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Look at all dem leaves! That's 19 there, I have 5 more to do but I've run out of gold thread! 200 metres wasn't enough???!!!!
Guess I'm off to the market then.

This is one of the top layer of leaves! Annoyingly, these have more veins. But soon I shall be done then I can trim them all!

I took a break and the cat judged me for not working. GODDAMMIT ELLA!

The leaves. I have been dreading this. My sewing machine HATES twin needle sewing and no matter what the thread tension, it manages to gather the taffeta under the ribbon.
Also, yes, that is organza ribbon, which gives the effect of applique but takes half the time!

Just needs priming and painting now! I never want to cut out a worbla leaf or petal again.

Done the flower, featuring many tiny hand rolled balls of worbla. My poor fingers. (thank f*ck for scraps)

Just needs the tiny leaves and the flower!

Time for some of many leaves on this outfit!

I basically drew out a section of the belt based on what I imagined it'd look like and made it so it would repeat along the length of the belt. It's thinner than on the artwork as I have a short torso. Then I rolled hollow sausages of worbla and shaped them to the drawing. Leaves are gonna be added later.

Adding the dangling vines and starting on the leaves.

Commissioned off of Etsy, but they're a bit small. Too close to the con to sort something else out though.

Attached to the brooch! Also added worbla balls because accuracy reasons. Heating it up warped the design though :/

Bought a plain penannular brooch off of etsy and shall be adding the handle myself. Making it out of worbla.

Bought this one off of Etsy, it has dragon heads (relevant!)

The top of the top is a 4 strand braid wrapped in wool, the strap is a 3 strand braid. All have a variety of different wools in

More sewing. The light brown detail is real leather cord.

I found this rough woven fabric which I love for the top but I think it's not rough enough so I'm sewing brown wool into it for a more woven appearance.

Aww yeeee. Everything's sewn down with wool to secure it in place.

So I decided to weave the loin cloth myself and made a makeshift loom out of faux suede and drawing pins on the back of my bedroom door.

Building up the shape with felt and tape

Attacking my shoes with expanding foam so I can carve the feet out later.

Moar sculpting, using thin metal wire to support the longer teeth/fangs

Made to look more ragged and a more appropriate size

Well, the beginning of one. Using felt so I can cut holes out of it.

One face painted, man I suck at painting flames.

Beginning to shape the hands by adding craft foam claws.

Aww yeeeeeee. First I covered my arm, shoulder to wrist, with cling film, then I covered that with several layers of parcel tape and cut it off and taped it back together. Then, I put on a glove, taped over that, cut that off, taped it together and then taped the hand to the rest of the arm.

Simply made by attacking a piece of suede with scissors and sand paper

Went to a friend's house and they helped make me a MINI ME!

I can control the movement via some fishing wire. The wire will be visible but eh, I cba. I did attempt to make a system than hid the wire but it didn't work.

Attacking them with a hairdryer and tinfoil seems to have worked just fine.

First, I needed rid of that toe peep hole thing, so I put a bit of felt over it and taped it down with duct tape.

So I bought heeless shoes to build feet around, but they're f*cking weird.

I tried using the translucent fimo again but this time much thinner, and it still didn't work. But, this close to expo I'm sticking with it.

Heat forming the bends in the pvc pipe using my hairdryer and some tinfoil.

Smaller face is the prototype, the bigger one is much better. Made from paperclay for lightness.

I tried to make a ruby out of translucent fimo, but I made it far too thick, it's not translucent at all. I would use resin but the price is nope. Back to the drawing board.

This is much better! I heated the end of the smaller pipe and flattened it a little, before putting a bolt through the holes meant for the MDF! Now I need to rig it up so I can control movement.

Will be sorting out those MDF joints tomorrow.

Attempt number two (one isn't shown, I tried to screw diagonally through the two pipes, it did NOT go well)
The smaller pipes have been shortened ans a small block of MDF is being used to attach them. However, I don't like how this looks so I'll be trying something different.

