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I'm gathering reference and trying out hair samples.

So I've spent ages trying to figure out how to put together the back of the shield using authentic materials. Got the leather belts in hand to make the straps, but couldn't for the life of me work the aluminium to what I wanted. After doing some digging, I found someone willing to sell me a premade set! And they look fantastic. I'm waiting for them to arrive, then I'll assemble them, along with the straps, and use JB Weld to attach it all to the back of the shield.

I've still gotta give my paintjob a coat of sealer, but when that's all done, the shield will be complete! It's one of the most important parts of the suit, and a really cool prop to display, so I wanna be sure the whole thing is perfect at every stage. :P

I custom ordered a pair of these ages ago from a cheap Chinese cosplay website.Sent em plenty of reference but they still got em wrong. But the base was usable and I figured I could still use them if I modded the hell out of them. So far it looks like I was right, lol.

I used my sewing machine to add a few extra details to the armour piece, including the ribbing by the wrist, and replaced the cheap elastic straps with nylon webbing. I still have to add the closures, which is why i'm holding it on in this pic.

I also took a pair of Oakley SI Tactical gloves (same model used for Cap's boots), and hacked them up with the cheap gloves the Chinese guys made. I'll need to reinforce the seam, add a zipper to tighten the sleeve, paint the Oakley glove red, and attach blue suede for the palm detail.... but then it's good to go! :D

Got this wig base on it's way. I was sorta restricted for choice as I've got a 24" head, and most wigmakers only go to a 23" tops. It's not normally a prob for me when ordering long hair wig, but for short hair, it's kinda essential that if fit perfectly. So gonna wear this when it arrives and have someone cut and style it for me, if not try to figure it out for myself. :P

After a great deal of research and eBay scouring, I've ordered the fabrics I'm gonna use to make my own Jack Sparrow frock coat. Like the waistcoat, ordering one is extraordinarily pricey, and given how much money I've spent lately, I think this is another part of the costume I should at least try to make myself.

The fabrics cost £40 altogether, 5m of each, which is probably overkill, but that's the quantity they came in, and better to have more and not need it than less and not have it.

So I've been in talks with a propmaker, and we're gonna be doing a trade. In this trade, I'd be getting a grapple gun and a cryptographic sequencer, made 1:1 scale in resin, based on the 3D models from the games! Honestly, can't wait, it's gonna be awesome. I've always believed that props make the costume. And now I'll have 2 new ones to play with, alongside my batarangs. :)

I came to the conclusion after much deliberation that my utility belt for Batman would have to be entirely homemade. There IS and Arkham Asylum belt out there, but I gave my self the dumb challenge of doing Arkham City! :P

To help me get that flat geometric look to the sculpt, I'm actually making the original pieces out of sheet foam, which I'll cast up in plaster or something, and pour latex into after to make the final pieces that'll go on the belt. Pictured left is the foam prototype for the buckle. It's ALMOST identical to the Arkham Asylum one, but with a few minor changes.

The pouches will be made the same way, but will hopefully be practical working pouches with velcro closures.

So I thought about using a type of leatherette for the cape, but that will likely be way too heavy, killing my neck and shoulders after a single day's wear. I've also considered cloth fabrics, but they may look too soft and plain against the print of the suit and texture of the cowl.

Then I remembered I've got this black waterproof woven material in the garage, kept from years ago. It has the feel of a vinyl or leatherette, but it's got this fantastic woven texture to it, like little I've seen before. Can't even remember where I got it, but I remember thinking I might have use for it in the future. If it's got the right weight and flow to it, it could work REALLY well for my Arkham City cape!

After doing some homework on the subject, via the ever-so-helpful RPF boards, I've learned the best metallic red spray paint for the shield is in VHT's anodized range. So I've ordered that, as well as the blue just to test it out on some scrap. Apparently Krylon do the best shade of blue for the centre disc, but I'll try out the anodized spray and see how it goes. I'll also need to buff out the paint a little,

I'm told, as it's hard to work with and often applies kinda unevenly, but it does give the nicest metallic sheen, and you'll still be able to see the spun aluminium underneath.

