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Mirror selfie on the Saturday morning of mcm! (Bonus sunglasses and swag) I love wearing Cersei to events because people love to hate me haha the amount of 'shame' and 'tell Cersei it was me' comments were great. I struggle to stay in character because I'm always laughing as Cersei XD

...but still waiting on wig (which did eventually turn up!)

It's quite messily thrown together but I'm happy. Managed to start and finish in a short amount of time, which is very unlike me lol.

The difference a bit of weathering makes. These aren't screen accurate I know, but when do I ever make anything screen accurate lol

Made from foam and worbla, painted with silver rub n buff and acrylics :)

I decided on the Herringbone fabric for the under layer of the dress. I laid out both fabrics on top of each other so I could cut them at the same time, and used the pattern pieces from the test dress to cut around.

I've made some foam + worbla pauldrens and a worbla crown. Just waiting on the wood glue coat to dry before I paint them. I'm only using one coat as I think the rough worbla texture looks good for this armour. The top fabric (faux leather with laser cut holes) is from Etsy, and the underneath layer i'm still deciding between 2 different textures, as shown in the photo. I've also ordered a long petticoat to go under the dress to add the desired volume :) Wig is on its way from Arda wigs, I hope it gets here on time!

Now begins the hell of trying to modify a pattern for this beast of a dress.
I'll be using a cheap cotton to make a test version of the dress, and to see how much fabric I will need overall. I have found a good fabric on etsy for the top layer of the dress, but am still searching for a good black+white patterned fabric for the underneath part. I will also need some sort of petticoat for this to. As for the crown and pauldrens, I think they will be quite simple with a bit of foam and worbla work!

Just a few more wip photos that I never uploaded. Never took any of my sword/boot covers progress, but I need to re-do both before my next time wearing this anyway.

Made by ruffling some satin ribbon, and sewing it onto 5 organza circle skirts. A lot of sewing went into this, thank god for sewing machines! When my mum saw it she said it looks like a jellyfish, which made me smile as it is supposed to seeing as the anime is called 'Jellyfish Princess' :)

Made from foam, gold stretch vinyl, gimp braid, gold cord/rope, and gold bullion fringe, all hot glued together. Will most likely attach to the costume via velcro.

While I had every intention of making a screen accurate costume when I started out, that idea quickly went out the window when I struggled to find the right fabrics. I ended up buying a lot different types of red fabric (dupion silk, imitation dupion silk, taffeta and some other fabrics i don't know the name of) and was never happy with how they looked or felt, so ended up wasting a lot of money. This was even after I ordered samples of said fabrics, while they seemed ok as small swatches, I hated when the bulk of it arrived :(
I eventually decided on playing it safe with a fabric I've used before, duchess satin, but I used the matte side of the fabric. The gold parts are taffeta which I was quite pleased with, however I had intended on finding a fabric with the correct pattern but after the trouble with the red fabric, i decided against it. From there I went for a simpler version of this dress. I planned on making the huge red lions with fabric paint and embroidery, but went for smaller lions, using plain cut outs of fabric sewed onto the dress. I also planned for embroidering the shoulders, back and sleeves with the correct motifs as seen on the costume, but again opted for simplicity and purchased some decorative embroidered patches online. I painted these a less tacky-looking gold, then glued/sewed them in place. I also bought decorative trims, braids and beads for this, but once more liked the look of it as a plainer/more simple dress.
The belt is made from foam and worbla, and my amazing dad put together the chain mail sections for me from scratch, which I'm very thankful for as I wouldn't have been able to do it in time for Midlands comiccon (or even at all as I wouldn't have has the patience haha). We then sprayed the chainmail gold and used lace to tie it up at the back like a corset.
Overall I really like this costume and can't wait to wear it again! Had lots of people chant 'death to the Lannisters' at me which was epic haha. I would be happy to make another Cersei dress, but next time strive for the screen accuracy perhaps.

Decided on Taffeta for this dress, as that's what a lot of other Cersei cosplayers seemed to have used. Both red and gold arrived yesterday and I'm not sure if I want to use them. The gold seems fine, but the red seems a bit cheap and shiny. I will make a start on the dress but if the red doesn't start to look any nicer i'll have to order some more and start again 8D

Quickly tried on the wig today, need to straighten out the curls a little and properly add the plaited bit.

This is my last day to work on this, so what's left to do tonight - hem skirt, add arm rolls to gloves, make gloves smaller/fitted, add popper to collars, attach bows, neaten arm bands, add elastic to tiara + glue on green jewel. Boots were beige faux suede that I painted green.

Added wefts and curls to the wig, started the collar, but need white thread to sew on the stripes. Whats left to do - Finish collar, styles bangs, re-fix the hip roll to the bodice, sew skirt to hip roll, hem skirt, sew the sleeves on, sew rolls to the gloves, paint boots, attach bows. Probably more but that's all I can think of for now :]

Two circles, lots of pleats! Everything's pinned right now, as I don't have any green thread haha

Ordered the fabric today, went with klona cotton in 'holly green' and 'pink' and some white lycra. This image was put together as I was asking friends which shades of green and pink I should go with haha xD

Need to attach the balls to the rope, and add a golden edge to the large belt. Need to plait the wig and tie on the ribbon, plus style the bangs.