Using an offcut of MDF from Edea as my backplate, I drilled two holes through the wood and the pipes to ensure security and stability. Also, by using nuts and bolts, I can remove the wings from the backplate for ease of travel (and bathroom breaks).

Otherwise translates as let's start this wing framework. I cut my 3m pipes down into two pipes each, one 2m long and the other 1m long.

Slowly attacking my poor long suffering polystyrene head, Alonzo with newplast clay. This'll be the basis of the head.

Added an elasticated waistband and sewed the buttcape onto the skirt.

Yep, adding lace to the bottom of the buttcape as in the concept art. Proud of my neat stitching :3

It's always much easier to iron pleats in when they're tacked, not pinned, down.

But it means it takes EVEN MORE TIME.

For the first time, I'm actually sewing down both sides of super thin ribbon instead of straight through the middle. This is gonna take aaages.
That and I also feel a if I'm sewing a fire bender cosplay.

Had a bit of a mess around with my 3/4 curly wig and my hair today in an attempt to recreate Belle's hair. It's a bit messy and the bun needs to be higher, but I like how it looks :3

Oh yeah, they're going over the seams on the skirt too. All eight of them. This is gonna take a while . . . weeeeeeeeee

All sewn together and now resembling something like a cobweb! xD

Ahh! It's starting to come together already! I love how it looks. Seriously cannot wait to wear this thing!

Complete with it's glittery chiffon overlayer. (Glitter is now EVERYWHERE!)

yep, this time on the skirt panels. I have 8 of these altogether. Yaaaay ¬_¬

Crystals have dried, meaning that my bodice is now 100% done! Now I get to tackle the skirt . . . oh hell

The crystals didn't want to stick to the smaller roses, so I added generous amounts of glue and held them in place with clothes pegs until they dried :')
You WILL stick!

Two to go . . . for the bodice at least

So, I have a can of gold glitter hairspray and 5 metres of chiffon. I need to make the chiffon glittery. THIS'LL BE FUN! 8D

It ain't complete yet, but I couldn't resist trying it on! ^^

The glue isn't drying clear. I repeat, THE GLUE ISN'T DRYING CLEAR!

now for the back

speaking of back, mine KILLS!

Decided to take a break from sewing to glue on some of the crystals. This, however, is just as tedious as sewing them on!

Ugh. Ugh ugh UGH! This is gonna take a while!

AW YISS! Now to decorate the shit out of it! COME TO ME, CRYSTALS!

It looks like a giant sausage! xD I used some cheap crappy fur (the white stuff for Vanille's boots) to bulk out the sash and then stitched the two lines over it. Crystals will be going over the seams but for now, I'm leaving it. Wanna get this thing done!

Finally managed to sew all the layers together, now I'm hand stitching the final layer to the zip so that the zip and stitches will be hidden.
That line of base fabric you can see is actually boning in a flap underneath the zip. I decided to use the base fabric for this as it is much stronger than the satin so the boning is less likely to break free.

Hand stitching it seam to seam so it all sits right. Neatness :)

Now starting on the proper bodice which will go over the base bodice. Hand sewed a line of crystals onto the centre seam as the centre seam is always the most obvious seam on Belle's ballgown on all images of it.

All finished! Fully boned and done up with a zip at the side. Really proud of it. My first corset!

Finally managed to settle on a fabric colour thanks to the help of a few Crofty friends (see what I did there?) and as a bonus, found the perfect fabric IN MY FABRIC BIN! AW YISS!
It's a lil bit more green in real life, but it's awesome. Pretty tough fabric too, so it works. :)

So I was looking for some decent references for her trousers. Lo and behold, they magically change colour in every. Single. Picture.

Now comes the ultimate question: brown or green?