After all that I'll hit it with a clear coat varnish, to seal and protect the paint. Then I can attach the star with JB weld, and move on to making the strap system on the back. :P

Just ordered the metal and leather pieces I'll need to assemble the back section of my shield. Hopefully it'll still work rather robustly and look close enough to the real deal to keep me happy. :)

Ok, so I now have a 26" aluminium shield on the way. :)

May have sourced a potential chest star for my suit. It's made by a fantastic SCF-member who goes by the alias Bamabat. The best part is it's made of flexible urethane, so I won't have to worry about snapping a thin plastic or resin star, but will still hold it's shape wonderfully.

So that I can better understand how to put this costume together, I studied as much reference as I could get my paws on, and put this sketch together. It shows all the individual panels of the shirt, and what colour each piece should be. As well as having detailed information about construction and stuff.

I've spent a couple days looking into my options for a metal shield for this costume. I've asked various UK-based metal spinners for quotes, but none of them seem to go as large as what I need. So now I'm forced to look at American vendors, or possibly self-construction.

I could buy a few metal sledge disks, which would be large enough, but flimsy so would need either reinforcement or multiple disks layered up. I'm not confident with metal work either, as I've not really got the tools, space or experience for it.

My other option is to buy a blank from a specialist, then paint it up myself. I'm highly considering splashing out the cash to buy a full aluminium spun shield, which would be light but durable, and very very cool. Something like that would really help make a suit like this shine. I'd then just be tasked with painting it up, and possibly making my own leather straps. It just comes down to whether I can justify the cost.

I've just placed an order with a Chinese costuming website (one I've used before for Hellboy gear) for the gloves and boot tops for Captain America. The boot tops will get glued down to the Oakley boots, and will have EVA foam under the leatherette, so should hold shape very nicely.

I've just ordered the boot bases that will become the boots for my suit. The soles are IDENTICAL and I think this is the kinda boot they used for the actual movie. They cost a lil bit, but it'll be worth it to have a screen accurate costume. I'm also in the middle of getting a quote for the boot tops and gloves from a chinese costume website.

I'm also talking to a guy about making a helmet based off reference pics, and waiting to hear back from a couple metal spinner companies about getting a custom shield base made out of real metal!

I've put an order in for this blue jersey fabric, it's got a really nice subtle looking texture. I just hope it's not TOO subtle. But for the price I paid, I won't be disappointed if it's not what I expect. I've ordered some matching fabric in white too.

The plan is to dye cuttings of the white to the dark red, instead of buying red fabric which will need to be dyed anyway. And some of the blue will be dyed too, to match the very subtle variations of blue that are on the actual suit. What I'll probably do is cut, hem and pin all the individual panels in place first, that way I can check the design before dying anything. THEN I can separate the panels, and dye them in batches.

I'll be starting properly on this costume around or after Oct Expo 2011, but doesn't hurt to have the materials and gameplan ahead of schedule :P

After some time looking over the screengrabs, I've chosen to go with a more accurate attempt at the new Arkham City suit, instead of just using the reference I have from Arkham Asylum to build the suit. The cowl has remained the same, but there are a number of subtle differences between the games that I'll be working at replicating. Almost all the armoured sections have changed in one way or another, so it'll be an interesting exercise to make them myself.

I've spend the past month or so tracking down the right pieces to sew my own accurate OST waistcoat, and after ages thinking the only option open to me was to paint the embroidery onto plain fabric, I found a seller that makes a near perfect embroidered silk, that is actually used by the Jacks at Disneyland! I've placed my order, and should have the fabric in hand in a couple weeks, at which point I can lay out patterns and start piecing this beauty together. Wish me luck!

After failing with the cowl (a very expensive waste of time) I've decided to go the old latex route, but with a twist. After seeing this piece of artwork, I've decided the best looking option would be to sculpt a whole head cowl over my lifecast. This cowl however will stop just under the ear and under the chin, much like the Dark Knight batcowl. The neck area won't be exposed though, as I'll fashion the leatherette cape with a hood section, which I'll wear under the latex cowl. This should give me the same freedom of movement you see in the TDK cowl, but with the look of a complete cowl and cape.

After looking at 3 other mask makers' Arkham style cowls, and deciding none of them are particularly what I'm looking for, I've decided to sculpt my own cowl over my plaster lifecast. Hopefully this will result in a nice looking and perfectly fitted latex cowl. And if it gets damaged, I should be able to simply pour myself a new one!

