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Just the collar to go before it'll be done, and so far its look good. Considering the detailing I had issues with I'm really proud of how I managed it. Got a few days off before I can add the fur and the trim though, since I need the right colour thread for the red fabric first to sew the trim round.

The new wig (after attempting to cut my first went drastically wrong) which I need to finish cutting and styling. So far I took a semi-long one and cut it more to the length I wanted while keeping it sticking out as it does in the films.
And also a glove preview, since they got finished the same day. One full piece done, shoes and jacket to go before I can do a proper test.

Testing the wig I bought for Lie Ren with his streak and pony tail addition. So far, so good. Now when I've gotten my Kita cosplays finished, I can style the wig further and cut the fringe into the wig

So my Sven arrived today, so my main prop I wanted for Kristoff is here (he's also super fluffy so bonus for cuddles whenever I wear Kristoff).
Only a week till I can get my fabric for Kristoff hopefully to start on his cosplay

Finally ordered all the makeup and wig stuff to get it on it's way. Since I need to learn how to do the makeup.
And wig stuff because I'm going to get a lace front wig and need to add a widows peak to it to give it a better slick back look. And looking at photos, I'll likely need to also add extra wefts to add some further length in places depending on how it looks upon arrival.


Everything but my top is done now. The top I need to adjust, as I originally cut it one way, but it turns out it sits too high/doesn't go low enough. So going to cut it and adjust it so that is sits lower and matches the armour better.

And if the fabric arrives in time, I'm planning on making the coat now as well. It's cool, got about 3 days to make a whole coat. No big deal.

My fingers once again hate pleather. But the belts are sewn, as are the props on his belts. All I need to do for the belts I re spray my dagger I'm reusing from another cosplay gold and add a new strap piece. Once those are done, not much more to do again.

Still need to work on the side pieces to my armour although that's sewn, it's just adding to my front and back pieces then cutting and hemming the edges as needed. The trousers I'll deal with tomorrow and add the final pieces of armour to those. Hopefully get a proper tester photo soon, but I really need to work on the headpiece tonight so I can creep closer to spraying and painting and working out how it's going to stay on my head.

TOMORROW IS THE DAY I COMPLETE SOMETHING MAJOUR I SWEAR otherwise my back may start complaining of sewing for a whole week whenever not in uni or relaxing.

Over the weekend managed to get the shirt roughly done, trousers sewn (tho those will need adjusting at the bottom to make a bit tighter), started his over armour and dyed the wig I bought hopefully from dark brown to black.

Lots of stuff started, just got things to fine tune and finish before I can just focus on the head piece he wears and the small props like his belts, things attached and making my gloves.
Two weeks to go man

Made a small start on the head piece he wears, just need to start work on the horns and shape the piece. Then it'll be onwards to spraying gold and finding a way to attach to my head.

Two layers of craft foam, and paper clay on top of craft foam for the centre piece

After much searching, I finally found a jumper that seems like it'd work for the Leif design in my head. And so I went ahead and ordered the wig and a hat for him, so all I really need to do now is make the apron, find some shorts and green welly's.

It has begun, and I cannot wait to become one with the sloths.

Finally made a move on this cosplay.

Since my shoes,hat, wig, earring and gloves are the same/similar as his Court outfit, I only have to make the tights, tunic, and poncho (and new over covers for the shoes). Nearly finished the poncho today, just need to deal with the cuts into it and iron the seams down to neaten it up a little to make that easier.

Next up, the tunic. Worry about tights and shoe covers last since they're easy if I remember how I made the first set...

Just need to minor adjust my hood at the shoulders and then this is 100% complete.

I may in the future go back and refine the hood, as it doesn't have the flaps near the ears, but if after my hopeful test run day I decide it needs the flaps, I'll go back and adjust. Onwards to a new project~

Finished up the shirt today, although the transfer I did, went a bit funny. So currently it's drying since I painted over the pattern with fabric paints.
Hopefully be done by the end of the week so I can get it ready for photos and get better ones

Apart from maybe adjusting the skirt, bottom half of this cosplay is done.