So after losing a fight with a bike and a lawn chair (don't ask) I decided to take advantage of my scruffed up self and do a makeup test for Lara. The catch? The only bit of real makeup I used was a brown pencil eyeliner. The rest is all watered down acrylics as they have a much better staying power than makeup and I can blend the EXACT colours I want. I painted on a few cuts, a black eye and a lot of muck.
Don't I look attractive? LOL

Found the perfect shaped branch but it happened to be pretty rotten so I had to shorten it down a lot (shame). Base layered where the bandages were gonna go with masking tape again. Coffee stained some bandages (strips of cloth I ripped up) and wrapped them around over the masking tape. I had no black string so I dyed some green string black, the colour is wearing off though so I need to hunt for black. Added blood spatters and dirt all over to add to the effect.
All in all, I like it, but now my hands reek of coffee.

Just a simple bit of left over mdf from Lightning's blazefire saber sanded thin, base coated white then spray painted silver before weathering with black paint, sandpaper and adding blood splatters. I think I need to repaint the screws at the end of the blade, possibly grey instead of black?
Tomorrow I shall go attack a tree to get the handle.

Finished adding the string and tied a knot around the bow string to add to accuracy.

I'm going for the makeshift long bow she gets first in the game. There's a brilliant reference in my game guide.
It is basically just a bunch of sticks tied together with some string, so I got 5 rather thin sticks, taped them together at points first with parcel tape, then covered that with masking tape and then covered THAT with double sided sticky tape and carefully wrapped string around the sticks over the tape to cover it, before adding a messy layer of string over the top of that just to add to the 'crude bow' effect. The original maker of this wouldn't have had neatness in mind, more survival.
The actual string that you pull back is two pieces of string wrapped around each other as when I first strung the bow I used only one and that snapped quite easily. Two together seems to have the desired amount of strength.
I just need to add the rest of the string over the masking tape now.

This is my first time boning a bodice so it's very much trial and error. The channel is a little too wide so that needs to be sorted. The shape of the base bodice will not be the shape of the final bodice!

I'm having to make my own boning caps as I can't find/afford any. I've simply stitched some felt over the filed down boning piece. Let's hope it works.

Cutting then base bodice out of a strong fabric which will be covered up but allows for strength in the bodice.

Gold satin fabric found in the bargain bin at my local market for £1 a metre. so I got 5 for now. Will be used for the bodice and skirt. Skirt will have a chiffon overlay.

The heatshrink and extra solder FINALLY arrived today so I could finish off the circuit for the EL wire for Lightning's pauldron. It is actually a lot more yellow in real life. It's all ready, all I need to do is paint the pauldron and then it can be installed. I'll probably hide the battery pack somewhere in my vest.

Heh. Funny name. ANYWAYS, this actually took a lot longer than I thought it would, because I had to spend a long time pinning down the trim. The open end it also a little floppy, so I'm going to reinforce it with craft foam on the inside. Just needs the straps so I can attach it to my . . . butt.

YAY! I finally got my ass into gear and hacked at the jumper. I cut off the sleeves, made the arm holes much bigger so it's not visible under her vest, shortened the neck and body and added the zip. By hand, again. ¬_¬
The zip itself is actually a gold colour, so I painted the pull silver so as to make it appear closer to what it should be. Why? Because, for once, my huge box of zips failed to deliver the perfect zip.

Yup, finished the skirt, minus the yellow belt and also made her short shorts. The gold ribbon here is just a temporary fixture until I can get some yellow cord.
I've also glued the zip pulls in place with hot glue, just in case.

So, after spending a millennia in shoe shops and charity shops, I realised that I'd regrettably have to use a pair of boots I already had. My Lara Croft boots. T_T
So far, I've just painted the sole silver. I'm gonna leave these til last because I think I'll be able to get away with wearing these as is. And I really wanna keep them perfect for Lara.

Made out of a scrap of leather left from Tifa. Saved me buying more fabric. Hooray for recycling!

Since I lack a zipper foot, I'm having to install all Lightning's zips by hand. Not fun . . .
I glued small craft foam circles onto the ends of the zip pulls to make them more like Lightning's. The funny thing is, the zips say "ECLAIR" on them. Wat.
Will be putting in the second zip when I can be arsed.

Ahh, the lovely messy papier mache. Smothered it all over the sword once I had finished and dried the paper mache. This will smooth everything out and with a good sand, should make a lovely painting surface! ^^
Just need to let this side dry then I can smother the other side!

