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I have been attending conventions since aya 05 with my sister Yami no neko, and cosplaying since Ame 06 when i cosplayed as Sakata Gintoki in a very cheap quick home made version.

Nowadays i mostly cosplay Shin Megami Tensei characters, but I'm currently going through a Saiyuki Phase with Yami and Chain Toxin.

I like to draw a lot, genrally if my sister makes me a coffee I will draw her whatever she asks. I sometimes come across as either quiet, stubborn or scarily stupid, and I am, but if you see me at con, just come over and say hello if you want I just tend not to sleep while i'm there and am fuelled by too much coffee.

I'm quite a retro anime fan, being born in the 80's I got to grow up watching some really awesome shows, of which i am still trying to replace the vhs' of.

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i wanted to go for a very dark purple heavy material but i couldnt find so i gone for a light black inseted, i believe i have all the matterial

i just have a few more bits to do the leg and arm armor i have made so far will have have to do . so i just have to finish the chest armor and re make any bits that have gone missing

a few more snaps of the progress. it's now been ironed. now i have got to start work on the armour

i have done a bit more but i realy need to get the iron out. i have had to cut it a but shoter than i wanted and i still need to do a bit of editing on the coat

i decided to get back on with my kojuro cosplay .
i dyed the material my self by hand so it didnt turn out exactly how i wanted it and i dont know if i have enought left for the sleves since there is a big blotch in the middle of what i have left.
i was planning on having this ver as a trial ver to see how to make the coat but since i am low on cash i think this is what i will be taking to aya

so this will be a bit of a rush job
the costume will be made up of alot of left overs from other cosplays because i am short of cash at the moment

just doing the extra bits for kojuro
i used a robot mask from a joke shop and superclay to do the mask

more or less finished just got to paint the headscarf

not much too do now, it still could do with going through the sewing machine .

so far I have done the under shirt, and I have sewn the fluff on to the over jacket. I have also made the belt buckle out of air dry fimo. I would be a lot further, but I lost my paints, so I haven't been able to paint the coat or the trousers yet. I'm hoping they will turn up soon. While i'm waiting i'm helping Yami out with her kay costume.

I bought some fabric paint today and have been painting the stiching on to the jacket. I kinda went a bit wrong, but it's ot too noticable. I'm making the badges out of foam. just got to find my paint.
heres a quick pic of it so far

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