Nearly finished the tier/ruffle dress today, just need to make the top part, and buy a zip for it tomorrow! Plus hem and iron it, which I should have done before sewing it all lol fail. Also nearly finished the headphones, I can't get a picture up though as they're at my uni house (Extra thanks to Steph for helping with them!). I also have the black and white vertical stripe tights and a long wavy pink wig, just need to decide what shoes to wear :)

So it's all in the priming stage (I'm using gesso and polyfiller mixed in). The armour should't take too long but the sword and especially the shield will need many layers and lots of sanding D8 I also need to sand down the edge of the wooden base of the shield, it's too wide. Next steps should be to finish the dress, make the arm parts, make the jewelry and make the sandals.

My giant pie shield and sword are made from a wooden base and expanding foam (foam board base for the sword) Next step is to carve them :)

I fail at making chiffon look elegant haha. Nearly finished the dress, just need to add the arm parts and neaten and adjust everything, wonky boobs ftw. Started the shield and sword today, forgot to take pictures but it's basically wood and expanding foam :)

Hard parts nearly over, I think I need to re-apply the fray stop as its fraying quite a bit at the edges, and I need to sort out how to create support for this bra-less cosplay D8 I may be incorporating some transparent bra straps.

Nearly finished the skirt part of the dress, which is a layer of plain white cotton and 2 layers of chiffon. I used white fabric paint to paint on some of the detail, and fray stop on all of the edges to keep them neat, (hopefully). Need to add a zip then add the top parts of the dress tomorrow.

Fabric for the dress - (chiffon, and some plain white I don't even know) Some brown faux leather for shoes, arm parts etc and some balls XD Just made the hair piece quickly as well :)

WIP Pic ~
Parts made using Worbla and craft foam, next step is gesso and paint. Starting on the dress tomorrow.

Instead of doing uni work i'll just work on this xD

Need to: Make the top more fitted, paint symbol on back, make shin/arm guards, make shoes, make sword.

Just felt I needed to upload something, to prove i'm (slowly) making this! Crap picture is crap.

The image is of pieces of the gauntlets, first time using worbla. Its very flat :( Going to be adding 3d parts with foam I think. Have just ordered some plain brown boots, mint green feathers, and more red velvet. Need to buy - brown gloves, rings and buttons for the jumpsuit. Need to figure out - how to do the strips and pattern on the jumpsuit.

I had lots of progress photos of the gun but can't find them D:
So here's how I styled the wig - pva glue, got2b glued hairspray, and shampoo bottles lol

I bought the black 'Helga' wig from coscraft and started cutting/styling it, this is how it looks so far. It needs more trimming and the ponytails need to be higher/ more fluffy/ backcombed. The wig has a skin top that goes from the crown all the way down the back as well so hopefully shouldn't look too crap :]

Made with foam, fimo and gesso. Needs sanding and painting. Not completely accurate but i'm happy so far :)

Bit too orange/ginger, but it still works :) will probably plait it or tie it up with the yellow ribbon for the classic DOA2 look :)

General idea of how it will be, its just a normal blazer that will be modified. Thanks S-Lawliet for the buttons :]

Top part sewn, need to add gold symbol on to the back. Need to make bottom part of dress (two flap things) and arm and shin guards. And hopefully the small sword she holds.

Just need to add the cross to the hat, will make it with foam and fabric. Wig needs a brush, and I will try and find better stockings for this. Also need to buy blue contact lenses.

Still need to add sleeves, collar, dark purple trim and make the hat. Also looking for some dark purple shoes, with or without a heel I don't know yet ^_^

I have used an old overall dress thing from work (I work in a bakery) as a base for making the pattern. It was really baggy and long but I have altered it now so its ready to be taken apart and used as a template ^_^ Bought the purple fabric and bias tape ages ago in Cardiff, it has a slight stretchy quality which is always useful. Will change the sleeves to puff sleeves, and add darts to the dress to make it more fitted.

Finished everything now, and nothing is the right tone of green grrrr oh well. My favourite part is the shin guards, made out of foam and rub'n'buff. These are really rushed but still came out looking ok. The trousers keep falling down, even with a belt wtf ¬_¬ so double sided sticky tape needed there lol. They are also too baggy DX. Didn't combine the wigs, wish I had now as my wig is too blue. Ummm I haven't used the fur and feathers that I bought, just gone with a feather boa instead, most Tira cosplayers do this and it looks really good anyways. I have 2, both the wrong colour, either lime green or mint green lol euurgh oh well >.<
May or may not wear this to Kitacon, might just use it as a photo shoot cosplay not a con cosplay, as it is a pain in the ass to wear haha, definitely prefer my SC4 version. Okkkk complaining/rant over :)