So, now I've carved out the details and have started paper macheing the sword, but as it's tedious and I'm tired, I'll finish it off tomorrow.
Procrastination FTW!

So I've carved out the basic outline and removed the foam from where I don't want it as well as flattening out the sword ready to be carved tomorrow. Should be fun!


I think there's a sword underneath all that xD

So, here's the Saber all cut out and ready to be attacked with expanding foam. And there's the pauldron with the rim finally attached and some random splodges of papier mache to even it all out.

Now, to attack that sword >D

My friend's jigsaw has decided to break, so I'm now having to cut the whole thing out with a coping saw. I HAVEN'T SAWED ANYTHING IN AGES AND THIS IS SO INTRICATE FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

So whilst I was sorting stock in the charity shop I volunteer in, I found a jumper which was perfect for Lightning! Brown and ribbed with a long collar. Epic win.
Now all I need to do is hack it to pieces and add the zip. Definitely need to see to the collar, it's far too long.

Pauldron has now had the paper clay (papier mache) layer, been sanded and now I have just added the craft foam rank strips and once the glue has dried I'll be adding the rim around the edge. Then it's painting time!

I felt the foam needed another layer of paper mache to stregthen it up before adding the papier mache so I went ahead and added yet another layer to it. This thing's gonna end up heavier than I thought, especially with the wire. -_-

So yesterday I SMOTHERED the pauldron in expanding foam and this morning I attacked said foam with my craft knife. The result is seen here, except in the picture it has a masking tape layer over the top. I'm pretty pleased with it, it's been ages since I've done any kind of sculpting so I'm happy. Just needs smoothing over with the papier mache now then I can get to adding the details.

I began by simply cutting out a card base and then covered it in masking tape and a layer of paper mache to strengthen it before adding the expanding foam. I have since sprayed it with expanding foam and it has been drying overnight. All I need to do now is carve it out.

Finished drawing, now I just need to get it cut out. Once it's cut out, I'm going to glue the overlays to either side of the sword then sculpt the rest of it using expanding foam. Then I shall strengthen it with paper mache and paper clay (papier mache) and paint it before finally adding a thin layer of clear resin to ensure it stays strong and sturdy and the paint doesn't chip.

Strangely enough, I'm doing the same for her pauldron, minus the MDF.

Drawn out on MDF ready to be cut out. The middle sword is the main base and the one on the right is the overlay for one side. I just need to repeat that for the overlay for the other side and then take it to my friend's to get it cut out.

Why, you may ask. Because I didn't get to finish off the embroidery around the skirt or make her braid. This will be done before May Expo.

Well, I got a lot of good comments, such as people saying I suited Tifa and did well making it. The trouser were a little loose, despite them having already being taken in twice. ¬_¬
And I also made the white vest cover my tummy. Because I, yet alone anyone else, do not want to see that shit for a long time. Only downside was that the white straps kept on slipping beneath the leather waistcoat. I need to take those in a bit more.
And flatten out the darts. I looked like I was constantly 'nippy' FFS ¬_¬

I'm so pleased with the outcome so far! All I need to do is sew some belt loops on the trousers (I need a belt, the buttcape is pulling them down at the back ¬_¬), add the ribbons to the sides of them and add the white top and red ribbon.
Eeeee, I has a happy! ^^

Slightly different to the ones I originally wanted to order, but I decided against leather look shoes (and these were slightly cheaper). Very comfy, and the wedge is slightly squishy so they give me a little spring in my step. ^^ All in all, me gusta. :3

Today I was overly productive. I started work on the jacket at around 12, and by 3 I had it all finished! It involved a lot of sew a bit, try it on, pin it, sew a bit more try it on etc . . . DAMN SIZE 18 BOOBS AND SIZE 12 WAIST! Got it done eventually though, after much ranting at innate objects/myself. ^^'
Then, I set out to change the clip on earrings into proper earrings, which worked!
I started work on the trousers, but I haven't got enough fabric (by about 30cm GAH) so I'll be popping into town tomorrow to get some more so that I can finish this outfit off.