Just shirt and hood to go now. Which, the shirt I've already gotten wrong when cutting the back pannel out. Oops.

I bought before Expo for Jafar, but it was after buying I realised again his robe is open. And then didn't know if it had a back to the robe, so had to put off starting him because I was confused.

Finally managed to track down HD screenshots and found a moment his cape is up to know there is no back piece.

SO ONWARDS. Just got to find a gem for the hat, and work out that staff

I've had the cosplay for a while, but I recently finally adjusted it slightly as I felt the collar was too high for me.

Waiting on a new wig now, as I don't like how the first one sits on me either, so trying another one. At least I'll have a choice of two. Just gotta get the bandages really, and make some shoes that'll fit me. Then Minato will be 100% ready for Alcon

Hurrah, all that's left now is the edge of the waist belt, adjust the sleeves, and then trim down the fringe.
Then Holo should be done unless I forgot anything.

Hopefully photos will come tomorrow once I've had help with the sleeves, and a full test early next week.

Because I'd being wanting too, I got around to a late makeup test.

Hopefully within a few days the cosplay itself will be finished so I can do a full test.
All I have left to to do is finish off the tail, skirt, add trim to waistcoat, adjust the shirt and add it's edging. Then it's the waist belt and try to make the pouch.

Finally having the money, and knowing it has to be done, ordered some new boots to try with the Loki costume (no longer platform and more accurate to the film) and studs to stud up the trousers and tunic top.

I'd love to remake the tails to be longer, but if I wear boots that don't add to my height that'd be the cheaper alternative for now. Till I maybe make mk 2 Loki once this is exhausted.

So the glasses arrived, and I think I can at least pull her off so mission is go.

Just gotta find the perfect fabrics now...

Decided if I can, I'll be doing the Gamzee that'll best match Roenua's Terezi. So I'll be trying to do the scar'd version. So experimenting is go for the new few weeks to see if I could do that most canon version.

Well, Gemu has being and gone.
It was a good test run for Ralph, I know now to carry thread and spare button's on me in the future. I have a habit of wrecking my overalls otherwise and being unable to fix them...

With the month and a bit till May Expo, I'm going to try and make the shirt more accurate. So, time to start looking into how to paint his shirt design, buy a new one (since from trying to keep Vanellope on my shoulder Friday and pinning my overalls up, I now have holes in the first shirt) and use the old one to experiment on to get his pattern.
Between all my uni work of course...

Given I'm wearing Layton in a week now, it's about time I showed some progress for him.

Top hat is pretty much sorted.
Coat I just need to sew the collar on.
Then I need to sew trousers, and try it all together.

If I get time, I might make a hint coin for a small added prop.

Wig finally arrived today, and so I've started the process of adding fabric where needed for shape (namely the sideburns) and also a rough style to see what the wig can do.
Onwards to attaching sideburns material and styling, and then making the sideburns themselves. And possibly a small peak at the top to help define a shape.

I finished them up today, and started the process or fraying parts to age them up.
So hopefully early next week I'll get a photo of them once I've finished and given one last thing time to arrive (well, apart from the wig)

Sewn the bottom part of the dungaree's which are waiting for the top part and fraying where they need fraying.

Tomorrow shall be finishing up everything and putting them together, and hopefully spraying the medals and adding the ribbon.
If all goes to plan, I might have a work in progress photo of this.

I got bored, so with spare clay I made some poor imitations of the medals Felix gets, and the Hero's Duty medal.

I'm waiting for them to dry to clean them up more then spray paint. And make mine shinier than my Felix's one ;D

Bought fabric for the dungarees today, and a shirt I'll compare against a plain one to see which works better since I cannot find a shirt as close to his as possible.

So Ralph is go and my weekend shall be trying to sew and make the dungarees at least. Lets get ready to wreck stuff

Given I want to throw out this cosplay soon, since I hardly wear it/have places to wear it, I finally after wanting to for ages got a small photoshoot with him.
And a derpy toy scythe for a prop.

