23 year old wannabe writer and major bookworm, currently working as a receptionist at a Veterinary surgery. Started going to MCM London about 10 years ago, with my first cosplay being Misty from Pokemon. My current plans (which aaaaalways change) are:

October 2019: Edward Elric (to go with my gfs Winry. We pinky promised.)
May 2020: Yuna, Lightning.
October 2020: Princess Zelda

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Taking a break from the wig to start the actual costume. I ordered a screen-accurate metal belt buckle from Ebay, and when it arrived today I decided to mix some black and silver acrylic paints to get a 'dirty' silver look, to make it more screen-accurate. Once the fabric arrives, I can start making the actual belt as well as the holster for his sword.

Today I separated the dreadlocks into ones I wanted to paint dark brown, ones I wanted to leave as they were (Jack has a few random pieces lighter than the rest of his hair), and ones I wanted to keep vaguely the same but to darken slightly. I painted all of the ones I wanted to paint a dark brown so that they would be consistent, although I kept all the pieces that were the same colour as the base wig so that they would blend well and I'd have some natural highlights. I also created the three front pieces he has, using a number of beads and trinkets, and some wefts from some black hair I planned to use for the dreads but didn't need. Getting the small; disk onto that small part was haaard... Tomorrow, I'm going to paint the remaining dreads, then neaten everything up ready to start attaching it to the base wig. I can't wait to see how this all looks when put together!

Today I made the dreadlocks - there's 16 in total, all various shades which I plan to paint over tomorrow to make them more consistent. To make these I used the cut wig fibres from the day before, as well as a number of clip in extensions of various brown shades, as well as some blonde as he has a blonde section in the later movies. To get them into shape I got bundles of loose hair and made them tacky with some watered down PVA glue, then twisted them into shape, before setting with a hair dryer. They look a bit obvious right now, but I'm hoping that the paint job will make them look a little better. Then I trimmed any flyaway pieces that I hadn't caught with the glue. Tomorrow I'm going to paint them to a dark-brown/black shade.

As I'm now on furlough for the foreseeable future, what better time to start working on a new cosplay!

I took a basic, long dark brown wavy wig from Amazon to use as my base. I cut it to around shoulder-length - more length will be added later when I make and glue the dreadlocks - before thinning it out all over as it was quite thick. I kept all of the hair I'd cut in the wig bag to use later for the dreadlocks, and maybe even the facial hair.

Now, I'm going to spend some time researching his dreadlocks - what colours they are, how many, where abouts they're positioned, and then get started on making those hopefully tomorrow.

Yesterday, I decided to start work on what is absolutely going to be the hardest part of this costume - Lightning's Blazefire Saber. Like all weapons in FF, it's big and complex. As I have zero artistic talent, and am very new to weapon-making, I found a detailed plan for the weapon on Etsy. I sized this to scale and printed it out - it's around 120cm in total. To get my head around the different pieces and layers of the blade, I then coloured in each individual section I could see. My plan now is to print out an A4 size version of the blade and look at various references to see which parts are the same section, are raised/flat, and what colours each part are and use this as a go-to guide when making the blade. And then... construction!

The contacts I ordered finally came today! Although I have blue eyes, Lightning's are definitely more grey and I wanted to be as accurate as possible - I also need contacts anyway, and prefer coloured ones as it's easier for my terrible eyesight to see when removing them lol. I went with the EOS DollyEye Grey contacts, which proved tricky to hunt down as they seem to be being discontinued or rebranded. It was also really hard to get some not only in my prescription, but also in a mixed prescription that wouldn't charge you extra. I found these at an Australian based store online, slightly cheaper than they would have cost at Pinky Paradise or Uniqso. Next on the list - the blade.

