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I started Cosplaying in 2009, when my friends told me about the London MCM Expo.
My first cosplay was as Freya from Chobits.
I have a thing for big pretty dresses!
I have always wanted to cosplay someone from Sailor Moon, as it was the first Anime I watched!

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Just got to finish the waistcoat
<-- Here is bad pic of the cape and shirt ...

Ok I bought everything I think I need.
Chose foam board for the wings, arms and legs as it is lightweight and strong.
Have normal foam for the bits on the body.
I will purchase some El wire after I have made the base of the wings, as at the moment I don't have any idea how much I'll need!
First thing I'll probably do is the legs, hopefully my idea will work ... **crosses fingers**

Ok started this today, have made progress on the machete, just need to paint it.

Ok I was hoping I would have finished the skirt by now ... but I ran out of fabric & lace so had to order more ...

So I then I decided i'll sort out the ankle cuffs ... and I couldn't find my prym pliers anywhere so had to order another one of those ...

Just waiting for things to arrive ... tra la laaaa ... **twiddles thumbs**

Title says everything LOL ^_^

Hopefully have it finished in time for October London Expo ^_^

<------ oooo pretty lace :D

I've done a stupid amount of cutting & sewing today ... outfit is almost finished, just waiting on a zip and some bias binding.
Had a play with the wig aswell today, going to trim the fringe one of the days .. as it's a tad too long :/

I've cut out all the pieces for the top part of the dress.
Attached about 18 eyelets, and played with some ribbon ^_^
Velvet is so soft .. i just wanna snuggle up in it >_<

Wig arrived today!
Just need to sort out the side fringe :)

So I've been looking for wigs and contact lenses for Moka ...
Bought a wig off Ebay, It isn't as long as Moka's hair, but I really hate stupidly long wigs XD (freya's wig was a nightmare)
Found some red contact lenses, which I'll buy at a closer date (no point in buying them yyet!)
I've started looking at materials ... but i'm unsure whether to for soft velvets, or shiny satins ... :| (one pic looks soft, other looks shiny...)
I'll have to pop into brum to decide XD

I've decided to make this for May expo 2011!
I've been wanted to cosplay Moka for a while, and I love this dress!

Choker is finished ^_^

So I still need to do some details to the eyes.
I'm happy with the hair (so spiky!)
There are things I'd like to improve, but I really don't have enough time :(
Hands and feet just need some finishing touches done.
And the collars just need the spikes sewn to them )

I managed to make some feet, hands and I've almost finished the head :D
Still need to sew a stupid amount of studs and claws though ...
Should be done in time! :3

Sewn the sleeves on, making off-the-shoulder sleeves aren't fun ;_;
I've attached the ribbon, and it looks really cute!
Just got to finish off the elastic and attach the brooch!
And then all I have to do is make a big pretty bow :D
Should be finished by tomorrow! (woot!)

For the past 2 days I have pretty much been working none-stop on Bowsers head :|
The mouth is attached, and it is HUGE!
I've started attaching the eyebrows (3 sections to each eyebrow)
I have everything cut out and stuffed, just need to sew it on ^_^
Hopefully will be finished by the end of the week!
Sorry about the bad images ... I'll have my bf model it when it is finished :P

I modified the bodice to fit, sewn the zip on, and sorted the hem around the bottom of the skirt.
I like easy things :)

Hardly any progress on Bowser this weekend.
I have been struck down with a cold/virus ...
I have made this costume more fitted, as it was quite baggy before.
And I have made the spiky colars andthe tummy area.
I really hope I can get this ready in time! only 2 weekends left!!

Had a bit of a cold this week, so only done a bit of work on this dress.
I have sewn the orange pattern to the skirt, and then applied some fabric glue to seal the fabric (don't want it to fray!)
My friend tried on the bodice .. and it is huge on her! So i've got to take it in a bit ...
Will continue on Monday ...

Bodice has been sewn together.
Interface has been ironed onto skirt pattern pieces.
Everything has been pinned, but I ran out of time to sew it all together ...

I've ordered a pair of blue contact lenses, as my eyes are dark brown .. not very peach-like ...
I've worn contact lenses plenty of times before, so shouldn't be a problem!

Title says everything XD
For the past 2 days i have been sewing the whole suit together, and all i can say is velcro + pins = stabbing up to the elbows!!
The velcro kept sticking to me, with the pins still attached ... ah well!
Also sewed the tail and spikes on, so i'm a happy bunny, even though my fingers are now purple!
Not going to do any hand sewing for a few days...

Today I have cut out all the parts for the skirt, including interfacing for the skirt pattern.
I have also cut out the bow.
Will hopefull cut out the top half tomorrow and perhaps start sewing it all together! This dress seems to be quite easy!

I've started on the Bowser head.
So far it is a green ball! I used a helmet for sturdiness.
I will be attaching the mouth, eyes and hair this weekend!
The black dots represent where the eye holes will be.

Well I bought this wig off Ebay, and it was cheap-ish.
But I'm really surprised by how good it is!
It doesn't seem to tangle :O
So i have just got to cut the fringe, already styled it.
*sorry about the bad pic, no-one was around to take a good pic >_<*

I was a bit bored at work today ... so I thought lets use the facilities here!!
I cut, sprayed and cooked the princess crowns!
In the picture they are in our super duper spray-painting oven drying thingy :P
At least I won't get spray paint all over my house now!

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