Hopefully now I can work up to doing a send off photoshoot with him in this outfit to clear a little space up. I have an idea, but things need sorting before I can do it. But it's a shoot idea I've wanted to do since the latest chapters Undertaker appeared in.

After showing said friend who suggested Gamzee the stuff today, and the wig I'm planning to use, I can say this is done. All I have to do is style the wig and fit the horns through.
Which I'll likely do early May unless I get a chance to wear him before then. We shall see what happens between now and Expo

The horns were mounted today, and the trousers I nearly finished a few days back.

So apart from waiting on the wig, and doing one final spot on the trousers that would balance them out, Gamzee is pretty much complete.

The only thing I'll be waiting on for a while is the teeth, since I want to get a specific pair but waiting for them to be in stock again.

Worked on the horns, since I have no real clue what I'm doing or what works... these are my first go.

We'll see once they're dry if they'll be the final ones or will break/not attach to due to weight.

I did this as all as a test, because I wanted to see if I could cosplay Tony.
And I like it. So, off we go to do a casual Tony.

I'll attempt to perfect the beard though. Make it more like his and thinner. This is new grounds though for me, but I'll get there.

I've being working on the blades to attach the final pieces to them, but there's the main bit finished.
It detaches at the sort of handle for easy transportation, and also where I hide the battery and switch for the lights. The crystal is lit up in this pic, although it just looks like a little ball of something. For my first prop, I'm pleased so far.
I imagine once the blades are added I'll feel differently. Specially on the day when if the batteries go, I have to dismantle to replace the batteries since my plan is to leave it lit all day I'm out rather then turn on and off.
Rechargeable batteries, I love you.

I've never made a prop before, so this is looking rough and not very impressive... BUT. After several days, on and off, I've finally got the base made, and onto the part that'll detach for carrying purposes and the blades. In the process of spraying the gold parts (and vambrace straps at the same time) and then once they're finished and dry, onwards to all the blade parts.

Hopefully, by the end of today I'll have all parts sprayed and being strengthened ready to be aged and attached. Come on Loki stuff

After about 8 hours, finished both my sleeves up in terms of the leather decorations he has on there, and just got to work on the gold wrap around trim, and then sew them up and add lining.
So they're about 80% overall done and hopefully by tomorrow, the tunic will be completed and ready to test with belt and coat.

Right now is finishing off the tunic period, with just the sleeves and tidy up to go before it'll be finished.
But, the last order of trimming pieces arrived today, so I've being attaching them to the top of the coat, and the two skirt pieces on the tunic. As far as I know, apart from small details on the sleeves where trim is attached, all the trimming is done.

So very close to a completely sewn cosplay, and soon I'll have a completed piece of armor to attach to the belt strap as well.

Onwards, to the shoulder piece!

As I can mark this day as the day the coat was all sewn up. Another part down on this cosplay, just the tunic and armour to go.

I just finished adding all the trim to the tails on the coat. It was a little fight to go around the gold ribbon parts, but I managed it and now the bottom of the coat is finished at least.

I'm gonna take it in slightly at the sides on the top to make it a tighter fit and hopefully make it sit better on me, and then onto planning that belt for the shoulder piece. Once the belt is attached to the back, I can sew on the lining neatly and then work on attaching a collar. Then back to more trimming once my next order arrives.

Coat is slowly getting there, but I'm more worried about the tunic right now. I need some help breaking it down then I'd be more comfortable with it.

Officially, Cosmo is complete now. Wands, wings, and crown are made, wig is styled, and most of the clothing is obtained. I just need to attach crown to wig, and the wings to the shirt once I find a plain one like his is.
But I'll do all the attaching at Alcon. It'll make it easier to transport without damaging something because it's attached.

I'm making the crowns, wands, and wings for me and Roenua, and on the cheap. I have spare craftfoam I no longer need/in the colours I'm never gonna use (so far, only spent £1.50 on blue paint for the wings).