So today I attached the main skirt and the front panel together and came across a small problem. The front panel is somehow shorter than the rest of the skirt, which is weird because I used all the same measurements . . .
I'm hoping to sort out the problem at the waist band, but that may involve unpicking some of my embroidery T_T WHYYYYYY?!

HALLELLUJAH! That took way longer than I thought it would ¬_¬

Oh yeah, I'm being all accurate and embroidering ALL the patterns around the skirt. Lord help me . . .

Three hours later and I have lost the will to live. I can pick this up tomorrow. -_-

I was right about pattern not completely fitting together, so where it didn't work out, I simply filled in any gaps with a suitable shape/pattern or even just dots. xD Ah well, it works.

Sooo, time to get down to business. I've got this stuff called Textile Medium, which makes Acrylic paints into fabric paint. I mixed pink, blue and silver together to give the decorations the metallic tint that the embellishments on the skirt have.
I'm not painting the pattern accurately, just an interpretation of what it could be, so it may not fit together properly, but ah well. I literally just grabbed a paintbrush and doodled, think it's turning out pretty well so far. ^^
(Changed the date to make the journals go in the right order ¬_¬)


I spent AGES scouring the net for her earrings and was almost at the point of resorting to making them, but then today in my local market, I found these beauties! They are clip-ons, which is a shame, but oh well, I'm happy to finally have her earrings.
Seriously, you'd think something so simple would be much easier to find. -_-

Finally found some buttons which were actually the right size and style today! Sewed them on in no time at all.

Apologies for the blurry picture.

So, I've been looking into what shoes I should choose and, as I am pretty vertically challenged ¬_¬, then I've decided to go for some wedges to give me that extra bit of height (and hopefully make my legs look longer)!
These seem to be pretty good, they'd need some editing to make them into Tifa's shoes, but they seem pretty close.

I don't know what to call this, the front flap type thing that has the pockets on on Tifa's front. Anyways, I made a start on this today. I hemmed the flap and hemmed the top of the pocket before sewing it onto the flap itself. It just needs the buttons on either side and then it's done!

Finished it today after weeks of procrastination!
Ironing it was a bugger. I was scared I was gonna melt it so first I ironed it on the reverse, which did all of nothing for the actual top pleats that you see, so then I had to fiddle with the heat on the iron endlessly until I found a temperature that pressed creases into the leather, but didn't melt it.
Hemming it was a nerve-wracking process too, as I've never worked with leather before and wasn't sure how my sewing machine would cope. I used a leather needle which seemed to help and I also set it on a long stitch. Thankfully, my sewing machine had little trouble with the leather, only in areas where there were several layers, but all sewing machines would have a problem with that, me thinks.
Pleased with the result, but some of the pleats are uneven and that bugs me . . .

I started work on the buttcape today. First, I made a mock-up out of muslin just to make sure that I didn't end up wasting any leather. Then I came onto the leather and slowly pleated, trying to use as little pins as possible because, if you don't know, once there's a pin hole in leather, it's there for good.
Pretty pleased with the result, now it just needs hemming and the pleats ironing in.

Found some lovely soft fabric in the scrap pile at my local market which was so perfect for the bodice ^^ Hope to be painting on the patterns soon.

Didn't quite manage to complete this for the holiday I went on, but we got some good shots of it at least.

Note to self: midges will eat you alive if you are covered in ketchup >.<

I'm using white and terracotta air drying clay to make the larger more (stupidly) shaped beads and loo roll balls dipped in 50/50 pva glue and water mixture to make the angled white beas she has ALL OVER. It's pretty damn easy (and cheap!)
The white clay is for the stuff that's already white and the terracotta is for the darker coloured things to ensure they have a darker tone with less layers of paint so that I can save paint!

This shit is so fun, so much mess 8D

Well I figured this wig would take a while, so I might aswell start it now . . .

