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Ever since starting attending Events and Con's in 2000, I've had an interest in CosPlay and Costuming.
I started Costuming in about 2005, with a Charity group who mostly did Doctor Who costumes. After about 6 months with them, I moved to another group who are primarily Star Wars costumers.

Even though originally not intentional, I have ended up mainly doing Costumes that are unique in the UK. Also, from a fair amount of research, I am pretty confident in saying that both my DoC Reeve and my Jedi Corran are the most accurate in the World :D

For the most part, my costume building skills are limited to prop & armour building, with the bulk of the fabric based building being done by my mother. Due to this, unfortunately I doubt I will compete using any of my costumes at any point in the foreseeable future......

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After Kitacon, I worked out that there were a couple of things that need sorting on my bow.
The first was the string. For Kitacon I used a length of 1mm white elastic for the bow string. This has now been replaced with a length of 3mm black elastic.
This means that the string should now be seen in photos. The string is also stiffer and my arrows will now knock in place properly, helping me set up the bow faster for photos.
An unintentional bonus is that the string now makes the limbs move when I draw it, adding to the realism.
I did a quick check on the string tension, and even with the thicker string it still only comes to about 3lb, well below most "con safe" levels.

The second thing I have done is add an arrow rest. It is a small hook that was part of a set my mother picked up for hanging pictures. It is bigger than real arrow rests, but as it doesn't "lock" the arrow in place it will be easier for me to remove the arrow after photos.

After wearing this costume at Kitacon, I discovered that the main problem I had with this costume was it's lack of pockets, and found that I had nowhere to store anything like money.

After getting home, I made sure to look up and buy a pouch for my money, and this is is. It's made of leather and should be plenty big enough to store any coinage or notes I have on me

The building of my frog has had a few different steps, since I wanted to make sure it looked the best that it could.

I started off by researching frog styles, mainly using re-enactment or larp websites. After finding a style I likes (and more to the point, could build), I built myself a paper version (Top-Left) so I could make any adjustments quickly and easily.
After deciding on a "pattern", I built it from some vinyl I had lying around (Top-Right). I had to make some more adjustments at this stage, since I found that the loops were too small to fit my sheath.
Once I'd sorted everything out on the vinyl version, I cut and assembled my final version from Leather (Bottom).
I have only glues it together at this point, but I will more than likely add rivets or stitching to it in the future so it looks more accurate.

So, after searching everywhere for an accurate hat at a reasonable price (most I found are made of leather and cost up to £100), I finally came across a felt one (a much more historically accurate fabric) on eBay.
It came with a red ribbon and feather. The feather fell off it as soon as I tried it on, and I decided that the ribbon should be replaced.
After quickly checking the screencaps I'd made of the film, I realised that the brown ribbon that I had for another part would work nicely.
I've just spent about an hour carefully removing the old ribbon and putting the new one in place, and I think it looks quite a bit better :)

I still have every intention of making the face plate from aluminium, but for the time being, I plan on trying to build it from Worbla.
I'll update once I've given it a go.....

So, I've made the sintra limbs and trialled them on the bow.
The total length of the bow with these limbs is about 66".

Even though I have used a 66" bow, and the length felt fine, this one feels too big for some reason. I may try shaping the limbs a bit and see if that feels any better, but I'm thinking that I will end up shortening the bow to 60" or maybe a touch less. I haven't decided quite yet.....

I picked up a compound bow with missing parts a while ago. I've been planning to build recurve limbs out of sintra to make it "cosplay safe"

Once I've build the limbs, I will shape them, and string the bow with elastic so it can be fully drawn but have no force behind it.

....kill them and do it yourself.....

Tried some initial shaping with 2mm thick aluminium sheet the other day. Turns out that 2mm may be too thick for me to successfully shape without far better panel beating tools.

So, I'm going to look into buying some 1mm aluminium, and see how that works. Since I know I can bend 1mm thick Al sheet easily enough with my bare hands, hopefully this will pose much less of a problem when shaping it around the face cast.

A shot of my brother holding the modified lightsaber.
It doesn't quite match up with the reference pic, since my brother's hands are a tad smaller than Jacens' seem to be (or this lightsaber is a bit bigger than Jacen's :P )

The lightsaber is now pretty much sorted. I might change the blade colour to green at some point in the future, but as I have the option to leave it blue I will do, at least for the moment.

