a pain. Had to choose from 2 yellow shades, one light or one like an orange yellow. So i decided to use the lighter yellow, it works best with the contrast of the blue so i'm fine with it. Just got to add the yellow bits and i'm done! All i need now is to find some jeans and may be get a cheap pair of converses i can alter for his shoes otherwise i'm almost there!

So i bought the fabric and just had enough! I've taken an old shirt pattern i used and altered it slightly & placed them on the fabric for me to cut them out! All i need to do now is cut the sleeves and yellow parts and sew it and the jacket is complete! I'm so excited!

I'm s so proud of myself for hand stitching the logo on. Took me around 5 hours on and off to do. I still need to straighten the bottom part of the logo but it's pretty much done! I'm super happy about it! Now i can't wait to finish the rest of this outfit!

It finally arrived after 3 weeks it is here! I'm literally going to hand sew the logo on myself, i can't do embroidery to save my life.. so here goes nothing!

The backpack arrived and i couldn't be any happier! It's perfect! All it needs now is a strip of Orange on the back and it's ready! Oh, there's the pikachu i'll be taking with me, because pikachu back then was a grumpy one c:

I was using this for Kuroko wig but it came too bright for my liking so i decided to use it for Nagisa. I'll probably end up buying separate pigtails or making my own somehow. This is a before and after cut.

Everything came to nicely and i am super happy with the outcome of the wig. I used the alcohol and sharpie method, it took a few hours but was totally worth it!

Sewing bows for the first time and i'm quite happy with them! I made 2, one for me and my friend! Can't wait to get started on the skirt!

So i received the wig and well, it got damaged and was strangely styled. I bought a base wig so it shouldn't of been touched. I'm really unhappy about it. I'm going to see if i can save it by washing it as when i brush it, it just becomes super frizzy. fingers crossed.

Getting the wig a few days ago i was really excited to open the package and get it out! As i did it was perfect! It didn't need adjusting or extra style it came as i saw it online! It did come a bit darker than the picture but it was to be expected! Circusdoll is great to buy styled wigs from and the colours are beautiful! They are a bit pricey but so worth it! I'm really happy with this wig! & i recommend Circusdoll!

So i came across Circusdoll on store envy and i've seen so many cosplayers use them to buy their wigs. I thought with all the positive reviews i'd go ahead and purchase my first wig with them, that being Megumi. I spent so much time trying to find a really decent wig as i'm pretty picky when it comes to wigs. And i had no luck but now coming across this site and seeing they had a Megumi wig i was sold! The colour is beautiful [hoping it comes that way & styled] I didn't want a bright dark blue or a dark blue, i purchased a wig in the past but it came much more darker than i expected. The wig in the picture is what i bought and hoping it comes as it does on picture!

So a friend of mine bought the outfit but it was too small for them. They shipped the top to me and it's slightly big but going to alter it a little for it to fit. Also the bow doesn't really do it for me so i'm going to make a new puffy bow.

I was choosing between a wavy or straight wig. I do however like the wavy wig as it seems more natural for Chitoge. Chitoges hair has pink at the bottom so i'm going to see if i can some how manage to dip dye the wig. (Gonna have to look up some tutorials)

It came unstyled, so i trimmed the fringe and gave it a cut to fit my face more!

I've had the shoes and headband for awhile, almost years. And i've always put this cosplay off. BUT NOW. Now it is time! I have gone ahead and ordered the wig, i was tied between 2 wigs one was shorter than the other so i decided to get the longer wig. Why? Because it it was too short i couldn't do anything to make it longer whereas if i get a longer one i can cut it to the length i need! Perfect! So happy! Can't wait to cosplay Naruto!!

So cut out the shape i wanted and i was torn between either painting on the seeds or gluing on small pieces of felt so they look more 3D. However i thought that would take a lot more time so i went with painting them on with Acrylic paint and iron it over with grease proof paper to hold it together.

So i pretty much have everything, the boots however i cannot get hold of so im using some converses that kinda look like boots. But sometimes shoes doesnt matter unless it's pretty noticeable. Glasses i got off ebay pretty cheap, T-shirt and shorts of charity shops, Shirt off ebay.

Yeah it's awful i know, i'm trying reeeally hard on this wig so it comes out ok. So far i may have to weave some extra in the gaps. The ponytail is too heavy so it just flops down :/

Seriously this has been a total nightmare. The wig is too heavy for the ponytail, the amount of hair i have literally feathered off.. apparently it's not enough! I literally hate the outcome but i'm going to live with it because i'm sort of proud of the outcome. I know i've done better but long wigs i cannot style to save my life! I've added a picture so you can see the mess i had to put up with D:

This wig was actually really easy to cut, but i was so nervous cutting it as it was my first time cutting a wig. My sister did my previous ones, like my Crona Wig and my Yui Wig. But i finally had the courage to cut it. The fringe was down to my chin, and i had to cut the sides to blend it in, i know it's not prefect but i think it goes well when it's tied back like in my test shot. In the end i'm very pleased with my myself.

Ok here comes the stressed part, pleated skirts. They are annoying, but i've managed to get them done in the past. So hopefully i can managed to get this one accurate too. Fabric wasn't cheap as it is Wool Tartan. Jacket im using Just normal cotton drill fabric, works well as i've used cotton drill on pretty much all of my costumes. c: The colours are a lil' off in teh picture, but the red is a bit more darker.

Is nearly complete. I've left this a little to late hah! But all it needs now is the ties and that's the tunic complete. Pants and fur jacket tomorrow! Hope i get this done in time for Saturday! So excited!

So i bought myself a bargain on Ebay. These boots are pretty amazing. However i will be adding my own fur to the top of the boots as Hiccups boots have fur at the top. I was going to get some taller boots, but because i am short they would of come up to my knee ad i didn't want that, so i bought some shorter ankle ish high ones. I bought these for a £5- oh how much i love you Ebay (only sometimes) hah! They are comfy. I'm getting excited already!

Fabric for the Tunic and Pants i have got! I already had the fabric for the tunic as it was the same colour as the medieval dress my mother made me for a medieval park that i got invited to. I'm so excited to get this done! c:

This is an old wig i bought for my Keiichi cosplay, but found out i didn't really need it and i changed my my after i bought it. Stupid i know haha. But now i can finally put some use to it and use it for Hiccup. Needs a bit of style, but this is the base of it. (:

So i decided i'd make a bag, don't know anything about making bags so my mother has decided to this one for me. I'm not good at sewing just yet, haha. So first of all the strap isn't as wide as i wanted it to be, but it's fine for now. Instead of using a different blue i got mother to use the rest of the dark blue that i used for the Blazer, saving money. And well here it is so far. Oh and i'll be making an heart chain thingy as Yui has one on her bag. (:

before you say anything, it's not purple.. that's just the lighting.. it's pure dark blue cotton drill. so shhh. All i need now is the buttons and it's done! That is it! Now to get some ribbon and to make a shirt! And buy some shoes and socks. And done! oh.. yeah and cut the wig haha. (:

Have i ever mentioned how annoying pleats are?
Seriously, me and my mother had to cut out 2 more bits and attach it on. Damn things never seem to come out alright. We made all different sized pleats to try and get them to fit in.. but no. *shakes fist* ..yeah and i've gotta make 2 more of these things.. GOD DAMMIT.
Over all, i'm happy with it (:

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