Just worked on making a mock dress as practise for the real one, made out of curtain liner stuff 8D
I made it a bit too big, and its held together with pins in the pictures, but I won't finish it as I think i'm ready to start on the real one now. I need to be more precise with measurements hmmmm

Wig = purchased and styled, and tried on here :)
Will add more flowers to the head band though. Need to make the dress out of scrap material first to get the pattern right. Need to try and get it to poof out right >.<

Here's the progress for the wings, my Dad helped make the base out of wire, and now i'm going to paper-mache them to make it easier to stick the feathers to them. I just placed the feathers on top to see how they would look, and it's safe to say i need to have a look at some pictures of birds wings and stuff to actually help me get it right ¬_¬ I will be cutting the feathers down and shaping them to. Will make a harness for the wings as well.
In other news, I receieved the pattern I was going to use for the dress and its sooo hard to understand >.< Will give it a try, but will most likely have to make my own pattern out of existing clothes as usual lol failll

Here's the progress on the horns, carved the shit out of some expanding foam to make these, then covered them in tape, and tomorow I will cover with papermache. Need to figure out how to attatch them to my head though, should probably work with clips being glued on to them, which clip into the wig.

The wig arrived today, ordered from an ebay store based in China. As soon as I tried it on I knew it was just right for Ultimecia, but it also tangled a lot as soon as I lay one finger on it lol (damn long wigs) I will probably cut this wig to take out some of its thickness, not length, to make it tangle less, then add the pieces I cut off to my foam horns to make them look part of her hair. The picture is bad as my mirror is dusty and covered in eyeliner and crap, but you get the jist, the wig is long and silver/grey, ideal for Ultimecia ^_^

And again I have left most of it until last minute lol. I have spent hours this week working on this damn thing, im about 90% done? I was meant to upload pictures of each part of the costume when it was finished but ive only just completed most of it, here is a photo of the explosion of Tira cosplay parts on my bed haha.
I basically made this all months ago, just left it uncompleted until today lol. I still have the hat and small collar to finish, then add the metal plate things to the skirt and boots.
A lot of this is rushed, im not happy with it >.< plus, my sewing machine broke a couple of days ago and a lot of the cosplay is glued, or hand sewed, which im shit at D8 I do like my ring blade though :) its the only part im pleased with, thanks to my Dad for helping me make it <3 (he basically did it all lol)

Here are some parts of the jewellery, like the silver charm and spikes for her tail thing, and some skulls for the collar and gold bits for the jester hat (All made with wire, clay, paint and glue). They are kind of messy but I like them. Also shows the ribbon I've got for the skirt and stocking trim, I will paint part of it darker as Tira seems to have 2 tones of pink ribbon on her outfit. Shoes and stockings nearly done, will post progess this week maybe. This costume is taking ages and I only have a couple of weeks until expo (is lazy) >.<

These have taken a long time, but thats because I started them a long time ago and only work on them for like an hour a week or something lol. The picture shows 1. After I bent the foam into shape, 2. The raised design has been added and 3. The paint job is finished and most parts are glued to the gloves. All I need to do is add the green staps and the purple ribbon (which I lost so have to buy more T_T) and add a few thick pink stitches to the underside of the glove.

Made a start on the boots (pain in the ass), the charm and spikes for the tail thing, and styling the wig. The gauntlets are nearly finished, just waiting for some leather gloves to arrive in the post then I can glue it all together. The skulls for the hat and collar I am going to make out of clay, as I can't seem to find any small plastic ones to buy from anywhere D: Overall, I have so much to do on this costume as it has lots of little details, I hope I can pull it off. (oh, and heres the picture I was meant to upload to my last journal entry >.<)

Basically started this a while ago but stopped to work on my May expo cosplays, but now this is my priority costume as it needs to be completed in 2 months for the first Manchester expo. I drew out all of the different components of the costume and wrote down how I was going to make them and what material to use etc, will start doing this before any costume I make as its proving to be really useful lol.
I have the base of the hat complete, just need to glue it all together, stuff it, and add the details. The gloves/gauntlet/claw things are in progress as well, made with foam + muslin, just need to be painted after the many coats of glue I have spammed them with haha. Will paint them today and make a start on the shoes, pictures of the hat/gloves should be up by next week hopefully :)

Almost half way with this costume, I've bought all the material and stuff that I need except the belt, buckles and red paint for her weapon.
Here is a picture of some of the parts of the costume, the pattern on the white trim I painted using a stencil, and will draw the triangles with a fabric pen. The wig is a mess, definately needs lots of styling >.< im using clay for the necklaces, oh and i'm still trying to find a pointed amethyst stone ¬_¬
For some reason it was hard to find decent beads, so I took apart a necklace of brown wooden beads that I already had, and painted them with acrylics. They look a mess but oh wells 8D
The boot covers are a pain in the arse, my sewing machine struggles with the material so i'm trying to figure out a way around that, they will be painted a darker brown when they're done. Hopefully be finished in the next 2 weeks, then need to figure out how to tan myself without looking orange D8 Anyway, will go and figure out how to wrap my sari now :)

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