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I always liked dressing up and I had fun putting together an Ace Ventura costume for a party when I was in school. My interest in cosplay spawned from there. I really wanted to do a Spike Spiegel costume (Bebop is my favourite anime) and managed to get something resembling it together for Minamicon 14 in 2008.

I seem to have a problem with paying too close attention to detail, resulting in hours of internet searching for the right angle on a reference photo, the right accessory, etc, and then never quite being able to get it right.

After that, I took a long break from cosplay. Apart from when I made a really nice hat. I finally got back into it in 2013 after losing a lot of weight, first by putting together easy costumes, then by creating my first outfit from scratch for Ayacon 2013.

If I've put my M. Bison hat on you for a photo, chances are you can find them on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/robthezcosplay

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I wore a 90% completed outfit to Symphony of the Goddesses this month, although the belt fell apart while I wore it. Either way, just need to fix that, get some new boots and add the blue lining for the rolled-up sleeves and it's done!

So last night I started getting materials together to make this. I've decided, for now, to just wear my dark jeans for the costume so I don't have to worry so much about getting it 'complete' for the Zelda symphony next month. But yes, gloves and belt material are on the way, and I got the wig on Tuesday which I'm planning to style.

I've come across more official art of Engineer Link that shows his buckle to be plain silver, unlike the circular pattern on the close up one I've been referring to. What do I do??!?!?!?!? I guess I'll do the circular one just so the costume is a little more detailed and less plain over all, but maaaaaaaan don't do this to me Nintendo.

Just need to attach fasteners to the belt, and it's ready!

Armour is just about complete. Need to touch up a couple of bits along the edges and add straps and velcro and such.

They're...not perfect. There are uneven coats of PVA glue, paint drips and warped bubbles from heating. They're still a hundred times better than my last attempt, and I've learnt a lot about more advanced worbla crafting in the process

Starting this a few weeks later than I planned, causing a small panic as I thought I had a lot less worbla than I hoped. Turned out I had just enough for the two spaulders and the two vambraces, what I originally planned on.

However, now I might not be able to get worbla in time for the new versions of the greaves. Next step is priming and painting, which should hopefully not take too long

I bought a woman's leotard. It was surprisingly comfy. Then I bought a pair of spandex hot pants.

This cosplay stuff is getting weird

So its taken a while, but the first picture of my costume has filtered through, and immediately spotting problems. Know there's a few more coming, and hopefully one of myself with Oni Akuma and Evil Ryu which is probably going to be awesome.

I've been thinking about the cosplay a lot over the past few days - I kept telling myself that this was a prototype, a proof of concept, whatever, that I could make something resembling an M. Bison cosplay. I very much think I did, and I learnt some valuable lessons along the way.

So the positives of this experience:

- The jacket came out very well I think, especially as the second ever item of clothing I have ever sewed together (the first being the trousers for this costume). Learned the importance of pinning, properly measuring, and even just basic sewing skills

- Worbla is nice and easy to shape and paint

- Bias binding hides my awful hemming skills

Things I need to improve

- The trousers were a bit of a disaster, one leg was sewed inside out so they didn't fit well at all. Worked well enough for the cosplay, but definite room for improvement. Remaking these ASAP

- Armour construction shouldn't be rushed, and worbla may not have been the best material for this job. Will definitely remake the armour pieces for next year

- Affixing armour to fabric is hard. Also, making sure it stays in position is harder

- Need to repaint and remake the belt, but that's the most minor issue

Going to fix it up a bit for Eurogamer Expo (and maybe MCM or LFCC), and then look at what needs completely redoing for cons next year.

Over the weekend, I did all the sewing for the costume. Doing the trim and the zip down the middle was a nightmare, but I'm pleased with the results. Unfortunately, I was about 5 cm short on bias binding, so there's currently a bit around the back with no trim. Will get some more to finish it off when I get other bits

After four years I'm finally getting to the rest of the cosplay. I've ordered some worbla to make the armour with. First time having a go with that. Need to get some fabric now, borrow a sewing machine, and channel my Psycho Power

Costume complete. See you at Minami. Pain is power!

Last night a lot of the individual pieces for the cosplay came, a lot earlier than I expected as well. All I'm missing now is the white gloves to go under the fingerless ones.

I just returned from the print shop as well, where I am getting the Sasaki Pompoko Delivery logo printed onto the back. Should be done in enough time for Minamicon next weekend.

I still need to buy a belt though, and I am considering forgetting about the pouch for the first outing

Started buying stuff for this cosplay today. Got a red windbreaker on the way, although it unfortunately lacks the black accents of the real one. Both gloves are on the way as well, with special detail paid to the fingerless ones - but only because they were readily available. Also bought the polo shirt today from Primark (it's good for something). I will not be looking for shoes for it right now, although if I see some for cheap then I will go for them - white trainers I guess.

Brown belt I think I have, but if not, another trip to Primark.

Bringing Spike out of five years retirement for Minamicon 19. I've lost a lot of weight, and I want to actually cosplay this year

Stage 1: Remove Skull from Belt - DONE
Stage 2: Spray Paint - DONE
Stage 3: Paint features - DONE

Ok so I got the belt buckle. On further examination, the winged skull bit was attached onto the buckle, and not part of the metal. With a little drilling, it popped right off.

Tried to etch lightning bolt (which can be just about seen in picture) but didn't go so well, so painted it on with Citadel Miniatures 'Snakebite Leather' model paint.

Bought a Belt Buckle of a winged skull. Will spray paint and etch in lightning bolt.

Looking at a hat on eBay, will buy when I can afford it.

EDIT: Hat is done. Emblem affixed. Yes.

Ok so after a little more research, I can see that Bisons boots are just knee high black boots with silver armour. So silver shin and knee pads it is.

Now if only I could figure out how to fly across the room while aflame.

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