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Starting this year (2013) I finally got chance to cosplay ........... and now I'm hooked on it. I know I'm not the greatest by any mean's but I will attempt to get better and better. Style wise its what ever has captivated me for ages or something new I just discovered since I'm still new to anime kinda. Since I'm new I still would say I'm a bit nervous because I worry my costume won't be good enough or slightly off but I'm sure people will agree once you think that costume is right, boy do you get a good feeling of accomplishment from it.

People will notice I cosplay a fair few females but its my rule in cosplaying is if I love that character from said Anime/Game I'm gonna do it regardless for my enjoyment because at the end of the day that's what its for so I hope people get a good chuckle out of some but also its hard when many cool characters normally are girls xD

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Came today gonna wait till a meet on Saturday till uploads because still waiting on a wig :D

Wooo heels came today this is gonna be laugh hopefully I don't fall over xD

Pretty much everything apart from a Shield and Tights will start uploading images soon :D

So most of the costume is done now wow I should have updated this more I will get some images up later this week and should be getting some around the 20th as I'm off to a meet up woo :D

So the shorts arrived today pretty darn good just need a bit of editing to add the fur at the bottom

So at the moment I'm wondering and discussing with my friend how to do the head

Either - Make a big mascot head like the things you see at E3 at like the Sega booth

or - Get a pretty decent wig and make some pinky purple cat ears with a diamond to go on my head and Yellow contacts

So MCM is done and where are my images well I need to find a good one enough to show haha

Almost done now ready to upload the images on Thursday or friday:D

Hammer is being sprayed atm but is almost done and is a collaboration of 2 different hammers from the game

So its getting close well I'm hopefully gonna upload some actual images soon :D

ATM working on straightening the wig as its a slight mess man this ain't easy why do you have to be so long wig :(

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