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I got interested in cosplay after playing FFX and seeing people cosplay from it. I've cosplayed from a variety of things, but these days I tend to prefer cosplaying from video games or shows (that could change haaa). Slowly I'll manage to do every Final Fantasy costume I like...that detail tho...(。□゚ノ)ノ

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Bought the top and hoodie, I already own the jeans. The wig is a little more ginger than I expected but I can roll with that. I painted the Jane Doe on with normal fabric paint but using transfer might've been a better idea in hindsight. Not sure what to do about the bag...but yeah this is mostly complete. What I love about Max is that her outfit is pretty wearable for day to day as well haha

Like before but I varnished with watered down PVA. I ordered the tassel from Hong Kong, wasn't actually too expensive and it was lovely in quality and colour. This was all held together by nylon string but on second thoughts (and a discussion with another cosplayer) using fishing wire would be much better + stronger. The beads were left overs from many art projects but are a nice touch (they only appear on some artworks and FMVs, not in game). I improvised a little on colours and beads but overall I think they look good. I tied it around my ear as I don't have pierced ears...I think by next time I will so I'll add a hook...(much easier)

This bloody tail braid thing. It's the stuff of nightmares haha (and both highly impractical + a tripping hazard). I made a long 1 1/4 inch diameter tube (out of some cotton?? [it was remnants I found in my room]) then stuffed it with stuffing...which took a while and some of my sanity. Then I found an extremely useful tutorial on Youtube (typing in Yuna's Braid *should* do the trick), I'd highly advise watching that as she explains it very well! (better than I could). The weaving took about 2 hours, I'd suggest practicing before as I found I improved a lot as I went down, looking at the top part makes me cringe a little. I sealed the top with lots of red electrical tape which is similar in colour and held it together well (putting a hair tie in before will give you a way to attach it to your hair). At the bottom I taped a weft around the tube which was covered by the tie dyed piece (again using masking tape and electrical tape seemed to do the trick)

Progress 2; The bag took about half a day after drafting a pattern and fully making it. I ended up hand stitching the sides on which took foooorever...but the stitching is so neat and not visible (still very proud of it haha!). The tassels were surprising difficult to find but I managed to get some that looked similar (I may replace them for longer ones in the future if I can actually find them). All the 'jewellery' bits were made from lightweight fimo as I couldn't find any similar. The beads took about an afternoon to fully paint with all the coats, I'd say they're fairly simple to make with a *bit* of patience - ok the bottom one's shape was pretty tricky to not eff up ;). The pink dip dye for the ribbon is one of my favourite bits of this costume (and yet the least visible gahh). It was a combo of cotton pink and flamingo pink for the dip dye (a useful practice for Yuna's FFX sleeves I plan on making in the future). The belt's made from polycotton (as are most of the simpler things in this costume hahah! It's a useful fabric as it comes in many colours...)

Progress 1; Dip dyed the skirt pieces with dylon ocean blue dye. The pieces were not *as* big as I hoped so i couldn't gather them as I wanted to...still it managed to turn out pretty well. I wanted jersey fabric for the hood but couldn't find any in the colour I wanted, buuuut there was the perfect colour in polycotton! It still sits ok so that's fine. I also added gold detailing onto the armbands after noticing it...perfectionist yeah...

I won't be able to work on this for a little while so I'll have to finish the rest close to expo. I decided not to continue the straps onto my calf as they wouldn't be seen so I'll pin them to my boots! (Which have since arrived.) I look very tired on this...:').

Everything in the costume is done except the embroidery. Instead of rushing it I shall complete it for London MCM Expo October 2013. I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out, though it's a little too short at the back/sides....ah well! The side panels were hand sewn on so there would not be a visible seam (which took some time).

The belt is made from craft foam which I painted gold. I guessed with the shapes she had cut out on it as they were hard to make out on the references...but I tried to do them as close as possible. I noticed on one ref she had chain mail holding the rest of the belt together. I decided to buy a similar style trimming as I wouldn't be able to find any in time. The dragonfly necklace is made from fimo and was painted silver. Again, it was hard to make out on the refs as it was so small! :') I like how both have turned out though!