I already had a lot of makeup suitable for Lightning, but my order came this morning for the bits I didn't have - Lightning's makeup is very simple and basic, but the key will be changing the look of my face to suit her more triangular and flawless one! I will be following Alyson Tabbitha's tutorial closely, but using makeup available in the UK to save on cost. The makeup I will be using is: a number of shades from the Jeffree Star 'Blue Blood' palette; the Sedona Lace Contour & Highlight palette; Eylure natural lashes No.003; Collection's Shimmer Shade's blush palette in 'Blushalicious'; Natural Collection clear nail polish; Stila eyeliner pen in 'Intense Black'; Sleek lipliner in 'Friend Zone'; Natural Collection eyeliner in 'Soft Brown' and 'Brown'; Covergirl lip stain 445; Revolution concealer; NYX lipliner in 'Mauve'; e.l.f Flawless Eyeshadow palette in 'Beautiful Browns'; L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mega Volume mascara; Revlon foundation, and Natural Collection lip gloss in 'Antique Rose'. Once the wig is styled, I'll do a whole makeup test to see how it looks <3

I really loved wearing this Clary, even though the runes were a right pain to apply and ended up rubbing off halfway through the convention anyway. I had her screen accurate trousers and found a cool blue jacket on sale in Zara. I think I'm happy with Clary now, I don't feel the need to cosplay her again if I'm honest.

This costume was a pain to wear (the belts! the size!) but I felt extremely badass in it. It was actually a kid's Disney Official costume in a size 13-14 and I miraculously managed to fit in it, with my boots covering the fact that the trousers were way too small. Highlight of the day was when a little girl asked me for my photo, also dressed as Mal! So many kids and parents wanted pictures, it was great. As much as I love the character, I retired this because I absolutely will never fit into it again! But that doesn't mean I'll never cosplay Mal again...

Veronica! I fell in love with the musical when it was at London, and saw it twice! This cosplay was a mix of the London and US versions, as I also loved the costume Barrett wore when she played the character. Everything was bought from second hand sites, with the wig being one I already had for Yuna. I absolutely fell in love with this blazer and got loads of people asking for photos <3

I had originally planned to wear my Babydoll 2.0 costume for October 2018, but then they announced that the cast of Shadowhunters would be guests and... well... I had to cosplay Clary again! The jacket, top and jeans were all screen accurate - although the jeans weren't accurate for this particular scene - and it was very comfy to wear. I had a lot of people stopping me at the SH panels to compliment my choice of doing Season 1.1 Clary too!

Unfortunately, I ended up hating the automail I made and felt I'd really rushed it, so I put Ed aside and wore a different costume for the con. One day, when I've built my skills up and have the finances, I absolutely hope to do this. For me, working on this constantly and my gf demanding we rewatch the anime, I just lost all interest in the character and series and my enthusiasm dropped into the negative zone. They do, however, say absence makes the heart grow fonder - hopefully soon I'll do Ed <3

MCM London is barely over and I have already begun planning my next cosplay for May 2020 (to be fair, it's a Final Fantasy character, I'm gonna need all the time I can get lol). Before starting work on Lightning properly, I wanted to replay the game, paying close attention to her outfit as I go. Already, barely over an hour in to gameplay, I noticed that when her Gunblade is in sword form, her Gunblade sheath/holster disappears. I'm not sure just yet if I want to include that, especially if it isn't necessary, but I'm glad to know that it's no big deal if I end up not making it.

After my planned cosplay fell through two days before the convention, I decided to redo my Seiren cosplay. For this version of her, I found a skirt that more closely matched the colour of the blazer, as well as using a pair of Scarecrow 'Love Bite' fangs. I also wore lilac contacts which, although comfortable, didn't work that well on my blue eyes. I think this is the last time I'll be doing Seiren - I may still use this cosplay for Rima and Yuki one day - but I had a lot of fun with this character!

Finally, three days before the convention, I have all of the base pieces constructed and ready for priming and painting. The shoulder piece gave me the most hassle as shaping and patterning it to fit my body shape was a pain. As I want to wear the coat and show the symbol on the back, I have attached the edge of the coat to the back of the shoulder armour and I really like the look of it, even if this is absolutely not how a prosthetic limb would work lol

So this looks a bit like Frankenstein's monster since I ran out of white craft foam, but here is the upper arm/elbow piece. This is one single piece, glued in a cylinder shape, that just slips on and off. I had to alter the pattern as the original didn't fit over my forearm to slide up to the top of my arm. I then stuck layers of craft foam to make an elbow guard, as well as the two metal straps he has. Next stage is to do the shoulder and body parts.