This is the extension piece installed in my old MR Obi-Wan Ep3 lightsaber.

Once I'd trimmed the narrow portion down it fit nicely, and looks like it should be part of the hilt rather than an add-on.

I had the Extension Piece machined by JQ Sabers based on my drawings

We ended up going with a straight cut along the Emitter, since the radial cut in my original drawings would have doubled the price.

I had to trim down the narrow portion slightly as it ended up being too long, and then drill a 5mm hole in it to let the blade retention bolt though.

I've just set up the order for the new Emitter piece for the lightsaber.

This piece is fully removable, and simply slots into the existing blade holder. It should hopefully give the Obi-Wan Ep3 lightsaber the same overall look as Jacens'.

This should do nicely until we decide to build my brother a lightsaber of his own, at which point we can style it properly.

Myself and my brother were at a camping weekend for the Galactic Knights this last weekend. While there, we had his costume looked over for clearance to join.

There were a number of things picked up on about the costume that needs fixing, but none of them are so drastic that they can't be done. Many of them were things that I was already aware of and was planning to fix before October anyway.

The plan is that everything will be fixed ready for the beginning of October, when I plan to put the costume in for clearance with the GK again.
at that point it should get cleared, meaning he can join me at Heroes for Sale in Manchester in November.

The breast pocket has now been replaced, and everything now matches.

This costume is now pretty much complete. We might have to replace the belt, or at least modify it, but it shouldn't be anything drastic. A new part for the lightsaber might also be forthcoming, but we'll have to see about that....

Jacen's lightsaber is a bit of a tricky one....

Since Jacen is a character from the Star wars books, his lightsaber hasn't really been pictured anywhere. The best "official" picture I can find for it is the one to the side.
I've thought long and hard about how to sort my brother out with a lightsaber that looks right , but isn't going to cost us a fortune to acquire. In the end I came up with the idea of modifying my Obi-Wan Ep3 lightsaber.
This saber was long ago converted to luxeon, so the blade is removable, so I've decided to have an extension piece machined up so that the emitter matched the one on Jacens saber.

Once I have this piece, all I will have to do is convert the saber to have a green LED rather than a blue one, but I think that can wait a bit tbh....

So, once the leg pockets had been added, I took another look at the jumpsuit as a whole and decided that it needed the breast pocket after all.

Once this pocket had been added it looked much better. Now all we need to do is dye the jumpsuit to even out all the colours (at the moment there are 3 different greens on the jumpsuit).
I'm going to be dying it this afternoon, so will hopefully have another update tomorrow.

We'll definitely have this finished for Camp GK in 2 weeks.

Like hell.....

After looking at the most recent photos again, I decided that the jumpsuit looked too plain.
In the main reference pic we're using for Jacen he clearly has pockets on the top part of the jumpsuit, as well as on both legs.

What we've decided to do is to take the pockets off of the legs of an old pair of trousers and transplant them onto the legs of the jumpsuit. The trousers are pretty much the same colour as the jumpsuit, so should match in ok.
For the time being we're going to forget about the pocket on the top. we might add it later on, but since my brother is still growing I'm inclined to leave it until we have to get him a new jumpsuit.

This is now nearly finished, with mainly "tweaks" left to do

The jumpsuit we had originally was far too big for my brother. To put it bluntly, it would have fit 2 of him in it. This was due to a combination of him being so tall, and the jumpsuit of that height being designed for someone who isn't a beanpole.
After alot of discussion between myself, my mother and my brother we decided that, rather than massively adjusting the jumpsuit we had, we would buy a new one that fits much better.
And so we did......

The new jumpsuit doesn't need any adjusting, which is good. I've also altered one of my old Han Solo style belts to fit him. That was quite a pain to do, since they're not designed for a 28" waist :P

His boots also look pretty good. They do look too short to me, but I think that's mainly because his legs are so long lol

All we really have left is to add a couple of patches to the jumpsuit, and for me to sort him out with a lightsaber.

Looks like everything's going to be ready for him to go to the Galactic Knights Camp in a few weeks. It'll definitely be complete by October Expo :D

After some working out of logistics, I've decided to play things a little differently than originally planned.

The idea is now to have the metal mask as a Mk3, with another plastic one as the Mk2.
This is because I'm having issues making the face cast I'll need for the metal version. Building an improved plastic version in the interim period allows me to still do Kano as a costume, with the metal mask coming later.