In the next few months, I'm hoping to sort myself out with a small studio space, where I can sew, sculpt and work on all sorts of projects. The Arkham cowl will be one of the first things I work on in this space, as well as the belt and other pieces. I've already started collecting a vast range of reference material, both from promo material and from the character trophy in the game that you can spin around and examine. And I'll hopefully have it all ready for Kapow con next year! :)

For LFCC 2011, I'm reassembling my Superman suit, but with entirely new pieces. I've got a nice BOLD royal blue bodysuit, a home-cast latex Superman Returns shield, a new belt and bright red cape. I'm also hoping to make a new pair of boots, and possibly a lycra muscle suit I can wear underneath, with stuffing to accentuate the arms and chest, to gimme that slightly more heroic comic book silhouette, without being too ridiculous.Something subtle but powerful.

Ok, so they may sound simple enough, but getting the right look to Kermit's eyes is really tricky. You don't just cut a ping pong ball in half and sharpie on the pupil. You have to trim, sand and paint the eyeball before you even start to add the pupil. My Kermit's pupils were drawn onto sticker paper, trimmed carefully, and attached very delicately. I've then added a clear coat of varnish to both eyes, to protect it from lil bumps here and there. :)

Now to work on the sewn patterns.

I got the printed fabric from the printer, and the suit looks like it should be REALLY cool! They matched the colour well, and the pattern looks good and detailed. Gonna get it sewn up now, and sort out the mask and ring. :P

The pouches are now on the belt blank, with the buckle peeled off and reglued, so it should stay on SUPERstrong now! All that remains is to add snap fasteners to the back of the belt, and it's ready to wear and fill!

The first gadget I'll be worrying about making is the legendary batarang. No Batman is complete without at least one. I've finalised the artwork for the silhouette of the thing (pictured), and decided it'd be best as a folding item, 7" long that folds down to 3.5" to fit comfortably in the pouches. This size should also look good in photos - it's not too small that you can't see it in hand, and not too big that it looks ridiculous.

I've sent an email to a CNC company about making a few of these in metal (cos omg that would look badass). So the likelihood of seeing these in my belt anytime soon really depends at the moment on how expensive they are to produce. If they're too pricey, I may have to wait a lil while until I can get em made. But would love the novelty, even if I can only really make one or two at this point.

Contrary to popular belief, Jack's 2nd flintlock isn't all that similar to the original. In fact the only similarily is the face on the butt-cap (must stop giggling). It's more of a narrow shape throughout. So I've ordered this plastic toy pirate pistol, and I'll spend a day modifying the hell out of it, lol.

I've just come to the realisation that, in pursuit of a perfect Batman Utility belt, I'm probably spending a little over £110. And that's before I've ever started kitting it out with gadgets! O.O

The end result should be pretty badass though. I wanna get some custom metal batarangs CNC cut, maybe make a pocketable grapple gun prop. But I'll still also have room enough for wallet, phone, keys, HA:UK cards, etc.

The pouches I ordered should be arriving first thing tomorrow morning. I had to pay customs on em, which sucked, but I'm prepping the belt blank and faux buckle, so I can get the pouches on nice and easy. Might also pick up some navy leatherette tomorrow to make some gloves out of. :)

I was trolling eBay again and found these from a seller in California! Couldn't let the chance pass me by so I ordered 8 of em, and they're not on their way to be added to my belt. I'll probably give em a good weathering too, just to make it look like Batman's been wearing this belt for a good few years crimefighting. :)

Got a new full-leather OST tricorn being made by a nice fella called "UpNorthJack", and have ordered leather binding that I'll be glueing to my new homemade baldric! :)

I've decided that I'm gonna change my approach slightly for the pouches. I'm not going with the metal ones, nor am I gonna buy cheap ones from somewhere else. I want my belt to be 100% unique. So I've decided I'll either sew or glue some pouches together, using my own pattern, from either suede or leather. I still want them to be practical too. I'll probably have between 6-10 for the whole belt, with two snap-shut buckles around the back to hold it on.

Filmed this in a day, with the help of Josh "flames of monki". One of my lesser worn suits, and I wish we'd planned the shoot a lil better, but had such a blast filming it, lol. It rarely snows in South East England, so I took advantage of the woodland near my home when it did. My own personal Canada, lol.

You can expect more of these kind of vignettes in 2011, not just of me, but of any fellow UK costumer buddy that's up for it!

