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I have a lot of ideas for making parts of this costume.
Here's what I'm going to do from top to bottom-

Head- Wig, hair pieces and glasses
I'm going to be buying 2 blonde wigs (with twintails) for this costume, so I can have one set of tails on my wig and the other set will be for the long tail.
A friend gave me the idea to make the hair pieces from foam and dark blue material. I'm excited to see how they turn out!
I don't need to worry too much about glasses, considering I have to wear a pair every day of my life :P

Main body- Blouse/Skirt
I'll be editing a blouse to save time (also because I can get pretty lazy). I'll be sewing light orange material onto the sleeves and around the collar, I'll also sew in a button into the sleeve of the blouse, if I have time left.
I'll sew some orange ribbon onto the collar cover before I start attaching it.

Bottom- Tail, garter, boots
As I mentioned, I'll be making the tail out of some spare clip on pigtails. This might just be the only way to get both the hair and tail the same colour.
The garter will be incredibly simple to make, so I'll save that until last.
I will try my hardest to find some boots that I can walk in, but, if I fail, I'll just use some black thigh-high socks and small heeled boots XD

Wish me luck!

So here's the plan!
I'll be buying Sonico's headphones (I found working ones that ship to the UK! HAPPY~), I'll be making her guitar necklace out of some old yellow shrink plastic that I have which I'll attach to a gold chain (yellow and gold, that'll look attractive ._.), I'm going to combine a sky blue top with a white one to make the baseball top and I'll be making the sleeveless cat parka from scratch (no pun intended).

Hopefully it will all turn out okay!! ♥

So the top part (minus the gloves, they are being derps) of this cosplay is pretty much finished!! Also, my Christmas party is being moved to next week at some point, so I have a bit of extra time to make the trousers and boot covers :3

(Excuse the photo, my lipring forbids me from smiling properly) Okay, so I finally got round to doing a cosplay test! I'm only wearing the hat and hood because the main top only has one sleeve at the moment.. And some wig spikes came loose when I put the hat on.. I will get it finished. There's no rush. I mean, it's, what, only Christmas next week? *sobs*

I started working on this costume back in October and I've only just finished the hat and hood (@____@)
I have already sewn the top (minus one sleeve, grr) and I'm going to be making the gloves next. Hopefully I'll have a picture of the hood posted up soon too~

I ordered these from ebay a little while ago and I love them!! I had been looking for some nice looking shoes for Ib for a while, but I never really had much luck. I was so happy when I found these, because they just looked so perfect :')
And now that I have the shoes, I can take them out and find some matching material so I can finally start making Ib's skirt <3

I've finally started buying stuff for Mado-chan!! Today I ordered the wig and a pink turtleneck to customise.
I already have some shoes that I can use for this cosplay, so all I need to worry about next is finding (or maybe making) a skirt.
I think I'm going to be making the checkerboard pattern out of felt, because it's cheap and easy to do. Hopefully it will look okay ♥

Recently, I've been editing the clock that I am going to be using for this cosplay. It doesn't look too bad! Now I need to figure out how I'm going to paint the case a brown/gold colour. A friend suggested spray paint to me, so I might give it a go :)

I have come to the conclusion that I need a better wig..

Completed the hood and cape, so I tried it out with my Shiemi wig (Rose wig is in the post. Come to me, bubbah.)

So I spent most of the day planning out and sewing Rose's hood and cape. I just about got the hood looking right. Kinda. I used fleece because I plan to wear this in January. Hopefully the fleece will keep me nice and toasty <3

So I took Shion to the cosplay picnic last Saturday!!
I was walking through Norwich and a fangirl hugged me :'D
I think it's safe to say that Shion was loved ♥
Even if I painted the mark on the wrong side of my face (sleep-deprivation). I can't wait to crossplay him again! Roll on Hyper Japan!

Photo = DERP.

Quick test. I recieved my wig from the posty a few weeks ago.. Only to find out that it hasn't been styled (-___-')

I suck at styling wigs, but I tried anyway.

The make up is awful. You don't need to tell me.
I used eyeliner on my lips for this test, but I hope to buy a black lipstick this weekend X)

And the image didn't upload. Let's try this again..

There we go! (Y)

I need a local cosplay buddy, so I can force them to cosplay Nezumi with me :'|

I've tried out a few methods of re-creating the marks that were left on Shion's body, the best being smudge-proof lipstick, lightly dusted over with a loose powder to take away the stickiness. It kept on all day :3

(No pictures, i'm afraid. My camera hates me T^T)

I'll be trying Shion out at an upcoming cosplay picnic before I decide if I really want to take him to AmeCon.

I can't find many good pictures of my Mizore cosplay, so you're stuck with this :P
*fingers crossed this photo uploads*

I think it's about time I updated this costume <33
It WILL be ready in time for AmeCon!!!

I've been working on this hat for a while now (almost a year, haha! XD) I haven't had much time (or motivation) to complete it yet, due to my other projects, but with 2 months to go, I figured now would be the perfect time to start working on this costume again!

I'm still looking for the perfect colour to make the bow at the back of the hat. My search isn't going too well though..
I'll be making the roses soon <3

Found a great boot cover tutorial online, so I re-made mine. They look so much better than they did! (TwT) Still a bit loose though...

