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[[2008]] Well I had learnt of cosplay during 2008. I loved final fantasy x-2 and was researching it when I first came across pictures of people who dressed up as the characters. They looked amazing. I slowly looked up more and more and found it quite interesting. Eventually after thinking it over a little after my 16th birthday I decided to give it a go and bought a cloud strife outfit off of eBay. It never showed up but once I had gotten my money back I had recently seen death note for the first time. I love the character of L and I am currently trying to cosplay him. I have nearly done. I will get back to cloud afterwards. I can’t wait for the Bristol comic expo it will be my first con. Wish me luck.

[[2009]] Bristol was amazing a day I'm likely never to forget now I have to start planning for London Expo October. which means back to Cloud. I hope it goes better this time.

My first proper EXPO has happened now. WHOOP. damn that was an unbelievable weekend. thanks to all that made it happen and helped me get there. that was probably the best time I've had this year and I've had a good year. so I had Cloud done and ready for the expo months in advance. and it apparently went down rather well. YEAY. so now time moves on and I have to get on with my next big cosplay. Saix.

[[2010]] Been a while since I have updated here. Saix and B.B. made good results. Bristol comic expo 2010 was fun but deadly hot. considering I took cloud and Saix that was a very warm time. but it was as good as the year before and I got some good fun out of it. MCM May 2010 was the weekend after. it was an amazing time it blew Bristol away. Saix and BB were taken. it was mercifully cooler. now my upcoming stuff is my secret cosplay Shhh... and Zero from Vampire knight. can't wait to get to work.

Been a year since I updated this bio. Cait sith was my secret cosplay, was mega cute. I pulled off zero but he's nothing special. I can tell he's the 100% average cosplay. Might wanna return to that sometime and jazz it up a bit.
After zero I created a battle scared version of Cloud. I love the outcome. Nice to get to use more of the fake blood as well as Cloud. He's getting on now but still my first love favorite cosplay. Though neko Cait Sith is close behind. Took battle scared Cloud, Cait Sith and Zero to October expo in 2010.
[[2011]] Now to 2011. attended Kitacon 3. My first "proper con". Bristol C/E counts really but it's terribly small by the time I attended. Kitacon was 1000 people. without a doubt the best cosplay event I had ever attended. I don't have time to list the good points. The bad points were. Drinks are expensive. I had to return home early for an exam... That's the exams fault. I attended with Cloud Strife, Zero and Saix.
I could not attend the May MCM Expo due to exams.
In summer I had the ability to take a cosplay trip from Scotland south to home. On my own after a family holiday. I attended my first cosplay picnic in Glasgow, for this I had acquired a nurse variant beyond birthday outfit. Had a wonderful time creeping people out and got to meet and stay with some cosplayers I have been internet friends with for a long time. :) I also visited Chester and went around with some friends there as standard BB. A fantastic place that has EVERYTHING you could ever ask to take a photo with as a cosplayer.
For the MCM October Expo I debut a Marluxia cosplay as I had acquired a beautiful long pink wig and Marluxia was a perfect use for it. Despite not being my first choice for the ORG 13 characters he was fabulous to be as. I am very pleased to have it. Cloud strife again attended the October MCM Expo for the Third time in a row. It's almost a tradition now. I also attended as standard B.B. I was supposed to debut my Nurse B.B. but I accidently left the socks and headband at home so the actual Con debut for that is brought forwards to Kitacon 4...
Also for Kita 4 I am intending to attend as Kuroshitsuji's Pluto. after that I have the plans to have a Halloween town Marluxia for the May MCM in 2012. Now that's brought everything back up to date :3

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Hotpants... or something simular to cover your stuff.

Suitable wig. wig is the most important bit, not much else people can judge you on... I bought a wig with a good looking fringe then bought extensions to make up the few inches of length it was missing.

white facepaint to correct eyebrow colour. natural eyebrows, appart from bright blonde, look stupid against the silver white wig.

red contact lenses.

black collar with brass fittings. make sure to measure your neck. use a little vasseline if your worried its going to rub.

black nail polish.

to style the wig i like to use. hairspray, spikeing glue, brush, scissors, hairdryer and a polystrine head.

Its a relatively cheap cosplay but needs to be assembled with care and attention to detail particualy on the wig. it wouldn't be hard to go from this into a suited version pluto cosplay.

In progress???? but Zan you already completed Saix...

Indeed. Saix was completed a year and a half ago. but a year and a half of hard mileage has run through Saix's wig. its knackered.

There is a lot of demand for kingdom hearts cosplay pictures, video's and appearances. Saix is a cosplay that sees a lot of action.

The wig is being cleaned out entirely and restyled. In honesty I accidently styled it off centre first time round. You couldn't tell so I just let it be. Once he's reworked its obviously going to have a slightly different hairstyle and I'll put up new pictures for you.

i know i said i would do this ages ago but i never found an occasion for it. finaly i have.

MCM may 2011 is not gonna be possible. the big A level exams say NO WAY am i going. so instead i want to go to kitacon in april safely out of the way.

and this is the most likely new addition to my cosplay collection for it.

I already have a small 4 foot sword for cloud that i love to bits. but thats not the right scale and it's just the base split blade. I want to try and build the full size full thing that i can take apart. ^^

ebay failed on wig one some reason it would't take visa. but it was easy to cancel that order and buy a different wig. I think they both looked as good as each. the wig should arive soon.

but the delay cost me 22 days. time taken to notice problem, attempt to fix problem, cancel order, have that pass through, wait till i am very confident about my card and pick out a new wig.

later edit: wig arrived today. i don't care about the delays anymore it looks beautiful.

I auditioned Saix here into a weekly blog spot on youtube... he actually won so if ya wanna se more of saix hes on every Wednesday.

wanna take guesses at what it is. there is only two people who i have given the slightest hints as to what it is.

if you guess right and your not one of thouse two people i'll reveal all.

untill that happens i'll keep it wraped up till compleate.

L has been great I slowly watched it grow and become what I wanted. It was 5 times over budget and worth every penny.

I am sooooo happy to have this on tap and I am thrilled at some of the wonderfull comments it has been given.

It took bristol in it's stride and welcomed me into this world well I would advise it to any newbie and I hope that it goes well for them.

I Love this cosplay.

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