So I was thinking about the best way to attach the metal components to the 2.5" leather belt blank for this project, and decided to try using a strong epoxy glue. They don't really sell JB Weld very widely in this country, but I DID find a glue from a company called Bondloc, whose 1-hour setting epoxy resin seemed to be a good substitute. It's got a 2500 psi strength to it, which sounds pretty impressive, so I've started glueing the parts together. It seems to be working, but only time will tell.

So far I've got the buckle attached, and 2 pouches. 4 more to go. Then I'll take some pics and show you guys the progress. I think I'll need to get 4 or 6 more pouches to finish the belt, before I attach the velcro strips that'll hold it on.

This is gonna be for making my cowl and cape. It's a bit of a gamble project, but we'll see how it goes. Should be fun. I've decided I'll be sculpting my skull cap over an old lifecast of me. The neck and back of the head didn't turn out very well on it, but there's enough detail for me to sculpt the dome, brow, nose, jaw and ears, which is all i really need for this project. Then I can cast the sculpt in silicone and make resin pulls from that mold.

Ok, so, 2 pairs of ill-fitting Superman Returns boots later, and I get an email from Philip Shanz at saying their "auditing team" won't let me get my boots remade, even though I can't get either pair on my damn feet! GRRRRRR

I'm not gonna get into the details, but frankly I'm disappointed that, with accurate measurements of my feet, they couldn't make a single pair that FIT! DO NOT go near them, they won't do good work for the money you pay them.

Nuff said

I just won an auction on eBay for a killer brown leather coat that should work brilliantly for Van Helsing. I've made plans for how to alter the coat when it arrives. Shouldn't be more than a few hours of work, thankfully. The coat already looks good and weathered. Very excited.

The boots arrived, and look great, but didn't fit at all! I sent the folks at Cosplayful a rather upset email, and they've offered to remake the boots for me entirely, which I'm much happier about. I've since sent them VERY precise measurements of my feet and calf, and hopefully the new boots will fit MUCH better.

Got these lovely new boots on the way. My old ones were awesome to look at, but WAY too small for my size 13 feet. So got these beauties commissioned and they're on their way. I've also recently got 2 new bodysuits to choose from, a light blue and a royal blue. I'll try out both, but I think I may go for the royal. We'll see.

Ok, so I've scoured eBay, an have ordered my white jeans, t-shirt (which I'll add the black parts to), black studded belt and wristbands. I've already got black and white converse shoes I can wear, but I do need to buy style and colour a wig. Once that's all done, I'll have my suit! Easy as pie! hehe

That's right, I'm taking Captain Jack Sparrow onto the streets of London on Wednesday 18th! Be prepared to see me outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, and possibly on the Southbank.

I'm gonna be working on a couple bits in the meantime, in preparation for the outing. If Wednesday goes well, I may try to go more regularly. We'll see. Keep a weathered eye on the horizon!

Ok, also got some kickass new buckles on the way, and they're not cheapass CostumeBase ones. These are the correct scale, beautifully detailed, and essentially perfect replicas of the screen used belt buckles. The buckles for the waist belts are coming from "ACME" and the baldric buckle is coming from "Empire". Best part is, I got the baldric one cheap as they were on sale, lol.

Also gonna try to have the belts themselves be made from real leather this time as opposed to the crappy material the costumebase belts are made from. Though the baldric belt will have panels of leatherette on them, simply cos trying to find tooled leather in that same pattern is almost impossible, and painfully expensive.

I've just ordered all the pieces I'll need to make myself a new waistcoat for Jack. One that fits better and is loads more accurate. The fabric will be 100% linen, like the original, aubergine coloured front (pictured) and striped beige back, lined and with practical pockets. And it's also gonna boast 18 movie accurate pewter buttons.

I may also upgrade the poet shirt and breeches, but I think the waistcoat will be an easy one to start off with. We'll see, lol.

So I've got a few more of the items I'll be using for Van Helsing. Namely the trenchcoat, waistcoat and turtleneck. I've gotta make the pauldrons for the trenchcoat (which I'll be making out of leatherette and laying on top), but that should be relatively easy. Regardless, the suit is really starting to come together, and I'm starting to see the Helsing in me, haha.

I've also ordered a Nerf gun that I'm gonna be modding the hell outta to form my crossbow gun, so that should be fun, lol.

