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I've always loved dressing up and acting like a prat, so cosplay is perfect for me 8D. My first Cosplay was Vincent Valentine, which I made in a month for a Hallowe'en party in 2006. I was very overdressed but I got many compliments.

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I keep buying props D:
So far I've bought his little sliding magnifying glass and his Moleskine notebook.
Seriously considering buying a cheap violin too, but I know I shouldn't because 1. I don't play anymore and can't remember how to, and 2. I shouldn't be spending my loan on cosplay in the first place...
I might buy the deerstalker, though...

I find it ridiculous how perfect it it. I've been sat here giggling like a tit since I put it on. I'll get some better shots of it with contacts and make uo some time next week.

I've also got a bit more of the coat done. Still a long way to go but it should be finished for Expo.

Yeah, so, I bought a wig >__>
I realised that it would be easier more practical in the long run, as I'll have to change costumes on the Friday and Sunday of Expo, and won't have time to curl my own hair.
It's a nice wig though, pretty much identical to Sherlock's hair.
It may need a trim, but I'll see what it's like when it arrives~

So since the last journal, I have bought the suit which is perrrfect, a watch with a black leather strap with a round, white face and the shoes which I have to pick up from the post office tomorrow.

I haven't got any further with the coat, as Uni has piled on work which is my priority atm. But I did buy the buttons, which need painting and I'm hoping I can get the canvas sewn in over the weekend.

I've actually started buying things for this. The shirt and contact lenses have arrived, and I have a suit on the way. The coat fabric should be here tomorrow, and I'll have some time at the end of next week to start putting that together.
I'm using my own hair for this too, so I bought some curlers and as long as I remember to get a hair cut before I go to Expo, it'll work out pretty well.
All I need now is a John Watson...

Because the coat portion of this costume is going to cost a ridiculous amount, I've come to the thrilling executive descision to try and use my own hair for this.
It will obviously need dying and curling, but I've just had it cut short like a retard.
I'm dearly hoping that it will grow out pretty sharpish, because I really cannot afford a wig at this point :/

Despite not really needing to get this together anytime soon, I've already found most of what I need.
I found the purple shirt and suit on eBay for pretty cheap, and the scarf, shoes and gloves should be easily found in shops.
The coat I maaaaay have a stab at making myself if I can find some nice, affordable wool coating, and I'll probably use my own hair if I can curl it. If not, I'll need to find a wig. And I'll need to buy grey contact lenses. CURSE YOU BROWN EYES D<

This is going to be one of those 'on the side' costumes that I'll just add to as and when until it's done.
I probably won't wear it anywhere, unless there's an established Doctor Who group sometime.
Anyway, this is a start; left wrist sweatband thingy. Fortunately, I had a black sweatband, a strip of pleather and some eyelets, so I just popped the eyelets on the pleater. Simple.
The eyelets were, however, a mix of colours (white, gold and bronze) so I painted them all black with acrylic which will probably chip off, but I can replace them with better eyelets if I can find any.
They still need hammering closed, but I can't find my eyelet tool atm, so that'll have to wait.
But when they are hammered, this just needs sewing closed and slipping over the sweatband.

This costume will be coming with me to London MCM Expo October 2011, and as such I really need to fix up the jacket.
When I first made it, I didn't line up the lining properly, and when it was all sewn in, on of the edges was being pulled inwards.
It's not incredibly noticeable, but it's been pissing me off for a while now and I've just taken out all of the stitching that was holding the lining in place.
Now it needs resewing in some areas, a piece adding for the collar and to be sewn back in place. Blanket stitch all the way around. By hand. Through real leather.

So very almost nearly finished! I've added the fluffies to the shoulders, finished off the other warmer and added poppers to the warmers and the tail so they can snap onto the uni to stay in place.
All that's left to do is finish off some of the painting on the arms and legs, which CerysKitty is gonna come help me with soon o3o

Just realised I haven't put any photos up apart from the wig, which doesn't even look like that anymore 8D
Yeah, this costume is almost done. I just have to finish painting the unitard, add the fluffies on the shoulders and finish off one legwarmer. Then it will be dooonee and I can be a cat again!

Yeah, I'm not even starting this until later this year, but I've already sourced most of the materials.
The unitard will be 4 way stretch lycra/velvet, as will the coat, with satin inserts, fishing wire, seed and crystal bead detailing with LEDs attatched to a battery hidden in the lining for the flashing lights.
The chest fluffies will be white organza for a nice sleek look, and I might make a new wig depending on time/resources, because the one I have atm is a little too large for his song look.
Le derp.