I finally finished painting the wings. And I'm the worst painter in the world. Why I thought this was a better idea then trying to find cheap fabric and make them with the wire I own, I don't know thinking back... but they look cartoony?
Here's the somewhat finished product though. One set is for me, the other Roenua. I'm properly gonna revise them to neaten edges up a little more between now and Alcon, but we now only lack wands as far as I know.
Getting there. :D

I made new gloves after my bought pair fell down all day at Expo, and this is the new result. They fit snug over my costume, and take a lot of flailing my arms about to fall down a tad, and like to stay up just in general.
I need to neaten one glove up before Alcon, but at least all is better now.

Just a note to say, I had great fun at Expo wearing Clopin, and was amazed at the response.
I just with Clopet the Puppet hadn't died upon transport. I have a few things to repair like bells on the shoes, but hopefully these can be improved on in time for Alcon when I'll re-wear him again.

Ordered the last of my fabric for Loki, or hopefully the last, if I don't make mistakes or under estimated. Though I may need to go get more trim material, and find buckles and zips stoppers August time for edges.

I've also bought and stocked most of the materials I'm going to make the scepter out of, providing it'll work. Here goes for my august plans of something to do during summer.

I have being starting to break his costume down... starting with that coat of his. So far, I have basic notes over 6 pages for his coat, with his shoulder pieces as well.

Properly shortly going to work on his amour patterns and then break down the under gear for fabric estimates. But yes... this is somewhat go.

Victory is upon the horizon.
I need to make the belt for the tunic and then all the clothing and basic costume will be finished.

All I have to do overall is finish my puppets and the belt then Clopin is set for July. Photos to follow soon as soon as I finish the belt and can wear everything in a test.

Working on the tunic again today. Adding the two yellows stripes down the middle and also hopefully get onto the black trimmings. Slow go since I'm using fabric glue on the stripes to avoid stitches down the middle of the tunic, and the black parts I won't cut till the stripes are fully glued down and dry.

Given I need a few little last pieces to finish the big stuff off, I can update on whats nearly done.

Frollo puppet has being started, but I need to sew his body and sort his head still.
Clopin puppet is finishing his head and putting everything together.
Tunic is just the black trim and yellow central lines then it'll be complete (waiting to see if I can find a better black otherwise I'll stick with what I own from past projects)
Leggings I'm making mark 2 as soon as I get one last item needed to complete them.
Shoes, just need attaching to base shoes and then elastic to keep the over covers up.
Jester collar is now complete 100%.

Many many updates... but it's all coming together slowly. Hopefully I'll finish everything in the next two weeks and I'll at least have the cosplay itself sorted albit I'll need to finish props. Can't wait to test it all out together now.

After uploading the photo from Kita... I noticed how similar to a photo from Thought Bubble it is.
And what a difference I can see.

On me alone; I'd managed to pose better as Snape, tweak the robes, the wig works a bit better (its no longer as healthy looking and more greasy in my opinion due to restyle and cutting), and applied the makeup better so I look a lot more glare-y dungon bat then normal me.

My Draco managed to get their hair the right colour and was able to style their hair better, the added robes worked, and the posing had also improved for Draco.

All in all... wow. Big changes without much in terms of effort. xD This makes me happy realising now.

Second attempt at making the shoes now.
The first I was using a template for elf shoes, and while it was a good template, upon trying it against the shoes I'm using as as a base, I learnt from my errors I'd be best free handing it and making my own patterns so they're built around the shoes themself.

So; take two, I've drawn out the shoes, and made my own pattern and so far test pinned and cut the fabric. I'll sew tomorrow and hope for the best. I need to do some adjustments to the pieces so far, but its better to adjust them smaller then need to re-do the whole piece to make them bigger.

I wasn't originally going to work on the puppet so early, but I was busy packing for Kitacon so I decided instead to use my scraps to produce the puppet as much as I could now.