Here I have the base of the forearm completed, ready for priming and painting - both the upper and lower sections are made from craft foam, velcroed together for ease (although once stuck together, I can easily just slide it on snuggly). Under the grill section I stuck some thick white card just large enough to go under the gaps.

Third attempt and finally have the hand fully structured and ready for painting. The finger pieces are actually glued to the actual glove so that they remain in place for the convention. I need to buy a few buttons to act as fake screws but, other than that, the hand is complete and ready to paint. Tomorrow I'll be working on the forearm and upper arm.

After patching up some minor problems (a few holes had occurred when cutting off the straps and buttons), and giving the symbol another coat of fabric paint, the coat is complete! It's a Zara nylon trench coat that I found for £15 on Depop, and it works perfectly for Ed. I just need to make the arm and the belt and this costume will be ready to try on <3

Today I took a break from the automail madness, and decided to work on the coat. Ed's Flamel symbol on the back is above his waist, with the crown at the top hidden by his hood. I think I got the placement pretty accurate but, sadly, there's no way for me to add a hood to this so it's not going to be 100% accurate. I first of all found a template for the symbol online and printed it out - it fit on one sheet of A4 which was the perfect size. I then cut round most of it and drew a rough outline in biro to mark where each section would be placed. Then, I cut the crown, wings and staff sections out individually and used my previous outlines to line them up and trace them onto the coat. I went over this biro outline with a black sharpie, and have now done one coat of black fabric paint. I'm going to leave it to dry completely overnight before going over it again.

I've caught up to where I left off when constructing this originally, finally <3. I covered all of the pieces with silver adhesive vinyl, which was a pain to use - it wrinkles very easily and bubbles when it gets even slightly warm, so it's not as neat as I would have liked. I then hot glued thin black elastic down the centre of all the pieces, which I will use to attach the fingers to the main hand when constructed. I wanted the palm piece to be more flexible than the others, so I made that out of thin craft foam which I have gem tacked onto silver vinyl fabric - all the pieces are drying overnight. I made a small start to the list of things I have to do for the coat. I painted small patches from 3 different black paints - leather, fabric and acrylic - to see which will be best to paint his symbol on the back. I usually use acrylic for all my fabric painting but, as this is nylon, I wanted to check which would be most affective.

So, as was pretty foreseeable, I encountered issues with my automail. I originally was using craft foam with a layer of leatherette fabric glued on top, but this unfortunately meant the pieces were too bulky to fit over the black gloves I planned to wear underneath, and the glue takes 24 hours to dry and I can't afford to be waiting days to be able to use each piece to construct. So! Here are the new fingers, made from styrene plastic and a hell of a struggle to hot glue in shape lol. I'm actually going to reuse the finger tips from my original one, because the finger styrene pieces just would not glue without burning myself a lot. My sticky back metallic vinyl came today, so lots of progress will be made tomorrow <3

Other than the automail, the coat is the only other part of this costume I have left to work on <3 I found a red trench coat on Depop for £15, that looked pretty good for Ed's. I've cut all the straps and buttons off, and will get painting the Alchemist symbol on the back later this week. The coat is made of nylon, and looks almost like leather from a distance - a nice nod to the live action movie where Ed's coat was insanely badass!

A few ups and downs already with this automail. I originally planned to cover the pieces in leatherette, leaving a few inches around the pieces to then fold over to create a nice edge. Good in theory, terrible in actuality - it made the pieces look great but also meant they lost all their flexibility... luckily, I had only done the two thumb pieces so, after redoing those, I decided to just cut the pieces out on the leatherette and paint the edges silver later. I really like how they turned out! Next, I hot-glued the finger pieces into shape, trimmed off the excess as the knuckle pieces were much too big, and then hot glued some black elastic down the centre of the fingers, leaving some at the end which I'll glue to the main hand piece later. Thank God I started with the fingers. I need new ones after burning mine off with hot glue >.< They look rough right now, but I'm very proud of them and they have my girlfriend's approval! I have cut out the top and palm hand pieces, stuck them on the leatherette to dry overnight, and will be all set to construct the hand completely tomorrow - so excited to see this coming together!