At this point, I am aiming to have the metal version complete by Kitacon in March 2014

After getting myself a base for a shotgun, I've decided to put more of a CQC on my ODST than a Recon.

It's kinda conflicting to be aiming for both Sniper (Long Distance Combat) and CQC (Close Quarters Combat), but I tend to play both when playing FPS and RPGs. Carrying both long range and close rage weapons gives me a nice all-rounder quality :D

I spent the bulk of Thursday evening downloading the various Pepakura files I'm going to need for this build.
I found all the ones for the Halo 3/Halo 3:ODST version, as well as quite a few for the ODST seen in Halo 2.

I think I'm going to build the Halo 3 version first, and maybe do a Halo 2 build at a later date.

The fun thing with this costume is that there are so many versions, I could probably get away with a mix-and-match between the 2 & 3 types

So, the plan was to wear Vali at May Expo, but with alot of things going on in the weeks running up to the event, I didn't get a chance to have a trial wear before the event.
I took him anyway, but when getting ready to wear him on the Friday, I discovered that there were parts that either didn't look right or didn't sit right.
I am planning to fix these parts, as well as upgrade a few other bits ready for Scotland Expo in September. Hope he's all sorted by then :)

So, I've make a modification to my Hidden Blade after seeing a tutorial on YouTube so that I can activate it with a length of fishing line around my finger.
I've also bought a ring to cover the reel so it's not obvious.

Photos to come once it's all sorted......

The tunic is pretty much complete, and the trousers are being cut out as I type.
I seem to have lost/misplaced the shoulder brooch, but I'm sure it'll turn up.

The only parts that still haven't been started are the frogs needed for my belt. But these won't take long, even making them out of leather....

So, I've a few weeks of trying to work out the best way to build GAs bow, and getting rather stressed over that fact that I couldn't....

Then my Mother pointed out a way to build it that I have used for another project before. I've also found another prop-smith who uses the same technique, and he's already built a bow similar to GAs.

So now the plan is to wait until the middle of summer, and buy a few sheets of MDF to build the bow.
See this Facebook page for my Bow Build inspiration -

Ok, so I've been reading the comics and playing the game, and I've worked out that GA has about 10 different Trick Arrows:

Timed Explosive
Boxing Glove
Knockout Gas

Now, I'm not going to make them all, but I definitely want to make the Broad-head, Explosive and Bolas arrows. I do fancy making the Boxing Glove arrow as well, but I'm not sure how I'll get it into, and out of the Quiver.

As well as the ones seen in the game/comic, I'm going to make the kryptonite arrow that Ollie uses in Dark Knight Reurns. Not fully worked that one out atm, but I have plenty of time....

While reading this weeks edition of the Injustice comic, I noticed something interesting about GA....

His beard appears to be much more ginger than usual. At first I thought this was an colour error, but it's even like that when GA is in the background.

Maybe I won't have to colour my beard and hair after all...... :P

I've just preordered the game, and will hopefully get it on Friday!!!

Whatever happens with my copy, with the release of the game, I should be able to get a lot of new reference pictures.
We shall see how many I can get :)

We've bought some boots for my brother, which was not easy with him being nearly a Size 13 (UK).
We've ended up with 2 very different pairs, so shouldn't have to buy any others whichever pair is decided on....

Of all the unusual costumes I've considered or built, this is one of the worst. And it looks like it should be really easy...

There is a crossover on the tunic which has been driving us a bit nuts. We think we've sorted it now, but it's certainly given me a different view of supposedly easy costumes

....once I have the Game and Figure

I'm getting a little tired of scrutinising screencaps I've made from the Battle Arena videos.

At the moment, it seems like there's going to be three different referance sources for this costume: The Game, the Comic and the Action figure.
All three are very similar, but each seems to be slightly different to the next; e.g. - Taking the Game model as a base, the Figure has a different Bow (it's a compound and not a recurve), and the Comic version seems to have a different Quiver (although this might change by the time the story reaches the games time)

I am primarily basing my costume on the Game version, but I will take elements from the comic or the figure if I prefer parts of them to the game version. I have already decided that I prefer the Quiver from the comic to the one in the game, but I may have to change back to the game version long term....

A few weeks ago I found a Pepakura file for the Comic version of Hawkman. It's not perfect for the Smallville version, but it will get me a good way toward the finished item, and I can make modifications once I've put it together.

