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I got into cosplay when I was around 14 and i've been to a few conventions in my time! I love dressing up and performing and I see no signs of stopping any time soon!

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okaaay about 90% done now, still a few more details to go here and there and props but then I'm good to go

bodysuit is done in the bulk! maybe a few more bits to add but it's looking gooood

happy with how it's going! still waiting on materials for the bodysuit before I can begin

ugh okay so I've done 5 of these today, will do the other 5 tomorrow. Duct tape dummies take TIIIIME

made some good headway with Mistral's cyborg-y bits today!

Almost killed me getting it done but I did it. COULDN'T have done it without my dad. Bless dads.

A small start, but any start is a good start!

Made the spine for the undersuit and sewed it in, made from foam, carved out all the bits with a Stanley knife then sealed and painted - phew!

YES boots are done! I'm really happy they're out of the way as they were the bit I was dreading most! Woohooooo!

Wig came today, had to cut into it quite a lot and the ponytail was really heavy so I had to cut that a fair bit too. Not exactly how I'd like it but I think it will do!

So today I just decided to go at it with the belt, I got it done! Yessss, but still have a lot to do. Progress is shaping up nicely though!

I got the shotgun shells done! YES. I hope to make some more progress with the belt today, maybe even finish it! *crosses fingers*

Did the vinyl-y bits on the gloves! I'll need to wear thin black gloves underneath as these are fingerless though!

Added a few more little details to the front, I think it's done now! Yay!

Made some good progress with the back, STILL not 100% done but I think about 90% now!

yaayyy so I vinyled them up and painted them etc, still need to put straps on them and everything but they're going goooooood!

did the blue vinyl bits on the front, I had to dirty it up a lot with shoe polish because the original shade of blue the vinyl was was faaaaaar too bright!

I swear every Gear has these and I still don't know what they're called :| They're to go under the belt on my hips anyway, here they are!

started on the boots, they're fairly sturdy. Still need a loooot of detail bit a good start I think!

Oooh scary! Okay I've painted the front and the back, still needs a lot of detail but it's getting there!

I decided to go the way of a top and bottoms rather than a catsuit for the undersuit, that way I can pee whenever I want! YES!=P so I put a zipper in the top this morning, still needs some more detail but alright so far!

the beginnings of the belt! not too bad I think! Unlike Anya, I decided to make Sofia's belt completely from scratch instead of using an existing one. Think it went okay!

got the torso looking more like I wanted it to, but some buckles in the sides so I can get it on and off :D Not too worried about the different colours of foam because when it's sealed/painted it'll all be the same colour anyway!

pretty blue lights for the front and back :D

BLAH WHAT IS IT WITH GEARS AND THEIR UNNECESSARILY DIFFICULT BACK PLATES? -_____- anyway, this is what I got so far, no detail or anything yet though.

Some progress on the front! I'm quite happy with it :D

The corset i'm going to wear underneath! Just to make it nice and difficult for me to move.

Ahhh I have the base layer done! Cut some trianges in strategic places to give it the right shape (:

paper templates - always a good starting point!

This. Thing. Is. Amazing. Seriously. I can see why people marry objects.

sorry for the crappy quality photo! My computer is on it's way out -__- Anyway, I got the belt and leathery side bits done! I still need to add some pipey-lookin' bits (A* for vocab.) to the back of the armourand then hopefully it will be finished! I still have a load to do though, blah -__-

We're getting there everybody! I love my lighty up shoulder straps :3

Ahhhh finally! I worked my ass off yesterday and managed to get the breast plate finished! Yes! Still need to do the straps and the back though, awwhh -____-

This thing gave me hell but i'm really happy with how it turned out!

Oh my lord guys! The back is actually giving me much more grief than the front! anyway this is where I'm at so far, Really happy with the front and I think the back is shaping up nicely! *wipes forehead* This is really tiring!

I fixed the chest plate together properly and re-did the middle section, I think it looks better like this!

Here she is so far guys! Still need to add the back pieces and all the white line details, but yes! She's almost done! Apologies for my hair, it was still wet from the shower -__-

Okaaayyy chest plate is going well so far, I don't wanna jinx anything though! *Crosses fingers*. It's all just duct taped at the moment but i'll glue/heat gun it all together when I get a new glue gun - mine broke, sad times. It's pretty thick and hefty, I hope this goes well! D:

top half of the bodysuit is made! Still need to add all the details and such but it's made in the bulk and the side detailing is done!

Yay my red plastic sheets are here! This is what i'm hoping to make the chest device from, i'm going to see if my college will let me use the Design & Technologies facilities then I can vacuum form it to the shape I want :) (and yes that is a Resident Evil 6 t-shirt i'm wearing :P)

here are some of my back plugs, I still have about 5 more to do. They are made from milk bottle tops spray painted silver with the black part carefully hand-painted by me. I also filled them out with carboard so I have more surface area to work with when attaching them to the suit.

The thigh holsters are pretty much done, maybe a few small details need adding to them but they are done in the bulk. I can't start on the main suit until the fabric arrives (hurry up Royal Mail, god. -___-) so i'm just working on all the smaller pieces of the suit now so all I really have to do when The fabric arrives is assemble it. Fingers crossed it goes well!

Been running a few tests, such as the back plugs and the side detailing (image), it looks fairly crap at the moment because it's just a test haha! Just using an old, unused suit that I had from ages ago. Hope to make it look better on the real thing *crosses fingers*

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