I finally got started on the automail! I've decided to use craft foam covered in a vinyl/leatherette silver fabric for my automail, as I haven't made a piece this big before and I'm not too familiar with using Worbla/thermoplastics/fibreglass just yet!

I cut out the finger and thumb pattern pieces from Amethyst Angel's website, then traced them onto craft foam and cut them out again - the pieces all look very similar, so it's important that you keep a note of what pieces go where! Once they were cut out, I placed them individually onto the back of my fabric and sketched out a rough 1/2" larger outline that, when cut out, will fold over the pieces nicely. I think I drew it took big, but it's easier to trim down than face the prospect of making them too short and leaving areas uncovered! I applied Gem-Tac glue to the pieces which worked pretty much instantly, but the instructions advise to leave it overnight so that's what I'm now doing.

Next step is to fold the fabric over the pieces to cover them completely, and then shape the pieces to form the fingers. Hopefully this all works out okay, I keep remembering just how much of this arm I need to do....

No picture just yet - going to wait until I have most of the outfit - but I unearthed a pair of leather leggings that I bought last year from Sainsburys, that will work perfectly for Edward. Good news, since I have an automail arm to make and literally 30 days until the convention... oops.

I actually planned to do Ed a couple of years ago, so unearthed the boots from then. They are miraculously still in great shape and I don't have to do anything other than re-glue the trim. I bought a pair of motorcycle boots off of Ebay, specifically because they were the right shape and had the buckle and straps already. They also feel heavy to wear, like automail would, so I think Ed would approve. Once they'd arrived, I cut down the centre to make the slits of Ed's shoes, then lined the whole top part with black fabric, which I painted with acrylic black paint to look darker and blend with the shoe better. I then spent many days painting and repainting the red soles using at least 10 layers of red leather shoe paint. I'm really happy with them, and can't wait to see how they'll look once the rest of the costume comes together!

All the white paint is done (hopefully, although I think there may be a few areas I might need to touch up), and I also painted the tie and knot that came with the costume a dark grey using acrylic paint. I just need to paint over the navy stripes again where I got white paint on them, and then alter the length of the top, and that'll be the top completed!

Nothing like leaving your cosplay until 10 days before the con to start seriously working on it (!). Today I painstakingly unstitched the middle ribbons from the sleeves and the collar so that there are only two. I then painted the first layer of white fabric paint on the collar. Tomorrow I need to go buy more fabric paint, sew the top and sleeves so its shorter, and paint the white ribbon on the collar navy blue. Gotta love cosplay.

My first ever scabbard was this same exact one but kept the original colour, tied around me with some string...! This time I've opted to make it as screen accurate as I can, given how hard it is to find a plain scabbard that doesn't come with a sword and also isn't super expensive. Once again I bought a fancy dress ninja sword and sheath for £2.99, only this time I painted the sheath a medium-brown colour to match Babydoll's. Babydoll's sheath is plain with yellow snowflakes on it but I opted to not have the snowflakes and keep the cool dragon pattern on this one instead because I think it looks cooler lol. I just need to paint one final layer and seal the opposite side, and then attach the belt I'll be using to wear it comfortably around the con.

By far one of the more complex elements on this costume, the next thing I'm working on is Babydoll's top. Initially I was going to buy a similar top and make my own sailor collar, but it was much cheaper to buy a Japanese school girl fancy dress/cosplay costume instead and just alter it. It is dark blue, it just looks darker in image! The things I have to do now are:

- Cut the excess fabric off so the top is shorter and hem it
- Remove the centre part of the sailor collar (I want to call it a modesty panel but I don't think thats right lol)
- Paint over the middle lines on the sleeves so only two white are visible
- Reverse the colours on the collar - blue has to be white and vice versa
- Sew a button on the front
- Dye the scarf and the tie/knot a light grey-silvery colour

So...not much! Joking aside, most of it is fairly simple to alter so this shouldn't take too long :)

I bought a pair of hand wraps a year or so ago from Amazon that were designed for boxing/martial arts and looked perfect for Babydoll's. Last time I did this costume I just used some bandages, so this is definitely an improvement! I cut the length in half since it was way too long, and bulky when I wrapped it. To make them look more worn and battle weary I then washed them in heavily diluted black acrylic paint and, apart from a few spots here and there which get covered when I wrap it anyway, I think they look pretty great!