The main parts that will need changing are:
- The Wings on the Sides
- The Size of the Beak
- The area around the Eyes, mostly in the Brow area.

I have now printed this out, so will be aiming to build it over the coming months.....

So, after randomly trawling through Google looking for Pepakura files relating to another project, I found some that should hopefully be quite useful for GA.

It seems that one of the Bows in Skyrim looks not too dissimilar to the bow for Injustice GA. So the plan is now to build the bow from the Pepakura file I found, and them make the alterations for Ollie's bow.
This will probably be a fair bit of work, but it will hopefully get me a bow that looks a lot closer than the one I would have ended up with building it the way I was going to....

Along with the bow, I also found some files for Arrowheads. Some of these look quite cool, and so I will be building and modifying them for GA.

After a couple of quick measurements, I've decided that the Quiver needs to be about 18" tall x 9" wide x 3" thick (Approx 45cm x 23cm x 7.5cm).
This seems rather small to me, but we will see when I've built it.

Based on the Quiver being 18" tall, as well as the length of my arms, I'm estimating my arrows to be about 24" (60cm) long in total.

All this might change when I come to build everything, but those are my guess-timates at this point.

After searching eBay, I found a suitable style of fabric for the bulk of this costume. The issue was, I didn't think it was quite the right colour.

Once I looked closer, I found their website. On the website they had a larger choice of colours with a colour I thought was alot better, so I ordered a couple of samples.

The sample on the right was the colour that was found on eBay, and the one on the left was the colour I found on the website.
The website sample was the colour I was hoping it was, and this will be the fabric and colour I buy for this costume.

It seems that the knife is not permanently attached to the bow, like I originally thought it was....
After looking at a few reference pics this morning, I discovered this pic, which obviously shows that it is easily removable to attack separate to the bow.

This should be an interesting build.....

Messed up on the Blade.
I accidentally gave one side too many coats of paint, and it's gone funny.
I'm having to strip all the paint off and start again.

Hopefully this won't take too long......

Knife Handle Complete: I've put the last coat of paint onto the handle, so it's now finished. I'm considering putting a thin layer of spray varnish on to protect the paint, but I haven't decided yet.

Blade WIP: The Blade is getting it's last few coats of paint. The sides have been done already, but the edges need a couple of coats.
I will be trialing some spray varnish over the chrome paint on a spare section of Sintra to see if it'll be worth varnishing the Blade.

After painting the blade, I've discovered that on the sort of wood that I'm using, the grain shows through the paint.

To counter this, I'm going to use a primer coat before I paint any more.
I am only primering the body for the moment, just to make sure it will work.

If this doesn't work, I will have to sand everything down and give it a layer of either wood filler, or PVA glue.....

Katar in Background
Parts for Green Arrow Bow Knife in Foreground

After lightly sanding the epoxy putty on the bone handle to get rid of any fingerprints, I've started the primer stage.

I've coated both the handle and the blade with "Plastic Primer" which will hopefully allow me to paint them up without worrying about the paint coming off.

Handle & Blade in foreground
Sentinal Katara body in background

I've just discovered something quiet interesting about the relation between Kanos mask in Mortal Kombat, and my mask....

Taken from Wikipedia -
"In Kano's bio card in Deception, Ed Boon mentions how Kano's bionic eye in the first game (involving digitized actors) was created by cutting out a piece of a plastic mask and painting it a silver color, then attaching it with spirit gum to actor Richard Divizio's face"

This shows that I made my mask in the same way as the props department of the original Mortal Kombat game

I've decided that I want to start entering cosplay competitions, and I feel that this is one of the few costumes on my list that will give me a chance at winning.

So, this plan (at the moment) is this.....

....I'm going to be making two version of this costume.
The first version won't have the wings, and will let me practice certain techniques that are comparatively new to me.

The second version will be of a better quality than the first, ready to enter competitions. But the main difference is that the 2nd version will include the wings.
Building wings is something completely new to me, so that should be interesting....

I've decided to work on this slowly over the coming months, Hopefully having it finished by October Expo 2013, but we'll see how things go.

The fist think I'll be working on is the Helmet. I just hope it's not going to be as difficult as I think it will be.

After wearing this at MCM Expo last weekend, I've discovered that this coat doesn't fit me properly anymore.
The trouble is, the reason it doesn't fit is because I've been working out, putting on muscle on my shoulders and arms, so it's not something I can do much about.

