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I've been properly cosplaying since 2008.

My favourite all time characters are: Nana Osaki from Nana & Usagi from Sailor Moon and so you will probably find many incarnations of these costumes ;D

I just generally love having fun and annoying my friends and boyfriend <3333

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i learned all my man make up from this video

been practicing with brown eyeshadows to add shadows and more "manly" looking aesthetics. it's a lot of fun creating adams apples and all that jazzzzzz

yeahhhhhhhhh this costume is eating beads like no 2moro!

in total i think it will contain like 2000 or so beads :/

this was my ghetto try out.

first things first, i didnt do the extreme make-up as i did in test runs as my eyes wouldnt of coped for the night club atmosphere. I've decided I will do her trad outfit but I want to play with the artbook images aswell :3

this is without the fake eyelashes on top and bottom lids,

my fucking god my eyes felt so heavy from the amount of make-up D:
3 different eyeliners (gel, pencil, liquid)
6 different eyeshadows. (3 different shades of purple, 2 different whites, 1 black)
3 coatings of mascara.
3 different foundations. (including white powder)
foundation primer
2 lipsticks. 1 dark red, 1 bright red.
lip liner [discovered i need a better one]
blusher [discovered i need a better one]

oh and i need to buy a pritt stick, to make my eyebrows dissapear and re-draw them on -_____________________- fuck me my face will hurt

so yeah this is one of the main reasons i will be doing nana, see this picture of my dad. HIS WARDROBE IS A GOLD MINE.

gradient dyed the scarf today in my sunny but cold garden. twas fun however i made my hands slightly pink D:


this is my first ever attempt and f me its a hoe.


bought all the fabric yesterday however they didn't have yellow cottondrill which i wanted to use to gradiant dye for the scarf -________- so i've had to go for calico and hope for the best with dying the entire thing...D:

wish me luckkkkkkkkkkk

ordered a beautiful blonde wig from a UK store, been promised to be here for Friday *fingers crossed*

and now I'm off to go fabric hunting in Fabricland and get on advice on which fabric would be good for the gradient dye :D

well spent the day at Monkeys flat making...

Robe failed due to lack of fabric and fabricland have stopped stocking it in the same colour :(

but I painted the scroll thing and got the crown made (well constructed) it just need some paint and shizz.

i've ordered the wig, it's 51cms long this will also be used for my Misuzu cosplay :3

the dress itself is an old dress I had from my clubbing days at Slimelights. It's a black pvc nurse dress, and now just got figure out where to insert the see through bits and hope to buy fabric to match it to make it a wee bit longer.

also shoes are now bought as well as the purple stethescope! YUS

urghhhhh this has taken so much longer than expected >___<

had limegreenjelly and Ayame help me on this as with being ill and stapt on time i needed extra hands on little fiddly bits like cutting out and hemming.

lace work and applique done.

the wings are pissing me off D: to the extreme.

but it looks pwetty :3

bought 5 metres of plain white taffeta today! i spent about half hour umming and arring about fabrics >.< as i knew i didnt want a satin!

got white polycotton to line it with and some lace to go between the gold beading! now to find the beads and tiara base! and im done for now :)

just finished the main part of the costume

and oh my god im so proud of myself ;__;

the only bad thing is i should made skirts abit longer D: but still i think this is gunna be my fav costume ever

just a shame i cudnt get wings done...damn lack of money and my procrasination

I recieved my accessories! YAY

there so pretty :3 thank you SMC!! now to remember where i placed my camera >.>

the main bulk of accessories ive ended up ordering

yeh i know lame, but im short of cash and it worked out cheaper this way also rosso is gunna take up a huge amount of time -___-

ive ordered:
odango covers
and earrings from southern moon creations for £15 which i think is pretty damn cheap.

ok i have one leg cover left to do and add to silver bits to the back of the strap top and silver buckle and orange cover on sandals ^^;


some one remind to start work earlier and not to procrasinate please?

i will however have it done for the saturday :)

oh and ive pretty much made my own shoe..all i have is the base of it left!

yuffie is alot more bitchy to make than i first thought....and consumed abit too much money because of toolies needed,

so looks like a late night for the shoulder strap made...will post pics 2moro morning after cutting away threadies.

and work more so on weapon of doom

yayy skirt made, i used the skirt pattern from my sailor scout pattern :p

WOMEN why the hell do u have so many frickin jewels *shakes fist*

made all the jewels last night

and started spray painting shoes >: D

i gots me a zentai suit and didnt realise how hot it is to wear ^^' oh my people in gurren lagann group remember to water me every now and then

though didnt realise how big my butt is until i wore this o.O

i gots shoessssssssssss :D for 5.99 hoooeeee yeah

right i've pretty much got barely anything left to do but hem skirts...i've decided to layer them for extra poof!!

currently re working on the leotard.

so far front bow, back bow, hiproll, glove bits and skirts are made :)

just need to hem skirt, make shoulder pads and finish off leotard..damn first leotard was over stretched!!!! ^^'

i've used kwiksew pattern 2310 because of the double skirt aspect

got some poly cotton andddd an awesome pattern for the top : D

bought all the material :D and got the boots for £32! quite alot but i plan to wear this quite abit ^^'

though i need to go buy red fabric i bought stupid pink >.< mehhhh and gunnastart work tonight ^^

wig is all nicely ordered from cosplaywig and i plan to make a wig with my cosworx wig i ordered ^^ but that wont be until either ayacon or october expo

well i had ago at styling it, though not happy with side plaits, i think i need to get more hair wefts to make them thicker and possibly slightly shorter. though may have problems getting hair wefts to match as its mix of grey and black hair strands

first layer complete

and lining half way there

yayyyy :D quick cosplay for the win!!!

woop I bought the pattern already :3

and started looking at the material for it, I hope to have started work on this after the cosplay ball and plan to spend many months slaving on this ^^ obviously hardest part is making the wings!!!

and I'm so happy that for expo there shall be a full group of Eternal Scouts october 09 ^^

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