I got him a little wrong though... I didn't realise till I was adding the stripes and gloves, that his sleeves were actually the same as the body fabric to it's side; basically, not an exact copy of the costume.
While it annoyed me I got it wrong, I actually like him like this. It means he's more my puppet, and accurate to the original costume.

Other then that problem, everything else is as how it should be. I like having hand sewn most of the details as you can tell and so it looks more hand made and fitting for who owns him.

Just gotta make the head when I buy the supplies and add the bells to his capelet... and then figure out how I'm carrying him around, as I don't want him on my hand all day when I'll be wearing gloves as well.

Moved this from the gallery bit, since theres another shot of it now with things so far.

Basically, the complete tunic minus the black trims and adjustment of the sleeves to make them a bit tighter.

(Photo is also the reveresed version thus no more flipping in your mind)

Started on the bottom of the tunic, or as I dub it, the skirt.
So far, so good. I've completed it as much as I can till I make the main body. Hopefully I'll be able to complete it soon.

As I ordered another costume wig today, I decided to get Puss' while I was at it as they're from the same seller.

Also experimented with makeup, and decided how I'm doing a small detail of his makeup now. So he's slowly taking off with the smaller details.

Bought my fabric for everything today. Hopefully, start within a few days making it since I've decided how to go ahead and plan the robe. Properly start on the waistcoat shortly before the robe, just to finish the easier part.
So much fabric though dude. I'm gonna have fun working my way around it all and the pattern.

Will be conducting a test run of a robe soon on a toy. Just to see how the robe should fit together, and alterations on patterns should be made. Saves making as many mistakes when I come to making the full robe.

Spent most of today ironing this whole costume so far... cause it's being in storage for a long time.
Though, I'm a little unhappy again. I found out I need more fabric to finish the costume off... so off to fabric shop as soon as I have the money.

Finished sewing the outter robe today.
And of the jacket, I just need to make the button holes for the front, before it's at least wearable. Since, I need to go buy more buttons for the cuffs so no point working with them right now otherwise I wont be able to wear it semi-complete. XD

I do demand though, that the wig hurries up. :l

Bought fabric over the weekend, and my wand arrived today.
So I think it's offical, this cosplay is in progress now. :D

Wand is so pretty as well.

Just waiting on my wig now to arrive. Wig, sewing and then seeing how it all looks together.

Last year, I wore Spirit for the evening. This year, I did the opposite on the same day. I wore Spirit in the morning, before switching to Undertaker for a few hours.
It was fun wearing him to the photoshoot. And I have plenty of photos of my rather unloved costume.

I wore Claude more as Wonderland version on Sunday, but I did change out of the bunny gear after a photoshoot.
I think Claude is another of my favourites to wear now, he's not exactly comfey, but he's fun to derp in at photoshoots.

Photo included is me derping at said photoshoot really. xD

Attempting to dye an old shirt for the mysterious under clothing benath the tailcoat. I've chosen a shirt, as it's easier to alter into a waistcoat say, then a backwards. Though, I'm using a short sleeved shirt for the fact it wont show and look closer to reference if it turns out he does have a waistcoat or similar on.

I looked yesterday when trying to gather what I needed for my cosplay, at fake blood.

I read the warning label and apparently it shouldn't go near eyes. Well, I'm going to have fun when I buy some and use it.

So little left now.

I finished the coat, minus the fake pockets. So all thats left is small things like finishing the chain adjustments, trouser loops, and the fork in my hat.

It will be finished shortly, then I can be happy and look forward to trying it all out. :D

So my ears came today. And I had a mess around with them :D
I like them. I think they can be set to point up or down either way, but I prefer them pointing down and I think they point down on Mephisto more... I'll double check the offial art, but for now, I like how they look and the wig should when I buy and style, conceal where they join. :3

Being finishing the coat again today. Done one side pretty much, just strengthing the seams for the lining.

Remade the collar as well, it looks a lot better now, so hopefully once sewn on, it'll do a better job the old one. This one stands up and is bigger. Maybe a bit too big, but oh well.

Here's hoping it'll be finished soon.

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