The plan is to try to modify this coat to make it fit me properly. If I can't get this done, then this version of the coat will need to be retired, and possibly a new one made.
We'll just have to see what happens.....

• Mask
o Make mouth holes into strips
o Cover strips with black fabric on the inside
o Possibly try to reshape eye holes
o Attempt Ver2 of Mask

• Shoulder & Bicep Armour
o Reinforce attachment between armour
o Possibly heat up shoulder piece to take some of the stress out of it
o Sand down sewing points
o Possibly add foam to inside

• Forearm Armour
o Sand down sewing points
o Add thin foam to inside

• Knee Armour
o Put foam padding on inside
o Attach armour to trousers

• Weapons
o Build Throwing Hammer
o Touch up baseball bat
o Build Baseball Bomb

• General
o Buy new Wig
o Buy/Build more pouches

Both the top and the armour is now complete.
Just need to make the grip for the bat, but I'd say that Sportsmaster is now COMPLETE!!

Pretty much done....Just got the following to do:
- Bat needs some covering on the grip. Might use some strips of leather I have.
- Shoulder armour finished, but needs attaching to the Bicep piece.
- Blonde Wig needs straightening and a touch of styling
- Top needs finishing. This is the biggie! It should be complete for next weekend, but there's no Sportsmaster without this....:S
Let's see what happens....

So, it turns out that the bat I thought I had wasn't long enough. Seems my mother can't tell the difference between a Rounders Bat and a Baseball Bat :P

But now I actually have a baseball bat. A bit of damage to it, but what do you expect after taking it to a few Capes and their Kids.....I might give it a lick of paint to make it look better though. Just have to see how much time I have....

Brief Update:

- Mask now complete. All straps attached, and foam padding added to the inside to make it more comfortable for a long-term wear.
- Shoulder Armour Mk2 marked out, and will be cut tomorrow. I've made it about an Inch bigger all round than the previous one, so it should look better once it's seated.
- All Armour pieces now have the elastic and Velcro strips attached. I can't bend my elbow too much, but other than that, it's surprisingly comfortable to wear.
- Baseball Bat found. It's a foam one, so Con-Safe, but has a patterning on it that should make it look like a Wooden bat in photos and from a distance. I may cover the handle with leather to make it look more realistic, but I'll decide on that over the weekend. (Will upgrade to an aluminium one if I go for GK clearance)

I will update again after the weekend, when I know the progress of the top

Ok, so even though I haven't had a chance to upgrade this costume this year, at the close of 2012 I am planning to retire it.
I will be having it remade, and will have about 2 months to do so after my last planned troop in November. This will then give me 1 month to get the new costume cleared before my first troop of 2013.

Let's hope all goes to plan.....

I'm getting there with Sportsmaster.
Overall, this has probably been one of the easiest costume builds I've done.

All that needs doing now is:
- Elastic and Velcro to be added to various parts of the armour.
- Top to be built, but this shouldn't take too long
- Find my baseball bat....

This should be completed by the end of September, but we will see what happenes...

1 - I started with a Hockey style mask I bought a couple of years ago.

2 - I filled in the extra holes using milliput. I keyed the reverse part of the mask, then pushed the milliput through the holes from the inside.

3 - After sanding the milliput to be level with the front of the mask, I keyed the whole of the mask.
The splodge of paint to to check that there was no small gaps between the milliput and the mask....which there were, so I smeared more milliput around the the areas and sanded it again.

4 - First layer of Charadon Granite Citadel Foundation paint. I started running low on paint after this layer, so I switched paint for the next layer.

5 - 2 layers of Fenris Grey Foundation paint. Although this looks rather blue on the photo, it is a nice grey-blue.

6 - 2 layers of my own mix of Citadel paints. I really like this colour, and am painting the armour in this as-well.

I've worked out that I have the bulk of this costume already:
Boots, Trousers and T-Shirt - Already owned
Arm Armour - To be made from armour I already own
Vest - Material owned, pattern to be worked out
Mask & Elbow/Knee pads - To be bought

For a weapon, I'm going to be looking into getting a foam baseball bat, and painting it so it looks "real".
Since one of Sportsmaster's comic weapons is an exploding Baseball, I'm also thinking of getting a cheap baseball and mocking up a fuse for it.

Since Revelations has now been out for some time, I have managed to get myself some good quality reference pics for this costume.