Babydoll's shoes are a Mary-Jane style black pair with a T-bar strap and chunky brown heels with brown detailing along the seams and edges. I found a near-identical pair of Mary-Jane T-Strap Clarkes shoes being sold on Vinted, and I bought Angelus acrylic leather paint in Black and Light Brown. I first painted the soles of the shoes and the inside of the straps black, before painting the heel and outlining the shoes and straps in the light brown. Pictured is the before and after shots of the shoes. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, but I might neaten up the brown edges closer to the convention.

I'd misplaced the socks I'd used originally for this costume, and from what I remember they were tight and uncomfortable anyway since they were 100% cotton. I found a pair of nylon/polyester knee-high socks on Ebay (seller code4design2011) for £2.60 instead - they are the softest and most comfortable things ever! They also fit with the screen version perfectly. I'm going to get some clothes (boob?) tape later on so that they stay up for the whole convention.

I've finally gotten all the elements of Mal's makeup ready to do a full wig and makeup test soon. Mal's look is fairly neutral in D2, with the main features being those eyelashes and lips (Dove Cameron is an actual doll I swear to God). I've gotten the most accurate I could find; I may also add some blush, but I'll see how I feel when I do the test run.

The products I'm using are:
- Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer in C1
- Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen in Liquid Black
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk
- NYX Buter Gloss in BLG32 Strawberry Cheesecake
- Ardell Professional Magnetic Accents in 002
- Miss Sporty lasting Colour Nail Varnish in 080
- Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara in Very Black
- Collection Shimmer Shades Blush in 02 Blushalicious
- Colours by Technic Complete Makeup Palette.

Fingers crossed that, when combined, these all give a screen accurate look!

So the stripy top arrived today, which means Matt's top half is officially complete! This costume is much easier than the other two I have planned for MCM, so it's a great feeling to know that I'm halfway to finishing at least one costume :P

My gf who's doing Mello with me said I shouldn't get a waistcoat, but it wouldn't be Matt without his really gross-looking waistcoat! Found this one on Ebay for like £3 and couldn't resist it since it looks so much like his; I was originally going to just cut the brown toggles off but then I can't fasten it so it looks like they're staying!

Matt's whole outfit is pretty much motorcycle gear in really weird and unusual fabrics, so I found a cheap pair of motorcycle gloves on Ebay and they look pretty neat. At a later point I might paint over the company logo, but its not really a priority now, I'll see if I have time once I've gotten this costume finished ^^

I've spent hours and hours looking over and examining reference photos. What at first looked like an impossible costume, actually looks a lot easier after watching the '30 Seconds with Emily Browning' video, which the screen cap is taken from; here you can see just how this dress comes together - a base dress and the complicated bodice goes over the top, like a waistcoat. This base dress seems to be the easiest part, so I'm starting there (I'm debating about having the black skirt as part of this or having that as a separate piece,

I found the Simplicity Disney Misses 2813 pattern, and I'm thinking of using the Snow White pattern for this (I needed a pattern with a bodice thats connected to the skirt, not all one piece, and the puff sleeves too!). I already have black spandex/lycra which I can use for the top, and I've ordered lilac duchess satin for the skirt. Along with that, I've ordered a huge amount of organza samples for her sleeves - they're not black, it's like a weird dark grey colour. Fingers crossed we get somewhere with that!

The wig came today, and it's pretty much perfect colour wise - it's quite a light silvery-grey in the light, but in the shade it goes a lot darker so I think it's perfect for her. I need to cut the fringe and maybe trim the length as it seems like it'll be a bit longer than a bob on me. But for something that only cost £1.50, it's pretty good quality. I just need to de-staticise it :L

I didn't realise just how hard it was to find a grey wig, until I needed one! I did consider buying a long one and just cutting it, but when I found this one on Ebay it just looked so perfect. The seller is digizone-uk (although they're based in Hong Kong...) and it was super cheap, under £5 including postage to the UK! Hopefully the quality will still be good >.<

In reference images, Seiren's hair colour varies from dark grey to slightly purple, but I went for a silvery-grey in the end. I think, when it's paired with the uniform, she'll be recognisable anyway xD

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