EDIT: Well I just spent a good few hours restying the wig, and now it's smaller, sleeker and the sideburns and ears actually flow as one now, instead of the ears curving backwards. I've Also moved the white parts on the ears. It was waaay too far back, so I pulled the plugs of crepe out and glued them nearer the front. I'm extremely happy with it now, and won't have to make a new one :D

God I love them so much *_*
And as such, shall be wearing them everyday until expo :D
But in all serious, they looked a bit off in the ebay photo, but they're actually a much nicer, darker brown.
So happy with them 8D

So I've finally got round to starting this thing.
It's going quite well actually, not taking as long as I thought it would.
The most tedious part is tying the crepe wool into plugs to glue on, but eben that's not so bad if you've got something to watch while you do it.
Aah, I hope I get this done in time. . .

I just bought some awesome new boots off of eBay :D
They're faux leather, but AT LEAST THEY'RE NOT FAUX SUEDE and they have straps and are flat and are the right size and won't murder my feet, hopefully.

So I've finally gotten around to buying everything for this, and the unitard, swimcap and textile paints have arrived. Still waiting on the crepe wool, make up and shoes, but hopefully they'll be along soon.

I've also getten started on the other leg warmer. I'm about a third of the way through, but my knitting skills have improved so it shouldn't take me long to finish :D

I attempted painting a small portion of the unitard, and it's not as easy as I thought it would be. The paint is very thick, and when watered down goes grey, so I have to paint over and over unti it looks dark enough. It's going to take me a while to get the whole thing done, so I may have to enlist some friends to help >_<

Soooo, I originally made my own trim for the tabard, but through the awesome powah of teamwork, CerysKitty managed to find me the perfect trim on eBay.
So that should arrive soon and then I can get on with remakin' dis shit.

Sooo, today I made the pattern and cut out all the orange for the waistcoat.
But my fingers are now frozen and I keep stabbing myself with pins >_<
No more for today. . .

I shall hopefully be off into town to get some of the fabric for this :D
Prolly just the white, yellow and orange cotton, but that's the majority of the costume. . .
Need to start on the patterns soon aswell. . .

So, I'm onto knitting the leg warmers, and I'm not even half-way through one D:
It would probably help if I wasn't 5 foot 10, for my legs, they are long.
I think I've spent about 8 hours on the warmer for the right leg, and knitting in the spot took about 3 by itself!
WAIIIII they got to be patterned D>

Just finished knitting the left arm warmer.
It took me 8 hours D:
And I've got three more to go, and the leg warmers are twice as long FFFFFFFFFFfffffffffFFF
Hopefully I'll get quicker as I go, because 8 hours is just ridiculous. . .

My god this was a project and a half D>
But it is complete after £498364501934 and god knows how many hours.
There may need to be a little bit of work done on the hat the night before, and I've edited the cloak a bit so it hangs better instead of having huge stupid shoulders, but I ain't touching anything else.
Though it would be nice to have accurate boots at some point, and I'd buy some IF THEY WEREN'T VIVIENNE FKING WESTWOOD AND COST £700 A PAIR D<

Breeches come from a can, they wereout there by a man. . . wait, no.
Breeches come from, and are at the post office atm 'cause as usual, I wan't in when they were delivered Y_Y
So I shall be off to collect them tomorrow and when I get off my lazy arse and finish this bloody dragon embroidery, I'll take some photos.
The good thing is that I don't have to buy anything else for this costume, so I just need to finishes off the tabard and shirt and I'm done -rejoice- 8D

This is actually coming along quite nicely.
I bought a pair of non-prescription horn-rimmed glasses from a site called bleudame, and I love them!! Fffff I've barely taken them off since I recieved them ^o^
Also, I bought a red and white striped polo shirt like the one Colin Morgan wears in the cast video diary in which they go to Parc Asterix.
And I've just spent the afternoon making the Pendragon Crest Signet Rings 8D
Ickle dragons!! o3o
All I need now is to get my skater jeans and Etnies from home and this is pretty much complete, though I may buy a grey hoodie, for I have a feeling Expo's gonna be coooold. . .

Yesterday I went out and bought the cream fur for the main body of the dog suit. £50 for 3 meters!!!!1111111111 FFFFFFFFF ;A; But it's pretty high quality stuff, so it should look nice. And I'm probably going to sell it after Expo anyway, because really, I don't have the room to keep it, and I'm never going to wear it again. . .
So I've cut out and pinned it, and then FWOOF fur allll over the flooor >_<.
Goddanm fur suits. I'm never making one again. . .