Due to.. unfortunate happenings, Rin missed expo :(
Luckily, everything is fine now and he should be making his debut at AmeCon (^^)
Also, here's a photo of the bag I made <33

The skirt is practically finished! Just need to sew the waistband and Shiemi's all ready for expo!! :'D
I'll post photos tomorrow... maybe :3


Rin's coming along fine.
I have started making the bag.
Will hopefully post pictures soon!
He WILL be finished in time for expo!
Though I have to re-think how I'm going to make the boot covers. The leatherette I bought didn't work very well :(

I've started putting everything together :D

I'm attempting to make Shiemi's bow tonight!
I already have the material ready! (photo) I'm feeling quite optimistic about this, haha :D

A photo of what I've done so far :3
The gloves still need to be cut, but apart from that, it's kinda coming along (^^)

Okay, I have my shorts, wig and I'm now sewing the top together. I really need to find a belt though.
Also, I've decided that, because I've never made gloves before, they will be fingerless. Many Kari cosplayers have pulled this off, so hopefully I can too (^^')

and I still haven't finished making Mizore's top!!
I need to get a move on..
I'll be styling my wig tonight, so look out for new photos!! XD

I now have my Kari wig!! *happy dance*

I received my socks in the post today, so Mizore is officially completed from the waist down!! I couldn't find any purple/purple socks, so I'm stuck with pink/purple. Oh well, it'll work. I'LL MAKE IT WORK :D

Yes! I've started making the gloves!! So far they have been hand-sewn, but I will get the sewing machine on to them soon (^w^) <3
If anyone can give me any help as to how I make the fingers, please don't hesitate to leave me a message ^^'

FINALLY got my boots through the door and they are ready to be modified!! I need to experiment with boot covers *excited*
ALSO, I've made the shorts longer and more flared out. I would totally go out in these. Just casually. LOVE THEM :|
I post too much in this costume journal...

So I now have those super sweet creepers that would be PERFECT for Mizore!! They KILLED my feet first time I wore them, not gonna lie, but hopefully, with a few adjustments they should be just fine. Also, I've posted a photo of my wig before styling. Please excuse it. I was fooling around with a friend (>//w//<)

Wig has been ordered!! HUZZAH!!
Also found some sweet black and white creepers online that would be PERFECT for Mizore. Will order them after christmas!! <3333

Expo blues have really kicked me in the teeth. HARD. So I haven't done as much to this costume as I would have liked to. BUT I have made the shorts longer... only thing is, they may be too long now (-__-')
I will win... eventually...
It's not all bad though, because I did manage to convince that certain someone to be my Akira!!! Yayyy!! Roll on May!!!

Everything is starting to come together!! This makes me happy <3
Now I just need to do a bit of hemming and hand-sewing and she's all ready for Friday!! :D

It arrived a few days ago, and ALREADY I have been abusing it (ignore the sharingan lenses -___-' I got bored).
And a quick update on the shorts - They have been annoying me (being that length), so I am going to be adjusting them soon. Really need to concentrate on getting my other costumes ready for Friday...

I had some spare time on my hands, so I started cutting and sewing on material for Rin's shorts. I've pinned everything into place and they look okay, but maybe they should be longer.. I can't decide :\
I really shouldn't be working on a costume I have planned for next year, when I haven't even finished my planned expo costumes for the end of this month >___<
Bad, Kimi, bad!! But I love this costume so...

So I'm now making 3 costumes at once, haha!!
I doubt i'll be making most of this from scratch. It's more of a modification job ;)
I have some old black shorts that i'm going to experiment with. I do need to remove the pockets, but hopefully, I will be able to cut out and sew the red material on them. I make it sound easy. Good thing my mother is around to help me out if I screw it up too bad ^w^'
I guess I should start marking the material...

I went down to my local fabric shop to have a look at tartan material which would be suitable for this costume. The one that was most similar is the one posted with this journal entry. It not exact, but it's the best I can find. Though I have noticed that most Rin cosplays have used a normal tartan pattern and they all look REALLY good :|
Guess I'll just have to try it out ^w^

So, We tried to cut the keyhole shape at the back of the shawl... we messed up. Alot >__<
So now we must re-make the shawl. sad times.
But, on a sunnier note, here's a photo of the bow that my sister made :) Pictures of the cuffs will be coming next!!

The bow has finally been made and my little sister is now cutting out the back of the shawl!! I will definitely been posting photos tonight!!
I really need some ideas on how to make the wand. I have attatched a picture of Yukari's wand to this post. Any ideas would be appreciated ^w^ <3

So I've finally started making Kisa's costume!! The skirt is starting to look really good. I will have to post progress pictures soon ^w^

So I've decided that I'm going to make Kisa's white sailor fuku!! Fun times ahead, haha! My wig has finally been cut too by my beloved sister *w*
I will upload photos soon!! <3

A few days ago I found a really cute wig that would be perfect for Kisa! It's a little long, but my sister is going to cut the back for me (I'm useless at cutting hair.. or wigs, in this case). I may need to sort out the fringe too, as the wig actually has a side-fringe, not a full fringe :\
Hehe, say fringe too many times and it starts sounding funny...

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