I've ordered this wig (pic attached) either to add to my current wig, or to make a whole new one with. I'll transfer all the dingles and coins and things anyway, but yeah, more dreads on the way. I'm gonna try to get Jack looking as close to the real Jack as possible. Should be fun! haha

Well my new coat arrived today, and generally I'm happy with it, but I WILL be doing a fair bit of alteration to get it looking alot more accurate. This thing is like halfway there and just needs that extra little nudge. Thankfully the pockets are practical, so I'll be able to store lil props in there, like the aztec coin and Davy Jones' key... and my phone, should I need it, lol.

The buttons are beautiful and ornate, but they shouldn't be, hahaha, so may have to replace all of them, and that alot of buttons to replace by hand. And the colour itself may need to be altered a tad, which I can do with watered-down fabric dye. Then I can start thinking about weathering the whole damn thing. Final coat should be quite good, and will help keep me that lil bit warmer in the winter outings, though I doubt I'll REALLY need it, haha.

Yes, it's official, I'm upgrading parts of my jack sparrow costume.

I've got some lovely new boots. They're more brown than tan, and more leather-look than suede, but that can all be fixed. And they've not got the flat toe to them, but again, given time, I may be able to fix that too. The overall quality of them is far superior to my old ones though, lol, so can't complain there.

I've also ordered a coat from costumebase, for MCM in October, since it'll be a lil colder, and it'll complete the suit. I'll just need to dye it when it gets here, if the colour's off, then weather it to hell, lol.

The other thing I've been working on is the compass.... I'm making my own out of wood! I'll post pics when it's closer to finished, but I'm trying to make it a practical thing, that'll be able to spin in random directions (or predetermined, if I see fit). hahaha

All the best, my lovelies, and keep a weathered eye on the horizon, cos Jack's coming back..... savvy?

Kicked some real ass today, costume wise. Added the zipper for the cowl, heatwarped the goggles for a better fit, made the whole cape (except for the quills), and put my gauntlets together. Got a foamies belt that I need to latex and paint, and boot tops to make, but I've done pretty well, and I'm quite pleased with the results! Will take some pics when things look more complete and post soon.

Two days ago, I had no sword, and no idea where to find the one I wanted at a decent price. Today, I got my Jack Sparrow sword! TODAY! And aside from having the words "China" and "Stainless Steel" etched into the base of the blade, it's identical to Jack's own! I don't think I could be happier with it. Shame it'll have to stay sheathed for Expo, but that's why I've ordered a replica flintlock pistol to go with it, hahaha.

Soooo yeah, found a fantastic looking sword on eBay, at a really decent price, aaaaaand won't allow me to order "knives or weaponry" at all. Bugger. Not an essential part of the costume, per-say, but would really top it off nicely.

Managed to scour the internet and find another retailer though, this time of one that's IN the UK. Called "Deadeye Jack's Cabin". Not sure if they're reliable, but have placed an order (via paypal so should be secure). Hopefully I'll have it in time for Expo (which is only a couple weeks away). Time will tell.


That's right, I've finally gotten around to building one of the main accessories of the suit. I've used layers of foamies and carpet tape to make the overall structure of the belt, right the way around, and there's a band of thick leatherette fastened to the back so that nothing tears off. I've then detailed it with 3d textile paint (kinda similar to Tulip fabric paint).

The next step is gonna be to coat the whole thing in a thick layer of black latex, then I'll be able to drybrush it with gold or bronze acrylic, and add the velcro fastening.

I'll be making the moon-rang in the same way, but not sure yet as to whether I'd attach it perminantly to the belt, or make it removable.

I had a go at using the sewing machine to make the shafts for my boots, but failed miserably, lol. I thought, "I can't have spent all day working on Capt Jack with nothing to show for it", so I looked over my desk and saw the wig sat on my display head.

Yep, I just spent a good hour and a half looking at reference photos while working on my Jack Sparrow wig, adding dreads, coins, beads, torn bits of fabric, suede cord, and other lil bits and pieces. The result? A pretty damn nice looking wig! I've still gotta add shorter pieces of hair, the "piece of eight" coin for the bandana, and secure the dreads in the ponytail at the back, but once all that's done, I've only really got the boots to worry about!

New pics soon!!

I've ordered a couple lace-front appliances, similar to my Jack Sparrow items. As most Wolverine costumers know, the hair is a nightmare to get looking right, so I'm taking it upon myself to cut and style a lace-front wig. That way I'll just have to slide on the wig everytime I need to be Wolvie. I'm also gonna be using prosthetic sideburns to complete the look. The whole thing should look pretty decent for appearances, and not quite as fake as some of the appliances I've seen out there. Heck, this even beats crepe hair, in my book.