I've bought the base wig so far, which is a long wavy blonde one. This will be the inner part of the wig, giving it it's volume and thickness, hence the wavyness :P

It still needs a brush through as it's been sat in a plait for a while, but yeah, here is my base :3

Once again I must go against my instincts and buy shiny fabric >.<

So I got holographic stuff, not satin. Satin is the bane of my existence, I swear to god I hate that stuff . . .

I found a cheapo pair of white silicone bands for Vanille's white bangles. Cheepycheepcheep :P

I've finally found my OLD old pointe shoes and have been testing them out. :D
Since I haven't worn them in 5 years, so I don't expect to be perfect. I just need to practice with my old barre (yes, I had my own barre xD) until I get it right.
I won't be en pointe for long, only for some photos and that will be all :P

I dont know whether to dye or cover them yet . . .
I've already taken off the old ribbons and elastic as I don't trust them after 5 years of storage xD


Needs trimming, lining and the holster putting on the back. But YAAAAY ruffles 8D

So I decided to test out whether I should use beads for the third necklace by messing with my little sister's bead set xD As lovely as it it, the beads keep moving out of place, so I'll be taking a different approach . . .

Dunno what though xD

Daaaaym, am I lucky with charity shops. Got these smexy buggers for 4.99. They were a little big, so I popped into poundland and bought some insoles and duct tape to pad out the inside and pull in the outside. The heel's a little bigger than Vanille's, which'll make my legs appear longer at least xD
All I need to do now is make the boot covers and fur toppers ^^


I found the most perfect bangles in a charity shop, which included copper, blue and gold! JACKPOT! It did also have some green and purple ones, but I spray painted them silver.
All I need to do now is buy 2 more copper bangles and 2 more silver bangles for the correct number of metal ones and then get the two thicker white ones :3
Because I'm a perfectionist.


I will be styling it a little, but OH MY FREAKING GOD, IT'S AWESOME!!!!

And it's so lovely and soft. It's a mixture of fibers to look like real fur, like Vanille's buttcape.

My perfectionist side is kicking into gear with the skirt tutorial >.< on closer inspection of the references, it seems the second layer of the skirt is not attached to the waist band and literally appears to be wrapped lengthways around the bottom layer. And this is more than bugging me OTL
Back to the 'how the frick do I do this?" stage. >.<

Right, so I ordered some long pile fake fur for her buttcape and some suede to line it with. I've also got some lighter suede for her belt, bag and backplate :3 I am currently looking for some suede cord and rubber tubing for the belt and necklaces. Oh how funnn

I have made a very clever and cost effective but extremely time consuming decision:

I'm making the beads. Out of loo roll. And then painting them.


Saw this picture on and it's PERFECT for me :3 I've been wondering how to do this for a while xD

Lots of people asked me about the bouquet, so I'll tell you how I did it here so I can just link people in the future xD

First off, I got some insulation foam and cut some 3D teardrop shapes and wrapped them in craft foam. Then, I rolled out craft foam on the hob (on a low heat and it STILL stunk the place out!) and cut out the petals and curled the edges by hand whilst it was still warm. If they cooled down, I just held them over the hob again until they were warm enough to mold. After that, I glued the petals to the insulation foam core and repeated until I had a full rose! I then stuck some florists wire through the bottom of the rose and wrapped it in green 'stem tape' (florist's stuff) and added premade leaves and wrapped more tape around it all. That's one rose, so I repeated MANYMANYMANY times to get a full bouquet. On some of the stems, I also attatched some chiffon ribbon for decoration. I then added thicker wire to the roses and wrapped it in stem tape. I slowly built the bouquet wrapping with stem tape all the time until I had a reasonable bouquet shape (it WAS meant to be a heart but that failed >.<) To finish it off, I got some more chiffon ribbon and wrapped it around the handle and tied a bow at the top. All that was left to do was position the roses, chiffon and leaves until I was happy (I never was xD)


I am never making another bouquet again. EVER.

It is FAR too heavy to carry aswell as the ice arm, so I'm gonna have an artificial wedding bouquet instead. :3

Yup, sawing off the bits sticking out of the ice arm base. Is mah bamboo handle :B

This was taken ages ago xD Thought I might wanna upload some progress.

