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Bought a couple of grey shirts ( thought it best to have a spare one ). Was good that they only cost £2.50 each.

Removed the original white buttons and started replacing them with the more suitable yellow ones that I bought.

Scaled a reference of his prison numbers to my best guesses of the correct sizes for both the large numbers on the back and the small ones on the front. Will use to create cardboard templates with for dabbing them onto the clothes with fabric paint.

I spent the morning after the Silent Hill concert sewing the strip of white onto the arm for Chico. I would have done the other two white parts as well if I had been able to get online to look at my reference pictures, but I at least was able to get the arm done by referring to my sketchbook drawing with which I had already used refs. White strip and Chico's hair parting are of course mirrored in this pic. I also later that day bought some yellow buttons ( since these white ones really stand out too much ) and some press stud fasteners. The earphones I bought a few weeks ago from the shop Tiger and will have to add some white details to.

It was annoyingly difficult to find plain white button-up and long sleeved pyjamas to use as base clothing. Whenever I found something close it would have subtle stripes or dots on which made them unsuitable. I've finally found some now. They were an off-white / very pale blueish-grey colour ( " surf " ) which looked suitable enough for dying. I had to order them from America and with the shipping cost as well they cost more than I would have liked. I was relieved to find that both the top and bottoms fit me okay as I was inbetween 2 of the sizes available and they were also made for men instead of women. I removed an unwanted breast pocket with a seam ripper and used Dylon washing machine dye to get the yellow colour that I need. I also put the spare pocket material in as well so that I can use it later to practise painting or printing the prison numbers before applying them to the actual outfit.

So I made a shopping trip to buy all of the black items that I'll need ( top, skirt and shoes ). Everything cost £15 each. While the skirt does have a little slit in the back it also has a stitch at the bottom holding it in place and it also doesn't seem to have the problem of riding up at the back. I was looking at some high heels which had some width to it where the heel meets the floor and was considering those since they might feel a little steadier to walk in, but then I found some normal heels which actually stand fairly low while still having the high heel look to them so I decided on those. I'll still have to be careful in them but they did feel easier to walk in than the pair that I have for my Mei Ling cosplay - there wasn't as much choice of course when it came to finding purple shoes.

I can now put this cosplay as "in progress" since I've now made my mind up on the wig. It's due to be delivered within the first 2 weeks of May, so at least the part with the longest shipping time will be out of the way.

Since it's dark and rainy during the Ground Zeroes mission I referred to the scenes from inside the helicopter during the final cutscene and the coloured images from Peace Walker to choose the colour of the wig. I felt it was best to go with a warm mid-brown / slightly auburn shade. I may have to subtley trim the fringe when it gets here, so I really hope that I don't mess it up... ^^"

This has to have been the best delivery time ever! It was despatched just 3 hours after I ordered it and arrived at my door literally the next morning. I knew it would be quicker because it wasn't from abroad but I wasn't expecting it to be THAT quick! Thankfully it does fit okay, too ^^

I was a little worried about being able to find a suitable wig since short men's style wigs aren't as easy to find as ones for bishie style anime characters. Thankfully I found a seller that actually had several available to choose from. I just hope that all my hair will be able to tuck into it alright, especially at the back. The postage fee and delivery time looks to be really good too since it's from within the country.

After much searching I finally found a suitable grey suit for £30. And thankfully it doesn't nip in at the waist to make me look more girly which was something that I obviously didn't want. It will need a press-stud removing from the front and then I will have to add 2 buttons to the front and 4 buttons along each sleeve. I might adjust the lapels a little bit as well. I'm so glad that I've now got the suit because it means that I've started making some proper progress on this cosplay. I bought a black tie for £3 as well ( I already have one from before for Mei Ling but her tie was smaller ).

I have been looking for some good half-rimmed shades to use for the ARI for ages now. After constantly looking around up town and finding nothing useful I finally found some decent ones back in April... in Istanbul, Turkey of all places ( and no I didn't make the special trip there just for the purpose of looking for them ) XDDD

I managed to find a wig that looks to have the correctly shaped fringe and a good reddish-brown colour to it. It will need some altering since it's pre-styled with a long and high ponytail for use for a different character. A clip-on ponytail wouldn't be right in Ellie's case since they give height to the hair and Ellie's is tied low-ish, so I'm hoping I'll be able to style it okay by gathering and tying the hair from the same wig then shortening the length.

I already have a black, long-sleeved top I can use and bought some T-shirt transfer paper last week. Her shoes are a design that I've seen available in several shops and although I already have some jeans I'll most likely buy a new pair since I want to try to give them a worn and dusty look.