No pics of the results just yet, but I'll take some soon enough to show you folks. Spent the weekend at Josh's and accomplished a fair bit with him. Made a new more accurate beard, weathered alot of the fabric attire, hemmed up a pair of baggy trousers to use as breeches, turned some faux fur into a pair of manky looking vermin pelts.... even got started on some spare dreads for the wig!

Oh and also got half my boots done, using a pair of ebay-bought shoes as a base, and gluing faux suede fabric to the outside. It's looking quite promising!

I'm a very happy Cap'n, lol.

My buddy in Mexico, who's getting my suit pattern printed for me, just showed my the flat printed suit on spandex, and gotta say I'm more than happy with the result. When it's sewn up, and foam padded in the right places, it should really damn good. I can't wait to try it all on for the first time. Hopefully it won't take too long to get the cape printed too.

Ordered a groovy set of pretty accurate hair beads today.... and it's not just the three main pieces, but all the smaller parts too. Just basically anything that you see in his hair, I'll be getting in this kit, lol.

I've also been told that my new leather tricorn is on it's way. I could not be more excited about being Jack Sparrow at this point. Well, maybe when it gets closer to Expo-time, but until then, WEEEEEE!!

My beard kit is also coming along quite well, and I have ordered some more dreadlocks to add to the wig, to make it more volumous and break up the colour a little bit. And I've also got some temporary tattoos on the way. Very, very excited about this character!

Well, my new beard kit's arrived.... lacefront tash and chin beard, ready to trim, braid and bead. Should be fun! I've already drawn up a template, so it should just be a matter of making sure it all lines up properly, and sits right on me face. Wish me luck!

Now, I'd already worn this suit to a new year's party in 2008/9, but I feel like, it could use a serious upgrade to look more movie accurate. Most of this is gonna be in the weathering of the pieces I already own, and about 25% is gonna be made up of totally new stuff. I'm getting a new tricorn (one that fits better over the wig), some new beads and possibly the coat for a more completed look.

But yeah, the bulk of the work will be in weathering, fraying, tea-dying and repainting clothing and prop. I'm also gonna be making a big effort to improve my impersonation, which will involve studying his twitches and posture, as well as his vocal range and diction.

As Cap'n Jack would say "keep to the code"

Well, my first run at MCM in May 09 went well, but the suit fell apart...
And my second run at MCM in Oct 09 went even better! But the suit fell apart again...

I'm seeing a pattern.

So, in the interest of never having to do rebuild it again, I'm going all out. I'm considering sewing the panels (by hand if necessary) onto a properly made, two-layer spandex bodysuit (being made by my buddy Bruno, when he can hunt down the right fabrics). I'm also gonna try to put together some decent looking gauntlets, that won't tear up during use. The cape will need proper fixing, though the shape is pretty much what I want. And I may even try doing the neck wrap again.

We'll see how things go... it might have to be another October Expo costume, lol.

So.... I've commissioned a new coat and pair of trousers from a costume company out in China, called Cosplay365. Their X-Men style suits look pretty promising, so I'm quite certain they'll do a good job on HB's "leather" trousers. And I've given specs for the coat, so that should look alot better than my old one too. When it gets here, I'll probably do a little weathering to it... make it look old but well-loved.

I've also started making plans for my new Hellboy mask. I've decided I'm definitely gonna want to punch the facial hairs in individually, so that's gonna bring a whole new level of realism to the face. As well as the face that i want to design the mold with an interior face to match mine, so that when i put my head in the mask, my face will fit perfectly inside, and i'll be able to move the face in a more realistic manner.

Ok, friends and Hellboy fans will be happy to hear that I'm planning to resculpt my mask for this suit, for a more accurate look. And the only thing better than the fact that I'm gonna be getting a lifecast made to do so, is that I'm gonna tape the ENTIRE sculpting process using timelapse software I downloaded. So not only will I get a nice lil souvenir of the time I spent working on the sculpt, but I'll be able to share the experience with all of you.

Now, I'm not planning to do this for a lil while, but I hope to have it ready for LFCC 2010, so time's a-wastin' and I have alot of work to do, lol.

I'm also reworking my Right Hand of Doom, replacing the inner workings and repainting the outside with (yes, new tool) my airbrush!

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