My friendly neighbourhood fabric store actually had some gold tassles in!
So now the cloak is 100% complete 8D
But it's all packed up atm, and so's my mannequin 'cause I'm moving in 2 days, so there won't be any photos until I'll settled >_<

I've bought £30 worth of ostrich and peacock feathers 8'D
I've got 4 large red ones, 4 large green ones, 2 smaller red ones and 3 peacock.
I've also bought the ribbon for the hat and collar of the cloack, but the shops round here suck, so they're not at all accurate.
But, they're gold, black and red and as close as I could get.

Yes, IKEA.
I went there today for. . . no reason at all, BUT I have managed to find myself fabric for my new shirt (after the other one shrank in the wash goihzdj''jhs) and also red fabric for the red tunic with the dragon embroidery ^o^
Still need to get red velvet, green satin, ribbons and feathers for the hat and if I have enough money, I may remake the pants out of a nicer faux suede to go with the nicer shirt. . .

I have just purchased off of eBay 8D
It's actually a Heiwajima Shizuo wig, but it's more yellow which is more like Joey's hair.
I'm not even attempting the whole 'my-fringe-sticks-out-ten-feet' thing, I'm just going tor natural.
Well, as natural as bright yellow hair can be. . .

After much searching, I have found royel blue linen!
Abakhan, I love you so much!
So, the plan is to remake the shirt, as the one I have now, I washed and it may have shrunk slightly. . .
I need to rewatch the episode, but I believe the tunic to be linen aswell (I'm embroidering that dragon by hand; It will kill me).
However, the cape I'm not sure.
I thought it was wool at first, but I looked harder and it looked more like velvet, so I'm a bit stumped :/
And that trim's gonna be hell to find >_<

Don't know who actually going to be there yet, but MY LIFE HAS BEEN MADE!

ohmygod they hurt so much.
But that's what I get for hand-stitching leather without a thimble >_<;
However, it looks AWESOME!
I must say I am impressed with myself -ego stfu-
And I've just started hand stitching in the lining -blanket stitch I choose you- which I think is what's in my reference photos.
Or I might be making it up.
But it looks good so I don't care.
Then I only have to rivet my pants for the laces and weather my boots and jacket and I'm done 8D

So, when I said 'Oh yeah, I'll have my costumes finished by march (y)', I most definately, absolutely did lie.
I didn't mean to, but it just happened.
And now I have not-being-able-to-fing-goddamn-gold-leaves-in-embroidered-patch-format issues.
Seriously, you'd think they'd be everywhere, but. . . they're not.
So, if anyone can enlighten me as to where I can buy them, I won't have to resort to attempting my own.
Or I could go without, but that would irk me to no end and I'd probably refuse to wear this costume at Expo.

. . . I have actually started this.
I've made the basic jacket, but still need to add the collar, cuffs, lapels and lining.
I've also started on the shirt, which is, like, an XXXXXXXL mans shirt from Primark, which I'm just taking in and using the excess fabric for the ruffles.
I also have crap loads of Organdy (some sort of organza-like stuff, but a lot cheaper) for the bustle he insists on having.
Still can't find purple vinyl Dx
But once I have, it's just a matter of sticking it to mah boots.
And then edging it all with gold ribbon 8D

So, I was chatting away with my Arthur the other day, and the subject came to the dates of Expo.
"It's the 29th and 30th of May," I said.
"Oh," he said, "Yeah, I'm larping that weekend."
Which now means that he won't be Arthur and he won't be at Expo.
Which kind of buggers up my plans, which were to finally enter the masquerade and be a general distraction to the cast if they happen to be there.
So I'm now on the lookout for anyone remotely interested in joining me for the masquerade.
Anyone at all?

A lot of people have been telling me that they like the wig I already have, but I don't.
I have, however, found the PERFECT wig on eBay, and hopefully I'll be able to buy it after Christmas.
So eventually I'll have a lovely dark brown, slightly waved wig that actually looks natural and comes form the crown of the head and not the top. . .

Also, I'm hoping that there will be another Merlin panel at Expo to promote Series 3.
I've watched a few videos, and the actors seem to be greatly amused by people dressing as them (y).
I'm planning on sitting on the front row right infront of Colin Morgan >D

Just rewatched Episode 12 of Merlin 'The Fires Of Idirsholas', and I've just noticed that his shirt has freakin' slits up the sides at the edge.
I should really look at reference more before I begin to make stuff. . .

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