The wig arrived much earlier than expected so I'm now pretty much good to go =)
I could still do with getting some white trainers but as I have a lot of other expenses to deal with before Minami I'll most likely wear the sneakers from my Kyo Sohma cosplay for the moment ( I imagine I'll be at a desk where you can't see my feet for most pictures, anyway ). I'm really happy with the blue highlights on the wig, so looking forward to cosplaying as him now ^^

I've now found and ordered a suitable wig. It was actually easy to find one with a good style for him as there were many, though his hair colour is kind of unusual. The manga and anime gives the impression that it's dark with the colour of the highlights suggesting it's actually a dark shade of blue. While in many of the colour illustrations it's shown as a much lighter, warm blue.

The wig I chose is actually black with light blue highlights which looks much like the effect in the anime, so I have my fingers crossed that it will look just as effective as it did in the seller's photo when it arrives.

The ETA was given as between 13th Feb - 1st March, so it's possible that I might wear him to Minami 2013. I still don't have my cosplay plans set in stone for that event so we shall see...

I found a suitable navy and white top for just £4.
Since they were cheap I bought 2 of them just to be on the safe side.

Got the black tie - not much more to say =)

So I dyed the jacket and skirt and also some spare white fabric so that I can later make those military-style shoulder bits in the same colour. As expected it didn't go 100% perfectly... >_< There are a couple of areas where the dye seems to have gathered in greater concentration resulting in a slightly darker patch. I think I'm going to go ahead and wear it as is though - with the most suitable white jacket I could find costing me £39-something I don't exactly feel like forking out for another one. It also niggles me a bit that areas of stitching have remained white, but since the only artwork of Mei Ling's outfit tends to be a bit vague on the smaller details I'm just going to go with it. The colour did actually come out a really good shade for her, however.

I've also got my wig through the post. It wasn't quite what I was expecting. It actually came as a long-length wig that's tied up in a high pony-tail with a band, and then I got a clip-on ponytail in a seperate bag. I was expecting it to be a short-haired base wig designed for me to clip the clip-on ponytail straight onto like with the one I got for my Dana cosplay. So I'm going to have to think about what the best way to style it is since strands keep coming loose when I'm putting it on with it as a tied-up long wig and the fringe isn't quite as it looked in the photo.

Next I need to look around for a suitable head-set so that she can keep in touch with the team =)

I've now chosen and ordered the wig which was actually pretty easy to find seeing as I only had to look for the correct hairstyle and didn't have to worry about looking for the perfect shade as well (seeing as black is just black) ^_^

Starting to look Alessa-ish with a test of my new wig which arrived on Saturday and another new top that I recently bought ^^

I need to look into making the big white collar and finding some red ribbon and suitable clip-on earrings ( I don't have pierced ears - too ouchy! )

I was a bit worried about if my wig would be delivered in time for AmeCon, as I'd only have about 3 days difference if they went over the maximum of the estimated 10-20 days delivery time. Luckily it turned up on Saturday which was much earlier than expected, so I'm a happy bunny now ^^ I also got my Alessa Gillespie wig in the same package since I'd ordered it from the same seller. I will be wearing eyeliner and some light makeup when I cosplay Margarete to hopefully make it look a bit better - I didn't bother just for this test shot ^^"

I've since found a better hoodie since it is again the perfect colour but this time includes a zip already down the middle. I also found a new wig, since when I wore it at KitaCon 2011 I found that the texture was too smooth which made it look a bit too femminine. This one has a more flicky texture.

I've been keeping an eye out for either a light violet jacket or a white one that I could dye the correct colour for quite some time now. I've finally found a white one online which looks suitable with pretty much the correct shapes to everything. I should be able to collect it in-store ( for free delivery ) on Friday, so I'll check that it fits and then I can start looking into dying it with the purple dye I bought a few weeks back. Dying fabric is something I'm new to so I'll test it on a scrap piece of white material first and probably dilute it a bit more than is required ( since I want it quite light anyway ) and layer it up afterwards if I feel that it needs to be any stronger.

Unfortunately I wasn't happy with the wig that I originally used for my Zero cosplay. I was focusing mostly on the mess-up that had happened with the measurements of the uniform that I had ordered, so the wig became something of an after-thought as I knew that I already had a grey one that I had been mistakenly sent instead of an L wig and had been allowed to keep. It turned out that that wig was too thin and also flicked strangely on one side.

However I have now received a new one that I picked out carefully specifically for cosplaying as Zero, so I'm now happy to re-wear him whenever I can next fit him in. The wig is much fuller and also has some darker strands mixed into it which I particularly like. I already have other plans for May Expo and AmeCon and I won't be attending Kita this time, so I'll probably next wear him if any small day events pop up on the calendar.

