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I have no idea what made me first think "I want to prance around in an implausible costume!" but whatever sparked that idea first happened in around 2003. I took on something completely out of my depth and barely got it started.
The next year, I took on a simpler costume, made a particularly bad attempt at it, but had good fun anyways. I then went to university and diddn't have time or money, as I saw it, to continue.
In 2007 I got in to a discussion with someone I met at a convention, who invited me to do a costume with him, I had a great time making the costume and enjoyed wearing it. Although my costume then was rather bad I resolved to make costumes for cons in future when I could and to try and constantly improve. Since then I have attended at least 3 conventions a year and generaly manage at least one new costume for each.
My favourite point in making a costume is that day when you put a lot of time in, then you step back and realise that this really is working out. You may have a lot still to do, but at that point the costume has changed in my mind from a pile of fabric into a garment I need to finish.
I'm hard pressed to say my greates accievement to date, I try to make at least one thing each year that surpasses anything I've made before. Part of the joy of cosplay is in exploring new techniques and ideas to create something you never knew you could do.

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So, attempt number two at the wings: Attempt one proved too flimsy to hold up their own weight.
Remade the frame using galvanised steel support wire. With any luck this, along with droping some of the size and cutting down on weight by losing the chicken wire base, will allow them to stay up!
The satin I ordered for the body of the costume still hasn't turned up, I'll be sending a non-recieved item complaint to ebay after I post this.

Pinned the collar to the poncho, but can't get it to sit right, shelved that to work on later while I do other bits.
Sewed the basic robe (sans sleves), cut, prepared and pinned the grey cloth for the front. Trying to decide if I want to bother with functional buttons on the front or not, buttonholes annoy me.

Having collected fabric together, today I made the poncho, save for the collar which I shall do tomorrow hopefully.

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