i Started Cosplaying back i 2008 my first character was Rebecca Chambers sinc then i have been doing Jill Valentine from Resident evil most RE1 till RE5 later this year ((2011)) i'll try to get photos for peple to see and i hpe to meet new people at Expos, mt Fav Characters are Desmond Miles, Altair Ibn-Al-ahad, Kadar & Malik A-sayf, Max Guecara and Jill Valentine. My BF((Boyfriend)) and i help each other make outfits ready for Expo's within England in detail from HD photos, figures and gameplay footage.

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The shotguns that my friend ordered for me came today in the post. so muc bubble wrap felt like xmas lol anyways the barrels are a bit longer but they can be changed to be shorter I am not respraying them I can get another set some other time to use for a better photoshoot.

So I know i'm gonna get people asking how I made this so here is the list
T-shirt: Asda
Trousers: New look
arm warmers: old pair of socks from a costume
Leg warmers: Amazon
Boots: Amazon ((they arnt cheap))
Leather fabric for holsters: Amazon
Shotguns: friend got them for me
Magnums: Amazon
Wig: Amazon
Belt buckle: Amazon
Vest: Custom made by my BF
PVC tape: can get from any DIY store or in wilko's

The hidden blade was originally used for another outfit from Assassin's creed sadly one was only made ((NOT GOING TO SAY HOW IT WAS MADEBUT THE BLADE IS MADE FROM WOOD DUE TO BEING A PROP)) all I have to do is fish it out from the boxes

Just ordered my wig for Lightning should be here eather on the 31st July or 20th August. Once the wig is here i'll post some photos up of front, left, right and back.

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