Finally happy with this! I redid the wedge of hair and made it longer. I couldn't get it to go much further forward than this without the wig not sitting comfortably. I also redid the braids as I've seen it pointed out that they are rope braids rather than normal plaits. There are so many bobby pins and so much hairspray holding this in place. It is a little heavy on my head too...

This was rather a challenge...but pretty happy with how it's going so far. The wedge of hair (not sure what to call it) isn't far enough forward so I'll try to fix it when I come back to it. The wig I originally wanted to use is out of stock so I'm using this one for Manchester MCM expo. It has a fringe on it and isn't lace front, making the front a lot harder to make look realistic. I'm currently thinking on how to actually make the front look neat and the bobby pins not too obvious. :)

Made the basic dress today and will hopefully start on the lining tomorrow. This is actually very comfortable and lightweight. (excuse the face, I'm rather tired :p)

All the bias binding has been sewn on. I need to make/stitch on the badge, attach poppers and the buttons and finish the hand stitching of the lining...very last minute but /hopefully/ I'll manage to finish everything before Sunday. The wig has been styled. ಥ‿ಥ

Needs styling obvs but a good base wig, even if it is a bit flat. Still not sure about suiting Lelouch tbh, but if worse comes to worse, I'll use my brown wig to be Suzuku (lucky they have the same costume!)

This isn't the wig I'll be using, I just thought it would do for this as it a similar length and colour. Her eyes are very pink/red due to crying so I experimented with that. (I may use less red/pink around the face as although more realistic, I look /really/ red) Her lips seem to be darker in some references and paler in I kinda guessed!

Progress so far, really happy with it

I found this cheap in a charity shop and all I had to do was hem it (as it went below my knees). A pretty good find! I'm not sure whether I should buy jeggings or use these leggings as the under trousers as it isn't obvious which one it is.

I'm pretty proud of the skirt, it didn't take long to make. I need to hem it and do little bits to it but it's generally done. I had trouble with the two different pieces fitting together but it worked out in the end (after a few hours ^^;;). The Virgo sign still needs a few more coats of paint as it's quite hard to see! It's a little smaller than I wanted but the template I made was too like the sign for me not to use! :D

The wig is a good base to use but it needs a lot of chopping/styling! I'm not comfortable with wearing contacts yet, so my eyes will stay blue...but I'm fairly happy with the rest :)

(moved the picture info over) The skirt and top are separate (thus the safety pin in place) I think I'll attach them as the top is shorter than I thought it would be....:) I still need to make the sleeves and the wings but I've quite a bit already. I will be wearing this wig <3 (please excuse the mess in the bg ^;;)

Nill has dark eyes but the rest being quite simple makeup :) I thought I would test it out as I tried on the in progress dress.

Turns out that purple pin stripe is impossible to find so I settled for a grape coloured fabric with faint lines on it, so hopefully it'll do! The pink fabric looked plain on my last reference but I found a clearer one which shows it's faintly patterned ^^;;; ahhh well!

I love the fabric I used for the cape. I can't remember what it is as I bought it over a year ago but it's really nice fabric! The construction of the cape was kind of guess work as I've never made one before. I think it turned out fine though :)
(it has been altered slightly after I took these pictures as it didn't sit right)

I've finished the boiler suit! :D I'm really happy with the way it's turned out! I've also painted the shoes. All I have to do is the collar and then I'm done!! :D So excited!! :)

My friend who can't attend the expo gave me a boiler suit that I could use! :D The colours a bit off but I don't really mind that. It was absolutely MASSIVE on me so I had to take it in a lot! Lucky, Ganta's costume has seams both down the front and back that I could use to disguise all the alterations.
I've also made all the belt holders he has although you can't see them clearly on the picture.
The logos took quite a long time, I'm really proud of how the back turned out. The front one had to be cut down as it didn't fit on the it could've looked better! (but I still like it)
Hopefully a lot more progress tomorrow!! X'D

I'm not great at wig styling and this is my first time styling in spikes and so on...X'D

I think it turned out well! His hair is different in each picture so I spiked the back and tried to make the main spikes at the front. The big one in the middle was quite hard to do so I think it turned out pretty well.

