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Having left a gap when stitching the centre back seam, when topstitching I neatened the edges to create a slit. Hopefully if I attatch my tail to a strap I can push it through the hole to look slightly neater! (Even though Strength seems to have her tail sprouting from her back- wat?)

Thankfully, the dress started to begin taking shape. I topstitched all the seams as well as pressing seams to make it much neater!

I started working on Strength's insane arms. I wanted to make her animé version, but unfortunately, they were a lot more complicated, and required too many materials for my budget. So I found a compromise and designed her arms in the style of the animé, but not including her crazy-ass sliding mechanism she wears in the reference picture, as after screen-capping the animé, I realised she never actually has it! Using 8mm, I started cutting all the panels out of Plastazote.

Although I originally bought a fleeced cotton jersey, I decided against it and bought black leatherette quite last minute. Not only would the leatherette keep the original shape a lot better, but I felt it fitted better with all the textures of Strength's props and accessories. Started cutting out the pattern!

I then made another toile, seperately, for the collar following the new anime design. I altered a high-collar pattern I'd cut recently, making it a lot wider, and with more material at the back.

First, I altered just a simple A-line dress pattern by taking in the waist, shoulders, neckline, adding darts, and widening the skirt width. I then made a Toile, making small changes as I went until I was happy then added the hood.

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