I'll be starting the build on this next month (May 2012), and will hopefully have it completed for October Expo 2012

Ok, so after a short trip to Primark, this version is pretty much complete.
I only really have to work on a new style of knife-holder, assuming I decide to bother :P

After over 5 years of trooping, parts of this costume are in need of repair and/or replacement.

With any luck over the coming months, my Lightsaber will be both repaired (the speaker snapped off last weekend) and Upgraded (I'm eyeing up a new soundboard)
I will also be looking at getting myself some new boots.

The biggest thing will be that I will be having a 2nd version of this costume built. It will be made from a heavier material (closer to that of the Movie Jedi) as well as being changed slightly in style.

After Telford Expo, I will be doing some repair work on Kano.

The eyepiece fell out of the mask, and the knife blade was snapped.
It shouldn't take me long to sort these out, but it will give me the chance to upgrade my faceplate at the same time

This costume is going nicely to plan.

The "soft" parts are sourced and altered as needed. Just need to hem the sleeve holes on the shirt.
My pouches have arrived, so I will be weathering them using fine sandpaper and black boot polish. I have twice the number I actually need, so I can afford a mistake or two :P

My knifes are about 75% complete. I've done the hard part of building them, so now I just need to sand them, then paint and wrap the handles. I've decided to be a bit fancy on the blades, so once the edges have sanded smooth, and the sides keyed, I will be using steel leaf to make them appear metal. I hope it works out :P

The most difficult part of this costume is going to be the Baldric and the light on his Chest. I have a small LED light I will be using, and will be putting the main part of the electronics in one of the belt pouches. I will just need to get the Baldric to sit right on me....

The Milliput has now been sanded down, and the pads keyed.
I put the first coat of primer on them earlier, so I'm gonna see how it looks once it's dried before I decide what to do next....I may need to sand down the Milliput a bit more if it doesn't look right....

Ok, so I've more or less finished my leg armour.

I've made it from Clone Trooper armour of all things. I've had the pieces sat around for pretty close to 2 years now, waiting for me to build my Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi. But, since I haven't had a chance to put him together until now, and there are now so many Kenobis out there compared to 2 years ago, I've decided not to do that costume (what can I say, I like unique costumes)

So, I've taken the knee and shin armour, and modded it.
I cut the knee pieces in half, and shortened the shin pieces both length-ways and width-ways.
They're looking pretty good now they're all painted up to match the mask.
All I need to do with them now is add black elastic so they will stay on my legs....
Watch this space for eventual pictures...

Finally got my wig, so I just need a half balaclava now.

In this pic, I used a full balaclava and just had it pulled down around my neck.
Doesn't work so well though :P

I bought a pair of shin pads, and have filled in the parts with the logos using Milliput.
I will be sanding the Milliput down, and keying the pads themselves.
Once I've done this, I'll be painting them using Citadel Gunmetal Grey to match the mask.

Despite this being a very simple costume to do on the whole, this is probably going to be one of the most difficult costumes I will ever be likely to do.
This is due to the slight fact that it will likely take me from now until Kita 2012 to get myself to the right physique. Well, maybe not that long, but it'll still be more work than I've ever put into a costume before, or probably ever will again....

On a different note, I have also started working on his knife.
To start on this, I printed out a "life-sized" picture of the knife, and cut it out. I then copied the shape of the blade onto a piece of Polycarbonate, and the shape of the handle onto some Sintra (foam PVC).
Once these are glued together, the handle will be built up using Milliput.
I will show WIP pics once I get started properly....

I have finally completed the paint-work on the mask.

My initial plan was to spray paint the base mask (as in Mask 02), then paint the front piece black, so to match the game version.
Once I had done this, I discovered the contrast between the black and silver paints was far too great.
So, I have ended up repainting the silver part to a darker grey/silver, and it now looks much more acceptable.
I will post an updated photo once I have sealed the paintwork

Been having issues getting good reference pics. It seems it's more difficult than I thought taking photographs of a PC Monitor :P.
But, I appear to have solved that problem by souring YouTube for videos and taking screencaps of them....All in all, over an evenings work to get the pics, and even then not to the quality I'd prefer.

The two knifes that go along with this costume are coming along quite nicely.
I have had to make them from scratch, due to the slight issue with my Diving Knife being obviously too dangerous for Events...
The base for them is Polycarbonate, with the Butt, Handle and Guard all being sculpted from Milliput. Each one is about halfway sculpted at this point, but I will be posting pics of them soon....

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