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Unfortunately I recently lost most of my costumes in an INTENSE GUNFIGHT (is what I'd like to say but actually my flat has developed a bad mold problem due to leaky guttering and they were ruined) so I'm starting pretty much from scratch again!
Luckily I still have my Agrias progress as that was stored in a different room, though she's on hiatus while I work on three new costumes this year!

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i finally found some better references of the details on the costume, hurrah

top and boilersuit arrived

boilersuit is a bit darker than i expected, maybe it'll fade a bit with a few washes? looking into it

After at least 4 years of meaning to do it, I finally made Maritan and wore her to AyaCon 2011!

I wasn't expecting anybody to recognise her, so when I had my photo taken within minutes of stepping out I was really pleased!

So far I've made the headband, patterned and cut out the vest and shorts, and started on the cape.

And then I ran out of black thread!

I think I'll re-make my microphone too :)

Well, that's it! My first dream costume done, and to surprisingly good effect too - I honestly want to re-wear this because I loved finally being Aerith so much.... Ahh~ maybe Midlands Expo?!

Well, either way, the costume is done now! What should be my next milestone? I don't even wanna think about that yet... I guess.... pulling off a great Sheryl Nome? Hmm...

Anyways, I hope everyone liked it, and I'll definitely looks for excuses to wear this one again!

It's been a long time, but I think we're finally totally READY for FuyuCon and our Omake performance!


My boots arrived yesterday, here's a pic lol

these were the easiest thing so far, srsly.

Craft foam, glue, and silver acrylic paint.

job done!

So I thought what I'd do was, spend 2 hours and a whole bottle of superglue on making a staff.

And it's obviously not finished yet ;D

But it's totally taking shape!

Sup guise, I got the shoes this week too. Next task - BUYING THE FABRIC.

I bought the tights for this costume~! Sexxxxxyyyyy~~ hahahaha

Wow, the wig is a mess now! I think I can save it though~!
I'd love to get more photos of this, so if MEIKO doesn't work out, I'll take it to Expo!

Okay, so Asakura is finally finished!

By which I mean, I bought a new wig, because the old one was a tangled mess, and I've just payed for her cute red hair barrette.

I've altered the skirt to fit a little better too.

A knife would be nice, but I'm sure i can do without for now.





Okay, so now the bikini-top is done, shorts are nearly done, I have a belt, bootcovers are in progress, and I've bought my wig.

I also did a make-up test to see how scars would look, and I quite liked my results, so I'll have scars like the figure does.

I wonder... I'm hopefully going to HobbyCraft this weekend - should I make a handgun, sword, both, or her huge cannon? Hmmmm....

May I direct you to the PV?

So far I've started work on the bikini top and the hotpants, and I'll be purchasing a coat to work on tomorrow too!

Looks like I'm gonna be buying one of CosplayWigs' ponytail sets... black or blue/black? The figure looks pretty good with the bluish hair, but it's black in the PV so I'm still pondering on that...

This one sould be -awesome-! :D

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