Welllll, this is new for me, I'm actually using a proper pattern instead of guessing...
Seriously though, since I've never used patterns, I had no idea how expensive patterns were, so when I found out this bugger was almost £8, I had a FRIKIN HEART ATTACK D:

Since I got home, I've been cutting the pattern to my measurements and editing it to be shorter at the front and to have a nice slope down to the train at the back. Hopefully it'll look pretty :3

Yaaay, I managed to style the short wig, even without a wig head/stand. Instead, I screwed up a ball of newspaper and stuck it in the end of one of my tall boots and stuck the wig on top and bravely (and slowly) snipped away...

I think I did pretty well, I've also given the pigtails a wash and am waiting to comb them out.

After FAR too long glueing and clipping wire AND dabbing glitter into net, I've finally done my tiara and veil.

The veil itself is an old net curtain of my mum's that she gave me. I layered it and dabbed teal glitter into the bottom (longest) layer, which was messy as well as time consuming >.< It's gathered at the top and siply tied onto the tiara.

The tiara was a right bugger aswell. I looked in some bridal shops for tiaras and they were SO damn expensive! O.O
In the end, I decided to make my own. I took a thickish piece of wire and doubled it back on itself and moulded it around my head. Then, I glued some card decorations from my good old craft box onto some thinner pieces of wire and wrapped them around the thicker piece until I got something that looked...nice.
Time consuming, stabbed myself god knows how many times and listened to more Metallica than ever before, but I'm so pleased with the result! It looks so pretty!

Juuust to store the pic, I was so proud of them, but the batteries have died and the battery pack is GLUED inside the headphones, so I have to take them apart :(

Well...I've decided to use silk and chiffon and bloody bead the dress. Seriously, I must be insane. And that's just the dress...
Tha jacket will most likely be silk as well with possibly a little beading too.
Debating whether to add lace ruffles to the skirt and jacket...I'll probably see when I get the silk as to whether it will look right.

As for the ice arm, I have the base, gonna start building soon. My god it's gonna be heavy. I think I'll only be wearing it at certain times in the day...

After MONTHS of ummming and errrring and thinking, I have finally decided to go for Eurocosplay with this outfit! ^^

So, with that in mind, I will NOT be ripping or burning this dress, I want it to look purdy :3 Sequins are a distinct possibility...

Eurocosplay is a big step, but hey, it doesn't hurt to try...

Well, me and Nathan (Arthur Dent) arrived at the convention late, but that didn't matter.
People seemed to love my dress! I got loads of comments saying how beautiful it looked, which surpirsed me because ITS A FRIKIN BED SHEET AND POUNDLAND CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!! xD
I went in the masquerade (not being a zombie this time xD) and had a bit of attitude with Princess Peach, but that's just my way.
All in all, it was an awesome con,, met some wonderful people and got myself more CLAMP merch *giggle*

I was invited to come along to kitacon, but I don't know if I can yet. IF I can, then I will be rewearing this dress, this time with a MUCH better petticoat and (hopefully) real feathers and sequins and glitter to make the dress sparkle! =^_^=

I think I've used a bit too much fabric for the skirt, it poofs out I DONT KNOW WHAT!!!

It's absolutely MAHOOSIVE, but I love it! ^_^

Well, today's also been producive. (I swear to god I'm not nearly this organised usually I normally leave things til the very last minute!) I've made Miku's belt and thehead pieces to the headphones. All I need now is for Nathan to finish building the circuit so I can make them light up ^_^
Miku's Belt, heh, I made a belt then literally coloured in the zig-zag pattern with a sharpie xD
As for the headphones, they're made out of craft foam with a bit of waterproof drawing ink to dye the darker parts, well, darker and not to mention red plastic for the lights to shine through!

Well, today I actually started making this, and I have finished making the tie and the microphone for the headphones. All the lighty uppy stuff is next! ^^ Nathan's making me the circuits and I'm putting them in place.

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