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I have enjoyed dressing up and role playing for as long as I can remember but never took up Cosplay as a hobby untill I first discovered the MCM expo in May 2010 (Yuss i'm still a newbie) My first cosplay was Eric Draven from The Crow and I still believe it's my best so far XD

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Jacket - http://www.amazon.com/Bucky-Barnes-Vest-Jacket-Favorite/dp/B00K5BJ77G/ref=pd_sim_sbs_a_10?ie=UTF8&refRID=1B0AYFGE8QG314MN7EG8

Planning the Costume

Trousers: These look like ordinary black combats (or at least very close to) I already have these

Boots: For his boots I plan to wear a pair of black magnums

Arm: So far I plan to wear a silver morph suit (removed head) underneath the costume to show the under layer of his arm, I am still working on a plan for the over layer

Jacket: My plan for this so far is to take an existing pvc jacket and add the epaulet like bars to it's torso myself

Webbing: amazon sells rolls of webbing and plastic buckles very cheap so i'll be making this myself from scratch

Mask: this looks like a neoprene like material and I will be looking into this more

Weapons: not sure what i'll be doing for weapons due to con rules at the moment so this is an optional extra



Great site with descriptions on how to make parts of costume

Mad Max is now finally wearable at EXPO :D I will continue to evolve this kit and improve it over time but I have now got it to a stage where I am happy for it to be taken to it's first con

Finally managed to attach the padding, to the jacket, I have sewn on a small rectangle of leather to the under side of the padding, this rectangle had a small circle cut out of the middle. When attaching the padding to the jacket, I slide one of the epaulettes through the small leather rectangle untill the hole is lined up with the popper, close the popper and the padding is attached, this is quite fiddly to get on but it is also fairly difficult to take off which is what I want. I have also started to think about the plastic shell for the shoulder pad, on each side of the shell is 3 holes, I am going to sew through these to the padding with ordinary cotton to hold it in place, I will then use some thin steel wire to secure it in place and also add a more "wastelander" look to the finished product. I know this is not strictly accurate to Max's kit but I cannot afford to spend a lot of money on an American football armour set to rip it apart and use less than half of it.

I have started to sew the black cloth to the underpadding for the shoulder pad, and I have cut the plate off of the knee-pad to use on top. Now I need to bring it all together, for the under padding i will be riveting a belt to the bottom of the front and back, this will connect under my arm. I am still working out how to attach the plate to the padding, and also how to keep the entire thing on my shoulder.

After collecting all the parts together from around the house, and collecting them into a single location I thought I would put an update on my costume as a whole rather than just the individual pieces. First of all the main part of the costume is 100% done, that being the leather Jacket and the trousers. I am yet to get the shirt but it is very simple and can be done for little money in one day (buy a black shirt from Primark and rip it) For the boots, I cannot get close to authentic without spending £50 plus that I dont have, So I came across an alternative that aren't authentic but give the same appearance:

Screen Acurate: Leather, up to the knee, belt at top and near ankle
My boots: Suede, just above mid-calf, belt at top

both are "biker" boots, just different styles of them. The next main part is the shoulder pad. Before, I had a very tacky one that looked awful (you can see it in one of my pics) it's just a knee pad held on top of my shoulder. Now I have started work on something much closer to the similar thing (American football shoulder armour.) I have already created the padding, just need to cover it. I have been on a quest to find the hard plastic plate/shell to go over the top, then it hit me as I was gathering stuff, I can take the plastic plate off of the knee-pad I was using before (it's very flat and wide) and attach this to the american style padding. I also have a normal knee-pad to be used the the left leg, along with the leg brace. Now onto accesories. I have my completed Sam Browne belt with spanner and binoculars down, If time and money permit I will create something to mimic the firemans tools on the back. I have a piece of red cloth for the right arm. I also need to get a pair of black gloves and add some battle damage to them. Again this should only cost a little amount and take less than an hour. Finally I have my shotgun, this is progressing very slowly, I need to cut out 7 layers in total and so far only have 2. But I still have plenty of time for that :D I'll work on a holster for it after i've finished it.

Just started work on the shoulder armour, the armour is made up of 2 pieces, A soft under padding and a hard plastic shell on top. I have started with the the under padding. To do this I found the exact measurements or a screen acurate shoulder pad and creating my paper template with these measurements. I then placed this on some carpet underlay which is the exact thickness of the real thing (the underlay came from the roll matt idea I was given on the forums here at CI from some very helpfull people). I drew around the template with a large margin so I had room for error (I can always cut down later, but I can't add later) I now intend to cut this out and cover it in black fabric, then the under piece shall be complete :D

I have started creating the sawn-off shotgun that I bought the materials for the other day.

To make the body I am creating several layers of the same shape using MDF and stacking them on top of one another. I shall then file and sand the handle into a more rounded shape

for the barrels I am using an old shower curtain rail, I will cut 2 pieces off and stick them side by side to the body.

After this I shall commence painting, the body with a dark brown and the barrels with a darker metallic silver as they are chrome at the moment and I need a weathered appearance.

So far in my progress I have created one of the layers and used this as a template, and penciled the shape onto the other sheets of MDF.

Next update to come after I have cut out all the layers and stuck them together to create the main body shape

Just bought supplies to make the sawn-off Shotgun.

MDF sheet (Wood Body) - £9.50
Shower curtain rail (Barrels) - *already owned
Brown paint (Wood Body)- £7.00
Metallic Silver paint (Barrels) - £2.00

Again I shall be using a Tutorial on Instructables for this prop.

Just created Max's belt using 2 normal ones and some hacking and re-attaching, I used a tutorial for a steam-punk belt that I found on Instructables. It was very helpful and managed to complete the belt within 30-45 minutes (most of that time looking for tools) Also added a hole at the front which I used to attach a clip that holds the spanner.

Found A brilliant leg brace down the dump earlier for free, amazing coincidence ^^ looked online and can barely find them (and when I do they are expensive) but I just happened to stumble across one :D HAPPY DAYS ^^ Pic to be uploaded

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