I finally have a fully finished jacket!
( well I will once it arrives in the post which should be next-day delivery ) =P

I commissioned it from Shido of Paper Cranes Cosplay who kindly took into account all the problems that my first jacket had and re-made it so much better for me ^^

I'm so happy that I was able to find someone who could machine-embroider the patches and at a reasonable price ( since the quote I got from an embroidery company would have asked for over £80 just for 4 different patch designs... X_x ) I was also really lucky that I happened to find out by chance exactly what the text was on his blue and red badges just before the commission. I had already tried really hard to find proper reference pictures and was going to have to settle on just using the vague shapes that I could make out from his character model, but fortunately I found references when I wasn't really looking for them and so was able to make mock-ups of them in Photoshop so that I could have them made accurately ^^

Shido also gave me the functional pockets I wanted as well as the shoulder details and even gave the seams around the cuffs and mid-chest that elastic look. I can't wait for our photoshoots now. I might have found someone who can help us on the Sunday, but I'm still trying to find someone who can help us with Friday's photoshoot.

( and in reference to the previous journal entry it is the second wig I will be using, which is the same one I used for my AyaCon trial-run pictures )

I've spent the last few weeks looking for a suitable top for her school uniform, since I did not want to start buying the other parts of the outfit until I had this main item as I knew that it would be the hardest part to find. The closest I got to finding one up town was when I looked in BHS and they had v-necks in every colour except blue and the only plain blue jumpers were circle-necks >___< I eventually bought one from the only place I could find that sold suitable ones online, but after going by the feedback from someone who's the same size as me and even buying the next size down from that person since that was all that was available I received it just to find out that it was too big ¬___¬ Since I'm planning to tuck the jumper into the top of the skirt anyway that isn't quite as much a problem as it could have been, but the biggest let down is that the sleeves are 2-3 times the width of my arms - it's ridiculous! So I'm going to have to see if I can send that back... I'm not sure if they'll accept it. Then I looked in BHS again when I was next up town not expecting much and they had a whole rail of blue v-necks in in the same place that I had looked last time >___< Anyway at least I managed to get a couple in the end ( and at a cheaper cost than the online one ) - I just really wish that they had had them in stock the first time that I looked.

Well Avon happened to be selling black shorts which look the correct length for Aqua and are actually available in my size (they only had 2 different sizes to choose from), so I guess that this is " in progress " now. And they were available at a discounted price, too - just £3.25 =D

Well I bought some suitable material when I last visited Brummy, so since I couldn't find a matching waistcoat in any stores (despite it being a simple design) I'm actually attempting to make this myself. Since I'm not very experienced in textiles don't expect it to be uber amazing ^_^" but at least it looks the right kind of shape so far. I used my white shirt from my Vampire Knight cosplay as a guide for the general size and shapes of what I needed to cut out so hopefully it should work out somewhat okay... I hope...

(I don't remember when I exactly started on this - I think it was about a week or so ago now)

I did some quick test shots so that I could see what it looks like so far. I really need to find some material in the same colour as the jacket so that I can add the shoulder details, extra section of the jacket lapels and the breast pocket ( they didn't make the top pocket functional like I had requested and they had agreed to - I wanted to stick a torch in it... >_< ). So far I've looked in John Lewis both locally and when I went to May's Expo in the Oxford Street store and haven't been able to find the same shade of green. I've since found the address for a local army surplus store, so I'll try there next and if I still have no luck will probably try a really good fabric store I know in Brummy. At least they did make the bottom pockets functional so I will be able to put my radio in there and have it hiss static now and then... =P

Also, when I was looking for a better wig for Zero I actually found another wig which was a better colour for James. It also looks a bit more natural since it has a few different shades mixed into it. So I've ordered one since it's hard to find wigs in James' style and colour and if I think it looks good enough then I will use that one instead of the one that I have in the test shots.

The wig arrived today and it's the perfect colour ^_^
It will be the first one I'll wear that includes a clip-on ponytail.

Part of me wants to see if I can make the top and buy the other parts of the outfit in time for May Expo now, but I think I should wait until after the Expo and take my time with it (plus I'm not sure how easy it would be to find the boots I need in time).

I found a hand-held radio in John Lewis which would be great to have as a prop. Obviously it's not identical to the one in the game but it's a very typical-looking radio without any kind of digital display and has an antenna I can pull up so it would be great for Silent Hill ^_^

My jacket arrived a while ago and it's the perfect colour and fits very nicely but they completely missed out the shoulder details and got other parts of the design wrong, too. If I can find some material in the same shade I will have to see if it's possible for me to modify it...

It wasn't too hard to find a suitable wig.
I'll need to trim it when it arrives.