I have so much to do on this cosplay otherwise ^^;; I need help whether to buy or make a boiler suit base...

The wig arrived literally about 30 minutes ago X'D I had to try it on so here is how it looks! It obviously needs styling but it's a good base I think. It's slightly thin in areas but I think it'll be fine (well, hope it will)...It makes my eyes stand out but Ganta has brown eyes, and I'm not keen on contact lenses. Anyway - back to textiles revision ^^;;

I've ordered the wig (which will need a lot of styling!!) which will hopefully come in the next 2/3 weeks.
Now, the boiler suit base is proving really hard to find. I just can't find the right colour or size (I found a really good colour/price but started at 42" chest...which is way too big for me). As the style I'm looking for is men's I'm probably going to have to order the smallest male chest size...>.<;;

I have completed the skirt, jacket and have the necklace, boots and wig! I need to finish the top and make the sword...(that sword...)
short skirt is short, I'm going to have to find shorts or something to wear underneath as well, bending over..O___O;;;

This is a great wig if I decide to choose ginger as her hair colour

:) What I've got so far. I also bought fur today; it sheds like mad!

So far, I've altered the pattern and made a start! I've done the side seams, shoulders and collar :) I'm hopefully going to buy fur, a blue hoodie and find a baggy white top. I also decided on light pink for the fabric. ^^

As I don't want to fork out £120 for the exact Square Enix offical version, this replica looks pretty good and cheap! I'm still thinking about it and seeing if there are any others out there.

I bought a kwik sew pattern (3052) yesterday for the bodysuit. I need to alter it so the zip is down the back and so there isn't a seam down the front middle ;__;. Then, I will buy some suitable fabric; cotton lycra seems to be a good bet - lilac or light pink? And to find some white fur...;)

In Accessorize I found this perfect necklace for Stella. I have looked at the style of what other cosplayers have used as well as trying to see it on the reference pictures. I will probably post pictures soon.

I've remade the gloves over the weekend. At Midlands, I used a pair of leather gloves and covered one side in white electrical tape. It worked pretty well for the con and was easy to do but wasn't too comfortable and looked bad near the end. So, using spare lycra, I've made a pair of new gloves! Took a few mock ups but the final product is great (well, I think they look better than the last pair). I have yet to add the lines on the black and I may paint the white onto the thumb area (because I couldn't find a way to do it with the lycra).

The wig came in the post today. It is really long and I look quite odd in it and it doesn't look the best on me. But I'm hoping with the costume (and makeup >D) it'll look better! It's funny but I think I look more like C.C. x3

So, I have finished the lining and it is hemed (except for the sleeves). My base jacket is now complete! I have sewed the red lines onto it, the zip and the badge is currently pinned on. It feels like I'm making real progress now and the wig doesn't look as bad as it once did ^^;;;

With pictures! x3

Anyway, I have finished the sleeves, the back decoration and making the badge. I'm unsure how the make the centre of the badge ideas were paint or applique.

Over this weekend, I have made a lot of the jacket. I'm really happy with the progress I've made (even though I haven't taken any pictures x3). I'm currently working on the sleeves. I'm hoping to find some base boots and to make the badge (hopefully not badly!)

The boots I ordered came in the post today! I love how much they look like Amber's. :) It feels a little early to start but I knew if I didn't buy them then, I never would've. I don't think I'll do much more now other than look out for suitable wigs ^-^

Okay, i'm finally working on the skirt and i only need to sew some more of it :D and i've ordered the wig :)

I didn't get a chance to go fabric shopping at the weekend :( but i still have quite a bit of left over white fabric from my Olette cosplay which i used for the flowers, maybe i could make the waistband out of it? ^^

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