I got the American flag badge in the post today, which I ordered online and cost just £1.99 including postage =D

It's also been 2 weeks since I ordered the jacket so I'm hoping that I'll be notified sometime in the next few days about it being shipped...

Since I shouldn't be attending any more cosplay events between now and May's Expo I've now been able to pay out to have the jacket commissioned. So that I could get an idea of a material and colour I'd be happy with I actually looked at Hetalia England cosplays and when I found one I liked requested that James' jacket be made from the same type of material and in the same colour. I also asked for the pockets to be functional ( since I might get a torch to put in the top one ) and I'm going to either get the badges made seperately or try to make them myself ( since I've noticed that the finer details in commissioned costumes aren't always that good ). As far as I can tell from the making and shipping times it SHOULD arrive in time... I've asked for 20th May as the delivery deadline.

Yeah, I thought that I really couldn't get away with this cosplay without using a binder since it has the open jacket, so I finally got around to getting one. Obviously I can't get it absolutely 100% flat but it's effective enough for me to be happy with it and it looks okay under my polo shirts ^_^

Once KitaCon is out of the way I should be able to put my money towards getting the jacket and badges.

When up town I looked around just about every shop I could think of that would sell grey polo shirts but they always had some kind of logo or other colour included on them >,< Luckily I did manage to find what I was looking for in the very last place I could think of. They actually had 2 which were suitable. One is perfect in colour, but I also found one which is a little bit darker but has subtle thin stripes on which give it the look of that slightly ribbed texture that James' shirt has. I'm not sure which one is best so considering they were tricky to find I decided to buy both of them just in case.

Also when I got home from town I found that my wig had arrived.
It's a little bit on the light side so I might colour it in a slightly warmer shade.

Even though his hairstyle is fairly simple I found it really tricky to find a wig that was in the correct style and colour. I have found one in the end which I think is suitable, though like with my Kyo Sohma wig it's originally meant to be for a blonde character when it doesn't look that colour at all XD It's more of a light brown which I think is a pretty close match to the shade James has, and it also has the correct type of parting. All it will need is a tiny bit of trimming at the back and sides ^_^

I've also found places I could get an Amercian flag badge from, but I will leave that until after I have the jacket ready to sew it onto so that I know what size of badge I need to get.

Day Class uniform has now been ordered and is expected to arrive a reasonable number of days before KitaCon, so that's the main part out of the way at least =D

* sits and twiddles thumbs *

The wig arrived in the post and thankfully the colour is fine V^_^V
(why the heck the seller thinks it's blonde I'll never know...) XD

Next I need to either source or commission a pair of combat trousers for him and get hold of one of those bracelets.

After a few days of searching I found a wig that with a little bit of trimming at the back and sides should be suitable for Kyo. I was very fussy about the colour because I really, REALLY don't want the hair to look neon-orange. I want a shade which looks more plausible and not really fake. The wig is actually meant to be for a blonde character but it didn't look blonde at all, so I'm hoping that when it arrives the colour of the wig doesn't differ too much from what was shown on my computer monitor...

I spotted a blue hoodie up town which was the PERFECT colour for matching with Kyo's. As usual it is near impossible to find something already available in a shop which is EXACTLY the same as an item you need for cosplay, no matter how simple it is. The hoodie I bought has a single large pocket on the front and does not include a zip. Looking at it I think that I might be able to unpick the stitching to remove the big pocket. As for the zip I could buy one from John Lewis and cut down the middle of the hoodie and attach the zip to each edge. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this without the fabric fraying though, so I will probably experiment on cutting and sewing with the leftover fabric from the removed pocket before I do anything.

The drawstring is also white while the one Kyo has is a dark colour but that should be easy since all I'd have to do is pull out the original one and push a different one in instead. Then the last thing I would need to do would be to cut 2 strips of material from the removed pocket and attach them to each side to make fake side-pockets. I'm hoping I'll be able to make these alterations okay since it really is the perfect colour and it would save me a lot of money not having to pay for one to be commissioned and shipped. And I also own a few black shirts already, so at least that part of the cosplay will be no problem.

I've now finished painting the main accessory. The key colour is fine and while the secondary colour isn't 110% identical to the reference image ( since I had to mix up a colour for it ) it's pretty damn close so I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out ^_^

Thankfully the areas where it's meant to look symmetrical turned out to look okay, too.
I used a blue CD marker pen to outline the coloured shapes.

Yesterday my cosplay arrived ( yey! ) so what's left to do now is to buy some suitable boots, make some flaps for them, get some black leggings and then collect my wig from Ichigo-chan ( who's going to be cosplaying as Romeo-kun ) at May's Expo. I also want to get hold of a few props in order to compliment her character such as an iris ( would prefer a fake one so it doesn't wilt ) and whatever else I can think up for her.

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